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My wife and I was playing dress up, it's a game we usually play before sex. I dress her in a sexy outfit and then we make love. She has a vast wardrobe of sexy lingerie and other various items of clothing that I get to place around her very sexy body. I also have different types of underwear that I wear at these times such as thongs or other sexy briefs. This story is about the last time we played "dress up", it was definately a turning point in our relationship. Our lives have never been the same since, I am now a cuckold.

It was late May, our daughter was in school and our son was at my mothers. We were fooling around on the couch and decided that a session of dress up would be fun. It was around noon and since we had the house to ourselves, we would be free to play. My sexy wife suggested that she could be persuaded to allow me to dress her in the new french maids outfit that I had bought for her from a web site that makes genuine french maid uniforms. I was extremely excited about doing this ever since it had arrived by mail three weeks earlier. The uniform set me back about $300.00 but was worth every penny. She already had the undergarments needed to complete the outfit, very sexy undergarments at that.

We giggled like school children as we went to the bedroom or should I say her boudior. My hands trembled as I removed the sexy black satin uniform from the pink storage bag that it was delivered in. As I smoothed out the white lace edges on the short hem and puffy shoulders, my sexy wife selected the lingerie that she would let me put on her from her lingerie drawer. I was super turned on as I examined the Items that she laid on the bed. Black satin corset, half cup style (leaves top of breast exposed and some nipple), black silk lace top stocking with seams, black satin thong panties, black lace gloves and a black lace choker for her long slender neck. She patted the ever growing lump in my pants and asked if I would assist her with her make up first. She got my answer when I retrieved her make up case.

She sat at her make up table and I would help by handing her her black mascara, eye shadow, blush and such. Then I got to watch as she put the make up onto her beautiful face. It was perfection, Micheal D'angelo could not have done a better job. Lastly she put a very sexy glossy coat of fire red lipstick onto her lusious full lips. Whew! I thought, It would be sexy to she those lips wrapped around my cock, only it wasn't my cock that they would soon be wrapped around as you will find out later. After completing her make up, it was now time for me to dress my sexy wife up as a sexy french maid.

I took her by the hand and led her naked body to the edge of the bed. First on the list was to put the black satin corset around her torso and tightly lace her up. Her d-cup breasts were pushed up and the corset exaggerated her cleavage making a very deep crease. She sat down and then offered her long sexy legs to me so that I could encase them in the black silk seamed stockings. After slinding them up and hooking them to the garter straps, I tried to smooth out the wrinkles but it was of no use. Next, I placed her small dainty feet into each of the shiny black patent 4" high heels and carefully buckled the ankle straps. Sitting at her feet, I held the leg openings of her black satin thong panty open. Carefully, she placed each of her high heeled feet into the leg openings and I was able to start sliding up the panties. I stood as I preformed this task and when the panties were firmly in place our lips met in a hot, very hot kiss. I hugged my wifes corseted body and my cock found its way between her slightly spread legs. I started moving my hips back and forth simulating a fucking motion while she casually rubbed her silk stockings against my legs. Our lips parted and she said that it was time for her french maid uniform. I reluctantly agreed and removed my cock from between her soft smooth thighs. As I went for another kiss, she playfully bit my lower lip.

I held up the short french maids dress and as she was about to step into the outfit the door bell rang. Who in the world could that be? we both said in unison. We giggled as she about fell over because she was stepping into the maids uniform and was balanced on only one of her 4" heels. We quickly stopped all activities and as I dressed in a pair of shorts, she threw on one of her silky robes. I told her to wait right here and that I would go and see who it was that has interupted our play. She sat back on our bed as I donned a shirt and headed towards the front door. I peered out of the curtians and recieved the shock of my married life, It was Mark Wilson, a friend of mine from high school. Quickly I ran back to the bedroom to my waiting sexy wife and told her who it was. Who? she said, Mark Wilson! the guy you told me about that used to steal all of your girlfriends. Yes that Mark Wilson I replied. As she asked what he wanted the door bell rang once again. I don't know I said. Well you had better go and see my wife stated. But what if he wants to come in, we were planning to make love I said with a hint of fear and jealousness in my trembling voice. He'll want to meet you, you need to change into something else or he will try to take you too I timidly said. She laughed and said go on little man and get the door as she ushered me out of the bedroom closing the door in my face. Secretly I had always gotten off by watching him take my girlfriends, but that was a long time ago, surely he has changed by now I thought to myself.

