tagInterracial LoveFresh Off The Bus Ch. 3

Fresh Off The Bus Ch. 3


Ann's porn lay out hadn't been all that bad especially, when the $1200 paid her rent and a nice chunk of her credit card bill. The only negative consequences to her photo shoot was that she was horny all the time. The biggest benefit, after the money, was that she had discovered the joys of masturbation. Ann had discovered how to make herself orgasm and found herself masturbating twice a day. She would wake up every morning aroused after dreaming about big cocks all night and her hand would immediately move between her legs. At night, while relaxing in the tub., she would run the soap over her body, closer and closer to her horny pussy until she couldn't resist it any more and her fingers would plunge into her pussy.

Latrell called several times over the next month with more nude offers. She rejected each one saying that it had been a one time thing only and hoping he was calling with an offer from a big name company.

Ann was starting to wonder about E&I and decided to put in applications at some of the bigger modeling agencies in the city. She walked into the first one full of confidence, looking in awe at the modern building filled with beautiful people, thinking this would be a great place to work.Ten minutes later she was on the street thinking, 'My breasts aren't too big.'

By the end of the week her self-esteem had been crushed from all the rejection. "You're not what we're looking for." "This years in-look is waifish and flat chested, sorry." "Not enough experience." One sleazy man had even laughed and told her she had a stripper's body not a model's.

Ann was feeling dejected when she walked up to the newsstand to by this month's Cosmo. The attendant was an old black man and Ann's eyes flickered down to his crotch wondering what his cock looked like.

When her eyes looked up from his impressive bulge, they settled on a picture of her and Tyrone on the cover of a porn magazine. She gasped when she saw that her face hadn't been doctored like Latrell had promised. She blushed as she bought the magazine. The black man snickered, but luckily didn't notice it was her on the cover.

When Ann got home, she brought out the magazine to examine it. The cover was a picture of Tyrone in his lifeguard shorts carrying her like he had just rescued her. Her breasts had been dotted out. She flipped through it and was shocked to see that all the male models were black and all the women white. She closed it and looked at the cover. The magazine was called Ebony and Ivory. Ann opened to the table of contents and read the subscription information. The magazine was published by E&I Enterprises.

Ann looked at the table of contents and opened it to her layout. She was aghast at the pictures. There was Tyrone licking her pussy, her ass hole, his cock poised on her wet pussy, and her looking up a him grinning as she kissed his cock. Ann was horrified at the pictures, but even worse her pussy was gushing so bad she had to go masturbate.

* * * * *

A couple weeks later, Ann was getting desperate again. Latrell had called several times with offers of more nude lay outs, but she turned him down. Each time she talked to him, she crossed her fingers hoping it was for a legitimate modeling job.

Towards the end of the month, The phone rang right when she was staring at her credit card statement. She was still in shock when she answered it. "Hello."

"Ann, Tyrone."

"Tyrone, I hope your calling about a job. Has anything opened up?"

"Just tons of offers for nudes."

"No, I told you that would be only a one shot deal," she said, looking down at the statement and thinking, 'Well maybe just once more to get me through another month.'

"I know, I know," said Tyrone. "I just wanted to let you know about another offer that I turned down."

"Turned down? How much did it pay?"


"$2500! What would I have to do?"

"Ann we have a wealthy subscriber, that wants a private video of you giving a blow job to the male model."

Ann was horrified. She would never put a penis in her mouth, let alone an ugly black cock, like Tyrone's. "No way."

"That's why I turned him down, but I'm obligated to notify you of all offers."

"No way," she said again. "I might be willing to do one more nude layout, if it's tasteful." Tasteful to her meaning, an attractive white male model.

"I can get you all the work you need Ann."

"Let me think about it. Tell me one thing though. Why didn't Latrell change my features on the last layout?"

"Sorry about that Ann, but our computers crashed and we had a deadline to meet."

"Well I won't even consider it until it's fixed."

"Already done."

"Good, I'll get back to you," she said hanging up the phone.

Ann puttered around the house for an hour, her eyes kept being drawn to the Ebony and Ivory magazine on her table. She sat down at the table and started leafing through it. All the white women were attractive, with large breasts like hers, and all the black men had big, fat cocks, some even bigger then Tyrone's. Many of the pictures showed, women giving the men blow jobs. She was amazed at how they managed to swallow those big cocks into their throats. Some of the pictures went along with stories and Ann found herself becoming aroused as she read them.

