tagBDSMFriday Night Ch. 04

Friday Night Ch. 04


This story is protected by copyright, by Peter, the author, and cannot be reposted or used for any purpose without his prior consent. But please email the author at the link below to request such consent.

I've posted this final part in BDSM based on much feedback from readers. I agree it doesn't really fit in 'Loving Wives', but don't fully think BDSM is quite right either. I considered fetish, but choose this. The story was originally published on a different site where it was in 'Female Domination', but of course Literotica doesn't have that category. I have more stories in this genre that I plan to publish here, so feedback as to the most appropriate category would be appreciated.


She directed me into our den. The furniture in this room is very large, heavy wood framed leather. She told me to lay on the floor with my head and shoulders propped up on some pillows right in front of the large couch. Before laying down however, she'd had me help her move the easy chair into a place facing the couch but only about four feet away. It didn't take long before I realized why, but I still had no idea what she had in mind. Once I was positioned, she secured my wrists to the legs on the couch. My legs were forced wide apart by the presences of the chair and once she secured my ankles to the back legs of it, I was quite immobile. That accomplished, she removed the cock cage. The furniture was far too heavy for me to move, except possibly I could push the chair around a few inches, but what would be the point. My arms were held straight out from my shoulders and my legs spread very wide. I felt quite vulnerable and my cock and balls were very exposed. I was sure that was the point, but I was becoming very curious as to what was she was going to do next. Lisa asked if I was comfortable. I answered honestly that I was. In fact it was a position I could probably stay in for quite a while before it bothered me. It would turn out that was a good thing.

"For 45 minutes I am going to torment you. At first it will be very pleasurable, but you can be sure I won't let you cum and it will become very frustrating very fast. You can beg, in fact I'd like that, it turns me on to hear it, and you can plead. You can do whatever you want, but you won't be able to stop it. I'm going to drive you wild for 45 non-stop minutes. The good news for you is that you're going to get 20 points for it. No bonuses, but no penalties either, since there isn't anything you can do one way or the other. So you see, by 3:00 you'll be almost half way there and you'll still have five hours left for us to play" The grin on her face was unbelievable. I'd never seen her look so mischievous. "Well, I'd better go get ready now. Wait right here" she giggled.

She was gone about 10 minutes. When she returned, I must had gasped rather loudly. "So you like?" She had on a pair of lace topped stockings. The lace was pink, the perfect color to set off her hair and complexion, the stockings themselves were "nude" a slightly tan color that contrasted with her milky white skin in an amazing way. They were supported by a frilly pink lace garter belt. A matching pair of pink lace panties and bra comprised the rest of her outfit. The whole ensemble was something I'd given her as a gift from Victoria's Secret several years before. I hadn't seen it on her in a very long time, I didn't even know she still had them. The sight of her in this outfit literally took my breath away. Since I'd had a while to rest, my cock was almost fully soft, the sight of Lisa changed that immediately.

"Mmm, I see you do. In spite of the wonderful orgasms you've given me, and you really have done a splendid job, I need to relax for a while. I'm going for a glass of Chardonnay, do you want to come with me, opps, sorry again!"

She returned with a glass of wine and a book. What the Hell is going on, I wondered? I soon found out. Lisa sat in the chair, which now meant I couldn't move it at all, even if I wanted to. She started reading her book and sipping her wine, and acting as if I wasn't even there. That didn't last long, at least not from my perspective. I don't have a foot fetish, but I do love the feel of silk against any part of me, especially my cock. Very soon her foot was resting on my cock. She began to slide it up and down my shaft, putting only a small amount of pressure on my organ. She put the ball of her foot at the base of my cock and then slid it up until it slid over the glans and off the very tip. This meant her arch was now resting over the length of my cock and her heel pushing gently on my balls. At this point she started to roll my cock from side to side. She kept this up for a while and then her toes went to work on my cock head. Soon she slid her toes back down the shaft and started to massage my balls with them.

