tagErotic HorrorFresh From the Grave: Day 02

Fresh From the Grave: Day 02


I awaken to a mostly empty bed, it's only occupant is myself of course I did not roll off in my sleep. I sit up and look around, my companion is gone, his name eluding me at the moment, not in the kitchen I walk into the bathroom to find it is likewise empty. Looking at my reflection I find my hair is a mess I pick up the brush glad that little myth is wrong. I giggle as I think of one thing, if one cannot see oneself in the mirror, how does one have good hair.

My hair in something of an order, not that my hair can ever really get into order, curly hair tends to dislike order with a passion, I move back into the other room. I notice then that there is a post it note to my monitor giggling at the thought someone left a love note to my monitor I go and pull it off. I sigh when I realize it is a love note of sorts to me.

"Hey I had a lot of fun last night and I want to do it again. You wouldn't get up you were sleeping like the dead so I left this note." His name Brian and a phone number are below the little note.

Thinking I had better come up with a name for myself, I had been told to not use my birth name I turn the computer on then move to the TV. I get news again, this time talking about the massacre last night then again of a freighter with no crew. When the news moves on to matters I care not about, the traffic report, I move back to the computer. I giggle when there is a new email asking for my name with a link, I click on the link then find a space for my first name appearing on the monitor. After my first name I get a last name choice I choose the best of these, then check what time I am supposed to be at this location, half an hour so I get up and get dressed.

Vixandra Jones steps out of her door for the first day of the rest of her unlife, I giggle at the thought. I am hesitant to step out of the shadow of the building into the sunlight until I realize the emails said sunlight is not to be feared and I was sitting directly in it watching TV. Tossing the visions of me bursting into flame and burning into ash away, I step out into the light, tensing a little anyway.

The most interesting thing happened to me then, nothing, with a giggle and a spring to my step I head in the direction the Google map told me. A number of men I pass saying hi to me, I great each with a salutations good sir and continue on my way. One of these starts following me, enlisting a couple more that I pass that are like him of Hispanic descent, well at least they are a dirty brown color that you always think of as being Mexican.

Thinking perhaps there is something wrong with my attire, I am sure there is not though it never hurts to ask I move behind a store I am passing. I walk behind the dumpster into the shade it is slightly warm today after all and wait for the three men. They look a little lost when they come around the corner looking around, I call them over.

"Sorry for hiding like that guys, it's a little on the warm side and I wanted to cool off a little. I am curious, you have been following me for a short spell and I admit to be worried my dress is out of place." I am leaning against the dumpster now, they all three look me up and down and smile.

"Your dress is out of place yes, it's on you chica. We are here to remove it and get a little of you." The shorter one tells me with a grin, his voice is very uncouth.

"Oh such a little man with big words, tell me do your girlfriends call you tiny or speedy?" I push him away then sidle up with a taller one he is somewhat cute though mostly I just feel like a little snack. "This tall drink of water on the other hand, I'd like to take you elsewhere and drink some of you."

The one I'd pushed gets up, oh my very bad I did not mean to push that hard, and pulls out a gun. The one I'm trying to coax someplace private backs away from me, the other taller one backs away as well.

"Bitch that's it, get on the ground and spread your legs or get a new hole in you."

I feign indecision as he gets closer looking at the ground and him, when he walks close enough I kick his hand with the gun. Self defense training turning into Karate classes pays off finally. The gun scampers away the short man comes for me his fist raised saying a few more things of an unkind nature at me. I put my palm into his nose breaking it with a most satisfying snap. A sweep kick later he is on the ground and I just keep kicking him, he called me very uncouth things and ruined my snack. A police officer pulls into the area behind the store and gets out of his car.

"Ma'am, if you please stop kicking him, and speak with me a moment." His voice is a very nice flavor to my ears I kick the short man one more time then walk over with a smile. "Ma'am if you would kindly pull your dress down, your underwear is showing and there's no underwear."

