tagFetishFrench Teacher Nylon Tease Ch. 02

French Teacher Nylon Tease Ch. 02


(Note: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.)

On the evening of my sexual encounter with my students Andrew and Jim, who took away my virginity in such an enjoyable way, I took a shower, and then shaved my shapely legs, so they would be ready for me wearing a pair of very sheer pantyhose on the next day. I was still so exhilarated from my hot encounter with these two senior high school boys who fucked my pussy and ass during extra time in the classroom that I decided I needed to get more of them very soon. I was sort of addicted to this new experience I never had before in my life...

A thought crossed my mind, and as I was done making my legs all smooth and silky, I moved the razor up towards my crotch, carefully removing my neatly trimmed black pussy hair to make my cunt soft and smooth, as well. I just thought the boys might like this experience and I enjoyed fantasizing about their fingers and cocks sliding over my naked pussy lips and then moving inside for more...

After drying myself off with a fuzzy soft bath towel, I went over to the large mirror in my bedroom and looked at my pretty female body for a while, the first time ever since before puberty that I saw my pussy all hairless and smooth. I played with my 36C breasts for a couple of minutes until they got harder, and then pinched my nipples, imagining Andrew and Jim sucking on them and teasing them. My dark brown nipples soon went erect and the juices in my pussy started to flow, oozing out and moistening my outer lips.

I lay down on my bed with the covers taken off and spread my legs wide, pulling up my knees and resting my feet near the corners of the bed, still looking at the mirror on the wall that showed my enlarged smooth shaven pussy lips with a bit of slimy glistening pussy juices slowly emanating from my lust hole.

I took this one slowly, there was no reason to rush, and so I waited for quite a while before I started to touch myself down there with my fingers, just keeping on fantasizing about all kinds of different sexual positions and adventures I would engage with Jim and Andrew in the upcoming days. I had no doubt in my mind that these handsome young guys would be all for a continuation of the pleasures we experienced that day, and I knew them and their fetish for my legs, pantyhose, and heels well enough to be sure to tease the hell out of them, so they would be ready for a decent and wild fuck without a doubt.

I kept gently massaging my breasts and nipples, as I kept the fantasies going, and watched as my pussy lips got more enlarged and swollen and more pussy juices moistened my intimate zones. Finally I could not help but moving my hands down to my crotch, and I started to slowly stroke my outer pussy lips first, then moving on to my enlarged inner lips, and finally putting one, then two fingers inside of my lust hole. I closed my eyes and just imagined it was Andrew, sticking his hard dick inside of me and feeling the hard throbbing meat of this 18-year-old boy against the moist and soft walls of my tight pussy.

I intensified the fingerfucking with my right hand, while I sucked on my left thumb, imagining that it would be Jim's erect cock that penetrated my mouth all the way, as deep as he could, and me sucking the life out of it...

My fingerfucking motions intensified, and I used my right thumb to put pressure on my hardened clit, making me almost jump of excitement and arousal, and I started to moan and breathe heavily. Several more minutes of my fantasy of providing Jim with a blowjob of a lifetime while Andrew was pounding my lust hole as hard as he could, finally brought me over the edge, and I cried out loud several times, with my body convulsing in strong spasms, and orgasmic juices shooting out of my pussy, all over my right hand.

Once I recovered, I had to lick my pussy juices and cum-squirts off my fingers, getting another erotic high out of it, and then I realized that I had to take yet another shower before going to bed... The night was peaceful and filled with steamy dreams about me having wild sex with Jim and Andrew...


The next morning, I got up earlier than usual because I wanted to prepare myself for a special day at school, where I would look as hot and sexy as never before, teasing my students as much as I could with my legs, pantyhose and high heels, and in particular focusing on my two favorite "bad boys", Jim and Andrew, who I would call in for another two extra hours after regular school was over for more fun.