It was as Lisa had foretold, it was very pleasurable at first, but in a very short time, given my state caused by last night and today, I was on the verge of cumming once again. Lisa varied the stimulation. She would use one foot, then the other and then she would use both at once, for example she would trap my shaft between her arches and slowly stroke up and down. The combination of the silky stocking and the fact that the space between her feet was big enough that my cock was just lightly pressured, was keeping me constantly stimulated, but it wasn't sufficient to push me over to orgasm. I was beginning to think I would literally go mad.

Even though she seemed to be paying no attention to me at all, Lisa was once again as good as her word. She had me on the edge of cumming the whole while, but never quite enough to finish. She would somehow know when she had to take a break, but it was always very short and she would quickly be back at it just as soon as I calmed down even the slightest. I was soon begging for relief. Again swearing I'd do ANYTHING if she would just let me cum. I was moaning a lot too.

Suddenly the phone rang. Much to my amazement, Lisa picked up the cordless phone sitting on the table next to her. Before she pushed the Talk button she looked at me and while smiling, said "If you aren't quiet while I'm on the phone, you WILL lose points."

"Hello KATHY, I haven't talked to you in forever, how are you?" All the while, her feet never skipped a beat.

Let me tell you about Kathy. My wife Lisa is quite a good looking, well built woman. However, Kathy is something else again. Centerfold good looks. Victoria's Secret catalog material, need I go on? In any case, she is almost as tall as me (I'm 5'11") about 5'8" or 9", she is slender, but has a GREAT body. Tight ass; large, firm tits; longish blond hair, blue eyes that you can melt in. Very beautiful face, long slender fingers, the kind of muscular legs that look sculpted. You get the idea, she is drop dead gorgeous. A definite head turner. The kind of woman that men, me included, have fantasies about.

While Lisa's feet were busy with my cock, she was having the most average conversation with Kathy, in fact I was barely paying any attention to it under the circumstances. I was mostly concerned with staying quiet, which was no small feat (no pun intended). I did hear her ask Kathy if she could hold for a minute.

"I know how you fantasize about Kathy, should I inviter her over to join us?" Lisa asked with a smile.

"God NO, absolutely not, please don't do that!" First, I'd never said what I thought about Kathy, but wives obviously can tell these things, second, I never would have considered that Lisa would follow through on such a thing, but then in the last 24 hours I'd come to realize that Lisa was still much more of a mystery to me than I'd thought.

She just giggled and said "Don't worry, I'm not going to do that this time, besides I want you all to myself today."

"This time" I thought? Still doing a number with her feet, Lisa returned to the phone.

"Sorry, I had to check on the meat" she started. "Oh just hanging around the house, not doing much. Having a relaxing weekend so far. Actually, I'm being a bit of a cock tease, I started last night doing little things to get Peter hot. You know brushing against him, dressing a little sexy. By tonight I imagine he'll really be in the mood. Some day soon, maybe I'll fill you in on the details. Okay, lets do it soon. Gotta run now, bye." My god did Lisa have a talent for understatement. I couldn't believe the conversation she had just had with Kathy. Frankly, it scared me.

"Well, time's up" Lisa announced. "That 45 minutes just flew by, didn't it" she smiled. She mentioned that I'd made a mess of her stockings and proceeded to put on an amazing show of sliding her ass to the front of the chair and rolling down each stocking very sexily. As she did this I had a direct view of her lace clad snatch and could see the very moist spot there too.

I think you need to clean up this mess since you caused it. She then drove me more insane by slowly slipping her panties off and tossing them over my face. With that she strolled out of the room, giving me a beautiful view of her naked ass as she left. "I'll be back" she voiced over her shoulder as she left.

Lisa had been gone for quite a while, when she returned it was obvious she had freshened up. She had put on a heavy dose of my favorite perfume. And was wearing a pink cashmere sweater and nothing else. It was just long enough to cover her ass cheeks and it was unbuttoned as far as possible without her tits falling all the way out, though it was such a fine material that her nipples created two peaks that were clearly visible.

She'd been gone long enough that I was mostly soft again, so she quickly replaced the cage. Lisa released me and then she picked up the stockings and panties she had been wearing and handed them to me. Your next task is to hand wash these. She sent me straight to the laundry sink to begin. As I worked, she came up behind me and leaned against my back. Rubbing her tits on me through the incredibly soft wool. She also reached around and started playing with my nipples.

