French Connections Ch. 02


I felt a heady mixture of shame and exhilaration. Within less than half an hour of my arriving at the College she had me licking her pussy. She hadn't even needed to insist. All she had to do was to expose herself.

She raised her hips upwards, offering more of her sex to my lips.

"Don't stop ... this pussy needs you, Adrianna."

I ran the tip of my tongue across her wet folds again and then worked it between her labia. Her tightness reminded me of Marie O'Flanagan. For a few moments I tongue-fucked her, jabbing forcefully, and then withdrew my tongue so that I could swallow and savour her juices.

It took a while, but eventually she began to breathe harder and her curvy body began to undulate in time with my ministrations. I was starting to get to her and it suddenly became clear that she had been looking forward to this moment every bit as much as I had.

Her hands dropped to my hair, gathering strand after strand between her fingers and then holding me steady as she began to gyrate on my face.

"That's it, Adrianna ... keep looking at me..."

It wasn't easy to maintain eye-contact. I was taking her towards the edge and her body was pushing up harder into my face. I twisted my head so that I could continue to look at her as my mouth found her clit.

"Oh, yeah ... suck it..."

She curled her right leg behind my neck, pulling me tighter into her as she began to hump my face. I stretched my neck muscles and clamped the whole of my mouth around her clit.

She let out a deep moan. Oh fuck, that sounded so good.

The contrast in colour between my white fingers on her black thighs was intoxicating. She began to hump faster. Little throaty growls were escaping from the back of her throat, each increasing in velocity. When her body jerked, I knew I had her.

I closed my eyes in anticipation of what was coming next.

Having the black teenager gush all over my face that first time was the most intense sexual moment I'd ever experienced. I wanted to feel that sensation again and this time I was ready for it. The first burst splashed over my hair and the second over the top of my face. But then I was able to adjust my position so that she could fire across my mouth.

My whimpers of delight filled my ears as I eagerly swallowed as much I could.

I lapped at her wetness as she recovered, using my lips and mouth to cover every inch of her delectable black teenage mound. She allowed me to clean her, like a Queen bestowing a gift on one of her subjects, until eventually she gave a long, languid stretch of her body.

"You haven't lost your eagerness or your touch, Adrianna," she slowly drawled, staring contentedly down at me. "Now why don't you get some rest? It's going to be a long weekend.


It must have been close to midnight and still I hadn't slept. The fire remained inside my body and my heart was pounding inside my chest. Being sexually dominated by Madeleine was one thing, but Sherrilyn was something else.

Yes, the photographs gave her a hold over me she continued to exploit, but it was so much more than that. She was so young—an eighteen year-old teenage temptress who had quickly worked out how to press all my buttons—she was beautiful, had a wonderfully voluptuous body ... and she was black.

Going down on her again was like being given a drug. The more I had, the more I needed. Only this time, there was an added ingredient.

The Black Sorority!

What had she said? "Six girls in one weekend ... and black girls can be so demanding..."

The thought was as exhilarating as it was frightening.

"I had an even better idea," she had then said, "Just to make sure we all get full value."

My mind was alive with the possibilities, but I was already learning how difficult it was to second guess her. I twisted on the bed, back against the headboard, and slipped a hand down between my thighs. That familiar wetness was comforting somehow.

Almost in slow motion, I slid a finger knuckle deep inside my sex. Then a second. Each of them worked in and out in perfect unison while I brushed the pad of my thumb against my clitoris. I closed my eyes and imagined that Sherrilyn was with me again.

These were her fingers.

The thought made me gasp and I began to grind my hips upwards against my fingers. Within seconds I was close. I pushed up from the bed, planting the soles of my feet on the mattress for better purchase. The thin sheet covering my naked body slipped to the side.

I heard a slight noise above the sound of my heavy breathing but it took a few moments to fully register. When it did, my eyes shot open.

The black girl standing in the doorway—maybe nineteen, twenty—was licking her lips. Her mouth was half-open and her dark eyes were wide, feeding off the sight confronting her. Even as I grabbed the sheet to cover my nakedness, she closed the door behind her and stepped into the room. For a few seconds I was so embarrassed that I couldn't immediately speak. Her husky voice filled the void.

