tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFreyja Inc. Ch. 03

Freyja Inc. Ch. 03


The drive was long and uneventful; the city lights faded almost half an hour ago, the pitch black of night was all Shea could see through the window now. Shea had no idea where she was at this point; her sense of direction was horrible.

The limo started to slow down as she felt it navigate a series of long winding curves. Shea could see the faint glow of light up ahead when the car turned to the right each time.

The limo slowed to almost a complete stop as the gates opened allowing access to the compound where the dinner party was taking place. Shea was impressed at the scenery as they drove down the long drive towards the massive mansion perched atop the low hill. Looking out the window she could see large statues of marble, stone, and some of bronze. They looked somewhat familiar but yet foreign.

The limo pulled up to the steps leading to the main door and stopped. A few seconds later the door opened and there stood a charming older man dressed in coat and tails. Extending his hand out, he greeted Shea. "Welcome Ms. Egan, we have been expecting you. Please allow me to assist you."

Shea took his hand and slipped out of the limo. In doing so here skirt rode up her thighs exposing a copious amount of leg. As she stood adjusting her skirt back down Shea pleaded to her self, "OH please don't let him see my pussy as I got out." Finding the hem of the skirt Shea realized that it was about three inches below her crotch. If he would have looked he surely could have seen her most private parts. A small blush came over her as he walked her to the door.

Shea looked around quickly to see if there was an address on the building, nothing was visible near the door. Glancing over her shoulder for a plaque or sign she found a small parking lot full of limos, there had to be nine or ten of them all parked side by side.

As they approached the doors opened with another charming older gentleman standing there in coat and tails. "Greetings Ms. Egan do come in."

Shea was speechless as she crossed the threshold; this had to be the most beautiful house in the state of New York. The house was decorated with antique furnishings along with great works of art. The owner must have been loaded to have this kind of décor in there house.

Shea stood there looking around in a haze similar to a little kid in a candy store taking in as much as possible but not really understanding the value of what they saw.

"Ah Ms. Egan, you have arrived. We have been waiting for you to start. Please follow me." Shea turned to she who it was speaking to her. It was the lady she saw at NYC. She looked so elegant tonight; there was a different look to her compared to that day at NYC. Tonight she looks goddess like dressed up in her formal gown with her hair styled, at NYC she was very much business in her dress and domineer.

Shea followed her into a room off of the main entrance; inside there was a gathering of people. Shea could make out nine, ten, no eleven people standing around talking. Some had glasses of champagne and others had wine. All of them were female, and all of them were dressed formally. The lady Shea was following walked right up to two women over to the left of the room. "Ladies I would like to introduce you to Ms. Shea Egan."

Shea looked up to see the other two women from the ball. They were stunning in appearance just like the first woman she followed. Each one politely held out their hand and greeted her but oddly enough none of them ever mentioned their name. It was something that made Shea a little uncomfortable at the time. They knew who she was but she doesn't know who they were. "This will make it a little tougher to track down this story." She thought.

Once the greetings were through the tall raven haired lady she just met announced that dinner would be served in the next room. With that all of the ladies started to maneuver towards the direction she pointed. Entering the room Shea observed the biggest table she had ever seen. This thing had to be thirty plus feet long and seven or eight feet wide. The place settings were on the table but arranged in an awkward fashion. On one side there were three plates and chairs while on the other it looked set for the remainder of the party.

"Ladies you will notice a name card at each setting, if you would please take your assigned set." The first woman she meet said as they entered the room.

Starting at one end Shea read the names as she passed them by, searching for the one card that looked familiar. There it was, quickly Shea took her seat and adjusted her chair. She wanted to be as inconspicuous as possible since she wasn't really invited to take that test. She tried hard not to draw attention to her self. It was then she realized she was seated in the middle of the table directly across from the three ladies hosting the party. "HOLY CRAP!" she thought as the reality of the situation set in. She was going to have to look and possible speak to the women she was investigating. This was painfully awkward for her. She wasn't a skilled investigator and she surely didn't have a commonality with these women. It would be a long night if they started to ask her questions.

Shea remembered how her mother would change subjects without anyone knowing during Thanksgiving dinner. Her Grandmother and Aunts would always grill mom about things she didn't want them to know about so skillfully she would change the subject in mid sentence if necessary. Shea thought hard on how she use to do that, yeah deflect questions to the one next to you, bounce the question back, if it gets to personal ask a personal question of the one asking you.

Arming her self with mom's defenses Shea refocused her attention to the rest of the girls in the party. Nine, nine other girls were on her side of the table. All of them looked very pretty and young. Guessing age she would put them between twenty two to thirty. Shea placed herself in the middle since she was twenty five now. As she closely inspected all of them she noticed two of the girls were slightly underdressed for the occasion. Their dresses were more of a cocktail dress than formal. Shea also spotted a tattoo on the shoulder blade of another girl; it was too big for the strap of her dress to hide.