After my morning shower, I dried myself up very thoroughly, sitting on the edge of my bed and again noticing my gorgeous young female body. In particular, I thought that my shaved pussy looked really hot and ready to receive some young male meat later today. I first applied some moisturizing lotion with a gentle flowery scent to my legs and feet to make them feel and appear even smoother and softer than they were, and then I painted my toenails and fingernails in sexy dark red polish. While the polish dried, I picked out some exciting pieces of clothing to wear for that day. I thought I would go with a red and black color combination, and took a sexy, tightly fitting red stretch mini-dress out of my closet. I had only worn this for going out, dancing or special events, but today was the day to be bold and wear it for school, I thought with a smile on my face. This red dress revealed all my curves, my hips and my breasts, and would certainly have the desired effect on my male students... I also selected a wide black belt with gold applications that would fit nicely with the dress and go perfectly with the color scheme. For my leg wear, I decided on a new pair of expensive Italian 15 denier smooth sheer-to-waist nude pantyhose, which would make my shapely legs appear even hotter than they were by themselves, and which would allow the guys to notice my shaved pussy, when they got a peek under my dress. I then selected a pair of black leather 4" high heels to complement my sexy outfit, as well as a pair of cute pearl earrings that featured a sparkling stone, as well, and two sets of gold bracelets.

I started by putting on a black laced push-up bra which made my 36C boobs appear as if they were 40D, then took the pantyhose out of their package, stretched them a bit so they would be less likely to make a run, and then I carefully started to put them on, first over my right foot and up to my knee, then the same on the other side, stretching the fabric around my feet and calves, then standing up and continuing to pull the hose over my hips up to my waist. I kept looking into the mirror and was pleased how snug and tautly these expensive sheers hugged my legs and shaped my figure to perfection. My crotch was definitely a delicious sight for every guy, particularly one with a nylon fetish, as my shaved outer pussy lips could easily be discerned behind the sheer fabric of the hose. My ass also looked great being encased in the smooth fabric of the sheer-to-waist nude nylons. I evened out some folds and moved my legs around a bit to make the hose a perfect fit. Satisfied, I put on my short-sleeved red stretch dress, zipped up its back and put on the black leather belt around my waist. When I noticed how high up the hemline of this mini-dress was, I almost blushed thinking I would wear this skimpy outfit at school today. I just had to hope not to run into the principal because he would send me home with these clothes immediately...

It was time to have a little breakfast, but I was too excited about the upcoming day to have much of an appetite, so I just had a quick cup of coffee and a yogurt. Then I put on some make-up, including red lipstick, matching the color of my red fingernail polish, and put a little bit of hairspray on my shoulder-long full black curly hair, to give it a very erotic youthful girly fragrance. I then put on my cute pearl earrings, my gold bracelets, and finally my black leather high heeled pumps, having a last careful look in the mirror to make sure everything was in place. I had to give myself a thumbs-up for the outfit

I wore that day and had no doubt that Andrew and Jim, as well as my other male students, would feel the same.

During the day at school, I did not fail to notice the extra attention I got from my colleagues and students, due to my red-and-black sexy outfit I wore. I was lucky not to run across the principal or any parents who might have been shocked to see me in these skimpy clothes. In my classes, particularly in the advanced ones with more seniors attending, I did much more of a leg and nylon tease than I usually do, almost to the point of ignoring the syllabus and what was going on in class academically. I would dangle my black 4" high heels, exposing my nylon-encased feet, then putting the heels back on, crossing my legs over each other in a sexy way, pretending that I had to even out my sheer-to-waist pantyhose and pull them up higher on my legs, and sometimes even sitting on top of my desk with my legs slightly open to expose my crotch to the amazement of the boys in class. I saw more than one of them flushing in embarrassment and spotted several bulges in their pants. I also noticed with an inner smile of satisfaction how they bashfully moved their gaze away from me when I looked at them directly.

All that teasing made me quite aroused, as well, and I had to visit the bathroom regularly during breaks to clean off my crotch from my pussy juices, since this evidence would be more than I'd wanted them to see...

I almost couldn't wait for my last class that day which included my two troublemakers, Andrew and Jim. I now had a lot of practice in my leg, shoe, foot and nylon teasing and ratcheted it up a little notch to make sure it would do the trick for these two guys. As usual, they paid little attention to class, rather, they paid most of their attention to me and my sexy outfit and my nylon tease. Not long into the class, I spotted both of them with a cell phone, probably exchanging messages. As these devices were not allowed in school, I immediately approached them and confiscated them to their dismay. They wanted to argue with me and even apologized but I would have nothing of this sort and would not let them keep their electronic toys.