"Hi, I'm Brooke. You look just like your photographs. Only better..."

It took her three steps to reach the bed. I tried to hold onto the sheet but she shook her head.

"Sherrilyn sent me," she murmured, as if she knew that was the key to my acquiescence.

I let go of the sheet as she gently tugged it away. The way her eyes greedily devoured my nakedness gave me goosebumps.

"All the girls are beside themselves at the thought of having a Supermodel here." The slightest of smiles touched her lips as she added. "Especially someone with your talents..."

A wave of heat washed over me. My talents? It felt as if the air was being sucked from the room and the walls were closing in on me.

"Don't let me stop you," she said, sitting down on the edge of the bed beside me. "Or can I help?"

She dropped a black hand onto my white thigh as she leant forward to kiss me. It was as tender as it was unexpected. She smelled good. Some kind of spicy perfume. The aroma seemed to wrap itself around me.

"I'm like you..." she whispered into my mouth.

Her hand was moving, pushing my legs apart, sliding between my thighs. Her eyes narrowed a little as she ran her index finger along the full length of my moist sex. When she gently parted my labia with the finger, I tried but failed miserably to stifle a groan.

"I like to perform oral sex on a woman," she persuasively continued. "That gets my juices flowin'. You'd like that, wouldn't you babe."

I blinked my eyes in an attempt to stop my head from spinning as she moved her body confidently and easily between my legs. She slid downwards until her head was opposite my sex. I could feel her hot breath on my inner thighs as her gaze found mine again.

"Playtime," she hummed.


It was late the next morning when Brooke left my room. By then, she had done things to me that even Marie O'Flanagan—the red-haired Irish girl who had introduced me to the delights of girl-girl sex all those years ago—hadn't even contemplated.

Not only had the young black beauty given me one orgasm after another, but when my pussy had been unable to take any more she had started on my ass. I had never even imagined that I could scream out an orgasm simply through a talented tongue licking around my anus.

The plan, she had told me before leaving my room, was a visit to the beach this afternoon. There was someone else that Sherrilyn wanted me to meet...

I fell into an uneasy sleep again after she left me only to be awakened a couple of hours later by Pierre's phone call. That was just as well. I had overslept. Brooke was calling for me again in half an hour.

He was as sweet as ever, asking me if I had arrived safely and how things had gone.

How was Françoise, what had we been doing...

I had cut short the conversation by telling him I was meeting with some of Françoise's friends in half an hour. It was true, although not in the context that he thought. I only just had time for a shower and set it to a punishingly cold temperature in an attempt to help me clear my mind.

There were a couple of things I couldn't work out.

I had serviced Sherrilyn again, yes, and desperately hoped I would have at least one other opportunity before I returned home.

But I was also there to service others, wasn't I? Up to six of them, Sherrilyn had intimated. Yet Brooke had spent the night pleasuring me, not the other way around. Why? Was the plan to soften me up, throw me off guard? That hardly seemed likely in the circumstances.

Yet ... that wasn't the only concern I was experiencing. In the brief interlude of sleep between Brooke leaving my room and Pierre's phone call, I not unnaturally found myself dreaming.

Sexual dreams. Dreams I shouldn't be having.

I dreamt of Sherrilyn of course, and Brooke, and even of Tyra and Noelle—the two African Supermodels who had been starring with me in Dubai. I had found myself surreptitiously glancing at them during the fashion show ... wondering, imagining.

That wasn't the worst of it. God forgive me but I had also found myself dreaming of Françoise. My step-daughter was a real beauty, with her classical cheekbones, perfect complexion, bow-like lips and short cut blonde hair. She was sexy, too—her slender athletic body and honey tanned skin turned heads wherever she went.

But I'd never had dreams like this before.

The way Françoise had gone down on Sherrilyn beside the pool, while I had overlooked them from the balcony, was imprinted on my brain forever. My dreams had brought the moment alive again, except that it was no longer Sherrilyn receiving the benefit of her sweet tongue.

It was me...


Brooke and I both lay on beach towels, soaking up the sun. A third towel—as yet unoccupied—lay on the hot sand beside us.

She had been clever enough to find a spot far enough away from prying eyes and yet the beach area was so small it wasn't easy to find anywhere secluded enough to be considered completely private.