"Hurry up and finish those, you're using up valuable time. Its four o'clock and you still need over 50 points. I'm afraid you aren't going to make it."

I nearly started to cry, "Please, don't do this, I can't stand it. I'll work harder, anything, PLEASE, just give me a chance to earn the points, please." I was reduced to frantic begging.

"Calm down" she said, "I'll give you the opportunity to still get to 100, but it is going to get much harder from now on. Here is what we're going to do." Lisa went on to inform me that she was getting so high from playing with my cock and balls and frustrating me so much, that from now until 8:00, she was going to do increasingly maddening things to me. Things that would make the foot episode seem like a break. (I knew that was impossible, but I didn't doubt that she hadn't reached her capacity for driving me wild.) "For you to reach 100 points, we're going to have to be at it almost non-stop though. Oh, don't worry too much, I'll give you regular breaks" she paused, then went on "so I can sit on your face and relieve MY tension. It probably won't help your situation much, but those are the breaks" she giggled. "Oh yeah, don't forget you need to contribute some ideas of your own. I'd be thinking if I were you, and you won't make it unless they are really good!"

"Now, we better get started or you'll run out of time, what's next? I know!" she exclaimed.

We were soon back in the bedroom, with me once again spread eagle on the bed. Lisa began another long, torturously slow blow job. It started out as a good, solid, wet blow job of deep slow strokes, taking almost all of my cock on each down stroke. Naturally it was no time at all before I was on the edge again. Once there Lisa held me there with a variety of techniques. She was relentless, never backing off more than a fraction, just enough to keep me from cumming, but never enough to stop the twitching and throbbing of being 'right there'. She licked my balls and even took them in her mouth and sucked on them. This was even worse than the ball massages she had given me earlier. She would lick slowly up the underside giving a special attention of tongue flicks to that most sensitive spot just under the head. She would swirl her tongue around and around the head, occasionally taking the tip of it and wiping a drop of precum right out of my pee hole. She would gently bite the head all over, scraping her teeth over the most sensitive spots.

There was never a let up, never a chance to recover even slightly. She constantly changed the stimulation and went through all her tricks over and over, but in a different order each time. I completely lost of all sense of time. I was simply crazy. True to her word, this was the most frustrating scene yet. The notion that Lisa intended to make each new session "better" than the last was incomprehensible, but I no longer doubted that she both could and would. I moaned and begged and thrashed and carried on. I knew it would do no good, but I couldn't help it. I begged her over and over to finish me. The more I exhibited my agony the more excited Lisa became.

Also true to her word, I got short breaks every so often, how often I have no idea. During those breaks, Lisa would straddle my face and nearly smother me with her cunt as I made her cum. I swear each one was more powerful than the last.

During the next few hours I lost track of almost everything. I do remember that one of my "suggestions" had me giving her back door a thorough tongue worshiping including a virtual session of anal intercourse with my tongue as a phallus. All during this she was position so as to be able to continue stimulating my cock and balls, which she did non-stop.

By the time we started the final session of this three hour marathon (although I didn't know at the time that it was to be the final, nor did I have any idea how long we had been at it since my last real break) my jaw was aching and my tongue was nearly numb from the numerous times Lisa had used my face as a fleshy vibrator.

Once again Lisa proved to be a woman of her word. This last session was definitely even more difficult for me than any of the earlier ones. She started what was to be 60 non-stop minutes of slow masturbation (discussed earlier). Only this time she added several new innovations. For starters she was using some kind of lubricant that while quite soothing to my nearly raw dick, reduced the friction so substantially that her strokes were far less efficient at moving me closer to orgasm. Of course they didn't let me recover at all either. Both influences were exactly as she planned. Consequently she was able to perform the 10 fast firm strokes more often. She also developed a method of doing a large number of very, very slow strokes of just my shaft with one hand while the other well lubricated hand would rotate and rotate as if on a slippery doorknob, first the head of my cock then on my balls. Alternating back and forth, back and forth while the slow stokes of my shaft continued uninterrupted for an eternity. Then more of the fast, firm strokes.

