tagErotic HorrorFresh From the Grave: Day 03

Fresh From the Grave: Day 03


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When I awaken on this day I am again in a bed of one, my bouncing man is watching TV. When my feet have found the floor he comes over and pushes me back on the bed. Seeing what he wishes I greet his advances with a smile and an opening of legs. He puts a finger to my pleasure center, moving it here and there making my head roll about and moan in pleasure. He kisses me as his finger does its dance of creating joy for me I am getting close to an orgasm when he moves atop me.

I moan again when he has sunk into my depths, his incessant movement sending me closer and closer to that orgasm. I look up at him, his face so earnest in his determination to bring me to an orgasm with his cock in my depths. He puts his hands to my breasts giving me more pleasure as he moves in and out of me. My legs wrapped around him I reach my orgasm moments before he reaches his. He is groaning above me, I am moaning below him loving the feel of his hot fluids entering me.

I sit up as he climbs off me smiling at him then running past him when I notice a box on my counter. The box is for a cell phone, yet it is empty of the number connector. I retrieve the pamphlet of how it works and go in search of my number connector. I find it on the sofa with my bouncing man, he had returned to the TV watching when he had finished enjoying me. I turn the computer on as I go over how to do things, then input the numbers I was told to know.

Jack becomes horny car Jack, Kegan is seldom smiling Kegan, Charles I have not met yet so he becomes unknown Charles. Deciding I should call Jack right away I do to receive his voicemail, I leave a most mean message for him to call me back. With no new messages for my attention I turn my computer off and go watch TV with my bouncing man. I bounce when my number connector rings it is a most unpleasant noise, vowing to alter the noise I pick it up and flick it to the receive voice mode.

"Your insults are strange, so what are you in need of doing?" Jack's voice floats through the air into my noggin.

"Ah Jack yes, I find I am in need of the shopping variety before we go on our hunt."

"I can drive you around for a little while Kegan is of the mind to start when the sun falls. I'll be over in about ten minutes."

Jack removes his voice from the connection I get up to get dressed my bouncing man watching then does the same. He leaves with a kiss and his name nestled in my noggin, Andy is a most fine name for him. When Jack arrives he comes in and looks around.

"Jack I have a most interesting wonderment and I am of the hoping mind you can answer. He ordered pizza last night and offered it to me twice, so I have wandering thoughts of wonderment on whether or not I could partake of said pizza."

"Yes you can, just eat very light. You don't work like you used to so food sits in your gut until it is dissolved. Probably best if you buy a few frozen meals and stick them in your freezer. That way you don't look weird, it's easier if you present yourself as homeless, no fridge or pantry to stock."

"Heavens no, I enjoy having showers and fixing my hair. Now we must be off I find a printer would be good to have for my computer. I also need a dirt eating machine if I am to stay here I must have a cleaned floor."

"I know just where to go, grab your sword we will go hunting after. I'll be in the car talking to Kegan." Jack is out the door before the word Kegan has fully formed in the air.

I collect my sword and look around my domicile while I belt it around my waist. My computer is off the TV is still on talking about the crewless freighter in the harbor. I turn that off then grab up a flower shawl, I tie that over my sword so it is hidden for the most part. Jack looks me over when I reach his car he is still speaking with Kegan, and gives me a thumb up.

"You probably will know this already, Kegan will meet us at Best Buy, funny thing, his filly of last night lives near it." Jack says with a grin as he hangs up and starts his car.

"I had not thought on it, though I find I needs to question on something. Why did you go looking for horses last night?" Jack looks over at me and almost runs a red light.

"Shit woman, don't ask silly questions when I'm driving. We went looking for and found women, live ones that we managed to talk into bed. Kegan's sword is in my trunk."

I give Jack a dirty look then settle back in my seat for the drive to Best Buy. While sitting at a rather long red light the man in the car sitting next to me hands over a note with a name and a number. Under the number is a message saying in case I decide to move up in men. I am laughing as we pull away eventually showing Jack the note, he groans then pulls out his cell phone. He has me help steer the horny car while he inputs into his number connector.

