tagBDSMFreyas Anal Training

Freyas Anal Training


Day 1

Master walked into the room and found Freya dressed and getting the children ready for school. She knew from his look that something fun was about to happen once the kids were off on their way to school. Master spoke, "Freya its time for your weekly anal training" with those words her bald pussy wettened, and her nipples grew stiff, she knew she was in for a good ass fucking session, something she always looked forward too as her climax's were so plentiful and strong from these sessions and his attentions were so focused on her, and her alone.

Master took Freya into the bedroom. In the middle was a padded bench a little lower than waist high and clearly designed to be straddled or laid on. Master roughly grabbed freyas ass checks with both hands and mauled them, telling her how much he was going to enjoy giving her intense pleasure from her anal training. He had her strip naked and gave her the command to stand with her arms folded above her head and her legs shoulder width apart this Presented her small perky tits for inspection slapping, sucking, clamping and milking, and her cunt available for play. Freya looked straight ahead, in anticipation of what master had in store for her. And watched him take what looked like a latex panty out of a drawer except this one was different. The device was like a latex pair of panties with a small raised rubber groove clearly meant to push into the folds of her pussy, at the top of the groove was a large bump on one side and below the groove was a large round hole clearly meant to allow anal devices access to her rose bud, and anal passage.

Master walked over to Freya and showed her the panty closer and explained that the groove would be held tight into her slit, and then he showed her the large bump, on one side he pointed out that it fit onto her clitoris, and on the other side he could use suction to pull her clitoris up and into the bump container. He explained that the device would vibrate as well as send electrical pulses into her clitoris causing her much joy and pleasure. He then had Freya step into the latex panty and he pulled it up and adjusted it into place. It was tight fitting like a chastity belt Freya thought, then master pushed the groove into her cunt giving her a latex camels toe and continued to position the knob over her clitoris. Suddenly she felt vacuum and felt her clitoris being pulled snuggly into the devices stimulator. He then checked to make sure that the anal guide hole was positioned, and once satisfied told Freya to lie on the bench on her back with her face towards the ceiling. Master then told Freya to spread her legs wide into the stirrups. Freya obeyed opening her legs wide like she had done so many times for her lover and master. She enjoyed being given the opportunity to spread her legs and reveled in being the slut for her man. She proudly exposed her prize possessions opening her legs as wide as she could to expose her bald cunt and tight but wanting anus. Master tied her feet into the stirrups, and then used leather straps to secure her knees so her legs could not be brought together, then he took a wide leather collar with thick rings and collared her neck and locked the collar to the bench so she could not move her head, except side to side. Finally she felt a thick strap going around her waist and felt it tighten down to the bench. She could not move her waist at all. She loved the feeling of being restrained and helpless, now she was free to allow her desires to be fulfilled with out guilt over what she really wanted.

Master stood back and admired the system and then stepped toward Freya who now was completely immobilized, laying on her back perpendicular to him and tied to the bench in a way that clearly had her controlled. Master then began to spank her ass checks, 5 on one side then 5 on the other giving them some color as well as to test whether his slave was truly tied to the bench and ready for serious training. Freya took the spanking and her pussy twitched from it. The latex panty made her hot and sweaty and her pussy was already wet from all that was going happening and was about to happen to her...she loved it and even worked her kegel muscles against the invading latex groove.

Master clapped his hands and a female servant appeared, she was naked except for a collar around her neck and the jewelry that adorned her body. Freya watched her approach she was skinny and shaved and gold rings hung from her nose, ears, nipples and vagina. She had long black/purple hair and dark stained lips. Freya was very familiar with this servant and recognized her immediately as Kara, a slave that belonged to another master in the circles she and her master traveled in. One of the first memories Freya remembered about Kara was watching her tied to a wall her back had whip marks that started high on her neck and flowed down her back and her ass and back of her legs were red with the attention she had been receiving. At the time, Kara was chained to the wall, standing while her master thrust into her from behind fucking her with hard deep strokes. Freya had marveled at the energy and beauty of it.

Master and Freya belonged to an organization that held local shows, meetings and demonstrations, and had met Kara and her master through this organization. Both masters borrowed each others slave, so that they could help train their personal slave better in all the ways of being a pleasure toy, including lesbian encounters with each other. Clearly her appearing now was sign of more serious training.

Master spoke, "Kara, will be assisting me with your anal training today. Her master has been kind enough to fill her cunt full of my cum which you provided to him. This is why I had you milk my cock the other day all day long into that container." Freya felt a pang of jealously of even having her masters cum in another woman, though it was done clinically by Kara's master and was not done through sex, still it didn't matter as Freya would not share her man with anyone if she could help it. Freya's master continued..."As you are anally ravaged and trained our slave will be straddling your face and allowing you to eat from her pussy. Her nectar mixed with the male seed you so need all the time will be fed to you this way. This will give you the chance to retrieve all my cum for your own. Master snapped his fingers and Kara moved and stood in front of Freya. Freya could smell the familiar sent of a pussy that had been filled with cum, and it was a smell that she loved and enjoyed smelling on her self. Master many times filled her cunt up with cum and then took her shopping so that others could smell the sex on her, master loved this sort of exhibition and Freya had to admit she loved it as well.

