tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFreyja Inc. Ch. 11

Freyja Inc. Ch. 11


Chapter 11: Bell of the Ball

There was a distinct air about the girls as they rode the elevator down to the Grand Ballroom. Katrina in her green dress, Danielle in yellow, Yanna in red, and Shea in an ivory white silk number that hugged her body like a second skin. Trish and Paige did a wonderful job picking out their attire for the evening.

From the looks of them they were out to break hearts and capture the minds of every warm blooded male they crossed. The click of their heels echoed across the lobby floor as they made their way to the entrance of the ball room; a sound that trumpeted the arrival of the quartet who would make or break this event tonight. Similar to the night Shea saw the three girls for the first time, when they entered the room a hush fell over the crowd as all eyes were upon them.

A burst of adrenaline pulsed through Shea when she realized she was part of the reason so many heads turned. The excitement caused electrical arcs to cross over synapses at break neck speed bringing every part of her body alive. The constant glares of the men and women did something to her that she had never felt, she wanted to feel everyone and experience all of their lusty thoughts all at once.

It became very obvious at that moment she loved the spot light and wanted all eyes on her. Shea was scanning the audience when Danielle spoke up in a whisper. "Looks like Shea is getting turned on by all of her admirers."

Turning to the girls she saw each of them glance down at her breasts. Looking down she saw that her nipples had become hard and erect straining against the cool silk fabric of her dress. A light brown coloration was noticeable through the dress giving those who stood close enough as small inclination of what she might look like topless.

As they stood in the center of the ball room Wesley came over their ear piece and informed them the locations of some of the more wealth vulnerable candidates in the crowd. Like secret agents each girl confirmed their assignment and parted off in the direction of their targets.

While making her way over in the direction of her mark Shea noticed the usual crowd of media members huddled up next to a bar. She knew they wouldn't recognize her but she wanted to make sure. Crossing in front of them she hesitated long enough to hear one of the men say something about the four hot women that just entered the party. Another claimed to know them and stated that they were high class hookers working the crowd.

Shea moved about the crowd spotting many individuals she use to write about and study. This was the social class of New York that graced the Society pages of most newspapers along with the rag she once worked for. The mark she was heading for was busy conversing with a familiar face, Mr. Stansfield.

Using one of the oldest ploys in the book Shea walked past the group bumping into the man she was there to seduce into spending money. Splashing his drink slightly Shea turned and apologized for the minor accident. Seeing the beauty standing in front of him and noticing her protruding hard nipples he couldn't do anything but apologize back for not being more care full.

"No it was my fault; I should pay more attention to where I hold my drink. Let me introduce myself, my name is Andrew Proctor and yours?" He replied.

Not wanting to use her full name, "You can call me Shea." She answered back.

"Well Shea let me introduce you to Mark Stansfield, Keith Alder, and Thomas Poole." He said with gestures to each of the men in the group. Each man in kind took her hand and politely gave it a light shake in a gentlemanly fashion.

Shea could feel their eyes undressing her there in the crowd as all four of them turned their conversation to her. During the next twenty minutes Shea was the main focus of what ever they discussed commenting on her beauty and remarkable ability to understand and contribute to the topic of finance, market theory, and other business related topics.

As the conversation continued Shea noticed Mrs. Stansfield approaching, Susie as she liked to be called would surely remember her and break the spell Shea had on these men.

As Susie joined the group all of the men helped introduce her to Shea. A quizzical stare preceded Susie's first statement, "You look very familiar. Have we met before at one of the charity event?"

Shea replied, "No, I don't believe we have met. I wouldn't have been able to forget some one as beautiful and stunning as you."

"Oh you're just saying that to be kind. Compared to you I am just another old debutant trying to retain some of her former grace." Susie said with a slight blush of gratitude.

Taking the conversation to a more light tone Susie commented on Andrew's available status. Seeing that a woman of Shea's beauty and refinement had captured his attention she went into matchmaker mode. A shy man by nature Andrew turned red and informed Shea that every time he attend one of these events Susie tries to match him up with a possible companion. He stated that in his line of work he hardly has time for a casual girlfriend much less a relationship.