"Well if you think he's good enough to feed on and have sex with feel free. All of us living dead are given a cell phone, you should have gotten one with your purse I guess there was a mix up. We are also monitored so no one can have a cell phone not listed with the directory."

"So Jack I can trust any notes with a number I am given as not being living dead?" I ask as we pull into the parking lot for Best Buy, we stop quick to let Kegan jump in the back seat.

"No, check on the numbers you are given, some of the living dead men will give you their number in an attempt to get you to lie with them."

"Listen to Jack and always refuse notes from very well dressed Italian men. There is a mafia of sorts among us they are all Italian and very dangerous. Also I got a call from Charles it seems the news of your ability has gotten out. When we finish with our hunt tonight we are all going to a meeting." Kegan says as Jack finds a spot to park.

"I find I have two questions dealing with me. First, what sort of tasks will I be given to do? Second, I find I am curious as to how much free time I will have, TV is not that interesting much of the waking time I feel perhaps I should buy a game."

"As for the first we will find that one out tonight I believe. The second, if you find one you like feel free, rarely are you called on to leave at a moments notice." Kegan says taking my arm and leading me into Best Buy.

Our first stop is the vacuums I go through each one before I find one that works well for my domicile. It is not overly powerful or large and it is not to small, so now armed with a box we move on to the printers. This task is easier, there are only a few that do everything I want so I grab one. Games on the other hand takes me a while, I do not wish to have a shooter game, which rules out perhaps sixty percent of the games there. I find the strategy games to be lacking on strategy for the most part. Finally I decide on a game that has Kegan smiling, he also has this game, Jack wonders aloud on multiplayer games.

Back in the car my dirt eating machine and printer in the trunk I read the manual on the game. Kegan offering tips as we drive around, the first club we stop near I have to shake my head. The second club I get a smile at explaining we would all find sex there. The third and fourth clubs I shake my head at, fifth club I stop to consider, something is telling me here. I almost indicate this club until some people are tossed out and more leave the line then I see nothing happening.

Kegan calls one of the ones thrown out over, he points him out to me as he is coming over, I shake my head. The man looks relieved as we drive away, Kegan explaining he is one of us as we pull up to the next club. I gasp when I realize this is the same club I met Brian and Andy at. Kegan grabs my shoulder looking at me questioning, I shake my head until I think about going inside. I am half out of the car before Kegan and Jack have grabbed hold of me enough to get me to sit down again and look at them.

"This is the club it is of special importance to me, the bouncing man out front was dinner last night I met my first dinner inside."

Kegan and Jack get out of the car then go to the trunk, both pull a sword out, Jack's is much shorter. Jack puts his sword on his back under his vest, his long hair hiding the hilt. Kegan's huge sword can't be hidden he strings it on his back then heads for the alley. Jack takes my arm and walks me past the lines to Andy my bouncing man.

"Andy I am trying to get my friend here a woman, may we go on in?" I ask a smiling bouncing man as we get closer.

"I'm not supposed to, though I suppose if I can visit you again I can see my way to not noticing you going in."

"Well of course you can, every Monday you can come right on over and we can repeat last night and morning I very enjoyed both."

Jack propels me past a beaming Andy pulling the door open for us. Inside it is not quite as heavily packed as my first night I am confused until I notice many people are packed around a few tables in the back, bachelor party. Jack takes me around the dancing area toward the bathrooms then past them to the alley door. Kegan comes in quick through the door then propels us before him out of the hallway for the bathroom to a corner booth.

"Now come on out with it where is our prey?" Kegan asks as we sit down, his sword now resting on the floor next to him.

"I do not know I can not get an imprint of who it is I only know he will be attempting a massacre here."

"I guess we are early I'll go get us drinks, yes you can drink, they go away quicker. Alcohol is handy in that regard." Jack says ushering me out of the booth to head for the bar.

"You may like to know this, Club Meteor opens again tomorrow. I'm the guy at the door so you can invite anyone you want home, I'll know if they are one of us." Kegan says with a smile at me while we wait for Jack to return.