I opened the front door and greeted my old friend with a scared smile and a hand shake. He gripped my hand hard trying to crush my fingers, he always did, that hasn't changed about him I said to myself. Whats up Jamie he said, not much was my reply. I thought about telling him that until he interupted us, my dick was up but I could never say something like that to Mark. I asked him the same question and he replied that he was just back in town for a couple of days and wanted to come by and see his old friend and maybe meet my pretty young bride. He hadn't changed at all, I knew then that he wanted to fuck my wife. As I was about to say that she wasn't home, she of all people peeked around to corner (out of our sight) and asked who it was. Slightly angered by her question, which overruled the lie I was about to tell my old friend, I proceeded to say that it was Mark Wilson, an old high school friend of mine. Well honey, invite Mr. Wilson in, I'll go and change and then you can introduce me to your friend. What in the hell is she doing I thought as Mark pushed me aside and entered into our house. Mark sat on our living room couch and I sat in the chair across from him. I offered him a beer and went to retrieve the beverage for my friend.

We sat and talked about some old times and such and I began to wonder where my wife was. I excused myself and went back towards our bedroom to where my wife was. I knocked softly on the door and she said that she was getting dressed and that she would be out in a minute. I returned to my friend and found him looking at our family pictures. He made the comment that my wife was very sexy and he had a sinister gleam in his eyes. I asked him what he was here for and he said that I probably already knew the answer. I told him that she knew all about our past and that she thought he was an asshole for what he used to do to me, fucking my girlfriends and stuff. Really, did you tell her you liked to watch, did you tell her that you licked their pussy's clean after I fucked them, well did you? he asked. I bowed my head and said nothing. I thought so he replied. We sat quietly as we waited for my missus to join us. When she emerged from the bedroom I was shocked to say the least.

She had changed clothing alright, she was now wearing a long pink fluffy robe that was meant to be worn in the winter. I noticed that as she walked, her black high heels came into view? She held her robe closed at the top and on her hands were the black lace gloves? Then I could also see that she had placed her black lace choker around her long slender neck! What in the hell was she doing? I sat quietly, he stared. She walked right past me and up to my friend. He stood and she said hi!, I'm Lynn, Jamies' wife and you are? Mark, Mark Wilson he said, and she offered her sexy lace gloved had to him and I watched as he bent to kiss her lace covered knuckles and wedding ring. Mark then pulled her into a sitting position close beside him on our couch. Her robe parted on her legs and her black silk stockings came into view, she shivered slightly as she watched us both look at her sexy silk covered legs. She didn't change clothes at all, hell she even dressed up sexier.

Honey, she said looking at me, Mark called the other day while you were out. With a smirk on her face she said that I guess that I forgot to tell you about it. Anyway, we talked for quite a long time, I questioned him about your past and about what an asshole he was to you. Then Mark told me stuff that you had never mentioned before. Honey, I invited Mark here today, you like to watch? well you are going to get to watch. You like to clean up messy cum filled pussies, you are going to clean a cum filled pussy, my cum filled pussy. No honey please don't, I begged. Too late she replied and embraced Mark taking his tongue into her mouth. After their sexual kiss, she stood up dropping her robe. She had went ahead and put on the french maids outfit. My god she was sexy, A very sexy french maid no less. Do you like it Mark, she asked, then did a pirouette causing the short skirt of the dress to rise above her stocking tops. Her thong panties were hidden from view by several layers of the white lace petticoats under the skirt. She looked directly into my eyes and said that the maids uniform was Mark's idea. I would have never worn it for you anyway, she stated. Turning back to Mark she said, what can your little french maid do for you sir?