Every time I thought I had reached a limit beyond which it was impossible to feel more stimulation and more frustration without cumming, Lisa proved able to push me to yet another level. When she stopped, I didn't even realize she had for a moment. Blue balls doesn't remotely begin to describe what I was feeling. My scrotum felt (and looked for all I know) like a very ripe tomato, with the skin stretched so tight that the slightest touch would cause it to explode. My balls felt as if they must be at least twice their normal size, again perhaps they really were.

It was almost 7:00. Just one hour to go until "the final hour". I still needed 10 more points to reach 100. "You still have to come up with one last idea" Lisa pointed out. "You'd better make it very good, because otherwise you will have to endure my best hour of teasing yet - knowing there will be no relief at the end!" My mind was screaming, what could I suggest that she would agree was worth the ten points. I knew one aspect that she would love, but wasn't sure I could do it, however if I didn't come up with something good enough the consequences were too much to bear! I decided to explain my plan and preyed it was good enough.

"I think you'll like this" I started. "It really is the most frustrating thing I can think of."

"I like it already" Lisa grinned.

I continued to explain what would in fact be the most frustrating hour I could imagine. First, since if I didn't earn 10 points I'd be short of the necessary 100, and because any extra points wouldn't matter. I suggested an all or nothing situation. If I was successful, I had the 100 points. If I failed, it was over. I'd have to submit to Lisa's "super hour" and suffer the consequence of not cumming at the end.

Here was the challenge. Lisa would leave me tied spread eagle on the bed. Then I would have to endure (10 times, one for each necessary point) her lowering her pussy onto my cock. Once all the way inside her, she would do that unbelievably maddening trick of hers, where she squeezes my cock by contracting the muscles in her vagina walls. Believe me, she can make a cock feel it! But even in my state, the squeezing wouldn't be enough of the right kind of stimulation to get me off. She would have to slide on and off very, very slowly though. And that would just serve to exacerbate the total frustration. Even though I would be tied, it would be impossible to totally immobilize me, therefore I added the rule that I mustn't move while I was inside of her. If I tried to thrust or even squirm, again I lost.

Lisa was positively jubilant. "I love it!" she squealed. "You realize that you've given me a huge challenge don't you. I don't want you to get to cum tonight, but I promised if you get to 100 points it will be up to you. So now all I have to do is make you squirm or thrust and YOU DON'T GET TO CUM. Plus I still get my last hour! Its perfect! I love you Peter." With that she bent over and gave me a very loving kiss.

Though I knew Lisa was sopping, she still ran to the bathroom to retrieve that super slick lube of hers. She wasn't taking any chances that she might push me over the edge. In fact, she told me that just thinking about it was turning her on so much that she wasn't sure she could control herself once I was inside her. "I know" she chirped with that evil grin again, "I'll just let you make me cum once more before we start." With that she spun around and wiggled her cunt right down on my face. It took only a moment before she was shuddering all over one more time.

After a couple of minutes to recover she positioned herself so she could slide onto my cock, but not before she slathered the lube all up and down my shaft. "Here we go!" And with that she started lowering herself. I couldn't believe how slowly she slid down my shaft. Lisa and I had played this game before, but never when I was in a state anything like this. It took every bit of will power I had not to thrust up into her. Finally she was all the way down. Once, twice, three times she contracted her cunt on me. I knew I'd gone too far. There was no way I could do this ten times. I was already sweating profusely and my muscles were starting to tremble. At last she slid all the way off. I realized my eyes were screwed shut. When I opened them I saw Lisa looking down at me with the smile of the cat who ate the canary. With no further pause, she started to lower herself again. I managed to keep from moving again, but on the second squeeze I could feel that I was about to cum. "YES" screamed my mind, but of course Lisa sensed it too and quickly pulled off. She was just barely in time. My cock was pulsing and flowing cum freely, but I didn't orgasm. It was the closest I been yet, and the most frustrating experience of all!

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