Shea replied with the proper comment informing him that she wasn't there in search of a husband or any type of long term relationship her self. Relieved Andrew again focused his attention to the vision of beauty before him.

As they continued to make small talk Shea observed Susie casually flirt with a young handsome waiter each time he passed by. Like the last time they met Shea knew that Susie was on the prowl for a young stud to satisfy her lustful needs that she didn't get at home.

Andrew and Shea finally parted from the group and headed off to the other side of the room. As they continued to talk Shea kept a close eye on Susie Stansfield to see when she would make her move. As they approached the items up for auction Shea commented on a few pieces just to see how Andrew would respond.

One painting in particular caught his eye; it was a minor work by Pierre Puget a 17th century French artist famous for painting the Holy Family with Palm Tree. Shea did her best who is that act allowing Andrew to play to his ego and intellect. After a short history lesson Shea asked what the painting was worth. Andrew informed her that the one he had in his collection was worth about $650,000. As the conversation continued she suggested that he bid on the item for no other reason than to drive up the value of the piece he already owned.

As they moved on Shea signaled Yanna across the room that they needed to talk. Excusing her self Shea meet Yanna in the ladies room to relay the information about Andrew and the painting. Working their plan Yanna found her mark and convinced him to also bid on the painting. The individual Yanna was working was a rival of Mr. Proctor in business and on the social scene.

Returning to Andrew, Shea found him in conversation with two new gentlemen Thomas Dale and Felix Newman. In the course of the conversation Shea pointed out some of the more elegant items in the auction and mused about how lovely they would be as a surprise gift to a woman. The men both took mental notes about the pieces and Shea's response to how she would feel if she received such a present. When she commented that if she had received a gift of that nature the returned gratitude would be more than they could handle, the men laughed and told Andrew to watch out for her she was more woman than he could handle.

Shea quickly replied, "I don't know boys I think Andrew here could handle me any way he wished."

A blush came over Andrews face as the tone of the conversation turned to a sexual nature in the blink of an eye. Leaving the two men Shea and Andrew moved about the ballroom meeting small groups here and there. The topics discussed ranged from business to art to social; finally one lady in the latest group commented on how Andrew was such a great catch and how lucky Shea was that had taken an interest in her.

"I agree, he sounds like a true gentleman. I just don't understand how he has stayed single this long." Shea stated with a big smile.

As the men turned to speak on manly matters the lady leaned in and whispered to Shea, "He is a good man but from what I hear he has a twisted mind that leans more to the sexual deviant side."

Shea gave a bewildered look of disbelief to the woman as she gave details of some of the rumors running about. The act of shock was believable but in the back of her mind she knew that this was her hook.

During the conversation Shea kept a watchful eye on Susie throughout. She knew now just how she was going to play Andrew and the moment had just presented itself. Susie had been playing her usual games with the waiters; finally she had found her prey and was moving in for the kill. Breaking the causal meeting between friends Shea asked Andrew if he would accompany her to the bar. Being polite he agreed and said his fair wells to the group.

Once they were out of ear shot from them Shea confessed she didn't need a drink but wanted him to come see something that she thought he would like. Taking a familiar path through the hotel Shea lead Andrew down a dark hallway; moving quickly she found the room that she had watched Susie used to seduce the young waiter in the first night they met. Across the hall was an empty room pitch black and perfect for hiding.

Andrew kept asking her what was going on but Shea only told him to be quiet and patient. As they stood there in the dark Shea could feel Andrew's hand graze across her ass then up onto her shoulder. For a refined gentleman he had some poor moves.

A faint clicking sound came down the hall it had to be from Susie's heels. Suddenly a dim light came on in the room across from them revealing the piano, like clock work a second set of foot steps echoed down the hall this time heavier and more pronounced.

From their vantage point Shea and Andrew could see a waiter turn and enter the room where the light emitted from.

"Ok now we can move." Shea whispered. As they stepped out closer to the half closed door they could hear the sounds of passionate kissing. Andrew looked at Shea and asked in a soft voice, "What is going on? What are we looking for?"