The phone rang, snapping her out of her daydreams. Ann looked down to see that she had dropped her panties and was rapidly fingering herself while staring at the picture of herself with her lips on Tyrone's cock. The caption read: "Thanks for saving me."

The phone rang again and Ann answered it. "Ann, Tyrone. I just wanted you to know that the client has upped his offer to $5000. I told him no again. I do have one job open for you to pose nude alone, but it only pays $300."

Ann gasped in shock. That much money for a couple hours work would carry her into the next month. "Tell me more about the video?"

* * * * *

Ann didn't say yes, but said she would get back to him. She didn't even consider the $300 job. Tyrone had said it was a private video for a client, so there was no chance of her parents seeing it and it was a lot of money. Johnny had only lasted a couple minutes when he had taken her virginity, so it wasn't like she would have Tyrone's cock in her mouth for very long.

After talking to Tyrone, Ann went back to looking at the pictures. The one labeled: Oh my god, he's huge-which actually mirrored her thoughts- was the shot where she had first pulled down his lifeguard shorts. Ann's mouth was open in shock at seeing that 10" cock for the first time.

Ann imagined putting that cock into her mouth and couldn't see how it would be possible. Then she had an idea. If she was going to do this, she would want to make it as quick and easy as possible.

* * * * *

Ann was wearing shades and a baseball cap as she walked into the sex shop. A month ago, if someone had suggested that Ann Dutton, Miss Teen Idaho, would be shopping for dildos in a sex shop, she would have smacked them. Now here she was blushing furiously under her cap hoping no one would notice her and of course every man in the store was looking at her. Ann looked around and realized she was the only woman in the shop.

She pulled the cap down and quickly walked over to the sex toys. She looked around for a while until she found one that was about Tyrone's size, then discarded it as it was white and she wanted realism. Finally, there it was on the wall, a fat ten inch black dildo, that almost looked identical to Tyrone's cock. She grabbed it and preceded to the counter.

The attendant was an older white man, who looked surprised to see a pretty young girl like Ann in his store. He sneered at her when he saw the black dildo. "Say don't I know you?"

"No, I don't think so," said Ann paying for it and leaving. Before she left, she noticed the man had been reading a magazine with a picture of a women with her legs spread, getting her pussy shaved by a blonde girl. Which reminded her, she should shave her pussy tonight. It was starting to itch.

When Ann got home she quickly unwrapped the dildo and held it in her hands. It was an uncircumsized black penis, with a wrinkly foreskin and crisscrossed with veins. It was almost identical to Tyrone's cock. She was impressed with the realism, but disappointed. It wasn't warm to the touch like Tyrone's had been and she missed feeling it's veins pulsing. Tyrone's cock had felt powerful, this felt like plastic.

Ann sat down at the kitchen table and held the dildo up before her, so that it looked like it was growing from the table top.

"Alright Tyrone, let's see what you taste like?" she said, before bringing her lips down around the head. Ann quickly pulled her mouth back up, smacking her lips. Tyrone tasted like plastic.

Ann got up and retrieved some honey from the kitchen. She poured it in her hand and coated the dildo with it, running her hand up and down the shaft, like she was jerking it off. She had jerked Johnny off a couple times before they finally had sex. He had squirted a couple drops of semen on her hand after a few strokes bucking and moaning as he came. Stroking Tyrone was more rewarding. A piece of plastic was more of a man then her previous boyfriend.

Ann reached over and opened the magazine to one of the girls sucking on a black cock around Tyrone's size. She bent back down and started licking around the head, just like the girl in the picture. The honey tasted a lot better then plastic. In another picture the girl was licking down the shaft and in the next she was kissing his balls as his cock rested against her face. Ann tried that, finding it wasn't all that hard to do.

In the next set of pictures, the girl had opened wide and taken the head in her mouth. Her cheeks bulged out and her lips closed tightly around four inches of the man's penis. Ann braced her lips against the plastic pee slit and slowly pushed it into her mouth, stretching her jaw wide as the thick part under the head entered her mouth. She gagged when it hit the back of her throat.

