tagAnalFreyja Inc. Ch. 05

Freyja Inc. Ch. 05


Chapter Five Elimination

Over the last week Shea's day was very structured with little deviation. At six thirty every morning Wesley would wake her and allow her to remove the plug from her ass in private. By now Shea had moved to a larger plug so it was slightly more uncomfortable walking early in the morning. After a quick shower breakfast was served then the training began. By seven thirty Shea was involved in yoga. She started to like this class being first every morning because it allowed her to stretch and relax. Shea thought it was an excellent way to get the blood pumping to start the day. The most amazing thing about the class was the sight of Danielle dressed just like them. Her bosom was busting out over the top of her sports bra, if you looked close enough you could make out the faint outline of her areola peeking out above the hem line and the way her thong cut up between her golden cheeks even turned Shea on. The other thing that Shea noticed about Danielle during these sessions was how flexible she was. She was able to do things with her body that would make a gymnast jealous.

After a forty five minute yoga class the girls went to Katrina's lecture on finance. The topic was very boring but for some reason Shea couldn't get enough. As Katrina spoke the ear pieces echoed everything she said inside her head. The familiar humming noise was always present when one of the three masters so to speak was teaching.

After the first lecture the girls were given about thirty minutes for study and break before the second physical training began. Yanna pushed each girl to the limit in her class. The combination of weight training and aerobic made every muscle in her body ache. Shea was no weak sister but Heather put all three of the girls to shame. You could tell she had been involved in an organized weight program in the past. Yanna on the other hand was very strong for a girl her size. With only a sports bra and thong on Shea could watch Yanna's muscles ripple as she pushed the weight, she looked amazing. Her washboard stomach and hard round butt spoke volumes as to the amount of time she had put in the gym. Her muscles were not grotesquely large but there was a definition to them that gave here a fit look. There was one thing about the class that caught all of the girl's attention. The amount of sweating going on during the class made everyone's garments virtually see through. Tess, Heather, and Shea's nipples became visible through the white cloth but Yanna's were barely noticeable. The girls could see the nubs poking out against the fabric but there was little to no color behind the cloth. Shea having the darkest red nipples in the bunch was so noticeable she might as well not have on a bra at all.

Each day after Yanna's physical fitness session all of the girls would hurry back to the shower before lunch. They had about twenty minutes between them so they worked out a deal with the butlers to have new clothes waiting on them as they got out.

After lunch the girls were instructed to study for the next lecture session. Danielle was not a hard teacher but the material she covered was so much that anyone would need time to prep for the class. During the next two hours Danielle would go in detail about paintings, sculptures, pottery, jewelry, and anything else that could be construed as historical or fine art. The volume of pieces and eras that they covered would make any art major in college dizzy with mental overload. It surprised Shea at just how much she was able to retain each day.

Following the art history appraisal class the girls were subjected to Katrina's physical fitness session. A mix of martial arts and self defense keep everyone on their toes. Watching Katrina punch and kick was like seeing a ballerina move. Her grace and precision was remarkable, each swing of her arm brought such violent force directed with pin point accuracy to the target she had in her sights. Her long sensual legs slicing through the air as they approach their mark resembling art until you heard the explosion of the heavy bag as the force was transferred into it. She was as fierce as a trained killer but as beautiful as a fairytale princess. During a session earlier that week Tess let a punch go as Heather dropped her guard striking her in the right ear. As one would imagine she didn't take kindly to that so latter that week Heather paid her back with a hard slap to the face during another exercise.

At four thirty the girls made it to their last class of the day. Yanna's course on negotiation and corporate law was about as interesting as the finance class but the volume of information Shea was able to retain surprised her. If she would have been able to understand and retain this kind of information back at Ohio State she would have double majored so she could run the paper and not just write for it. Yanna was very direct in her information instructing the girls as to which form of negotiation worked best with which type of company or business sector. It was when she got down to negotiating with individuals that the course became very interesting. Yanna was ruthless when it came to business, she would research her adversary and use their weakness or past indiscretions against them. She said it would come in handy latter on for the one who made it through the final cuts.