"Ladies dinner will be served in just a few moments. We would like to thank each and everyone of you for attending our little party. There are rules for tonight just like there have been rules for everything you have done up till now. Conversation will be limited to politics, religion, and sexuality. No personal information will be shared and no questions involving the operations or functions of the organization hosting this party. Now please enjoy the fine food and let use make this a pleasant evening." The Lady on the left of the three said as everyone took their seat.

Across from Shea were three of the most beautiful women she had ever laid eyes one. To the left was a honey blonde, hazel eyed, tanned, glamour queen that would make any man or woman melt. Her lips were full and lush with just a hint of pout when she held her mouth closed. The lines of her figure would test the tensile strength of any zipper holding back a slab of masculinity. To guess, she would be an over abundant D cup with a thin waist and apple shaped posterior. Shea couldn't make out her legs because both times she has seen her she was wearing a long dress but the way it clung to her body Shea knew this woman was Venus de Milo come to life.

In the middle sat the raven haired beauty that sent them into the dinner room. Her hair was long and strait resembling flowing black silk from a far of land. The soft brown eyes hide the fact she was strong physically and mentally. Her face had high bone structure giving her an exotic appearance but her skin tone was lighter than the one on her left. Shea could almost place the look but it eluded her for now. Being the tallest one of the three her figure appeared slim. Upon closer inspection Shea could tell that this woman was not lacking in the feminine attributes. Her shoulders were wide but her rib cage was narrow. Her breast were deceptive in there appearance, they looked small because of the width of her shoulders but if you looked at them individually you would see that they were between a C and D cup. Her hips were just like her ribs narrow and slim but there was a curve to them which allowed her back side to look like a small heart turned upside down. If you saw her in a corporate office you would think she was the boss, in the gym she would be the warrior princess, but tonight she was the mysterious sultry heiress one would read about in a romance novel.

The final lady was the one Shea saw at NYC. She was the smallest of the three but by far not the smallest in regards to personality. This goddess of love had cotton blonde hair curled in ringlets falling down over her shoulders. At NYC her hair was straight and pulled back in a pony tail extending far down her back. Her eyes were bright blue and appeared to see right through your soul when she fix them upon you, it would be difficult to not tell her anything she wanted to know if asked. Her skin was an alabaster tone with small amounts of color along her cheeks. Her bosom was not as large as the other two but in comparison they were as big as Shea's. Like Shea she too had on a backless dress sporting no bra so the protrusions coming off her well rounded globes stood out like small thumbs, Shea couldn't help but notice. The athletic figure she had was amazing; it looked like you could bounce a bowling ball off of her stomach and her butt stood out hard and firm. If she squeezed it she could probably crush a can or something like that. This one was the epitome of a Nordic Goddess. She was the little Barbie doll every man fantasizes about.

As the small talk began waiters began flowing out of the side door bringing covered plates to each person. It was the most interesting thing Shea had seen; each girl had a different meal placed in front of them. It had too have taken an army of cooks to make each one different. Placed in front of Shea was a small game hen baked in a basil and cream sauce garnished with spinach and baby ears of corn. A white wine was placed next to her glass of water before she could even finish taking in the meal on her plate.

Looking back and forth she noticed that most of the girls had something different. There were three that had some form of steak, four with a seafood style dish, one with duck, one with veal, and hers. Shea knew that the meal in front of her was her favorite but did all of the girls receive their favorite also? Last to be placed were the hostess's meal; each one had a different meal as well. The one on the left had abalone which was rare on the east coast, the one in the middle had a bird of some kind slightly smaller than the one on Shea's plate, and the one on the right had sashimi with ginger and wasabi.

As the dinner progressed conversation echoed in the room. The girls on Shea's side of the table talked amongst them selves with little interaction from the three hostesses Shea was able to deflect questions from her neighbors similar to he mother back home. She never really answered any of the questions but made the girls feel like she spilled all of her personal thoughts out to them in her answers. Shea noticed at one point two of the hostesses listening very intently to her answer to a question on sexuality. After her answer they just looked at each other out of the corner of their eye and nodded once.

Shea knew she was busted; it was painfully obvious to her that the three hostesses knew she was not one of the girls they asked to take the test.

After the meal everyone returned to the previous room for cocktails. Each of the hostesses made a point to go by and speak with each girl there separately asking a question regarding one of the three topics allowed for conversation. The night had passed by quickly and the clock struck midnight, with that the three women that had been there hosts for the evening drew the party to a close and thanked each one for attending. Just before they excused themselves they announced that each girl's driver would bring their limo around to take them home.

As the three walked out of the room Shea knew right then her story was lost. No further instructions were given at the party no presentation as to whom they were, nothing just small talk a nice meal and expensive champagne. She just wanted to curl up and die; the thought of having to continue to work at a dead end position at a crappy rag was just too depressing.

As her driver escorted her down the front steps to the limo Shea thought what a waste it was to be this dressed up and not have someone there to appreciate it with her.

The lights of the city were growing brighter as they approached. Shea was sad that she probably would never have the chance to enjoy the life she always wanted; big newspaper reporter. As she stared out the window the partition rolled down between her and the driver. "Ms. Egan do you have any pets?" The driver asked with a phone up to his ear. Shea thought it strange and some what scary that he would ask that not knowing what or who he was on the phone with.