Mark said, well you can start by dropping to your knees and putting my cock between those sexy full lips of yours. She put her hands on her hips and turned to look at me. In a teasing manner she said, is that what you want to see, you're wife, the french maid, on her knees sucking another mans cock, well is it. I said nothing and she spoke up again. It is want you want isn't it, for me to put his cock in my mouth, well cuckold, your going to get what you want and she slowly dropped down on her stockinged knees before her new lover. Mark stood and unbuckled and unzipped his pants. My wife went into his pants and extracted his large hardening cock. Oh my! she exclaimed, your cock is so beautiful and so big too! It's much bigger than my little hubbies dick. As she spoke of his wonderful tool she was stroking his shaft bringing him to full hardness. Watch me honey, she said, watch as you're wife sucks on his big cock. She kissed it's head and then parted her red glossy lips. His cock disappeared into her mouth and he grabbed a hand full of her blonde hair. He spoke, come over here Jamie, get a closer look at what you're wifes' doing to my cock. I scurried over on my knees beside my wife to witness first hand what it was that she was doing. About half of his cock was in her mouth, maybe 5" or so. He placed both of his hands on her head and told me to watch closely. I stared in awe as he started to slowly thrust in and out of her mouth. Each in stroke caused his cock to sink deeper and deeper into her throat to the point that his pubic hair touched my sexy wifes' nose. He would often stop and tell me what she was doing to his cock. My cock head is lodged in you're wifes throat, what do you think about that. He moaned,oh! now she is wrapping her soft tongue around my shaft, man your wife sure loves my cock. Thats it baby, show little hubby that you love sucking cock. She was giving it her all, atleast more than she has ever given me. After 5 minutes of pleasure he said, "baby, I'm getting close", let me have some of your tight pussy now. She groaned as she pulled off of his cock, looked at me kneeling beside her and said, "did you like that cucky", she leaned towards me and proceeded to give me a very sloppy kiss. She pulled back and giggled.

Mark sat back down on the couch and my wife turned her back to him. Still on my knees in front of her, she asked me for my help. I looked up at my sexy wife, the french maids uniform looked amazing on her sexy body and I said that I would do as she pleased. Good little husband, she teased, when I raise my petticoats, I want you to hold my panties away from my pussy. I want you to guide his large cock into me as I sit down fucking his cock into my pussy, you understand little cucky. Yes dear was all I could say. We did just as she described. She raised her petticoats and sat back onto his cock as I held it's large shaft. She moaned loudly as his cock penetrated her. I held his cock tight until her pussy lips came to rest on my fist and then she told me to move away so she could have to rest of his large cock. As she bottomed out, his cock deep inside my wifes belly, she asked, is this what you want to see? see me fucking his large cock? oh my my Jamie he feels so good, much better than you ever felt. He's in me deep baby, I can feel his cock head in my womb honey, you've never felt that before have you. Mark laughed at her comment and she laughed also, my old friend and my past had come back to haunt me once again. She was his now, just like all of my girlfriends before, he had taken her too, my wife.

I can feel him swelling honey, he's going to shoot his cum in me baby, what should I do? Should he pull out or just cum inside me, tell us what you want, hurry! I then said go ahead Mark, do what it is you want, you always have. Fire it deep so that I have to work extra had to suck it all out of her, I mean thats why your here isn't it. My wife spoke up, you heard him lover, put it way up inside me. They laughed as she started her orgasm. Now lover, cum with me, I have never felt like this before. Your fucking me, your fucking Jamies' wife, cum in me, shoot your fuck in me. She closed her eyes and screamed through her own cum. She shook wildly as she put woman cum all over his large thrusting shaft. I sat quietly and masturbated to the scene that was playing itself out in front of me. Mark announced his orgasm with a low moan and emptied the contents of his sperm filled ball sack deep into my sexy wifes gyrating body. Four contractions, I counted atleast four contractions of his balls as he shot his cum into her wet sloppy pussy. She smiled and kissed him as all movement between them had stopped. Slowly, she started rotating her hips and mashing her pussy against the base of his sex, extracting all of his precious sperm out of his shaft and into her womanhood. She rose up untill the softening head of his cock was the only part left inside her, causing the flood of sperm to be dammed up. Are you ready cuckold, ready to do your part she teased. Shaking my head yes I moved into position. As I started at her pussy lips, she shifted slightly and his cock fell free of her entrance. As soon as that happened, my mouth covered her open sex and once again I was sucking cum from my girls pussy. Still sitting in his lap with me between their legs eating cum, she said that this was only the beginning. I will want more of this she said to her new lover, I like having a cum sucking husband and a big cocked lover to please me. They then laughed as she had contracted her pussy muscles pushing a large glob of cum into my mouth causing me to choke. I knew that this would be the position that I would be in often in the future.

the end.

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