During the next classroom activity where they practiced some French dialogues with each other, I explored their phones and found, to my astonishment, several pictures of myself, some taken on that day, some during previous classes. They showed my heels and semi-exposed feet in my nylons, my nylon-encased legs, and even some graphic up-skirt shots with my pantyhose-encased crotch! I could not believe what these naughty boys were doing during my classes; they were actually way worse than I had ever thought them to be... I wondered if the extra time I would announce for them soon should include not just fun for the three of us but some kind of punishment, too... After all, taking racy pictures of their French teacher went definitely beyond any good taste and manners...

As soon as the class was over, I called Andrew and Jim to the front of the classroom and announced another two hours of extra time for them that day, "to do more French practice." I wonder whether they had expected this because they briefly looked at each other with an inkling of a grin on their faces. I said nothing about my discoveries on their phones but decided to keep them until the end of their extra time, which they accepted only under heavy protest.

There was about half an hour between the end of regular classes and Andrew and Jim's scheduled after hours extra time, so I went to the cafeteria for a coffee and thought about what kind of difficult French exercises I should hand out to them this afternoon, and also, what kind of "punishment" I should prepare for the part when things got hotter and steamier. The idea that made most sense to me was to keep teasing them and make them more and more aroused and horny, but to keep denying them what they really wanted until they were begging me to be able to fuck my pussy, my mouth and my ass...


"You guys are five minutes late!" I scolded Andrew and Jim as they entered my classroom five minutes after 4 p.m.

"So sorry, Ms Lambert," Andrew apologized, "we worked on our Math assignments and overlooked the time..."

"Stop the excuses! I've witnessed you being late more times than I can count with the fingers on my hands and the toes on my feet!" I remarked, noticing how they liked me mentioning my toes and feet.

"I have some French translation exercises prepared for you guys this afternoon, and I am telling you right now that no one will go home without finishing all of them. So it's up to you how long this extra time session will last."

As they looked at the sheets with the assignment, their jaws dropped since they noticed that these translations would take them three to four hours, at the least, even if they worked as hard as they could.

"But, Ms Lambert--!" Andrew said, gearing up toward a note of protest.

"I know, my two friends, that this is a lot of work, I have to tell you, though, that your naughtiness exceeded even the worst of my imagination!"

The two high school seniors looked at each other, unsure what I was talking about. I took their cell phones out of my purse and held them up in front of them.

"You guys tell me what you did with these phones during my classes!" I sternly demanded. The two troublemakers froze, realizing what I must have seen. Andrew blushed and trembled, making me feel empowered and in charge of the situation.

"Ms Lambert, we, I mean, I, well,.... You're not going to tell this to anyone, are you?" His eyes widened out of fear and embarrassment. Jim sweated, looked very uncomfortable, and tried to avoid looking me into the eyes.

"This will be decided at a later point. I just wanted to let you know that I have seen the pictures you took with your phones, have already saved them on a secure place, and for a while, you will not see your cell phones again!"

I had to quietly smile, as these two ornery and naughty boys went silently to their desks, depressed and full of anxiety, heads down, and getting started with their French translation assignments. In a sense, I almost had compassion for them, after all, they did not mean harm to me, in all likelihood, and just took the pictures for their own enjoyment and maybe that of some of their friends. But then again, they more than annoyed and angered me with their actions and I could not just forgive them immediately and move on. Still, despite of this discovery, I had built up my sexual arousal during the day considerably with all of this pantyhose and foot teasing, enjoying to watch as my male students grew stiffies in their pants and got flushed and sweaty with the sight of their hot French teacher dressed in red and black and with highly alluring nude pantyhose. So, definitely, I was ready for some steamy action with these two troublemakers at some point, except, maybe not just yet, I thought.

The first half hour of their extra time I did nothing out of the ordinary, sitting on my desk and reading a book, just letting them steam in their own juices, just every once in a while checking on their progress and making sure they did what they were supposed to. I was even kind enough to answer questions they had on occasion about some vocabulary they did not know or some difficult grammatical expressions. But it was all "regular" academic exchange, and I have to say, Jim and Andrew really tried as hard as they could; to my surprise, their translations were better than I would have expected seeing them involved in so many other activities during class time.

