tagGroup SexFriday Night Crush Pt. 05

Friday Night Crush Pt. 05


When they got back into the bedroom Dan was awake, and looking around him with confused, half-open eyes. He brightened considerably the moment he saw them. "Hey there, sleepy," Tina waved at him. "You all rested now?" Her eyes wandered down his body, and she gave a little nod. "Yep, I can see you are."

"Well I didn't sleep much, but..." He rolled over onto his side, his cock springing up in the air. "I did have a few nice dreams."

Kelly sprung onto the bed with catlike speed and crawled up to him, a mischievous smile on her face. "Yeah, no prizes for guessing who they were about," Tina chipped in. She watched as Kelly snuggled against his chest, grabbing his dick as though he were her husband. They kissed, gently at first but with increasing force, her hand stroking him at the same pace.

Dan lay back on the bed and let Kelly hover over him, his vision filled with her sparkling brown eyes. "I bet your cock gets hard a lot, doesn't it?" she murmured. As if to prove her point, it twitched in her hand as a shiver of excitement ran through Dan. He could hardly believe that he was right here, with the shy little girl from Tina's work, and she was not only talking dirty to him but doing it like she was born for it.

"It gets harder when there's a beautiful girl on the other end of it," he replied, his hips thrusting up into her closed fist. Kelly smiled, and kissed him again. Dan let her make love to him for a few seconds more, lying trapped beneath her tempting body, before he sprang to his knees and pulled her into a hard, animal clinch. He kissed her roughly round her neck and throat, holding her in a vice-like grip. Kelly threw her head back and allowed him free reign, her eyes closed and her breathing frantic.

"God, you really can't get enough of her, can you?" Tina laughed. Underneath her humour she was secretly aroused, because she knew Dan wasn't listening, that he didn't care about any of her quips or comments. All he had eyes for was Kelly. As he kissed her he slipped two fingers inside her pussy and began to pump them hard, loud enough for Tina to hear the wet, sticky sound they produced. Kelly slumped against his shoulder and cried out, her back arching. She held onto his hand for a few seconds before she pulled his fingers out and licked them dry right in front of him. Even more impatient than he was, she shuffled forwards against his cock and felt it brush teasingly over her outer lips.

Dan put his hand round Kelly's throat and held her in place, easing his dick up inside her; and the third time round was just as blissful as the first two. He let out a deep breath and saw her do the same, her eyes squeezed shut. With his hands clasped together over the crack of her ass he thrust into her, feasting on her breasts at the same time. Kelly let out a whimper and crumpled down onto the bed, taking him with her. He spread her legs and gave her a couple of deep strokes, deep enough for her to feel it right at the back of her pussy. Kelly's mouth opened wide and she stared up at Tina, who was standing right at the edge of the bed, playing with herself.

"Be a good girl and take it, huh Kell?" she whispered. She reached down and played with her breasts, shamelessly taking advantage of her. Kelly lifted her head off the bed and stared at Dan, her face red with exertion; and just as he began to think he had pushed her too far, a familiar toothy grin spread across her face. She fell back on the covers with an exquisite sigh, closing her eyes. When she opened them again Tina's mouth was right above hers, and she lay quite still and let her kiss her. "You sexy little beast," Tina muttered, placing a finger on her lips and feeling it flood with her warm breath.

After a moment's pause, his dick getting bigger all the time, Dan put his arms round Kelly's shoulders and pulled her towards him. "Come here." Her body seemed to tremble at the firmness of his voice and his touch. He kissed her deeply, their heads swiveling from side to side in mutual ecstasy. Then he moved back towards his side of the bed, taking her with him. "Lie down," he instructed her, and she lay on her side, huddled in his arms while he took up position behind her. Tina climbed onto the bed and padded towards them, her eyes gleaming in expectation.

"This is what you were dreaming about, isn't it?" she purred. "Doing her like this."

"Well I had my dick up against her all night, so..." Dan wrapped his arm round Kelly's neck and drew her into another kiss. "Yeah, it crossed my mind." He took hold of his penis and eased it between her legs, searching for the right angle. Kelly lifted her right leg and reached down to help guide him in. There was a brief moment where they were staring silently at each other, the tip of his shaft poised on her flesh. Then it slipped neatly inside, and Kelly gave a little mewl of pleasure, her fingers and toes flexing against the bed. Dan locked his arm tighter round her throat, the other one across her stomach, and kissed her right on the trembling veins of her neck.

Tina settled down on her side of the bed and watched the show unfold. From time to time she reached out and stroked Kelly's hair and breasts, but for the most part they were so lost in each other that she didn't want to interfere. She was close enough to Dan to see the sweat glistening on his forehead and the twitch of his bicep muscles as he clung to Kelly's midriff. She could also see the first streaks of grey in his temples, but in every other way he looked younger, not older: as strong and energetic as the first night they got together. Just like her first experience with another woman had helped her see her own body in a new light, being able to watch him in action with someone else made him so much more exciting, and sexier. She experienced a pang of jealousy as she watched them frantically screwing; but deep down, she knew which one she was more jealous of. Dan had felt just the same about her when he watched her lock lips with Kelly, she was sure of it.