Shea placed her finger to his lips and then pointed in the room. A blur of action flashed before them as Susie ran across the room landing against the piano just like she did the first night Shea watched her get fucked. As she leaned on the piano Susie purred loudly like a lioness gnashing her teeth and looking over her shoulder at her phantom lover. The waiter appeared off to the side as he made his way to the lusty woman.

Grabbing her by the back of the head he spun her around and forced her down to her knees. Susie dropped down willingly as she hiked up her long dress allowing her knees to bend and legs to part. In her squat Susie's dress rode up high on her thighs exposing her long firm golden legs. Looking up with a wicked gleam in her eye Susie said, "Give it to me, give me that fucking cock. I have to taste it now or I'm going to scream."

With one hand holding her hair the waiter lowered the zipper of his slacks with the other. Reaching in he fished out his hard cock and pointed it straight at Susie's face. "Suck it; suck it all the way down. If you want to scream, scream with it deep down in your throat."

As soon as the words left his mouth Susie was busy inhaling his cock as deep as she could, her face was flush with excitement and her hands roamed all over his strong legs and ass.

Thrusting her head foreword harder with each stroke Susie managed to take her lovers cock down all the way until her lips where lost behind his zipper. As she continued to face fuck his cock the young man unlatched his belt and button dropping his slacks to the floor. It wasn't long before he grabbed her by the arms and pulled her up.

Pushing her back onto the piano the young man positioned himself between Susie's legs. With a little help from her he lifted the dress up past her hips giving Shea and Andrew a perfect view of her open, wet, red, bald pussy.

Andrew's eyes grew wide with desire as he looked upon his friend's wife preparing to fuck another man. The sight of her supple hot lips protruding out in anticipation was more than he could handle. A reflex took over his body as he started to stroke his own growing cock through his pants. Shea was not unaffected by the display herself, her nipples strained out against the ivory dress and she could feel he own pussy starting to get moist with desire.

As they admired Susie's naked womanhood the waiter lined up his cock and drove it in; half at first but the entire length on the second thrust. Susie gasped with pleasure as her lips were parted and stretched wide. The feeling of being stuffed so hard and complete early in the fuck just heightened her lust.

Like a sailor on leave she started tell the young man how to fuck her pussy and fuck it good. As the tempo increased Susie pulled the straps of her dress down off her shoulders giving her lover unimpeded access to her round breasts.

Wrapping her legs around his waist and holding on to his shoulder with one hand Susie guided the waiter's mouth to her erect nipples and told him to start sucking. As his mouth latched on to the rock hard buds Susie's head fell back in a sign of complete sexual bliss. The teasing of her nipple in his mouth only accentuated the sensation she was receiving from the pounding down below.

Slurping sounds echoed in the room not from the young mans mouth but from Susie's pussy as it sucked in his rod each and every time he shoved it deep into the depths of her velvet walls.

Andrew was now more turned on than ever; Shea could see the outline of his fully erect cock through his dark pants. His hand was moving down her shoulder and over her right breast rolling her hard nipple between his fingers. As they watched Shea whispered to him, "You like what you see?"

Nodding his head yes he never took his eyes off of the action playing out in front of them.

Shea began formulating a plan as she observed Andrew's reaction to the sex scene. He was wrapped around her finger now and she was going to milk him for all she could.

"Bit it; Bit that nipple you fucking stud you!" Susie groaned out as her orgasm streaked across the sky.

A cry of delight and satisfaction announced Susie's orgasm. The contractions torque her body so the waiter had to release her nipple. As she pulled away Shea and Andrew could see the pink bud stretch out taking her areola with it as it remained trapped between his teeth. Shudders of ecstasy rocked Susie until she had to push her lover away.

Stumbling back a few steps he regained his balance only to be knocked back even more as she leaped off the piano and consumed his rod back down her throat. Holding her head still with both hand the waiter began fucking Susie's mouth with the same speed and strength as he did her soaking pussy.

Shea was now over heating as they watched the frenzy of animalistic sex take place. Andrew was working her nipple hard and the jolts of pleasure shooting out from her breast ricocheted around inside her until it blasted out from her clit.

Andrew was close to cumming in his pants but maintained a control that kept him from wasting his seed.

