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Freeze Out


Its funny how something simple as a kid's game can result in so many possibilities. It was a late November night in the late 80s with a nipple hardening twenty degrees as we rode home with Petey's brother. All of us tried to get together once a month: Gary, Shawn, Petey, and me... all of us in our early twenties.

Tonight Petey's brother, Tom, was in from the army and tagged along. Though in his thirties he was like the cool older brother we all liked, though he was on the quiet side. Tom offered to drive which we all jumped at the chance. Tom owned an old Ford LTD, a monster of a car with big seats and high backs.

A surprise to our little get together was Dee coming along. Dee, just turning twenty-one that week and my wife of only a year, asked if she could go. At first I didn't think so but all the guys said it was ok provided she sat up front so at least it wasn't a sausage fest up there. Laughing I said it was ok.

I sat in the back between Gary and Shawn. In front Dee sat between Petey and Tom who was driving. After our night of running around we were all tired and ready to go home but those long country roads at night with nothing but the headlights to light your way can mesmerize even the most astute driver. To keep Tom awake Petey decided to play a game.

"Freeze out?" asked Dee.

Laughing Petey said, "Yeah, it's a simple game. We just roll down the windows with the heat off. The first one to roll up a window is a puss. If after some time no one does then we take off our jackets to make it colder."

All of us got into the mood so the windows went down. That first blast of cold air made all of us suck in our breath. One mile then two passed before we could tell none of us were going to roll up the window. Dee and I were at an advantage due to us sitting in the center so we could pull the body heat from each side. I was sitting directly behind her and saw her shiver a little. Leaning forward and over the seat I brushed her blonde hair back and asked if she was ok. She just nodded. Dee is petite, not having the mass we guys did I knew she would get colder faster. Knowing she was a big girl, though, I just sat back.

Seeing no one was wimping out Petey then issued his "challenge" and took his jacket off. We all quickly did the same with Dee handing me her jacket so I could put it in the floor at my feet. It really got cold then and I noticed a definite shiver from Dee. Petey remarked that if she was cold to just roll up the window; then he said the wrong thing..."After all, we know you are a girl."

Dee turned to him and issued her own challenge and removed her sweater, tossing it back to me. We all laughed until we realized that only half of us was wearing sweaters which was brought up. Dee just said ok. I saw her moving a little then first one shoulder then the other came in view as she had unbuttoned and was now slipping off her shirt. Not to be outdone Petey quickly started unbuttoning his shirt but Dee wasn't done.

Just the back of her head and top of her shoulders was visible as I again saw her lean forward. She slipped first one then the other bra strap off her shoulders then tossed that back to me. Gary, Shawn and I quickly leaned forward, not believing what we thought we had seen. As we looked over the seat, sure enough, there was Dee sitting topless. You could just make out her small perky breast, the nipples rock hard from the cold, as they were illuminated by the light from the dash.

Petey was dumbstruck just a second but soon had his shirt off and was working on his undershirt when Dee handed me back her shoes and socks. Pressing her shoulders into the back of the seat I knew she was raising her hips. Even with the wind coming in the windows there was no mistaking a snap and zip of a pair of jeans being undone. She shrugged a little as she worked them down then handed me back her jeans. As I laid them down I saw her underwear peeking out from inside them. She was sitting up front naked. Petey finally said, "I give up" and rolled up his window as the rest of us did. Tom quickly turned back on the heat and soon we could feel the warm wave of heat coming back to us.

Dee didn't ask for her clothes back so I waited for her to say something. She was sitting straight in her seat for awhile but then I noticed she had slipped down a little due to I could no longer see her shoulders. Eventually it was very noticeable that she had slipped down in her seat when all I could see was the top of her head. Petey was turned toward her, his left arm across the back of the seat so eventually I couldn't even see her. I leaned forward to see what was up.