Jack returns with a tray loaded down with three shots of whiskey and three beers. I give him a dirty look as he puts one of each in front of me, Kegan chuckles making me look at him.

"Sorry but no chick drinks, to much water in them, beer is as watered as you want to go. The iced tea's and whatnot take to long to dissolve in you, handy if you are hungry but can't yet."

Jack drops my whisky into the beer, which helps on the flavor at least. We sit and watch the people dancing and the bachelor party. The dancing is a little not so good except for one guy I can't take my eyes off. He moves so fluidly, as if he has been dancing for ages and nothing else. Jack once he noticed him has his hand on his forehead like he has a hurting noggin. Kegan leans forward a not good look on his face tapping the table, Jack nods. Kegan leans back and grabs his sword, not getting up yet just holding it.

"Methinks I missed something, what is wrong with you two?"

"The man you're watching is one of us, an old one of us. He is very hard to kill and I think he knows you are one of us. I'm not sure your Karate will work on him, he has been the world over many times." Jack says behind his beer.

"Chances are good he is the massacre creator you are keen on watching. I am not sure my sword will be enough, he moves fast." Kegan says with a grim look on his face.

"He is starting now." I say looking at him seeing him look around then moving toward a dancing woman.

Jack gets up out of the booth when I shove him that way, Kegan starts to get up until I wave him back. I get four steps then wave to both to follow, the man has gotten up close and personal with the woman. He puts his head to her neck the expression on her face explains he is feeding. No one else seems to notice except Jack and Kegan, both suck in their breath behind me. The screaming starts when the man pulls back from the woman revealing her neck is torn open.

He produces a small sword from his back like Jack has this is used to cut open a few nearby dancers. He moves toward the bachelor party moving fast as Kegan said he does. He beheads one man, slashes the throat of another and is moving on a third when I yell at him.

"Bartholomew, this ends now."

His name came to me, the man pauses and looks over at me. His eyes glance over Jack and Kegan with their swords out, they fall on me and stay there, my sword is still in my sheath. He moves closer to me, Jack and Kegan moving closer until I wave them back.

"You have great faith in your sword arm to not pull it already. I am already armed I will give you a chance to pull your sword before I kill you." His voice is quiet and full of fury.

"I do not need my sword I am only to keep you occupied until Kegan finds the right place to behead you from. So come little man, let us dance some until you find you are dead."

He looks at me with disdain then comes for me, I see what he will do and counter. He comes in fast his sword whistling for my head, I drop to move into a sweep kick. He jumps over it laughing until I stop sweeping and kick him right in his balls. He falls back with a groan of pain though he is back up and coming for me again. I stayed low, when I see he will attack for my head again I jump up and do a spin kick catching him square on the jaw.

He stumbles away before falling he is up again in an instant. I pull my sword motioning Kegan to my left he moves then stops holding his sword high at his side. I wave Jack away from where he is he moves looking uncertain. Bartholomew looks between all of us until I motion to him disdainfully lowering my sword. He charges me with a roar his sword in both hands. I drop below his diagonal chop at me my sword coming up at the same time neatly cutting his hands off.

Kegan moves in quick behind his sword whistling and cleaving Bartholomew's head from him. I look at it as it lands next to me, the head blinks twice looking quite shocked before it stops moving. I stay there expecting to have a lot of lightning or it turns to dust or well something, none of that happens, instead Jack is pulling me up. We head out the back door Kegan carrying me so I can keep up.

I hear the sirens once we are in the alley running through to Jack's horny car. The swords are dropped on the floor of the backseat as Kegan hops in I get shoved into the front seat. Jack drives us away slowly making us look more like some curious passerby than the three who just killed a living dead man. Kegan gets Jack to pull into a parking lot a good distance away from the club.

"I'm not sure which is worse, the fact that was easy or how I needed you to distract him to do it."

"Kegan that wasn't really easy, the whole time we were moving closer to him I was picturing how to do it, all of them ended with one or all of us dead except that one. Honestly you were supposed to move to my right and get him when I round kicked him. Luckily he was worked up already so I was able to goad him into attacking me the third time. Sorry Jack next time I'll work it so you can kill the perpetrator." I say trembling a little, fully expecting to burst into falling tears.

