tagErotic HorrorFresh From the Grave: Day 04

Fresh From the Grave: Day 04


I awaken to an almost empty bed again I groan at the tendency my dinner's have of running away the next morning. I get my feet on the floor go over to my computer and notice it is still on when I realize there is a rather incessant pounding on my door. I go and open the door to a smiling woman, a little taller than I am with flowing blonde hair and rather oversized breasts.

"Hi I'm Marie and damn woman you know how to greet a gal." Her voice is very feminine yet she stands more like a man.

"I just woke up, a shower was absent last night, my dinner had a very long piece and it was heavenly." I let her in then head for the shower.

"I hope you don't mind me being forward I'm going to sit on the toilet and talk. We should get to know each other if I'm your chauffeur and gunner."

"No, that is not met with disdainful thoughts. I am curious to know how good you are with guns." I am shampooing my hair, haven't lately and it's getting a little flat.

"Well very actually, my change gave me very good vision, something on par with an eagle as the doctor put it. I liked guns to begin with so now I can be an extreme range sniper with no scope."

"Oh that is nice, since you are here with a car I assume we need to be on shopping behavior before we hunt. I need to purchase noise machines for my computer. I bought a game last night and while installing it was playing very nice music and I discovered tinny noise machines are on my computer. I suppose we should also go on a gun safari for you, Kegan may like the idea I have forming in my noggin."

I step out of the shower and grab up my towel, while drying Marie watches and whistles at me twice.

"Shopping we can do, gun hunting we do not need to do, I have two rifles in my trunk. I lead hunting expeditions I got a high power deer rifle and a Winchester. I am asked to get trophies on occasion hence the deer rifle, luckily said deer rifle was a sniper rifle in the Second World War and Korea."

We both head into my big room when there is a knock on my door. I open the door to find Jack and Kegan standing there, they look from Marie to me then sigh.

"Damn we were hoping to catch you two in the act." Jack says as they both come in, Kegan goes straight for my computer.

I throw my purse at Kegan when he asks for it he's doing my sign up at the website for the game. I move to get dressed Jack and Marie sit on the back of the sofa to watch me as I puzzle out what to wear.

"Kegan I have a thought whizzing around in my noggin on what to do with Marie. She see's very far and has a high power deer rifle which is great except I have a notion that we should get her something bigger."

I sigh then pull up another very short mini and not terribly there top, this one is a shirt designed to be tied up, buttoning is optional. I decide on no buttoning as I get dressed until Kegan claps his hands making me look at him.

"I know her hunting rifle there are only two higher, an elephant gun and a Barrett fifty cal. Did you have one of those two in mind?"

"Yes the black one you see in some of the action movies, especially when it is about the Special Forces in action."

"I love your idea except you can not stand behind anything I shoot at." Marie falls off the sofa in excitement.

"I don't think that will be a problem Marie. This is a good idea, let me make a call Marie you will have one at your place when you go home tonight unless you are staying here." Kegan says waving me over as he pulls out his cell phone.

I decide on a password enter it again then fall over when I am tackled by a very excited blonde woman. Kegan chuckling comes over looks at the screen then does something and gives me a thumb up. I let Marie kiss me, it is very nice and rather sensual, she does not force her lips to mine she simply brushes up to me. When her tongue presses to my lips I open up and let her in, our tongues intertwine for a moment or two before Jack claps his hands.

"Come on if you want to get speakers before we hunt we gotta go now."

Marie and I get up, I collect my purse then my sword, when we exit my apartment we find a conundrum. Marie's car is a truck, with a tool chest in the bed Kegan looks at it then me and shakes his head.

"I think we are taking the horny car. No offense Marie it is just there are paved roads where we are going."

"No that is fine, I have a two seater and the truck, the truck is also what I use for my hunting trips. I'd offer to trade with Jack except his car is ugly, I'll speak with Charles and get a four seat car or truck." Marie grins as she goes over to her truck and unlocks one side of the tool chest.

"Winchester please, we are going on a freighter and we can't split up." Kegan says as he hops into the back seat.

Jack pops his trunk for Marie to put her rifle and my sword into I get in the front seat next to Jack. Marie hops into the back seat like Kegan had getting me to ponder a question.

"Marie I notice you are very man like in your movements, how do you do sex?"

Jack laughs as he starts his car and gets us out of the parking lot Marie hits him on the head.

"That is actually a good question, I prefer being the man honestly I use a strapless. Basically means you would be having sex with a guy who has tits and doesn't fill you at the end."

