tagLoving WivesFriday Night Ch. 02

Friday Night Ch. 02


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She snuggled up next to me, her head on my shoulder, her leg over my thigh and her hand laying on my cock. At first she lightly drummed her fingers on my cock, but soon she had that relaxed non-movement of sleep. Her hand was still resting on my cock. Lisa is normally a very light sleeper, but I assumed she was tired out and would sleep very soundly for at least a while. I waited, making sure she would be deep asleep before I initiated my plan. In my current state, it wouldn't take much stimulation to get me off. I knew that just a few minutes of slowly humping myself against her palm would do it. Knowing how light a sleeper she is, I also knew I'd have to be very careful not to wake her up, no matter how tired she was. I waited what seemed like an eternity, and finally she was breathing very deep and regular. Slowly I started to thrust against her hand. I had to be sure to move as little as possible, but enough to effect my shaft being stroked. It wasn't easy, but it was working. I could feel myself building to an explosive orgasm. It would only take a few more strokes now. I was being very careful not to change my pace for fear (no terror) of waking Lisa. I couldn't have been more than a stroke or two away and she moved ever so slightly. Her hand slid down my shaft (which nearly made me cum all by itself) and her hand closed firmly but gently around my nuts. She squeezed ever so slightly and her head moved so her mouth was right next to my ear. First she licked my ear canal, then she whispered, "If you keep that up you'll never get any sleep"

She moved her head back to my shoulder and laid her hand on my thigh, well clear of my cock and balls. Soon she was sound asleep again. I was insane. After a while her hand was back on my cock. How it got there I don't even know. I tried my futile attempt to hump her hand twice more. With almost exactly the same results. The final attempt ended with Lisa stroking my cock slowly and firmly for about two minutes, one more time bringing me tantalizingly close to my desire. Then she simply stopped and said "If you don't stop that, I'm not going to give you any peace at all. Now take advantage of this rest period and try to sleep!"

I began to think that I'd better do as she said. I obviously was not going to be successful at getting my rocks off, and it began to occur to me that if I pushed too far, I'd end up with even bigger regrets than I already had.

I tried to relax. I slept very fitfully off and on the rest of the night. I had no sense of time and dozed and woke repeatedly. Every now and then Lisa would give my cock a short dose of stimulation, which had the effect of keeping me in an almost constant state of erection and my balls throbbing with a dull ache. When daylight started to show at the windows I felt wasted and exhausted, even though I knew I'd slept some, but clearly not much.

Lisa is usually a late sleeper on weekends and between the combination of several orgasms and staying up late, it was well after 9:00 when she finally stirred. I'd been wide awake for some time. However, given the expectation I held for the day, I was glad to delay its start as long as possible. Finally awake, Lisa went to her dresser and was getting something out of her drawer. I couldn't see what. She held it behind her as she came back to the bed. "I know that ultimately you will learn some self control" she said, "but if I turn you loose now, there is no way you will refrain from jerking off". I insisted that she was wrong, but of course she knew better! Finally she showed me what she had.

At first I didn't know what it was, but then I soon realized it was some kind of a cock-cage. Lisa was taking no chances. She place the cage over my fairly flaccid cock and my scrotum. The straps went around the top of each thigh, there was also a waist strap that went just above my butt. The straps were very snug and Kevlar type material that assured the only way to remove this device was to use the key (oh yes, there was a rather stout padlock holding the whole thing in place). Lisa assured me that the key was somewhere I'd never find it. The device wasn't particularly uncomfortable, in fact it was big enough I could probably get a near full erection before it would get tight, but there was absolutely no way I could get any stimulation to my cock.

"Here is how today is going to go. You are going to be completely naked all day. You are going to wear that cage except when you are restrained, which will be most of the time today. If you don't do exactly what I tell you, you will not be allowed to cum at the end of the day and while I'll have to let you remove this by Monday if you don't behave, you won't be getting any orgasms from me for at least a solid month. "Do you understand?"

"Yes" was my only possible response.

"Go fix us something to eat, you'll need your strength!"

I went straight to the kitchen and fixed us a breakfast of coffee and croissant with fresh fruit. I would have opted for bacon and eggs, but Lisa would much prefer this. It seemed smart to make any points I could. Her constant reference to the possibility of not getting to cum at the end of the day had my attention. I was determined to please her in every way I could so as to avoid that fate.