The bikini she had lent me, like hers, only barely contained my breasts. And the Brazilian cut thong left practically nothing to the imagination. My bikini was red, Brooke's was white, and she had already insisted on us and untying our tops and applying some sun-tan oil to one another. The feeling of horniness that had lain dormant for all of a couple of hours had instantly returned...

I eventually flipped onto my back and tried to focus on the comforting sound of the sea. After a while, it was hard to keep my eyes open. The events of last night were catching up with me and with Brooke stroking my hair as gently as this, it was difficult not to drift off to sleep.

A shadow passing across my eyes brought them open again.

"So this is her?" a husky voice asked above me.

I twisted on the towel, shielding my eyes despite the shades that Brooke had provided. This must be Myra. She was even more attractive than I had imagined—crinkly, brown, highlighted hair that was mussed up in a sexy kind of way, dark eyes that were hooded in a come-to-bed sort of way, and full thick lips that were made to be kissed.

Dropping her bag on the sand beside her towel, she unfastened the buttons on her see-through white blouse and allowed it to float down to her feet. She was braless underneath and her pink nipples stood proud and erect on her full breasts.

"Like 'em?" she chided. "Sherrilyn said you loved titties."

They swayed sexily as she unfastened her denim skirt and kicked it away. I should have known she wouldn't be wearing panties.

"She says you like pussy, too..."

A wave of longing washed through me as I took in the full package. I was so used to seeing smooth pussy's in the modelling world that it was a surprise to find her labia were surrounded by dark hair.

"I bet yours is sore after last night," she continued when gaze found hers again. "Brooke is the best lil pussylicker there is. Even better than Françoise."

Even as the words washed through me, I felt fingers tugging at the ties of my bikini thong. Before I could react, Brooke had pulled them free. I turned towards her as the thong dropped away and saw that she was already nude, too.

Myra and Brooke's gazes simultaneously covered my body and then they exchanged glances. When Brooke stuck out her pierced tongue and lewdly flicked it in the empty air, they burst into laughter.

"So, you're a famous model, right..." Myra asked.

She flopped down on her towel and indicated for me to do the same

"And married to Françoise's father..."

A blush covered my body. Talk of Pierre always made me very nervous.

"Sherrilyn's made quite a catch," she continued. "That girl's something else, don't you think? She called me this morning and said you hadn't lost your touch..."

She cupped her breasts as she watched my reaction and stared at me through those sexy, hooded eyes.

I was embarrassed, and yet there was an element of satisfaction, too. If they'd been talking about me—and of course they had—she would have known what Sherrilyn had made me do.

Would she want the same?

Her eyes found mine as she bent her head to sexily lick her left nipple.

"You like my titties?"

"Yes." I said, at last finding my voice. "They're beautiful."


My reward for the compliment was to be handed the bottle of suntan oil. Myra lay back on her elbows, her eyes not leaving mine as she watched me oil her breasts. I tried to do so mechanically but she was firmly in control of the situation.

"Harder, Adrianna, get those fingers really deep..."

The oiling turned into a massage. Her tits felt wonderful under my hands and the effect of the oil added an extra sensual dimension. I couldn't help myself and the mood quickly turned sexual. I dribbled more oil from the bottle onto her breasts and as it ran across them in little rivulets, I used long sweeping circular movements to lather it in.

The way she arched her back and watched me as I began to knead and manipulate her breasts was an added turn-on. Her erect nipples were burning into my palms. I became so aroused that I would have gone down on her right then and there had she instructed me.

"You ever had sex with another model?" she lazily asked.

Her eyes were dreamy in that sexy way of hers.

I shook my head. "No."

"But you've wanted to, right?"

I shook my head again. It was only in the last couple of weeks that I'd begun to think that way.

"Not even the black models? What about that Tyra girl?"

My hesitation gave the game away. I'd thought about what it would be like to service both Tyra and Noelle during and since the show in Dubai.

Myra laughed out loud as I wavered. It was a sexy sound.

"You can't fool me," she told me. "Ever been with another guy since you married?"

This time I didn't hesitate. "No. Never."

"Not even a black guy?"

I shook my head.

"Most of 'em are hung like donkeys. I'll introduce you to a couple. You'd like that, huh?"