Ann took a break and fixed herself a sandwich, flipping through the now familiar pictures as she ate. When she was done eating, she returned to the dildo and tried again.

The girl in the picture had pulled back the foreskin and was licking or sucking on the head. Ann snickered at the picture. Tyrone's cock head had been plumper then this guy's. The girl had it easy.

Ann couldn't pull back the head on the dildo and she almost wished she could have the real thing to practise on. She contented herself with licking and slurping on the head of the dildo. Ann pushed down, taking it into her mouth again and got a little more this time before gagging.

Ann decided it would be better to pretend it was the real thing. She ripped some of the pages of her and Tyrone out of the magazine and tapped them to the bathroom door. She then stripped down to her new g-string panties- they were more comfortable then her navel-high old ones- and kneeled before the pictures. She held Tyrone up to the door and imagined she was back on the set.

"My hero," she said kissing Tyrone. "Let me reward you for saving me." She kissed Tyrone again and then licked around the head. In her mind, she wasn't on the set, but was on a real beach in the Caribbean, rewarding the big Jamaican lifeguard who had pulled her out of the water. In her fantasy, Tyrone was handsomer, like Latrell.

Ann bobbed her head up and down about three inches of shaft. She started pushing inch after inch into her mouth as she grew used to having it in her mouth. At five inches, the dildo started penetrating her throat and she gagged again She held it still suppressing her gag reflex until her throat relaxed. Ann pushed another inch into her throat and then another, vaguely aware that she was nearing an orgasm. "Oh Tyrone, I'm cumming," she moaned after sliding his cock out of her mouth. She hadn't even been aware that her other hand had pushed aside her panties and was circling around her clit.

Ann calmed herself down after cumming and quit playing with herself. She went back to practising on the dildo. She swallowed more and more, holding it still as she leaned forward sucking the dildo in. After about thirty minutes of practise Ann managed to swallow all but two inches.

Ann felt pretty confident he could go through with this. It wasn't really that hard. When she got tired of bobbing her head, she could slurp on the cock head while she recovered. She found that if she relaxed her jaw and wrapped her lips tight around the shaft, she could probably make the real Tyrone cum quickly. Then her face drained as she thought of him cumming in her mouth. She would have to talk to him about that.

Ann decided to practise off and on all night and she carried the dildo around with her all through the house.

Before going to bed, Ann liked to relax in the tub. She turned the water on and fixed herself a glass of wine while the tub filled. When it was full, she turned off the water and climbed in, setting Tyrone in the water and her glass of wine on the floor by the tub. She sighed as she laid back in the tub.

Ann rested for a few minutes, took a sip of wine-the Pakistani at the liquor store had a crush on her and never asked for her I.D.- and then she grabbed the soap.

Ann decided to clean Tyrone off first. She scrubbed down the black plastic, cleaning up her saliva and all traces of the honey. She rinsed Tyrone off and just to make sure she still could, she deep throated him.

Pleased with herself Ann dropped Tyrone in the water and watched it bob and float on the top. Ann began soaping her arms and legs. She dropped the soap and gave herself a quick shave, making sure her crotch was devoid of stubble.

Ann dropped the razor and grabbed the soap again. She washed her face and ran the bar of soap down over her chest and breasts, sliding it further down to her belly.

Tonight, as she had every night since the nude photo shoot, her hand ran down to her pussy and she began masturbating. She ran the soap up and down her labia and then dropped it, pushing the tip of her finger inside her.

Ann closed her eyes, settled down in the water and moaned as she fingered herself. She arched her hips as she plunged her finger in and out of her horny pussy. Something nudged against her pussy and she opened her eyes and looked between her legs. Tyrone had floated over and the tip was poised on her pussy just like the real Tyrone's cock had in the photo shoot.

Ann thought it was disgusting to stick an inanimate object in her pussy, but she figured it couldn't hurt to just rub it along her labia. She grabbed Tyrone and rubbed him over her labia as she moved her finger up, teasing her clit.

