Friday Night and Wednesday Morning


He looked up as if to ask permission. I eagerly nodded my head.

Scott eased the thin black material to one side revealing my bald pubic area and very wet love-hole. He covered it in a million soft kisses then eased my labia apart with the tip of his tongue leaving me panting with anticipation then...then...then his tongue ran the length of my hot pink gash making my shake with excitement. He looked up again but my eyes were full of tears; so he continued pleasuring me by flicking his tongue along, across, up, down, along and inside my tingling tunnel. I grabbed hold of my metal headboard as I twisted and ground my hips so that his face was squashed between my legs.

Scott reached up and pulled the cups of my basque down revealing my tits to his hands then tugged, squashed and caressed them until I thought that my nipples would explode.

I was in fucking Heaven as he mauled my tits and licked my pussy for three or four minutes. My arse was bouncing off the bed as he took one hand off my tits and quickly slid it between my legs and teased my cunt lips apart as he sucked on my engorged clitoris.

"Aaaarrgghuuuuggghhhh!" I groaned as two long stubby fingers glided into my cunt.

"Yes, yes, yes ...YESSSSSSS!" I squealed as he finger-fucked me and licked and sucked then blew hot air onto my throbbing clit. "YESSSSSSS that's it...fuckfuckfuck...that's it!" I screamed as I came like an express train.

Scott took his fingers out but kept licking and gently kissing my thighs and bald pubis as I lay shaking in the afterglow.

When my breath had become manageable he looked up and smiled; "What do you want to do now?"

"I don't know." I shrugged my shoulders, rubbing my thighs together to try and free my G-string which was now sticking to my crack.

"How about a 69?" he chuckled as he climbed off the bed and began pulling his pants off. I must have gasped when I finally saw his cock. It was magnificent; by far the biggest and thickest I'd ever seen in real life. Scott winked and said, "Not bad for a fat lad; is it?"

I nodded enthusiastically. He quickly got on the bed and lay next to me; his cock swaying in front of my face. I took hold of it and tentatively licked the tip then ran my ruby red lips across it before I hungrily gobbled on it as Scott lay on his side watching the show.

I definitely couldn't get it all into my mouth – nowhere near; so I sucked as much as I could – two or three fat inches then greedily licked the veins on his shaft and nibbled on his huge hairless bollocks.

Scott pulled my G-string off then spread my legs apart so that he could dip his head back in between them. I let out a huge sigh when he began licking my juicy cunt but didn't stop sucking on his monster cock.

He was right 'it wasn't bad for a fat lad'! I'd never been a size Queen like one of my friends but I couldn't wait to feel this huge fucking thing banging into my cunt.

It didn't take much manoeuvring by Scott until he was on his back and I was straddling his head with my bald quim and his cock was buried as deep into my mouth and throat as humanly possible. I couldn't understand why I'd been missing out on this much pleasure; it was fucking awesome getting my cunt licked out by an expert; he knew exactly what to do and where to put his tongue, altering the pressure and direction of his tongue every few seconds; driving me fucking wild as I tried to suck his balls out through his knob as he turned my cunt to mush.

When he stuffed his fingers into my twat again I nearly came in an instant but he wouldn't let me. Instead he slowly twisted his fingers (I daren't think about how many fingers he had inside me) and licked my labia and clit until I began trembling and shaking so hard I had to stop sucking his cock but kept hold of it in my hand, rubbing and squeezing it as hard as possible.

I was now delirious and did nothing to stop him when I felt a fingertip tickle my arse hole as the others filled and stretched my cunt.

I squealed with pain when his finger slowly edged into my arse but soon began rocking backwards and forwards as I tried in vain for a second orgasm. I soon let go of his cock and lay flat out with his cock jammed down my basque and between my tits; inadvertently giving him a titty-fuck while he did the most wonderful things to my cunt and arse with his mouth and fingers.

My hips were bouncing like a bronco-rider as I fucked his face and hand. Eventually he touched something deep inside my hole and I couldn't stop myself...WOW...and... FUCKING WOW! I had the most intense orgasm and I felt myself get very, very wet. I guess that he'd found my G-Spot and I'd gushed all over his sweet face; covering him in my juices.

I crawled off him and lay trembling as he knelt between my legs; his cock standing proud and angry; the purple tip going up past his belly-button.

Without another word he lay on top of me wiggling his fat hips until his cockhead was touching my hairless flaps. His red face was now shiny and sticky from whatever substance I'd covered him. With a grin and a firm push his cock slid into my cunt like bull into a cow. I had to throw my head back as I gasped for air. After two or three thrusts I wrapped my nylon covered legs around his waist digging my spike heels into his hairy arse.

"Ugh...ugh!" I gurgled, "Fuck me...fuck me hard!"

"Like this?" He grinned as he grabbed the headboard and hauled himself deep into my belly.

"Yeesssss...fuck me...fuck ME...FUCK ME!" I screamed as I kept digging my spikes into him like a cowboy urging his horse on, as Scott kept pulling himself forwards ramming his big cock into my cavernous cunt.

His fucking became fast and furious until he closed his eyes and contorted his face in that familiar way then...he froze...and my cunt filled up with loads of his lovely red hot spunk.

Scott raised his weight onto his wrists and slowly rolled his hips making sure that he was spewing the last of his load into my receptive hole.

"Ha, ha, ha," he wheezed as he raised himself onto his knees with his cock still partially inside me, "that was fucking fantastic."

