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Friday Morning Shower


It had only been two full days since Connor had left on a business trip, leaving me alone for the first time since we had come together and my whole being ached for him. I had never imagined feeling so incomplete without the significant person in your life right there beside you when you had gotten so used to them just being there. But I was experiencing it first hand. I missed him. This was going to be one hell of a long weekend.

With school beginning just around the corner, I knew I could pass the time up in my classroom getting ready for the little "darlings" to arrive and getting everything just right, but I wasn't used to feeling like this and I just didn't have the drive to go up there. Not yet. So I had tried to stay busy at home, doing all the things that needed to be done but I still found tons of time to miss Connor so badly that it was like an ache inside.

And then there was a whole other issue of how my body was taking his absence. I felt like a drug addict in rehabilitation going through withdrawals for the first time. All I could think about was the night before he left and how we had spent it staying up practically all night making love. Oh, it hadn't been slow and sensual but to me, if the feelings are there and you know, in your heart, that the person sharing the experience with you is THE one, then even if he's fucking your brains out, there is no way you can't categorize that as making love.

That's how it was with Connor. And his absence was tearing me up inside.

It was late morning, actually early afternoon and I couldn't shake him from my head. This week was dragging by so slowly and I was about to go nuts. Maybe a shower would help. Lord knows I needed the relief and as I turned on the water to hot, letting the steam begin to envelope the bathroom, I pulled open the bottom drawer on my dressing table and pulled it out … my trusty pink waterproof vibrator with the little buzzing bunny attached especially for days just like this.

My nipples were already rock hard by the time I got my little "buddy" out of the drawer and I could tell I wasn't going to need any kind of lubricant. Just thinking about Connor was doing the job between my thighs. I glanced up into the mirror, a soft blush kissing my cheeks just from the arousal that I was feeling as I remembered our last night together. I remembered the way that his lips felt against mine and then way in which he had trailed them to all my most sensitive spots and as I moaned his name, I pushed the vibrator up into the wet folds of my sex. I pumped it in and out a few times, watching in the mirror as it pushed deep into me and then back out before going deeper with each pass until it was buried to the hilt within my cunt. Twisting on the cap, it sprang to life as I stepped into the glass shower and closed the door behind me.

As soon as the hot water hit my already tingling body, I knew that I was going to cum quick and then use the rest of my time in the shower building up to a second orgasm. My knees already felt weak and the vibrator was only turned to low! Leaning against the cool tiles of the shower wall behind me, the spray of the hot water hit directly on my breasts and with a slight turn, the stinging jets of water found refuge onto my achingly hard nipples like tiny needles of pleasure. Coupled with the buzzing of the vibrator shoved deep in my cunt, the little rabbit ears strumming across my over-active clit, I could feel my whole body begin to stiffen, the impending orgasm building. Reaching up to toy with the nipple that wasn't getting the direct impact of the shower head, just a tweak and a pull and I was in heaven!

If it hadn't been for the cool strength of the wall behind me, my legs would have given out and I might have wound up on the shower floor. Closing my eyes, I just enjoyed the aftermath of my orgasm, taking in slow deep breaths before I slowly pushed away from the wall and reached for my shampoo. I left the vibrator in, buzzing on low as I poured the scented cleanser by Biolage into my hands and reached up to begin washing my hair. The stretch upwards made my back arch somewhat like a cat's, my tingling breasts directly beneath the spray of the water that only seemed to heighten my senses and reactions to the little bunny buzzing away on my clit. I tried to focus on what I was doing; wanting the sensations to build up to the second one that I knew would be more intense.

I could imagine Connor's strong hand reaching around behind me as my hands were in my hair, toying with my breasts and pulling on my nipples. As the water sprayed down on top of me, I could almost feel his lips and teeth nipping up my spine to the back of my neck before pressing hungrily against me to find my lips. A soft moan erupted from my lips as I rinsed the shampoo from my hair, running slippery fingers over my body to toy with my rock-hard nipples. When I leaned over to grasp the bottle of conditioner, I could imagine his slow deep thrusts into me from behind which prompted me to put one hand on the wall for support as the other reached around from behind to slowly work the vibrator in and out of my cunt. I could feel the walls of it clench around the vibrator as it was pulled out, trying to draw it back in causing me to begin to fuck myself harder. But I didn't want to cum … not yet.

Pushing it back deep into my clenching flesh, I straightened up to apply conditioner to my hair, the scent of my arousal and cum intermingling with the fruity smell of my hair products lingered in the air. Every time I shifted in just the right position, the heat of the water cascading down over my breasts turned the feeling into a jolt of electricity that ended in a shudder between my thighs, rocking the vibrator buried within me. As I let the conditioner set in my hair for a while, I leaned back against the wall once more, placing my right foot up on the opposite wall as my left hand hooked over the top of the glass shower door and began to fuck myself slowly with the buzzing object buried between my thighs. God, it was good … so good …

I stopped only long enough to fill my mesh body sponge with liquid shower gel, the scent of white tea and ginger intermingling with the aromas already permeating my senses, and began to run it over my sensitive flesh. As it scraped over my nipples and then lowered still towards the vibrator creating havoc between my thighs, I shuddered and breathed deep, feeling my second orgasm begin to build. I was determined though not to cum … not yet. I wanted this to last.

Turning around to rinse the soap off my back and down the curve of my ass, I pushed back some as the image of Connor kneeling behind me permeated my thoughts. I could see him, quite clearly, pushing the vibrator slow and deep up into me while his tongue swirled around my swollen lips and up to my throbbing clit. I couldn't help but moan deeply even as I leaned my head back to rinse my hair free of conditioner, my hardened nipples grazing the cool tiled wall. Reaching back once more, I shoved the vibrator deep into my cunt, fucking myself hard and as my eyes opened, I caught the sight of white creamy conditioner dribbling down the glass shower door. I immediately thought of his cum and how in his excitement, he had shot his load over my back which splattered up on the door and that was enough to send me over the edge one last time.

I collapsed against the wall of the shower, my tongue darting out reflexively, lapping at the cool tiles as I imagined being held in his arms against his hard chest. Hot, sorrowful tears slipped down over my flushed cheeks as it suddenly occurred to me that he was gone and I still had to endure his loss for at least two more days. Shuddering, I turned in the shower, leaning against the wall as trembling fingers reached between my legs to slowly withdraw the vibrator. As it lifted up into my view, I imagined it being his cock one last time and brought it to my lips, my tongue darting out over its surface to get a taste of what exactly he did to me.

With the taste of my nectar on my tongue, I shuddered once more, the trembling slowing in my legs as I pushed the vibrator beneath the steady stream of now cooling water and washed it completely before turning off the shower with a soft sigh. At least I had my showers to look forward to until Connor got home.

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