Other than the fact that I was sitting at the table completely naked except for my cock cage, this could have been a normal weekend morning, sitting at breakfast just chatting. Lisa was wearing a short silk robe, open enough to show her very ample cleavage, and the material is thin enough that her nipples poking sharply through it gave away her level of excitement not normally present at breakfast on a Saturday morning after a previous night of lovemaking. Lisa was obviously very turned on by the situation and thoroughly enjoying it all.

"I am so turned on that I'll never be able to concentrate if I don't cum first. So get over here and lick me, NOW!" Immediately I was on my knees at the dining room table, licking my wife's cunt for all I was worth. My cock was straining against the cock cage. I focused all my attention to Lisa's impending orgasm and soon felt her thighs clasping my head as she shuddered and drenched my face in her juices. She tasted delicious and her aroma increased my ache to yet a higher level. Finally she slumped in the chair.

After a minute or two she told me to go get the wrist restraints from the bedroom. By the time I returned she seemed recovered. She had me turn around and she secured my wrists firmly together behind my back. That done, she left the room telling me to wait. She returned with the key and removed the cage. My cock sprang to full erection. She grabbed it like a handle and we headed toward the bathroom.

Lisa adjusted the water temp and we both stepped into the large stall shower. She said nothing, just started soaping herself all over. Soon she was giving her tits a special cleaning, pinching and rolling her nipples with her thumbs and forefingers, pulling them right at me. By the time she moved to her pussy, her nipples were sticking out further than I'd ever seen. She stared straight into my eyes and smiled as she worked her fingers in her cunt. I kept looking from her face to her crotch. Finally my eyes were glued to her hands as one held open her lips and the other pulled, twisted and stroked her clit. Before long she was moaning and cumming again. She sagged against the shower wall and let the water just flow over her.

In a minute she looked at me and said, "I can't believe how much this is turning me on! I haven't cum this much in years." It was true, since our very early days together I couldn't remember her cumming more than twice in a day. I'd lost track of how many times she had cum in the last 12 or so hours. I think she had too.

"Now its your turn" she announced. The look on my face must have been one of ecstasy because she immediately started laughing hard. "No, not to cum you idiot, to get clean!" With that she began to lather me up all over, shampoo, underarms, everywhere...except my cock or balls. She took every opportunity to rub her tits against me and gave special attention to my ass and thighs. Every once in a while she would brush my cock or balls with her arm or leg, but never really touch them.

"Almost done," she giggled "just a couple of more spots." My nipples were next, she lathered them well and then after rubbing them with the palm of her hand, then her finger tips and finally rolling them pinchingly with her thumb and forefinger, she flicked at them with her nails while she directed the water to rinse me.

"Only one thing left," she intoned, "you didn't think I'd ignore that did you?" I groaned, certain she wasn't going to ignore 'that' but the show she had put on so far had me so close to the edge of orgasm without her having touched me there I was sure it would be agony when she finally did. I was right.

She began lathering up my scrotum. She gently soaped my balls over and over. Giving them her tortuous massage. The precum was again flowing steadily from the head of my cock and my balls truly ached. "Please, Lisa, please! I'll do ANYTHING, ANYTHING at all, but please make me cum. I can't stand anymore!" I begged.

"Oooh, I love hearing you beg like that, you don't have to stop." I didn't. I went on for about five minutes, giving it all that I had. Mostly repeating the same thing over and over. She just kept massaging my balls and saying nothing.

Finally she gave my cock a few slow strokes, lathering it. That was nearly enough to make me cum at this point. Then she stopped and looked me in the eyes. "Would you really do anything?" she asked, her tits rubbing my chest. My cock touching her belly.

I almost screamed "Yes, anything!"

"Would you agree to letting me do this once every week if I let you cum now?"


"How about twice a week?"


"Will you lick me off whenever I want?"


"Will you promise never to masturbate again, unless I tell you to?"


She went on like this for a little while, asking me if I would do more and more things that gave her control of both of our sex lives. She knew at this point I would say yes to anything, and I would have. Essentially I had agreed to let her completely control our sex life from now on.

"Okay" she said, and began to stroke my cock very slowly.

I was delirious. I'd won. I'd have to let her control our sex life, but that wouldn't be so bad. I was going to get to cum, and right NOW!

To be continued

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