After Yanna's class the girls had about an hour to get cleaned up and ready for dinner. Over the last five days they managed to time their showers together so they could exchange information about the classes. It was not allowed in the living area and the girls were not allowed to gather in each others rooms. The shower was the only place besides the dinning room where they could gather and talk freely, sort of.

By Friday this had become their little routine, but on this day something new broke in that caused an upheaval in the training. As the girls were showering Yanna walked in amongst them and took up a shower head between Heather and Tess. Shea was on the other wall but was able to see her as she entered. The confident stride of a woman was sexy but Yanna made sexy look substandard. Shea admitted she was smoking hot and anyone male or female would love to hold that glories naked body.

Shea made note of Yanna's light complexion skin, the color of her flesh was so similar to the coloration of her areolas that you could barely make out the differentiation in color. Her nipples were the lightest shade of pink Shea had ever seen. It was odd and sexy all at the same time. A tuff of pure white hair adorned the top of her pussy, not very much just about the size of a quarter. It was just enough to let all know that her hair was naturally that color and also enough to draw attention to her pussy. The coloration of her lower lips and clitoral hood was the same as her nipples. It blended in with the light colored flesh around her yet was just the right hue to make everything stand out. The only thing on Yanna that wasn't lightly colored was the two silver hoops dancing between her legs as she walked. Peeking down at her protruding lips Shea could make out two piercing, one on each lip. They had a gleam to them resembling the great light house of Alexandria guiding the sailors into port. Shea pictured the hoops as a beacon to all, guiding their wanton lust to Yanna's tender little pussy. Just seeing her naked like this amongst them made Shea a little nervous. All she could picture in her mind was a Nordic Goddess standing next to them wielding great power over their life and soon taking what she wanted leaving all others to grovel at the alter of her temple.

As Shea's mind and more than likely Tess and Heather's also churned with thoughts ranging from fear to lust Yanna continued her stroll across the shower room floor to the empty head. Standing directly in front of the head she reached out and turned the water on full blast. All of the girls waited for her to jump back from the freezing blast just as they had but Yanna stood her ground thrusting out her chest and turning from side to side allowing the ice water to splash over her breast evenly. The second the water hit her skin both nipples exploded out forming bullets on each tit.

Shea watched as Yanna drew pleasure from the cold blast as the water tightened every square inch of skin on her body. Tess and Heather stood there drinking in her beauty as well but made little effort to hide the shock of the cold water as it splashed at their feet.

All of the girls returned to their bathing as before with little acknowledgement to the fact a forth was among them. It was about that time Shea caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of her eye that turned her attention. Yanna adjusted the head of the shower to spray straight down removing the flow off of her. Then casually she walked up close to the wall and spread out like she was being frisked by the police, hands up high on the wall stretched out to the sides and her feet behind her spread wide. Lowering her head the warm water splashed down across her shoulders and ran in little rivers traversing the length of her body. Shea watched with great curiosity as Yanna shook her head up and down a few times then smiled the biggest grin she had seen on any of the three women running this freaked out show.

As Yanna stood there still and breathing harder every second Shea heard Katrina's voice echo, "Yanna wants to play ladies, are you willing to help her out a little?"

Shea looked up at Tess and Heather as she heard the question, all three of them shook their head affirmatively as they checked to see if the other girls got the same request. Tess snapped to attention suddenly as if she was given an order. With a quizzical look on her face she slowly walked over beside Yanna turned slightly and shook her head up and down. Raising back a hand she swung down smacking an open palm across the white cheek of Yanna's ass. The gasp echoed throughout the shower, not from Yanna for she was as quiet as a church mouse but from Shea. Again Tess drew back and brought down a smack that rang out. Yanna never flinched or whimpered as the second swat across her backside sprayed water round the shower. Five, six, seven, ten times Tess spanked Yanna leaving a bright red hand print glowing off her alabaster flesh; each time slightly harder than the previous one. Yanna was still motionless as Tess attacked her in such a violent manner. Shea knew Tess was done; assaulting one of the instructors would definitely get her kicked out. As the final swat landed on Yanna's glowing ass Tess returned to her corner and started washing again.