"Oh heavens, apologies most sincere good sir." I look down to find my dress has indeed risen to an unseemly height then pull it down. "This uncouth man was following me, there were two more one was nice to look at and gave me a desire for a little snack. This I suppose boy is a better term told me my dress should be on the ground and he was going to help me with it along with I believe the proper term is force himself on me. I returned a different sentiment on his size and pushed him away to better be near the lovely drink of water when he pulled a gun, it is over there now, and threatened me with forced actions again along with an or fill me full of holes I think is the term. I feigned indecision on which I wanted until he walked closer then kicked the gun away. The end result is as you see it, though there really is no need for your assistance, he is well in hand and I really must be moving on I am almost late."

"If you have no desire to press charges I can't force you. I'll take him in for medical attention then charge him with possession of a firearm. Did you have a purse with you?"

"Oh my no I forgot that, luckily I am not in need of the local coin. Good day to you kind sir."

He watches me go with a rather mystified expression, I think of going back and asking him for a snack except he would refuse and give me a card instead. I have a note and a card already so simply continue on. I am really starting to like this knowing what would happen if I try, though perhaps I should try it and make sure it is correct. I look around for a man I could live with myself for offering fun to and being accepted even though my head is saying no on the nice drinks. Sadly there are not that many nice drinks to choose from, finally I find one that my head says no and I would like to get alone for more than a snack.

"Excuse me kind sir, salutations and hello's would you be interested in going someplace private for fun, I find I have an itch only a man can scratch."

He looks at me and I can tell he is tempted simply by the way his eyes travel up and down me.

"I'd like to I would, I am however married. Sorry I do hope you find a man to scratch that itch." His voice is nice, deep and resonating and puts a certain curl in my toes.

Curiosity satisfied I thank him and move on, speeding up a little so I am only fashionably late. Feeling weird for going to such a run down warehouse I squeeze through the chained gate. There is no one moving inside the fence, there is however an opening into the warehouse. I follow the path opened to me by this opening inside to find the inside is surprisingly dark.

Hearing someone moving around inside I move farther in letting my eyes adjust to the darkness. I am moving around a pile of boxes when it comes to me if I walk past this pile I will get speared in a bad way. I pause for a brief moment to mull over the things I can do before deciding on pulling on a certain box. With said box pulled the entire pile falls over to a curse word of a surprisingly amused nature.

"Damn fresh meat, they always just walk past the boxes." A rather dirty man says laughing as he climbs out of the pile.

"I am of an assumptive bent at the moment you are the man I was supposed to meet?"

"Well damn, don't you talk funny. I am that man yes I am to teach you a few things. Namely of the defending yourself nature, I hope you came up with a name." He says walking closer, he smells poorly with long oily hair and a sort of beard.

"I have yes, there are many things to be said for taking a shower. First among them you can stand closer to me, back away you foul smelling man." I have to hold my nose when he gets closer.

"Alright you made your point, I'm Jack this is my classroom. If you would kindly follow me I have a shower set up, you fresh meats are all alike lately, I miss the eighteen hundreds a bath was once a blue moon or when you got buried."

Jack leads me through the almost falling down warehouse out a door in the back. He pulls a vest then a shirt off, his boots are kicked off then pants. His clothes end up on a metal barrel that has seen better days long ago. He gets under the shower and I have to watch, he has a third leg, it is not enormous but it is a very nice length. A smell still bothering me I walk to his clothes then toss his shirt at him, followed closely by his pants.

"Ah hell if you're gonna be that way there should be some soap around here somewhere."

I look around for this mythical soap and smile when I find it is not mythical. I go and retrieve it where I had seen myself retrieving it and bring it over to him.

"Well now, since I'm doing a getting married cleaning, not to you don't get your panties in a bunch. I suppose I may as well ask you some questions, have you fed and have you found an attraction to people not sexual in nature?"

"Yes on the first, a very friendly man I met in a club last night, I also have a card from a bouncing man at the same club. The second not so much, there was a man earlier I wished to snack on, but he was also a very nice drink." Jack looks at me strangely.

