tagLoving WivesFriday Night Ch. 01

Friday Night Ch. 01


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Part 1

It was a night I wouldn't forget soon. It would change everything. It was a Friday. It started as many other 'non-work evenings'. On nights when we don't have to work the next day, we would occasionally have special, 'play' nights. Our favorite (since it was my favorite, I assumed it was Lisa's too) was me licking my very sexy wife to a shuddering orgasm, then we would cuddle while she recovered. After that, she would tease my cock for a while, until I, 'couldn't stand it anymore' and then I'd get my orgasm. Usually Lisa on top of me, fucking me, but sometimes it would be a handjob or a blowjob. In any case it usually happened when I said I couldn't stand any more of her teasing. Which was always long before it was true.

This particular Friday started out like any other play night. We had a nice dinner with some wine. Just enough to be mellow, but not smashed. About nine we headed to the bedroom and undressed. I lit a candle and turned out all the lights. After a few minutes of holding each other and kissing, I worked my tongue's way to her lovely twat. But, after I licked her to what was a much more intense orgasm than usual, and we cuddled for a long while, she did something I often ask for, but she rarely does. And this time I didn't even mention it. She asked me to get out the restraints. Long ago I'd rigged up a way for her to tie me to our king-size bed. I made it so she could pull the rope loops out from under the mattress, and clip the wrist and ankle restraints to them. Once she had me comfortably, but very securely spread eagled, face up on the bed, things took a serious turn.

She didn't say anything at first, she just started slowly stroking my already very hard cock. This part was normal. Then everything changed. While just brushing my cock very lightly, she said: "I was using your computer today, and I came across those websites you tried to hide".

I panicked so much that my cock wilted! "Whaat, er what do you mean?" I stuttered.

She started to stroke my cock again and didn't say anything until it was quite hard once more. "Those orgasm denial sites you evidently frequent. I found them in your favorites files. What makes me so angry" she told me, "is not that you go there, but that you never were truly honest with me!"

I didn't know what to say, so in true male idiocy I said, "I didn't think you would understand!"

In simple female logic, she said, "So then why have you been trying to get me to do this for so long, without explaining it to me?"

I was speechless.

"Don't bother to answer" she said, "you were afraid you couldn't take what it was you thought you wanted! And you were, right. I'm going to show you that now. First let me tell you, I am pissed! Second, I'm going to give you the chance to have your fantasy lived out whenever I want, or never again. It will be up to you.

"I'm pissed, because you didn't trust me. It will be a lot of work for me to train you the way you think you want. So you only get one chance to choose. I think I know how it will end up." She said this final comment with an evil look that actually scared me!

All this time she had been touching and stroking my cock, ever so gently. It was drooling copious amounts of precum by now. "For the next 24 hours, you are going to be made to need to cum more than you ever have in your whole life, but you won't. Whether or not you get to cum at the end of it, depends on you.

"Let me give you the first example." With no further comment, she began to stroke my cock very, very slowly. Just barely enough friction to move me toward orgasm. This must have taken about 20 minutes, but finally I could feel the cum starting to boil in my balls. I was thrusting and humping, and just about to cum when she started to do very short strokes just under the head. About 1/2 inch long, driving me wild. But too slow and loose to get me off. She finally started to increase both the intensity and speed until I was ready to shoot.

All the while I was thrashing and begging her to finish me. I heard sounds come out of my mouth that I never imagined. Just as I started to scream "YES, YES" she stopped touching my cock and took hold of my balls. VERY gently massaging them. She did this for several minutes as I yelled, "NO, NO". She knows that when I'm very close to cumming, massaging my balls makes them ache, but isn't enough stimulation for me to cum.

Finally she stopped touching me all together. I said "Okay, you win. I can't take what I always thought I wanted."

She stabbed me in the heart by saying, "We don't know that yet! You aren't even through the first hour, and I told you that this is a 24 hour test! On that point you have no choice."

She let me cool down for a few minutes while she went to get a glass of wine. By the time she returned I had begun to soften, but just slightly. "That will never do." she said smiling, "I want you constantly hard." She stuck her fingers in the wine and dripped several drops on my cock and balls. Then she began licking the drops off, one by one. She would just touch them with the tip of her tongue and flick them, until every one was gone and of course my cock was rock hard again. She set the wine aside and started to seriously suck my cock while again giving my balls a gentle finger massage. Now Lisa is an extraordinary cock sucker and can have me cumming in her talented mouth within a matter of minutes. What I was about to learn was that she could use that talent in another way too. To keep me almost cumming for a very long time. After only a short period of this I was once again on the very edge, but just before I could get off she would stop sucking and hold my cock by the base making it point straight up. Then she would pretend it was an ice cream cone and lick all around the head, then up the underside, then around the head again. All this done very, very slowly so as to keep me right on the edge, but not anything more.

By this time I was literally begging to cum, and uncontrollably thrusting my hips at thin air. I kept repeating over and over how badly I needed to cum and begging her to finish me off. She finally paused with her mouth, but kept lightly running her fingers all over my cock and balls. "Do you really need to come or do you just want to cum?" she asked with a little giggle. Naturally I insisted that I really needed to cum. She just kept stroking as she added "You know, this is really making me horny. So horny that its all I can do to keep from putting that rock hard cock deep in my pussy. But since you could never last long enough to satisfy me in your present condition, I have a better idea."