Shea heard Katrina's voice for the second time, "That was interesting wasn't it?" Shea just looked on with shock.

"Shea I want you to walk over behind Yanna." The voice said.

Following instructions Shea moved with great caution not wanting to get caught off guard by an angry Yanna. Standing behind her she saw Yanna slowly turn around facing her then place her arms back behind her bracing her self against the wall with her legs still out from underneath her and spread wide open. From this vantage point Shea could see all of Yanna's female parts up close and personal. She noticed how erect her nipples had become along with an increase in color. The area round her pussy was also starting to change color with a more pinkish hue surrounding the little love hole.

"Shea you're to reach up and grab Yanna by the back of the neck with one hand and pinch her nipple hard with the other. Do you understand?" Katrina's voice boomed inside her skull.

With hesitation Shea nodded and did as she was told. Holding Yanna by the neck forced her to look into Shea's eyes, the deep blue eyes drilled into Shea searching her inner most thoughts. Reaching up Shea took one nipple between her finger and thumb, the feel of the little bud was amazing; hard yet soft all at the same time bewildered Shea. She had never felt another woman's breast before much less fondled or pinched anyone's nipple but her own. Squeezing it Shea felt her nipple flatten between her fingers as she followed her instructions.

"Harder, she likes it harder!" Katrina said.

Shea repeated the pinch with more pressure causing Yanna's eyes to light up with a strange since of pleasure. She continued to pinch her nipple until it was as red as her ass, each time Yanna would look into her eyes revealing the increased pleasure she received from the torture she applied to her. With her left nipple radiating red heat Shea was instructed to do something different to the right one.

Changing hands behind Yanna's neck Shea was instructed to grab a hand full of hair and force her head to turn towards her right breast and tilt it back. Shea complied with her orders and positioned Yanna's head in such a way. The next thing Shea heard made her whence with pain her self. Following her orders Shea lifted her right hand high in the air; with a quick downward swing she slapped Yanna's right breast hard sending water flying all over the room. The breast gave way and bounced up and down for a brief second as Shea readied her hand for another slap. Swinging harder this time as instructed Shea left a red whelp on Yanna's creamy white tit giving her upper body a bright splash of color. Altering her swing pattern slightly Shea managed to slap Yanna's tit a full ten times from various angles coloring in the white flesh with red streaks shaped like finger. By this time Yanna was breathing heavy like a woman caught in the white rapids of lust.

After Shea finished her brutal attack on Yanna's tender beautiful breast she was told to return to her shower. Like Tess she quickly moved away not wanting to be caught by an angry Yanna if she suddenly comes out of this strange trance she was in.

Looking over at Heather both Shea and Tess awaited her move to Yanna and expected her to be ordered to do something odd and violent. Heather stood there staring at Yanna as if she was unable to move, her head would nod then shake several times then suddenly her head dropped and she turned off her shower and left the room without making eye contact with anyone there.

As Heather exited the shower Shea and Tess locked eyes on each other in a moment of confusion and shock. Yanna was scanning back and forth between the two, and then Shea saw Yanna shake her head with sharp clear movement followed by an obvious up down motion. Shea would latter find out that Katrina was asking her if she had enough and if she wanted the two left in the room to finish her off.

Tess flinched as if she was startled; with a quick nod she moved in front of Yanna and waited as Yanna repositioned her self. Turning off the water she put her back to the wall reaching up with both hands grasping the pipe leading to the shower head. Spreading her legs as far as she could Yanna sank down until her arms were at full length. The new position she had assumed gave the impression she was tied up hanging from the pipe.