"No, they are not allowed in my building" She replied.

The driver returned to his conversation on the phone relaying the information. A few "Yes Madame" and a "As you wish" and the conversation was over. The limo driver turned his head and looked out the side mirror before he slowed down enough to turn the car around back in the direction they were coming from.

Shea leaned foreword and asked, "What are you doing? Is there a problem? They said you would take me home."

The driver responded, "No problem Madame, my employers want me to return you to the estate."

"Why, did I forget something?" she replied.

The partition went back up without an answer and the ride back to the estate began.

As the limo approached the grounds the gate swung open granting entrance. The drive up the rode this time was much different. There were no lights on in the yard, the statues were lost to the black of night and the front of the mansion was sparsely light.

As the limo pulled to a stop the door opened again revealing the same gentleman that helped her out earlier this evening, "Ah Ms. Egan so happy you could join us again so soon." he said.

Being more careful this time Shea slipped out of the limo with her skirt in place concealing the naked flesh under her dress.

As she entered the front doors she was greeted by the doorman that was there for the second time that night. He instructed her to go to a room over on the opposite side of the large entryway. It was not the direction she went earlier. Walking into a small study the door closed behind her and she felt very alone. She had been found out and now they were going to dispose of her like all criminal gangs do with sneaky reports. That thought kept running though her mind when a door opened on the wall to her left. In walked the three ladies of the manor, this time they were dress alike in black pants, white blouse, black heels, and a black jacket. They looked like corporate lawyers on a TV drama.

"Shea Egan, twenty five years of age, born to Keane Egan and his wife Winona Egan of Stonebrook Ohio, graduate with honors from the Journalism School at Ohio State University, resides at 17832 Cannon St. apartment 7G New York City New York. Your employer is the New York Daily Courier and you work in the fashion and social scene department for a MR Quinn. You are single with no long lasting relationship and you seem to be financially strapped living paycheck to paycheck." The tall one said.

Shea looked at them white as a ghost. They knew everything about her as if they were investigators for the FBI.

"You were not on our list of candidates, but somehow you managed to find out about our test and knew the pass word to access it." The honey blond one said.

"Intriguingly enough you scored the highest marks on the test than anyone has even done. That is why we extended the invitation to you for our dinner tonight." The small blonde said.

"We were curious as to how you did this but after seeing you tonight and watching you interact with the other candidates we came to the conclusion that you are very resourceful and have talents that may serve us well." The tall one said.

"It is rare to find a person of your financial background wearing a twenty five thousand dollar dress. Most of the other candidates used their parents' money to purchase a dress for the evening but we found no such transaction in your records. It's also interesting how you never gave a full answer to a question yet made everyone feel as if you revealed all of your inner most personal thought on the subject." The small blonde added.

"Because of these things we felt it appropriate to bring you back for the final test before we take on our new trainees." The honey blonde one said.

Shea stood there speechless, she didn't know if she was suppose to respond to the statements or just stand there dumbfounded as they continued.

"We know everything about you there is to know, even the fact that more than likely you planned on exposing our organization in an article to further your career in the journalistic world." The tall one stated." That how ever will never be allowed, as of now you no longer work for the NYDC. As we speak a letter of resignation is being delivered to them on your behalf."

A beaten look came over Shea as that fact was revealed to her. No job meant no way to support her self and with cut backs in all of the papers she knew she wouldn't find employment elsewhere.

"Know that we have that settled we want you to know we are very impressed with you so far. Let's see how well you do the rest of the way." The small blonde said.

"If you would please join the other girls in the parlor, it is the room you were in earlier tonight before dinner." The honey blonde lady said before they exited the room through the door them entered from.

Shea watched as they left her alone and then had a small tear come to her eye as the reality of her situation rush to the forefront of her mind. With out a job she would be broke, no way to pay rent and no help from her parents. It was if she had been beat down and had the life sucked out of her in less than sixty seconds. Slowly Shea turned and walked out and across to the parlor where she was instructed to go. When she entered the room there were four other girls standing around gleefully talking under there breath to each other, Shea was the only one who didn't have an aura of excitement about her.

The three ladies walked in the room single file dressed as if they worked in a lab. The only thing different from the quick meeting Shea had with them was their jacket, lose the black one and replace it with a white lab coat.

"Girls if you would please line up across the room facing us on the black tiles there on the floor." The tallest lady said.

Scurrying to a tile all of the girls but Shea made it to the spot in less than two seconds. Shea moved slowly with her head tilted down slightly knowing her grave situation was about to get worse.

"We would like to congratulate you for making it this far. Each of you will receive a five thousand dollar check for compensation of your efforts on the test and at the dinner. That money is yours right now if you would like to leave. If you choose to stay you will have to complete the next phase before the offer is extended again. Right now is the time to decide if you want to move forward or leave this instance." the tall one stated.

One of the girls asked, "What is the next phase? Is it so bad we would want to take the money and run?"

The reply she got was simple and in unison, "Yes."

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