After a while, though, I would slowly get into my teasing mode with them, moving my hands up and down my sheer hose, evening out their fabric, and doing some high heel dangling. I could tell that they were not sure what the significance of that was: whether it was meant to test their resolve to stay focused on their translation assignments, or whether it was a sign that they were allowed to shift their attention, at least at times, to other things. In any event, their teenage hormones took over sooner rather than later, and their gazes locked, as they had before, on my legs and feet, keeping them from engaging in their French practice. I occasionally admonished them to "keep going" since they wouldn't be out of there until they were all finished and done, but since I increased the intensity of my tease at the same time, they probably realized that I also had other things in mind for this afternoon.

As I dangled my right heel a bit too forcefully, the shoe fell down on the floor with a loud and hard thump. Andrew was faster than I and picked it up for me, putting it on my size 7 foot. I had to smile about his eagerness to "help me out," and I even observed how he sniffed my leather pumps briefly as he picked them up from the floor. It surely must have aroused him a lot to touch, smell and then put on my shoe back on my foot... At the same time, he aroused me, as well, as his warm hands were briefly touching my nylon-clad foot and ankle. I decided to shift gears right there and move from academics to erotic pleasures. Still, as I had planned it out earlier, I wanted to "punish" them some more by withholding my pussy from them for a while, driving them to the point of crazy sexual frustration, until I finally would let them in and fill me up...

I first approached Jim and asked him to stand in front of me. I moved my right pantyhose-encased leg forward in between his legs, until I could sense his balls and boner in his pants.

"Mon cher, it's time to switch gears," I said, while he looked embarrassed to the floor. I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, admiring his youthful hairless athletic chest. I briefly let my finger cusps slide over his chest muscles, teasing him a bit by gently scratching his skin with my red fingernails, then went on to unbuckle his belt, unzipped his pants and finally took off his shoes, socks and pants. He now just wore his white boxer shorts, with his erection clearly showing and pointing upwards. He had flushed again, and his hands had become sweaty. I kissed him gently on his neck and shoulders, then slowly pulled down his boxer shorts, making his cock slap against his pelvis as it was fully exposed. I enjoyed the situation of being fully clothed next to this nude 18-year-old high school senior, who was almost helpless and caught between sheer lust and arousal on one side and fear and anxiety on the other.

I told Jim to stand next to my desk in the front of the classroom, and then took care of Andrew in a similar way. Andrew's chest was even more athletic and attractive than Jim's, and he had some black curly hair there, as well. His boner was also very sizeable, I estimated it to be almost ten inches long as it was erect to its maximum size, pointing straight up to the ceiling, and I noticed a film of slimy glistening pre-cum on its tip. I also loved Andrew's ass, so firm and strong, and so were his thighs and calves.

We both walked over to my desk, and I asked the two boys to help me getting undressed. They eagerly fulfilled my request, first taking off my black belt and red stretch mini-dress, and then my black push-up bra. I didn't have to tell them to stop here as they wanted nothing more than seeing me and experiencing me in my expensive Italian sheer-to-waist nude pantyhose and 4" black leather high heels. I lay down on my desk, with my head slightly bent downwards on one end and my heels resting at the desk's corners on the other side. I closed my eyes and let these two boys do their magic with their skillful young hands and tongues, as they massaged and explored every inch of my body, from my head, my face, over my tits, nipples, belly, down to my crotch, thighs, calves, and feet. I could tell how much they in particular enjoyed caressing my legs covered in the expensive Italian sheer-to-waist pantyhose, and how they enjoyed feeling my soft skin, still smelling like the lotion I put on that morning, through the silky smooth fabric of the nude pantyhose. My level of sexual arousal increased meanwhile, as well, and my whole body got warmer and a tingling sensation started to build up in my crotch area. The two boys would take off my high heels several times just to lick and suck my feet and toes and gently massaging them, all through the texture of my nude pantyhose, driving me crazy of lust and sexual arousal, making my pussy wet beyond anything I've ever experienced before. But whenever their fingers or tongues got too close to my pussy and wanted to enter my lust hole, I firmly moved them away, being clear that this was a no-go taboo area, making them more and more frustrated in the denial of their sexual appetite for my tight young wet cunt.

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