Dee was slumped down in the seat, her legs open. Her left leg was draped over Tom's right leg and her right lay across Petey's lap. The dash light wasn't that bright but bright enough to see Petey's right hand, which was moving in Dee's lap. By the way she was moving her hips and the way he was moving his hand I knew he had at least one finger inside her.

Petey turned his head and looked at me. When I didn't say anything he took that as consent. He started moving his hand faster in and out. Dee moaned and slid lower in the seat, opening her legs more. She was moving her hips more, meeting his thrusting hand with thrust of her own. He looked at me again and said, "Damn she's wet...its running down the crack of her ass." I didn't know what to say. Here was a man I had known my whole life finger fucking my new wife and I was just watching. "I have two fingers in her man, but barely...she is tight!"

He got a grin on his face then. He slowed his hand then, pulling it out a bit. He bent his hand down a bit, going under her more it looked like. She turned her head to Petey then and I could tell her body had gone rigid. "Relax" he said. I had no idea what was going on at the time. She glanced back at me. I don't know why but I nodded my head. She looked forward then and I could see she was relaxing her body. I leaned forward more and glanced down at his hand. He was moving it slowly into her...a little at a time until his hand was flat against her pubic bone. He then slowly started moving his hand again back and forth until Dee was moving her hips again. He then started moving his hand again faster, letting her thrusting hips dictated how fast to go. He whispered to me then "Damn, her ass is tight too." He had a finger not only in her puss but in her ass as well, double penetrating her.

She was moving now, you could hear the seat springs as she moved her hips up to meet him. That's when I noticed we were almost home. Dee sensed that as well and knew if she was to cum it had to be soon. She started moving her hips hard now, really moving them up to meet his hand. She whispered to Petey then "Suck my nipple". Not needing any encouragement he leaned down and took her right nipple in his mouth and started sucking on it.

Dee's was moaning now. Her nipples are very sensitive (she said most small breasted women are that way). Soon she got rigid, panting, with little grunts escaping her lips then relaxing as her orgasm was finally released. She sat there panting as Petey sat up and slowly pulled his hand out from between her legs. As he did we pulled up in front of our small ranch house.

We all sat there when Tom parked the car. Other than the pole light on the other side of the yard no light was shining. Dee asked for her shoes then. When I started handing her clothes she told me "no, just shoes". She slipped them on then said we needed to go in the house. Petey said that he was too hard which we all laughed. We climbed out then, me on the driver's side of the car, Dee on the passenger side. Her nipples were still perked, from excitement or the cold who could tell.

We just started walking to the house when Petey said he couldn't wait. He pulled Dee to him and whispered to her. She giggled and looked at me. I was across the hood from her at the tire well as she turned and faced me. Smiling she started bending over. Laying her jacket on the hood she rested on her elbows.

Petey was behind her. I couldn't see him but I could tell he was fumbling with the front of his pants. He then stepped up close behind her. He had his left hand on her hip, his right hand behind her moving around. I thought to myself "he's got himself in his hand and is..." and before I could finish the thought I saw him push his hips forward.

Dee gasped and hung her head as Petey grabbed her right hip and began thrusting behind her. Her head rocked with each thrust. He must have been overly excited. Just a few short thrust in and he held her hips still as he came in her. He then backed up and fixed his pants.

Dee then straightened up and, grabbing her jacket, said for us to hurry up and go inside. After all, it was cold out. As we went in I couldn't help but wonder what the rest of the night held for us...

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Whores never really grow.up. At least this one.didn't.

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by Anonymous05/24/18

I enjoyed your story!


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by AnnetteBishop05/24/18

Never played freeze out

Sounds interesting xoxoxoxoxo Annette

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by Impo_6405/24/18

Nothing interesting...

Nothing interesting in this story...It could be better if it was shorter, or worst if longer...1*

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by Anonymous05/22/18

Brings back memories

No, not if playing freeze out, but if my wife riding in the backseat of a car returning from a concert. I was driving and we were taking another friend we had met at the concert home so he rode in themore...

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