Gurgles of joy came out of Susie's mouth as her lover neared his release. Announcing his approaching moment he told Susie that he was going to feed her a big load of hot sweet jiz.

Susie not wanting to miss any just looked up at him with a glee in her eyes. Grunting as his load splashed deep inside her mouth the waiter shook; Susie swallowed as fast as she could.

A small rivulet streamed out of the corner of her mouth as the volume of his seed overwhelmed her ability to swallow. Like a wanton slut Susie just kept sucking on his cock until it finally faded off into a limp soft appendage.

Shea quickly grabbed Andrew by the arm and pulled him back into the dark room behind them hiding from the objects of their voyeurism.

Seconds past as they heard the young man zip up his pants and scuffle off down the hallway shortly followed by the clicking of Susie's heels as she made her way back out to the ball.

Giggling Shea looked at Andrew and asked, "Did you like the show?"

"I can't believe I just witnessed Susie Stansfield fuck a waiter here right under her husbands nose." He replied.

"You get off on things like this don't you?" Shea asked.

Andrew replied, "You couldn't guess what gets me off."

"I bet if I wasn't here to keep you occupied you would have joined in and fucked her too. I know I would have." Shea said with a wicked smile.

Andrew just stood there stunned at what the beautiful woman by his side just said. "I would have loved to taste her wet pussy wouldn't you?" Shea stated.

Andrew struggled for words then said, "I would give anything to taste Susie's pussy but I couldn't do that to Mark."

Shea smiled and answered, "Well then you will just have to settle for the next best thing."

Andrew looked upon Shea with a lust in his eyes, "What do you have in mind?"

"I will get you Susie's pussy juice if you buy the Black onyx bracelet for me." She said as she started leading him down the hall.

"Dear I would buy you an island in Greece if you get that for me. How am I to know that is her pussy that you will be bringing me though." He said.

Stopping half way down the hall Shea leaned down and pulled up the hem of her dress. Reaching up under she stuck two fingers in her slick sweet hole and presented it to Andrew. "Here taste mine and when I come back compare the flavor of my pussy to the one you taste on my lips. If it is the same then I have failed you but if not then you can reward me with the bracelet"

Andrew sucked in Shea's fingers tasting the sweet nectar of her womanhood. Lingering for a moment he savored the taste of his beautiful acquaintance and then agreed to her request. The fact that he had just watched Susie get railed by a waiter and then have this goddess offer up her own honey for comparison was more than his naughty mind could have imagined.

As they reached the main hall Shea told him to go out and mingle and she would find him in a few minutes.

Andrew turned towards the ballroom looking over his shoulder at Shea the entire time as she turned towards the bathroom at the end of the hall.

Walking in Shea looked at the bottom of each stall making sure no-one was in there. As she had suspected Susie was freshening up her hair and makeup in the mirror on the other side of the room.

Locking the door behind her Shea made her way over to the mirror and stood next to Susie. Admiring her image in the mirror Shea commented generally, "This is a fabulous ball don't you think?"

Susie looked over in the mirror and said, "It is in deed. You look so familiar are you sure we haven't met before?"

Shea turned to her and gazed upon Susie's beauty. Just above the cut of her neckline resting proudly upon Susie's breast was a small droplet of white cum. It had fallen down on her chest just like before.

"Oh dear you seam to have dropped a small amount of icing from the dessert on yourself." Shea said as she reached over with one finger and swiped it up off of Susie's golden flesh.

Licking it off her finger in a very provocative way Shea commented, "UMMM, that taste so sweet and delicious. Almost sinful."

Susie's eyes widened at the sexual over tones of Shea's comment. "I bet you have more of that glorious stuff on you somewhere don't you." Shea said as she closed the gap between her and Susie.

Drawing even closer Shea leaned in and kissed Susie full on the lips allowing there soft tender flesh to linger upon each other. As they kissed Shea's hand grabbed Susie by the waist and pressed her against the counter. Susie overcome by Shea's forwardness was unable to speak. Going on the offensive Shea deepened the kiss allowing her tongue to caress Susie's lips until she opened them giving Shea access to her mouth.

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