"I can't remember the last time I had sex sober!" I giggled, "If it's always like that I'll go teetotal."

When Scott pulled his dick out cum was still oozing out of the tip and it was as shiny as a new pin.

His eyes were now transfixed on my bald cunt which was also oozing spunk. Scott slowly scooped up and smeared the excess juice across my labia and anus.

"That's one of my favourite sights," he wheezed, "my spunk pouring out of a bald pussy. What's that they call it in the pornos's? A cream-pie!"

"Come here," I told him, "and let me clean that for you."

His flaccid cock still looked bigger than my ex-husbands as he shuffled towards my face.

It felt fat and podgy when I took it in my fingers and began licking his spunk and my cunt juice off the sides then I pulled his foreskin back and firmly squeezed the last drops of spunk out of his tube onto my tongue before I gave him another blow job.

"Fucking Hell Paula," he chuckled as his cock began to jerk back into life, "you've forgot how old I am! You'll give me a fucking heart attack!"

I took it out of my mouth, squeezed his balls and gave the stiffening shaft a real hard rub.

"Are you telling me that you're finished?" I pouted as I licked another couple of spots of warm cum off his pubic hairs.

"I'm not saying that," he laughed as he stroked my hair, "I just need a little rest first."

"Well I don't!" I giggled as I moved onto all fours with his cock going back into my mouth again. He was now sitting in front of me as I fucked his cock with my mouth until I was satisfied that he was hard enough to fuck me again.

With a twinkle in my eye, I asked him, "Fuck me again."

Scott raised his eyebrows and replied, "Seeing as you've asked so nicely it would be rude not to!"

In a nano-second he was positioned behind me parting my arse cheeks and prodding my sticky cunt with his bell-end.

"Ready?" He grunted. I nodded my head and braced myself.

"Huhhhhh." I groaned as his cock filled my hole again, "Oooooohhhhh."

Scott cackled and began fucking me like a wild animal; making me shake and thrash when his cock bashed against my cervix.

"Oh shit...ha, ha, ha." Scott laughed as I quickly fucked me to a standstill, "I can't keep that up for much longer." I couldn't speak but managed to look over my shoulder longingly into his eyes.

"But you're not finished," Scott grinned, "are you?"

I smiled and shook my head.

"How about this?" He asked as he smeared some of his cum across my puckered anus, "You enjoyed it when I fingered it before."

"Yes, yes...please." I nodded my head and tried to relax but couldn't, "Don't worry; I've put my vibrater up before."

"Fair enough," he nonchalantly told me as he pulled his cock out of my pussy and dribbled spit onto my cum covered arse hole; then he pressed his fat knob against my tight ring, "Are you ready?"

"Yeesssss." I grimaced and clenched my teeth as the elastic of my arsehole begin to stretch.

There was a horrible stinging feeling as the tip forced its' way into my brown hole which was immediately followed by the most delicious uncomfortable feeling as inch after inch of Scott's' cock filled my rear end to capacity.

"What's that like?" Scott grunted.

"Good...fucking g...aaagghhh!" I groaned as he slowly pulled backwards. "Oh yes...fucking great!" Scott took hold of my hips and slowly fucked my arse. It was the most amazing feeling of pleasure, pain, discomfort, excitement and gratification as I willingly let a virtual stranger bugger me.

I soon began to relax and enjoy getting buggered but buried my face in the pillow to hide the tears running down my cheeks. When he realised that I wasn't complaining Scott began fucking my arse with ease, occasionally spanking my arse cheeks to add to my discomfort and pleasure.

Scott laughed as he spanked me making it wobble. "I can't believe you've never done this before're fucking loving it!"

My body was convulsing with so many different sensations I couldn't speak.

Scott kept fucking my arse for what seemed like a lifetime; spanking me, fingering my cunt, pinching my dangling tits and calling me all of the dirty names under the sun. It was fantastic! I was in danger of passing out but had to spread my pussy lips and frig my clit in time to his arse fucking until I came for a third time. My legs collapsed from under me as Scott grunted and fired a load of spunk into my arse. We lay joined like this for a minute or so panting and gasping for air then he eventually rolled off me leaving my anus stretched beyond recognition. When I turned onto my side I felt something running out of my arse and down my legs. I immediately covered my aching hole with my hand and ran as best I could to the toilet; Scott laughing at my predicament from the comfort of my bed.

Once inside the bathroom I stood over the toilet and looked at my hand; I smiled at the sight of a handful of spunk... as I thought that I'd shit myself.

I sat on the toilet and had a long satisfying pee then cleaned myself, front and back, with toilet paper.

Back in the bedroom Scott was lying half asleep on my bed.

"Have I worn you out?" I giggled when I returned.

"You have," he replied with a sheepish grin, "I can't remember the last time I came twice in an hour."

I lay next to him and we cuddled for the next 10 minutes until he looked at his watch and said that he'd have to leave soon.

As he got dressed I threw on a dress over my sexy underwear; but left my knickers on the floor. We went down to the kitchen where we finally had the cup of coffee that I'd offered an hour and a half previously. My arse was stinging so much I could hardly stand still as we stood chatting but Scott took my mind of my discomfort by lifting the front of my dress up to have a look at my Brazilian pubes every few minutes.

He promised to come back again the following week if I wanted a repeat performance – I did. As we kissed goodbye on my front doorstep (with his hand up the front of my dress fingering me) he asked if there was anything else I'd never done but wanted to.

I told him that there wasn't, but I've just sent him a text message:

'I've never had a threesome!'

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