Master noticed Freya breathing deeply in through her nose, and smiled, he knew this would entice his vampiric cum eating wife to get more excited. He moved closer to Freya and stood between her legs. And she heard the jar of lubricant being opened and then she heard the thick sticky lubricate being applied to something. She then felt two fingers smearing the thick lube in circles around the outside of her anus, and this made her wetter and made her moan. Involuntarily her anal muscles clinched and unclenched as if begging to be filled. "Be patient, my anal pet" master said in a caring voice, were going to move to your next size and depth of training cock. Today we will be using a 10 inch fleshy dildo to do the training.. I think you are ready for it."

Freya, loved anal but 10 inches was a lot. She had taken 12 inches before and it had left her feeling hollowed out, empty and a bit sore. But she remembered that cock had been very thick and only spit was used as lubricant. Master continued to apply lube to the dildo, and then to Freyas backdoor, Finally master gently pushed a finger up into her and she could feel him massaging her insides and then twisting his finger within her to apply the lube to her. Master then pulled out and scooped out another thick dollop and then pushed two fingers back into her while making the comment "My slave needs to be well lubed". Freyas anal ring tightened trying to grab and hold what it so wanted. Master pushed in his fingers to the hilt applying the lube internally. Finally he pulled his fingers out saying "that should do it, now let's have some fun". Freya heard a cart being moved closer between her legs, and Kara looked down at her and smiled wickedly. Then Freya began to feel something soft but firm, a thick cock pushing, at the entrance to her neither region. She tried to arch up to help it enter her ass but could not. Master with one hand slowly massaged the flesh around her anal opening as he continued to apply and push the training device against her tight opening. Finally Freya felt it entering her, the head stretching her anal ring so it could slide into her body. Freya breathed fast and shallow, and tried to imagine this thing snaking deep into her. Finally she felt it get past her anal ring of muscle. She sighed, she was now to be anally trained and there was nothing she could do but let it happen to her. her last defenses were breached. The device was two inches inside her ass and her ass muscles clenched to it but could not push it out...she had no choice but to submit to it and ultimately surrender to her passion, of loving anal.

Master held the long fleshy dildo in place not allowing it to be pulled into Freya, or allowing it to be pushed out. He spoke, "this is hooked to a fucking machine. Which I have used on you before and which will be turned on shortly. It will begin boring into your ass, only 6 inches and then will pull out 5 and then back in to your body. Once I see that you have accepted this and the machine is having no trouble fucking your ass, I will increase its depth, until, it can slide all 10 inches in and out of your ass." Once we are at 10 inches you will begin to eat Karas cunt and eat all the cum in her and I will begin running the device on your clitoris to enforce and train you to further need and desire anal sex all the time. Do you understand Freya?"

Freya let masters words soak in. Her pussy ached at this point, and now that she was breached, her ass ached to be fucked. her stomach growled at the idea of being fed her masters cum mixed with female juices and she more than ever wanted to savor the tast of it.

She was ready and spoke "I'm ready, my body has always been yours to play with and my mind wishes to be expanded I am always your play toy and slut and am ready to be trained to the next level, please master train my ass!"

Master smiled, "well said, Freya, lets have some fun" With that he flicked a switch and suddenly she felt the anal fleshly dildo begin to slowly push into her ass. She moaned hard, as her ass grudgingly gave into the length, Kara looked down at her her dark nailed hands touching freyas face and moving her hair aside.

The thick fake cock bored into Freyas body, and she could fill the veiny ridges of it as it eased in and then back out of her...

Freya was overwhelmed by her giving to her master and, and she began to cum, her anal muscles tried to close around and swallow the device with each orgasmic wave but could not and the device continued to feed her 6 inches in and out. After about 10 minutes of continued monitoring master spoke up "lets see how you are doing and what kind of reamed state your ass is in. He pulled the cock completely out of Freyas ass and moved the cart back so he could get in at freyas anal gap. Freya felt his hand inspecting her hole, and the smile on his face told her that her asshole was gapped to perfection for him.

Master then spoke and said he was going to push a lubricating probe deep into her and with that she began to feel a snake like tube being fed up inside her. Master explained that at the head of the tube like snake, was a spray nozzle that allowed him to grease her entire anal track if he so willed. He continued to snake the tube up insider her, one of his hands on her belly rubbing it and probing to help him see where the snake was inside her. At 15 inches insider her, master then slowly withdrew it. Kara was enjoying the view and appreciating the work being done to Freya. finally Master withdrew the snake and set it aside, then he repositioned the fucking machine and applied more lube to the huge dildo.