"Well damn you get around. I have another question, how did you know how to get the boxes to fall on me?"

"I saw myself passing the end of the boxes and being speared in a not nice way. I looked around for a different path and came upon the boxes, one pulled sends them falling so I did that."

"Well I'll be a monkey's uncle, you can see the future."

"Well that would explain the foulness when I entered this domicile, where is this monkey pray telling me?"

Jack looks at me then starts laughing, he ends up kneeling trying to catch his breath.

"Oh damn, you are a toot of a most likeable nature. One more question before I try and beat you up, do you know how to fight?"

"My feet are swift and true. I was taught the ways of Karate before I became a living dead girl."

"Well she-it I don't need to do anything for you, which is good we need to figure out who did the massacre in that club across from where you are staying, we had an underling for you waiting in there and he was killed. I suppose maybe your future telling can be a help."

Jack leads me back through the warehouse domicile out the opening then through the gate. A car is waiting for us, a good sized convertible with horns on the front bumper. I laugh at the silly ostentation of such a thing as horns on a car as we pull away.

"Hey don't laugh it's a good car." Jack says looking over at me as we weave in and out of the traffic.

"I am laughing at the horns, cars have horns on the inside not the outside."

Jack just groans as we pull into the parking lot of my domicile. He leads me to my door which is locked I don't recall locking it, luckily I have the key tucked into the tiny little pocket of the skirt, really little more than a fold of the cloth. Door unlocked we go in to find a purse of the very small variety inside is an equally small handbag with a driver's license and a bank card. Jack turns my computer on then looks around, he laughs at the love note I was left.

"Oh shush, he moved atop me very well and tasted quite good."

I have a note on my screen detailing the numbers needed for my bank card. Jack closes the note then asks me what my number was, I tell him twice in all he asked again a little later while we look through the new email detailing what the police have discovered.

"Have you looked under your bed?"

"No Jack, why would I look under my bed?" I am left rather bemused by the question posed.

"Because you have a weapon under your bed, go on get it out."

I reach under my bed feel around for a moment then find something to hold on to and pull it out. I giggle at the sword I have pulled out it is not very long perhaps a foot and a half plus the hilt.

"Since we might end up having to kill someone, we are just trying to figure out whom or what but they might still be nearby I am going to tell you how. You might laugh at the length, it is however all you need. Being shot doesn't do anything to us living dead as you put it, stakes are likewise pointless. Getting a limb cut off hurts, you can just pick it up and reattach it does that on its own. The one thing that you can't fix, being beheaded, shotguns might work if you get really close first shot to the face."

"I take it we do not grow eyes back?" Jack looks at me and smiles.

"Nope, so watch shots to the face, we can function after being shot up we do not however regrow so avoid being shot. That includes bullet holes by the way luckily there is a doctor amongst us, he does skin grafts so you are only left with a scar of being shot. Avoid military fights, mines and grenades may not kill us but we are left very screwed up and lucky if we can walk."

"Ah yes that was in one of the emails, as I recall it said to do whatever a soldier says, including letting him have his way with me. I can do that if he is a nice drink."

"Well in the case of military in a warzone, do everything they say, including letting them do you. Trust me facing grenade launchers and machine guns is a lot worse than some ugly dude fucking you. Now put that sword on and follow me, the club is closed for a few more days."

I strap the sword on as Jack leads me out my door, crossing the street is a quick matter, surprisingly light traffic. Jack heads for the alley behind until I grab his arm and point to the front door. He gives me a surprised look then heads for the door, until I grab his arm again, I see inside is a tall man with a very big sword.

"Tall man with very big sword inside of this club of death, waiting for someone perhaps us."

"Well fuck that would be Kegan he is the law as it were for us. He isn't supposed to be here yet." Jack opens the door and goes in, I follow behind a little nervous.

Inside there is indeed the tall man with the big sword, this Kegan fellow. He stands perhaps six and a half feet tall, lots of hands went into making him comes to me and I giggle. Kegan looks at us as I giggle along after Jack who keeps giving me a look of a strange nature.