"I like being filled at the end, usually when I feed on him. Though I suppose in your case best you don't, I don't think feeding on you would go over well." Kegan starts laughing Marie joins him, even Jack is chuckling heavily.

At Best Buy again we make short work of picking out the speakers, Marie actually does it for me. She picks out a nice looking Monster system getting me to nod with a smile, Kegan grabs up a second one. On the way to the dock with the freighter we pass a porn shop advertising toys getting Marie to groan and point.

"Can we stop there on the way back, she likes long dicks and all I have is an average length."

Jack looks over at me with an eyebrow raised I look up at the sky with a sigh.

"Yes I do like long dicks, the pizza man I met the night before last came over last night and he had a very nice one."

Jack chuckles as he turns off the road we had been on to drive parallel to the ocean until we reach one leading to the freighter. I get nervous when I see a police man standing on the pier entrance to the freighter. Jack pulls us over and we get out of the car then retrieve our swords and Marie's gun. I get walked right over to the police man who smiles at us and waves as we pass him by.

The freighter itself is a little interesting, not because of pools of blood, simply because it is empty as if the crew simply got off. We all look at Jack he shrugs so I get looked at I shrug myself then lead us toward the rear structure. We go up first toward the control room inside it is clean and empty like the rest of the ship so far Jack on the other starts walking around. He walks around looking everywhere for a few minutes before coming back.

"This is weird, I can only see so far back, apparently the crew started disappearing, the captain was sleeping up here with only a few left. There was mention of crates apparently it is something of a historic find."

"Let me guess, the crates are on the surface of the ship. I have a bad feeling about going near them." Kegan looks at me oddly then passes over a manifest.

I look at the manifest there is mention of a lot of mundane items and one of a historical find in a wooden crate on the deck of the ship. There is no mention of what it is there is however a passenger listed that must have been Bartholomew.

"Whatever is in that crate affects us if we get to close. I suppose it would bring to light why Bartholomew was doing massacres. Call Charles he needs to have living people move that crate elsewhere. A museum for study perhaps or simply to the bottom of the large lake we are floating on."

Kegan gets on his phone as we move back to the deck of the freighter. I am getting on the ramp to return to the dock when I stop, Jack runs right into me. I turn and motion everyone back on getting odd looks. Once we are behind the ladders up hidden among the ropes and boxes of equipment I point to the people coming up the ramp. First among them is a very well dressed Italian, Jack hisses then pulls out his cell phone. When said man walks toward us I look at Jack he holds up a thumb and grins.

"Jack what on earth are you doing here? I got a call to get a crate out of here the museum wants it and got permission from the police." His voice is firm with an accent marking him as being from Italy.

"The crate in question affects us, signs point to Bartholomew being on this freighter and turning into a mass killer. For your own safety do not approach the crate, it gives me bad thoughts when I think of us approaching." He looks at me oddly until Kegan points to me and gives a thumb up.

"I guess that explains the human crew to get it, I am only here to make sure they do it. Go on off the freighter I'll be sure and watch from a distance they are getting the crane going."

We do what he says, Jack taking my arm down the ramp, for his own help he stumbled twice. Marie makes sure Jack drives his horny car to the porn shop, inside is a virtual smorgasbord of toys lubes and video's. Kegan wanders off into the video section while Marie takes me through the toys until she grabs my arm and excitedly points to an array of dildos.

I look at them each in turn feeling each until I pull out one that makes Marie gasp. The one I had grabbed is about ten inches long and a little on the thick side. Marie grins as she picks up a boxed version, Kegan looks at us as we find him, his eyes falling on the toy and laughing.

"Women tend to say size doesn't matter and look at what you got there."

"Kegan shush, it doesn't matter but since I get to pick one for her to do me with I may as well go with something I haven't had before. The pizza guy wasn't quite that long or thick."

"I am half tempted to let my date here wear it. Kegan if you're going to pick out a porn stay away from those, they aren't very good." Marie says making us both look at her. "I watch porn alright, my voice and breasts aside I am much more like a guy."

Kegan does pick out a porn Marie pays for it after making Kegan promise to buy next time. Jack drives us to my place fast when Kegan notices the time, the club will do a grand reopening soon. Kegan puts his speakers and sword in my domicile while I turn my computer on. Marie helps me put the speakers up putting a lot of green and black all over the place.