Next he started the machine up, and slowly guided the head of the cock back into freya. He spoke "very good, you are taking 6 inches now its time to take it all my pet". He turned the machine on and this time, it didn't stop sliding into her at 6 inches... Freyas eyes rolled back into her head, and she gutturally growled as she continually felt the thing sliding into her. Master kept one hand on her stomach and gentle pushed down as the huge long dildo was machined deep into her, all the way up to 10 inches. Freya started shaking and climax began to overtake her again. She thought she was going to faint from the depth of it going up into her ass. Finally she felt the machine begin to withdraw it to repeat the process, at 9 inches out, the cock and machine began its journey back up into her ass and Freya was at that moment in anal heaven, Cuming again and again..

Master snapped his fingers and Kara grabbed the rings on Freyas collar and then straddled Freyas face, Kara pushed her cunt down onto Freyas mouth, and immediately Freya began to taste the excitement of another female mixed with the cum of her Master. She begin to force her tongue up into Kara and strained upwards to get as much of her tongue deep into her as she could, her mouth opened wide forming a seal around Karas cunt so no fluid could escape her mouth. Freya was again showing her true colors as a cum slut. She begin to taste cum and felt it oozing over her exploring tongue and into her mouth.

The machine began to push its cock deep into her a bit easier this time, Freya was on fire. Cunt and thighs covered her mouth and head, her tongue scooping out thick white cum mixed with karas excitement. and a huge cock reaming her, training her. She tryied to buckagainst her bonds but could not, she to test her anal invaders strength tried to close her ass muscles and could not. She was breached, taken and owned.

Freya continued to taste cum oozing into her mouth as the machine bottomed out at 10 inches deep into her ass and she started trying to buck free of her bonds she began to orgasm in hard long waves, and her anal muscles tried to tightened down around the greased intruder, but this only made the sensations of it sliding in and out that much greater.

Time passed and freya accepted the cock pumping in and out..more time passed and she reveled in her ass fucking and pussy eating. Then...

Master applied the clitoral stimulator, it was as if stars were exploding, her mouth was sealed by cum filled cunt, her ass was being fucked mercilessly, and now her pussy literally was flowing with nectar and female lubrication, wetting her latex outfit as her clitoris was stimulated non stop... freya began to buck the best she could. Cock continued to pump in and out of her ass in deep long filling strokes.

Freyas mouth continued to eat cunt as Kara held her head in place and cooed to her "That's it, eat every drop of cum, don't miss any, I want to be cleaned out when you are done." Master was now pulling on her nipples and spanking her bottom.

Every now and then Master would have Kara stand, literally pulling Freyas tongue from her cunt and then Master would talk to Freya as the machine continued to fuck her ass.

"What are you?" asked her male owner. Freya replied "I am your vessel..."

Master then asked "what does this teach you" Freya moaned as she orgasmed again crying out " I am anal..., I am a sexual being..., and I am your loving toy to be filled..., I am female...."

Master then continued, "what do you seek in our relationship" Kara pushed her cunt back down onto freyas mouth and Freya could hardly talk with a cunt on her mouth a cock deeply pumping into her ass as well as master doing his work on her nipples and her clitoris, but she replied through muffled flesh: "Master I love you, and I seek the next level of sexual awareness. train me. Use me. I love you."

Freya breathed through her nose and continued between cunt being pushed down on her mouth and anal plunges of the machine which were pumping the 10 inched cock in and out fairly quickly now. She was being ass fucked as well as any anal porn star ever had been. "Master..uhhh..." Freya continued cumming her body drenched in sweat. "uhhhhhh I am yours for all eternity and you are mine.... please train me.... I want thicker cock in me.... I want to be fed your cum for all meals..... I want to know that cum fills all my holes and I want to be trained anally for all eternity...., I want my limits and horizons expanded....I want to be pushed and taught to higher levels of sexuality and sexual being....Do what you will with me, body modify me, use me, I ...am...your yin to your yang" Freya began to cum so hard, she was bucking and muscles were being pulled in her legs, the training continued.....

Time passed and the dildo continued to slide in and out of her she could fill its slipperiness sliding between her ass cheeks and continuing in and up into her ass. She was now complete. Anal gave her a center she needed. Finally, an hour had gone by, and Freya was limp, she could no longer move, and the machine was gently slowed and removed from her. Her anal passage felt empty and was left wanting. Her reaming and gaping was complete and her anal ring was worked into submission, and it would be a few minutes before it would began to reclaim its tightness. Lotions were applied to her body and master inspected her anal ring, and massaged it, He inserted her jeweled anal plug she always wore and then kissed Freya on the forehead. Freya was then walked by leash to bed and given some comfortable clothes to put on and a nutritious drink. Together Freya and the love of her live, her master, went down stairs and Kara was dressed and leaving. Freya thanked her and then master and Freya sat on the couch and just cuddled sharing wine and cheese together. Freya already missed her ass fucking session and looked forward to next time.

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