'This is nice,' she thought, moving Tyrone rapidly across her pussy lips. As she moved the dildo, her labia began opening and she began pushing the dildo harder against it. Her lips parted, sliding over the head of the dildo as it entered her. Ann screamed as she came, when her lips closed over the head. Ann pushed another inch in, loving the unaccustomed thickness of the shaft. "Fuck me Tyrone. Fuck my pussy," she cried as she pushed five inches inside her and had her biggest orgasm yet.

Finally satisfied she pulled Tyrone out of her, wondering what the rest of him would feel like.

Ann drained the tub and dried herself off. She walked back out into her kitchen. 'Fuck me Tyrone. Fuck my pussy,' she wondered where that expression had come from. She walked over to the table and looked down at the open Ebony and Ivory magazine. It was open to the part where Tyrone's cock was poised on her pussy. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy, read the caption. Ann laughed and went to bed.

* * * * *

Ann called Tyrone first thing in the morning and said, "Tyrone, I've given it some thought and I'd like to do the video."

"Great Ann," replied Tyrone. "I'll get Latrell in here to set things up. It'll take a while to get things together. Come in around 3:00 this afternoon."

"I'll be there," she said hanging up. She grabbed her purse and went out to do some errands.

Ann returned in the late afternoon and quickly changed into her sweats for work. She retrieved Tyrone from the bath tub, cleaned him off, and preceded to practise deep throating him. Swallowing Tyrone reminded her of how good the dildo had felt in her pussy last night and she started getting horny. She checked the clock, there wasn't enough time to masturbate, she'd have to do it when she got back. If everything went according to plan, it wouldn't take that long to get Tyrone off and she could be back to play with herself within a couple hours.


Ann stepped out of the cab and stared at the old warehouse that housed the E&I modeling agency. She had almost had a change of heart on the ride here. She was nervous and excited, scared and horny. Her nipples were erect, making indentations on her sweatshirt. Ann felt her juices between her thighs and it felt like her whole body was alive. She gulped and approached the building. Just do this one disgusting act and she would have enough money to make it through another month in the city

Ann had never seen the agency this busy. She entered the building and walked onto the set. Latrell was busy arranging an array of video camera's pointed at the beach set. Tyrone was puffing on a cigar and seemed to be supervising the whole affair, He had already stripped down to just the lifeguard shorts. Suzie was standing on the beach blanket and Latrell seemed to be using her to focus the cameras. Even Mark was there, he was witing something on large poster board. They saw her and everyone paused to stare.

Suzie ran over and grabbed her arm, pulling her over towards the makeup chair. Ann had butterflies in her stomach when she walked in, now she felt like a movie store everyone was making such a fuss. Suzie checked her face and then said, "Go get in the shower, we're ready to start."

Ann walked to the shower and stripped off her sweats. She stepped under the shower and let the hot water run over her hair and body.

"How you feeling Ann."

Ann jumped and quickly covered her body with her hands. Tyrone was standing in the doorway, big beefy arms folded across his chest. Her nipples popped out at the sight of him.

"I just wanted to know if you wanted any pointers."

Slowly Ann uncovered herself and continued her shower. It wasn't like he hadn't seen her naked already. "I think I'll do ok."

"You ever suck cock before Ann. I'm sure those little white boys back in Idaho don't measure up to me"

"No I haven't, but....What are you doing?"

Tyrone was stepping into the shower with her. His hard muscled body brushing up against her breasts.

"I need to look wet too."

Ann looked down and saw his cock bulging out his shorts. She immediately felt a little weak in the knees. Ann stepped out of the shower and Tyrone moved up under the water.

She was turning to leave when Tyrone yelled, "Aren't you forgetting something?" He reached in his pocket and pulled out the tiny g-string bikini panties.

Ann grabbed them and pulled them on. She left the shower and still dripping she walked out onto the set. Mark whistled when he saw her and she just winked at him. Ann was starting to like showing off her body.

Suzie pulled her into the chair and applied some makeup. A few minutes later Tyrone walked out of the shower. His body wet and glistening. He walked over onto the set.

"Ann we're ready for you," yelled Latrell.

Ann gulped and on unsteady feet walked over to the set.

"Ann, all you have to do is follow Tyrone's lead and read the cue cards Mark is holding," said Latrell. She nodded that she understood and Latrell continued, "Alright Mark pick her up. Ann lay back like your unconscious. ACTION."

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