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Friday Night


On Friday nights, I go to Newcastle with a bunch of girlfriends, drinking, dancing and sometimes flirting a little bit.

One particularly hot night, I was dancing with a couple of friends, when two Asian boys joined us. “You’re Amy, aren’t you?” whispered the taller one.

“Yes, who are you?”

“I’m Amjed, you used to work with my mum, Sonja.” I hardly recognised him. He was about 18 now, tall, athletic and very good looking. “Can I buy you a drink?”

I agreed, so we went to the bar, with his friend Mustaq. We chatted for a while until my friends whisked me off to the next bar. They all wanted to know who the boys were. I tried to explain, but no one was interested in the truth, so I was greeted with accusations of kidnapping and child molestation! I should be so lucky!

I couldn’t get Amjed out of my head for the next hour.

At midnight I was waiting for the Metro train, to take me home, when Amjed and Mustaq appeared, “Hi, had a good night?” Amjed greeted me, “going home? Would you like us to escort you?”

“Do you still live near me?” I asked.

“ In the same direction,” he laughed. With that, the packed train arrived, the boys pushed me into a corner of the carriage, and squashed up next to me. It felt good to be this close to two handsome young men.

With Amjed in front and Mush right behind me, every time the train lurched, the boys bumped against me, accidentally touching my tits and bum. When I didn’t complain they began to get a little braver, Amjed’s hands wandered up the front of my skirt, stroking the inside of my bare legs, eventually touching my fanny over my tiny knickers. Mush, had his hand up the back of the skirt, squeezing my bum cheeks, and occasionally sliding a finger between my legs. My fanny was on fire. Hopefully, no one could see, but I didn’t care, I was having too much fun; I hung my arms around Amjed’s’ neck, leaning my head on his shoulder, kissing his ear.

“Does that feel good?” Amjed whispered, “Very nice”, I purred back. Because the tram was still rocking, my tits were rubbing up against his chest, I thought my nipples were going to explode. I’d never been with a coloured or Asian man before, but I knew, when I looked into his big brown eyes, that I would tonight.

I realised that our stop had arrived, we jumped off, and headed for the stairs, “Now what?” Amjed asked, holding my arm. “I need the toilet, for a pee”, I laughed. All of the beer, the rocking of the train and not least two pairs of hands fiddling about with my private bits had made my bladder feel that it was going to burst.

“The toilet here is closed, but I know a place”, chuckled Mush.

With that, we left the station, and crossed the road and dashed behind some shops. I felt the pee start to trickle, but I was laughing so much, I didn’t care. “In here,” Mush pushed a gate open, and pulled me inside. “We’ll keep look out”, whispered Amjed. I stood at the back of the yard, and whipped down my knickers, and before I’d even begun to squat, the pee burst out like a fountain, my God the release felt good. I seemed to be pissing forever. When I opened my eyes I was greeted by the boys standing in front of me, roughly wanking their cocks. “I’ve always wanted to see a woman take a piss” Mush groaned, “It’s a hell of a turn on”.

I’d wet my knickers, so took them off, and put them on a small wall. I put my hand out to touch Amjed’s’ knob, it felt like silk. I stood up and kissed him. His tongue slid into my mouth, and I was in heaven. We moved against a door, and his fingers went straight between my legs, opening my fanny with one swift movement. He pushed two fingers into my hole and rolled them around, sending me into a frenzy. I ran my hand up and down his dark brown cock; it felt much thicker than my husbands did. I was then aware that another pair of hands was squeezing my tits. “These feel good”, Mush whispered into my ear, “I want to see them.” With that he pulled my T-shirt over my head, and quickly removed my bra. The cold air made my nipples sting. All the time Amjed was still jamming his long fingers inside me. “That’s better,” Mush said as he groped my naked breasts, pulling and tugging at my long nipples, making them hurt, even more. “Wow, I’ve never seen tits like these before”, grunted Amjed, “they’re fantastic.” Softer, than in my youth, my breasts were still considered quite sexy, for a woman my age.

I fumbled with his jeans until they were halfway down his legs. “Take your fingers out”, I urged him. His face lit up, “So we are finally going to fuck? You have no idea how many wanks I’ve had thinking about you!”

I didn’t know if it was meant to flatter me, but there was only one thing that I wanted now. I put my left foot onto the small wall, held onto him, and gasped as his cock slid into my sopping fanny. Only using his hips, he bucked and gyrated, forcing his cock into parts of my fanny, which I didn’t know, existed. Still holding my tits with one hand, Mush was stroking and squeezing my arse with his other, occasionally sliding a finger over my bum hole, my husband, Marc had never touched it before, but this was so exciting.

With Amjed giving me the fucking of my life, Mush slid the tip of his finger into my arsehole, I screamed with delight; within seconds I had an amazing orgasm, which made Amjed shoot loads of lovely spunk into me. I clung onto him to stop myself falling over, Mush pulled his finger out, leaving my bum stinging, but in a very nice way, and Amjed’s cock slid out, with a plop, as I was so full of spunk.

“What about me?” said Mush as he waved his cock from side to side. With Amjed, now behind me, kissing my neck, and stroking my tits, I sat on the wall, and licked my lips. Mush then stood in front of me, with his hands holding my head, he slid his cock into my waiting mouth. It was red hot, longer and slimmer than Amjed’s, but tasted wonderful. I love giving blow-jobs, at the best of times, but sucking this young Asian boy’s cock, in front of his friend, was just the sexiest thing that I’d ever done. I sucked on the knob, while stroking the shaft with one hand and gently rotating his hairy balls with the other. With loads of spit in my mouth, I gobbled up and down the head and shaft, very nearly deep throating him, which I normally only do to my husband on special occasions. I wanted him to enjoy having his cock sucked, but I wanted Amjed to enjoy ‘the show’ even more.

“I’m coming”, he shouted, so I deliberately speeded up, gripping onto the shaft; making him come in my mouth. I couldn’t believe how much spunk there was. It was much saltier and lumpier than my husband, Marcs, and I managed to take it all in my mouth, tugging his cock, until the last drops oozed out.

I pushed my tongue out, for them to see that it was covered in spunk. I tipped my head back and swallow the juice. “Happy now?” I laughed.

We sat back for a few minutes, sharing a cigarette. I looked at my watch, it was now 1.30, and I was going to be late home. The boys watched as I put my bra and top on, “Can I keep your knickers?” pleaded Mush, “It’ll be my turn to think about you, when I wank”.

Of course I let him, the thought of him sniffing my pants, when he played with himself, turned me on, too.


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