No. No I wouldn't. Pierre was the only man I wanted and I had no intention of cheating on him. Well, not in that way. It was different with another woman.

Still, hung like donkeys...

"Why don't you do my feet?" she suddenly said, stretching her body from head to toe. "If you can do them like my titties, you're gonna have this girl purring like a cat."

I picked up the bottle of oil as I changed position but it soon became apparent I didn't need it. Myra raised her foot towards my face.

"What do you think of my toenails?"

Her voice was deep and husky, even huskier than before.

"It's called red passion. I painted 'em 'specially for you, Adrianna."

I took a couple of deep breaths. That look was in her eyes again. She raised her foot higher and ran the tip of her toes across my mouth.

"Open those beautiful lips, baby. That's it, like that..."


At first it felt strange, foreign. Not sexy at all. But the more I got into it, the more erotic it became. Myra's moans of appreciation helped. Who would have thought anyone could become turned on by this simple act? Yet as each moment passed, her moans grew a little louder.

I tightened my grip around her ankle and licked in-between her toes, sliding my tongue in and out as sensuously as I could.

"Oh shit, yes..."

I was following my instincts but it seemed to be working. When I put her big toe in my mouth, I could feel a shiver of excitement pass through my body as well as hers.

"You watchin?" she murmured to Brooke. "This puss is a natural..."

I could see Brooke out of the corner of my eye. She responded by sliding her right hand between Myra's thighs.

"Oh yeah, baby."

Myra's hands went to her breasts as she spoke, pulling on her nipples. When she widened her legs to allow better access, Brooke grinned at me and sexily waggled her pierced tongue in the air.

The thought of being seen by nearby beachgoers cascaded through my mind. What if they complained to the authorities about our actions? I could almost see the lurid newspaper headlines in my mind. The potential consequences didn't bear thinking about.

Adrianna DuPont, Supermodel, caught frolicking naked with black women on public beach.

But I was too into this to allow the thought to linger. And I wasn't going to allow Brooke to outdo me. I allowed saliva to drip from my mouth onto Myra's toes and rubbed it in with my fingers before taking her big toe between my lips again. I found myself imaging it was Pierre's cock.

My eyes found Myra's. There was a dreamy smile on her face. She spread her legs a little more and I could see that her labia were slightly open. If I adjusted my position slightly, I could watch Brooke's fingers work while I gave Myra's big toe the blow job of its life.

Her hips were moving in a circle in time to the probing digits and she was pushing her toe deeper into my mouth. Brooke was fingering her hard and I was sucking for all I was worth. For a few moments it was difficult to assess which of us was most turned on. But then Myra began to groan—a guttural noise—and her body suddenly stiffened.

I kept her toes in my mouth throughout her orgasm, unwilling to relinquish my prize. Brooke grinned at me again as she raised her juicy fingers to her mouth and began to lick each in turn.


As she recovered, Myra lazily stretched her entire body on the towel and then gently lifted her foot away from my mouth.

"Sherrilyn didn't exaggerate..." she told me.

Lying back on her elbows again, she placed the foot I'd just become so intimate with between my legs. When her toes scraped along my inner thigh, I blinked my eyes in an attempt to stop my head from spinning.

"Does that feel good?" she asked as she ran her big toe along the full length of my opening.

When I moaned out my response, she used it to gently part my labia. As soon as she eased the toe inside me, she knew she had me. I was so aroused that it only took three rotations to release an orgasm so intense that I almost fainted.

When she pulled her toe free, she curled her foot around my shoulders. The heel she hooked around the back of my neck slowly pulled my head forward. For a moment or two, I wasn't sure what she had in mind. But then her legs were parting again until I was faced with her hair-covered treasure, delightfully wet and glistening.

Her clit was peeking at me, demanding attention.

"Come on, Adrianna, show me what you can do" she softly murmured. "You have no idea how much I've been looking forward to this..."


I lay in the bath, reflecting on the events of the afternoon. Who would have thought that toe-sucking could be so erotic?

But that had only been the start.

It was difficult to believe that we hadn't attracted attention. Three beautiful women—all as naked as the day they were born—giving in to their sexual needs on a public beach. Someone had to have seen us. Yet even that thought was such a turn-on.

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