"Oh no that is fine, I fully expect Kegan and you will be the ones finding people. I only came this time because neither of you two has a car. I'm supposed to train fresh meat and figure out who did it. Oh Kegan, where is this meeting I was not included on the message?"

"Right here, well pull around behind the back entrance is open."

We drive around the large store to find the unloading section is open. There are several cars parked around already, two of them long black limousines. Jack finds a spot to park then pops his trunk he pulls out a couple shop cloths to clean our swords with, not that there is much blood on them. Sheathing our cleaned swords we head inside, it is not hard to find the meeting, there is a man waiting for us, tall and very well dressed. He smiles at me then motions us to follow him into the storage area.

There are perhaps twenty people sitting on folding chairs in an open section. A very tall black man walks over to us smiling then leads me and Kegan over to the desk the chairs are all facing. He motions to Kegan to speak first with a curious expression on his face.

"We have dealt with the massacre creator. Bartholomew is now dead because of this little lady." There is much gasping among the people in attendance.

"Pray tell us how you managed that." The tall black man has a very deep voice.

"Kegan landed the killing blow I made him forget himself with two kicks then removed his hands. Kegan moved in behind me to sever his head, it was really quite well done on his part if slightly later than I wanted."

"Our newest member has foresight she knew how to do it, she was late in telling me what I was to do." Kegan says getting more gasps from those in attendance.

I take this pause in word exchange to look around, there are two very well dressed Italian men in addition to the one that lead us to the meeting. A rather muscular woman is sitting to my left a very gaunt man is in the very back. The rest are rather ordinary most are of the Caucasian bent, some are Mexican and two are black. The gaunt man in the back stands up waving his hand until the tall black man standing near me points to him.

"I am curious as to how she knew how to kick him, Jack doesn't teach kicking to the fresh meat."

"My feet are swift and true with the style of Karate."

"Enough questions I am happy to introduce to you all, our newest member, Vixandra Jones. In light of her recent actions I think it best she assist Kegan in his duties. Of course if any of you wish to call upon her for assistance feel free to do so. I am going to add a stipend to that, no asking for the winners of anything. I am sure she could provide them, we make enough already however. Vixandra you will not be able to place bets on anything and stay out of Vegas, they take a dim view on perfect betting." The tall black man speaks with his hands motioning here and there.

"I find my little noggin with a conundrum perhaps you can help with. Is this all there is of us in this city?"

"No there are a few hundred of us in the city, what we have here are the leaders of each section of the city. I am also going to take this opportunity to ask that you three visit the abandoned freighter in the harbor. I'm sorry Jack but we will need you to take these two around a little longer, I've run into a problem with getting Vixandra a car."

"These hands are not built for car steering motorcycles are what I feel a need for."

"Yes exactly my problem, I am working on getting you an assistant. It would not do to have you and Kegan tooling around on a motorcycle with swords. The police only ignore that so many times. My problem lies with finding someone that will drive you around and not try and get in your skirt."

"I know of someone, she would try and get in Vixandra's skirt though that wouldn't be a problem." The muscular woman puts in the tall black man looks at me.

"I've never been there though I do not see a problem with trying once, perhaps more."

"Can she fight? I do not see why we can not take her along with us into the action." Kegan puts in getting a slightly excited look to him.

"Marie is good with a gun." I say getting everyone to stare at me.

"I wasn't thinking of her but well shit hang on let me call her." The muscular woman pulls out a cell phone and speaks into it looking at me several times. "Well there you go you have a surprisingly excited lesbian coming to visit tomorrow in the afternoon. Charles if you could forward an address to her email she will check when she gets up."

"Ah yes of course that will be done within the hour. I see some of you have a wish to ask for Vixandra's assistance. Please put those on hold for now, let us deal with the freighter first. You three are excused there is nothing else for you today, Kegan before I forget there is an opening coming up at the apartments across from Club Meteor." The tall black man, the mysterious until now Charles tells us with a wave of his hand.

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