With that, she slowly straddled my head with her legs and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. "If you do a good job, I might get distracted enough to make a mistake and push you over the edge." She then began to suck my cock once more.

That was all the encouraging that I needed. I attacked her clit with my tongue like a wild man. As I did she began to suck harder and faster. The closer I got, the more I tongued her clit and pussy. The more I licked the more she sucked. In my crazed state I thought that it might really be true that she would lose her focus and make me cum. I did everything I could to make that happen. I was right at the verge of erupting (which I now realize she was absolutely aware of, in fact knowing that and the power she had I'm sure is what pushed her over the top) when she screamed in release and collapsed on the bed next to me. Leaving my cock just bobbing in the air, unattended.

I'm pretty sure I actually started to sob in frustration at this point. But Lisa was oblivious as she came down from her orgasmic high. She just laid there with her leg over my chest, her pussy right in my face and her head on my thigh just breathing on my cock. I could feel her breath on my crotch as if it were a blow torch. At the time I thought she was truly in her own world, but it was only my state of mind that didn't understand the sight and smell of her juicy cunt and her breathing right on my cock were totally calculated for the effect they were having.

Lisa slowly came back into the picture, mine not hers, I now realize. She looked at me with a very mischievous smile and said "you never really answered my question". I must admit, at this point I had no idea what she was talking about. I said so. "I asked you if you needed to cum or just wanted to" she replied. "Of course you immediately said yes, but that wasn't really an answer. So now, I'm asking you again; do you need to cum or just want to?"

I replied that I definitely needed to. Here is another point where things changed. My mind was mush at this point, so of course I had no idea of where Lisa was coming from. But she hadn't just discovered my favorite sites earlier this day, she had known for quite some time, and had been intrigued enough to do some serious homework.

"Lisa, I've never needed to cum more in my whole life!" I exclaimed.

She just smiled at me, then after a long pause she said "No, you've never WANTED to cum more, but we are now talking about need. I don't think you know the difference. You need to start to be honest with both of us, so I'm going to ask you a question that I want you to answer in a totally honest way. If you don't, we will both seriously regret it."

She paused for a long time. I had no idea what this was about. Finally she asked me "Peter, you don't want me to stop teasing you do you? You want me to keep teasing you without letting you cum, right?" And then she stopped and waited for me to respond.

I'll never know how long it took. It seemed like days, though I'm sure it was only minutes, maybe even only seconds. There was no other answer I could give. She had seen into my soul and she knew it. Finally I confessed, "Yes, I want you to keep teasing me. Please don't let me cum until you know I really can't take it any more." In the seconds that it took for me to say those words, we both knew our lives had permanently changed.

"Peter, I wouldn't deserve your love and trust if I let you cum before you really need to. Or before I really want you to" she said with a grin that once again scared me. "Which ever comes last!" And then she laughed out loud!

"Its getting late and I'm getting quite tired, but I'm very wet and horny again." With that Lisa once again lowered her moist lips to my face. My mind was numb, but I knew I must give her pleasure. I tried my best to give her the most intense orgasm ever. As I ministered to her sopping wet cunt, I realized that my rock hard rod was getting even harder despite the fact that it had been some time since she had even touched it.

Throughout this licking, she never touched my cock. She just sat on my face and enjoyed. It took a long time for her to get off. And she slumped down on me and held me after. Sleepily she said, "We are making progress here. You have come a long way (she started to giggle helplessly), well maybe not come, but made progress" she laughed "in any case, you have earned a final treat for the evening."

She reached over to the night stand and retrieved a bottle of baby oil. She dripped some on my semi-hard shaft. By now I knew cumming wasn't going to happen tonight, so I couldn't figure out the 'treat'. Lisa started stroking me. As she did she added more oil, so the lubrication was high and the friction was low. She gave me ten very firm, fast, full strokes. "Do you remember the page in Joy of Sex that you dog eared?" she asked? "Dr. Comfort says that a man can't stand more than about 10 minutes of 'Slow Masturbation'. I think more like 45 would be the right time, what do you think?"

I involuntarily groaned. "No, please" I begged, "Please don't do this."

She just smiled again, and poured a bit more oil on my cock. "You already told me this is what you want." Ignoring my pleadings, she spent the next hour (she later told me how long this session was) giving my cock 10 hard, fast strokes alternating with 10 slow ones. Sometimes the slow ones would be hand over hand, from tip to base. Sometimes the opposite. When I got very close, Lisa would wrap her left hand around the shaft of my cock very firmly which would make the head bloat even more and turn a darker shade of purple. Then she would pour a bit more oil in her right palm and slowly and gently rotate her palm clockwise over the head, being sure to just graze the glans.

At the end of this session Lisa simply took my balls in her hand and held them. "OOOH, I think you really have a case of blue balls here." Then she giggled again and cuddled up next to me. She pulled the covers over us, draped her leg over my thigh, laid her forearm over my cock and sighed deeply. "I'm worn out" she said, "I need some rest." After a few minutes I thought she might have drifted off, but she stirred and whispered in my ear "Well babe, how do you feel after your first three hours, its just midnight you know." I groaned loudly. "Do you remember what I said about the end of the 24 hours?" I muttered that I wasn't sure I did (How could I?). "I said you MIGHT get to cum. It depends on you." Exhausted as I was, I nearly yelled asking what she was talking about. "Shh, its late and we need our sleep, tomorrow is a long day" was the only response I got.

To be continued...

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