Stepping in as close as she could Tess squatted down between Yanna's thighs. The way Tess was hunkered down forced her ass to spread out giving it a welcoming appearance. Any man or woman seeing her in this catcher's squat would love to play with her soft fleshy caboose.

Shea watched intently as Tess reached up with one finger and slowly traced the outline of Yanna's pussy. Deliberately she made her way up and down the length of her lips separating them from each other. Suddenly with one quick flash she had hold of one of the silver hoops and pulled it out foreword. Yanna didn't even flinch as Tess stretched her tender lip out. Releasing the ring she reached up with the other hand and started the whole process over, tracing then pulling. With each little repeat of this scenario Yanna's slowly started to show some signs that it was having an effect on her. Her breathing was full and long, her breast were raising and falling with greater movement but her eyes stayed steady and focused as she watched Tess increase the torment.

Tess changed the action slightly as she pulled down stretching Yanna's delicate soft lip to their physical limits. Holding the ring for a second she released it causing it to recoil upward. A sudden inhalation by Yanna at this point gave Tess the confirmation that this was truly what she wanted. Repeating the same action with the opposite lip Tess stretched and tortured Yanna until both sides hung down so much they looked like floppy ears on a stuffed animal. Tess was about to stop when she thought for a second, reaching up again she took the rings one in each hand and pulled them apart exposing Yanna's very wet bright pink hole. Tess let go of her handles allowing her lips to fall back together then again opened her up exposing that pink treat for a second time. Staring in at the soft sucking hole Tess held open her victim as she leaned in slowly protruding her tongue more and more the closer she came to her prey. With her nose pressed against Yanna's clit Tess slithered her tongue up inside savoring her wetness. Yanna was rolling her eyes back in her head as the tongue crawled up the tunnel of her horny hole. She was captivated by Tess' gesture and basked in the tender pleasure that followed her forceful actions.

Tess remain buried in Yanna for what seemed forever but moments latter she withdrew her tongue and stood walking back to her corner of the shower slipping under the warm flow as she turned to see what came next.

Shea heard her marching orders and moved foreword. As she approached Yanna she looked into her eyes. She could see them pleading out for help, not the kind of help some one asks for when they are being beaten but the kind a woman asks for when she is so desperate to orgasm she can't stand it any longer.

Standing next to Yanna Shea was given her instructions. They were to be followed or she was to leave the room immediately. Shea did just as she was told, she could not afford to be canned at this point, and she had nothing left to return to. Using her hand closes to Yanna she tenderly stroked the inside of her thigh caressing the warm tender flesh closes to her pussy. As she dragged her hand up high she felt the side of her palm and little finger drag along the wet slit that was Yanna's aching hole. Suddenly Shea raised her hand returning it to Yanna's thigh with such a force the crack rang out like a church bell announcing the arrival of the inquisitor.

Tess jumped as the load crack surprised her; Yanna on the other hand let out an almost inaudible moan that gave away her true feelings and desires. Walking over to the other side Shea repeated the action just as instructed. Again Yanna responded with the smallest sign of enjoyment. Shea was ordered by Katrina to continue to beat Yanna in this fashion until she had administered ten strikes to each side, all of them silently welcomed by this gorgeous pale goddess prostrating her self against the wall.

As Shea finished her task she looked Yanna in the eyes, the glaze of pure lust and desire had come over them. A noticeable pain was there also but not as expected, she was in worse shape than before. Her need for release was not one to be freed of this torment but to be pushed further until she had a sexual explosion.

Katrina ordered Shea to stand parallel to Yanna facing the same way she did. In this position Katrina told her to take her right hand and cup Yanna's hungry pussy with the palm of her hand. Hesitating Shea looked down toward the drain with fear and unease. She had never touched another woman's private parts intentionally before. Yes earlier her hand grazed Yanna's pussy but that wasn't what she planned on doing it just happened and after that moment she made sure her movement was different not to do it again. But now she was told to place her hand fully over another woman's sex pot and do it as if nothing was odd about it.

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