Ready to play my new game finally I start it up to find I need to update a lot. Going through the options part of the start up I find I have to download even more, Marie laughs then holds up the boxed toy. I smile at her stand up and get undressed, moving my hips a bit Marie is watching after all. Marie undresses fast, though I find I rather like the view. Marie gets the toy out of the box then goes into the kitchen to rinse it off.

I giggle when she comes back with the toy in place waving in front of her. When I drop to my knees to lavish it with some attention I get pulled up and propelled to my bed. Marie follows close behind barely giving me time to open my legs for her, I groan when she slides it in me, it's cold. When Marie leans down to kiss me I am really reminded this is different, her breasts are pressing into mine and it really feels good.

I moan into the kiss when she starts to move, this toy feels really good. It is long and thick and it is moving with her quite well, my excitement level is building very quickly. Marie is smiling down at me while I wrap my legs around her and start to moan with each thrust. Marie starts asking me questions as she moves I am so close to an orgasm I just agree with them. When my orgasm crashes over me I yell and moan and hold to Marie, she keeps moving extending it until I beg her to stop.

"I guess you're a one orgasm kind of gal." Marie says as she falls next to me.

"I'll be able to go again later just for now I have had enough of that awesome lesbian sex."

"I think later it is my turn to be the gal, I want to try this toy in me. Is your game updated?"

I get up to look I cheer when I find it is, Marie comes over to watch as I start the game up proper. We both groan when the impressive opening video has problems with the sound. Past the sign in screen I find a short list of servers, picking the first one simply because it is the first one I move on to creating a character. I make an assassin getting a groan from Marie, she was urging ranger.

The opening is interesting if a little confusing though it turns easy to follow quickly. I find a chest in the water, Marie calling me a cheater for knowing it is there. She is laughing when I find the tied up woman especially after making it through and her saying she will repay me somehow. I am doing random quests in the city, I had asked and everyone said do quests then start doing the night time, when there is a knock at the door. Kegan comes in looks at what I am doing and laughs.

"I have a conqueror in the same situation we can play together in the afternoon before I go in to the club. Marie if you could get dressed I am in need of a ride."

Marie gets dressed a little, enough to be covered on the outside then follows Kegan to her truck. I manage to gain two levels by the time she comes back, not that difficult really, I was given experience bonus potions. Course it helps that the early levels do not really take that much experience. Marie has me turn off the computer and get in bed with her.

"Here your turn to be the guy, I want to see if this feels as good as your face was saying." She hands me the toy I look at it for a second.

"Honestly being under you is what I want to do again."

"You will be, remember you said I can move in, when you are feeding I can go feed myself."

"I did? I was close to orgasm when you were asking questions that is much too far into the unfair."

"Do you not want me to move in then?" I get a kiss after she asks her hand travels down to my pussy.

"That feels good yes I want you to move in. I have the feeling I said yes to a few things."

"You did, silly things about being my bitch I was nearing an orgasm of my own."

Marie fits the toy to me, I find it is strange feeling to have that little bit of plastic in me. I look down to feel even weirder I'm not supposed to have things sticking out between my legs. I help Marie get undressed then climb on the bed with her. I climb atop her with her telling me what to do fitting it in her is easy enough the moving part however takes some practice.

Once I have gotten the moving down fairly well Marie is rewarding me with moans and groans. It feels weird to be on top of a woman pumping at her with my hips, with a toy or not this is weird. I do enjoy kissing Marie so do that a lot as my hips move. Marie reaches orgasm after orgasm making me rather jealous until I realize I am building up to one.

Sadly Marie reaches the end of it feeling good first, when I groan out my disappointment she pulls the toy free of me. She puts me on my back, puts the end of the toy that was in her in my mouth and goes down on me. The first thing I notice is she tastes good on the toy. The second thing is she really knows how to get the right spots with her tongue. I yell out my orgasm then pull her up to me my pussy being a little to sore now.

We kiss and I get to taste myself, which is a nice flavor on its own. After cuddling for a little while Marie gets up and pulls me into the shower. After drying my hair for me Marie dries her hair and I take this opportunity to go down on her. She gets a little excited letting me taste her straight from the source I find that is quite good. With her hands in my hair guiding me around I give her an orgasm with my tongue.

Giggling about making me a lesbian we brush our hair before going back into the big room. Getting a feeling I turn the computer on, Marie turns the TV on. There was another massacre. It was in an all night club they stay open and nominally stop selling drinks. We groan then go to bed I cuddle up to Marie after she pulls me over.

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