"Ah Jack with the latest fresh meat, in the middle of a giggle fest I suppose." Kegan's voice is odd, rather grainy like there are a lot of shelled nuts tumbling around together.

"Oh no sir, there is no fest to my giggles, simply an errant thought. Looking at you I had the thought that a lot of hands went into making you."

"She talks funny yes there is a good side, she can see the future why we came in the front door." Jack says stepping a little away from me.

Kegan looks from me to Jack then back again and laughs.

"Well that is a nice thing to have. Come on Jack make with the looking around and telling me what happened."

Jack looks around and walks here and there Kegan walks over to me and puts an arm around me.

"Has Jack told you about pregnancy yet?" I have to look up at him way up, I'm not short but compared to him even Jack is short.

"Oh my make with the information, I was not alone last night and while he was a good dinner I made friendly in the bed with him."

"No worries alive can't make you pregnant, one of us on the other hand can and while it is a nice thought to some it has major problems. Basically, any child of ours will end up being just like the myths about us, well no reflections is still not applicable, but can't go into daylight."

"Do not have sex with one of us, some will try and seduce you because you are new and they like to watch the execution." Jack says as he comes over making me wish to wax poetic on the questions, he on the other hand continues waxing. "Now as for here it's a jumble, I can't make out who did the killing at least before they started killing. I can at least say we have a problem, it's definitely one of us, I just don't know who all I get is a face covered in blood."

"If they continue to do the massacre's I can find them simply by going by the clubs of soon to be death. Perhaps after the massacre, I find the idea of watching very far into the interesting side of things. Now if you would perhaps allow me to wax poetic on a question, there was mention of an execution, I would like clarifying words on such." I put in before Kegan can say anything.

"Anyone found to be pregnant is summarily executed. The father as well though they usually have evidence of being elsewhere. Just pay attention to those visions of yours. Do you have a cell phone?"

"Not unless it comes built in to me." I start giggling at the idea.

"Ugh Jack take her home and come pick me up, I'll make sure you get a cell phone in the morning. If that was one of us they won't want to feed again for a day or two at least, we can look around tomorrow."

Jack ushers me out the door and across the street again, then follows me inside. I go and turn the TV on then flick the computer on as Jack wanders around then picks up my clothes from yesterday, a card falls free.

"You should call this guy and get a little dinner, keep in mind you can only feed on the same person once a week and you need to have two a week. More is preferable two is just needed, and remember no killing unless it can not be avoided." Jack is holding out the card to me both of us spinning in place when there is a massacre at a different club.

"Jack I am rather in need of a number connector, could it perhaps be that I gain possession of the one you are using so fluently when it no longer serves a purpose?" I ask as Jack pulls out a cell phone, he looks at me confused for a second, then points to a cordless next to my computer.

I call the bouncing man, after some difficulty with speaking with him the volume of his abode is quite loud I make him understand I am the cat's demand of the previous evening. I tell him the location of my body, and make it known there are delights galore in wait for him. He promises to be here shortly then cuts his voice free of the confines. Jack is staring at me as I remove my top, there will be no need for clothes in the near future.

"Damn, you do more than see the future, you exude sexual desire. I want you and damn if I can't, I'll see if Kegan wants to filly shop."

Jack is gone now missed a little his appendage is of a most desirable quality. I remove my skirt and the sword, a little lost on where to put it I finally go and put it on the kitchen counter where I find some papers. I look through the papers to find the first is a contract from the phone company. The second is more interesting, it is a document showing how much I have in the bank feeding to the card in the new purse I was given, along with an amount I will be given every month. At the bottom of this document is an addendum that I need to do the tasks given to me to continue receiving the funds.

Any searching for the answer of what those tasks will be dies with a knock at my door. I move with eagerness, I might be a living dead girl sex is however a most welcome happening. I open the door to find my bouncing man and Kegan towering over him from behind. I usher my bouncing man inside then assure him Kegan is not my delight for the night before going outside with Kegan.

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