Kelly's head rested delicately on her forearm, her eyes closed. Her normally smooth hair hung over her face in messy clumps and a bright shade of pink had spread across her chest. Dan's body was curled protectively round hers, pushing her deeper into the fabric of the bed. She placed his hand over her chest, inviting him to pinch her nipples. He grabbed her breast and squeezed it, silencing her gasp with another hard, passionate kiss. She ran her leg gently against his, enjoying the feeling of being in his possession. Tina looked down at her crotch and saw a thick, creamy fluid oozing out onto his shaft. The two of them seemed magically to dissolve into each other, Kelly slumping further into his clutches and Dan pounding her harder and harder, letting his desire for her run wild. He gave a sudden cry and slumped over her, his breathing hard and rasping. Tina knew the signs; she'd been responsible for enough of them herself. "God, Kelly... Kelly..."

She looked back at him over her shoulder, her exhausted face breaking out into a smile. "Let it go," she whispered. "Let it go." He looked at her closely, wanting to make sure, and she gave him a reassuring kiss. Dan held her by the throat again as he thrust into her pussy, his strokes getting shorter and shallower. For a moment he was completely still, his body pressed against hers; then he let out a gasp of astonishment, and his hips jerked forward with the force of his orgasm. Tina initially focused on his face, but low curiosity led her eyes south to his crotch instead. She saw his cock jolt forwards into Kelly's pussy, subside and then jolt again as a second jet of sperm shot out. He grunted hard, his thighs shaking, and buried his face in Kelly's neck. Tina had never seen him so wonderfully helpless. If she could have got him in that state all over again, she would have jumped in and done it.

Underneath Dan's groan was a softer one from Kelly, appreciating all his efforts. She lay quietly in his grasp, stroking his arm as the energy ebbed out of his shaking body. When he had recovered his breath, she reached up and gave him a comforting pat on the cheek. She caught Tina's gaze and raised her eyebrows, and the two women shared a private smile as they both tried to work out how much cum was floating around inside her. Dan rested against her back for a good thirty seconds more, arms still locked round her waist. Finally he heaved himself up, cradling her head towards him. "Are you all right?"

"That's what I was going to ask you!" she giggled. "I'm fine. Nice and warm." She looked down at her crotch and saw that semen was already oozing out of it. "That was like sitting over the jet in a hot tub!"

"He must be eating something special. I've never been able to get that much out of him," Tina commented with a touch of envy. Just as quickly however, her mood softened, and she reached up and stroked his hair. "Poor guy must be totally empty by now."

"You bet!" Dan sighed, hugging Kelly to him. "And you were worth every last drop." He kissed her briefly, and she cooed her gratitude. Then their lips met again and they kissed properly, a long gentle embrace in which they explored each other as thoroughly as they had in the first throes of passion. Tina watched in rapt silence, marveling at how Kelly managed to spin this intoxicating web around them both without even trying. Dan looked determined to go for round four with her, even when it was clearly beyond his abilities.

Kelly ran her finger down Dan's nose, resting it on his mouth. "Thank you," she whispered. Dan stared into her eyes for a long time, then finally yielded to necessity and laid her carefully down on the bed. He was even more careful as he backed out of her, leaving a long streak of cum coating her thigh. Her pussy was swollen and red, glistening with traces of the huge deposit he had left inside her. Kelly slowly rolled over onto her back, keeping her legs locked together. She glanced down and gave a nervous grimace. "Um, this is going to leave quite a mess."

Tina stretched out beside Kelly, cupping her left breast. "No it's not," she reassured her. "I'll tidy it up for you." As she nuzzled at Kelly's neck, she heard her give a little gasp of surprise at the realisation of what she was planning. She caught Dan's eye and he seemed a little surprised, and impressed; she gave him a challenging look in return. "If that's all right with you, lovely," she whispered in Kelly's ear.

"Yeah, of course... it's just..." She waved her hand in embarrassment. "I mean, there's a lot of cum in there. Just so you know!"

"It's all right, it doesn't scare me. I've had it straight from the source before," she pointed out, glancing at Dan. "Y'know, birthdays, anniversaries... any night he takes the trash out on time... I'm very easily persuaded."

Dan gave a little frown. "Not easily enough for my liking."

"Hey, you should be having a shower. And a large breakfast, I think you're gonna need it! We'll come down as soon as we're finished. As soon as we're ready, anyway." She squeezed Kelly's hand and gave her a peck on the shoulder. Dan lingered for just a moment. "Please?" she added quietly, her eyes imploring him, and underneath the banter Dan could see how important this was to her. He got off the bed, moved round to her side and leant over her.

"Take all the time you want," he murmured, kissing her goodbye. Tina's lips betrayed more than a hint of her excitement. She watched him leave the room, before lying down slowly on the bed, her head turned toward Kelly's. They stared at each other in silence for a few moments, their hands still entwined. "How did that feel then, honey?" she eventually asked in the softest of tones.

"Amazing!" Kelly beamed, with a burst of puppyish enthusiasm. "He was so worked up, he was all tense, and then... it all just shot out. I felt it hit the top of my pussy. That was so cool, knowing I did that to him."

"Yeah, that is a pretty good feeling."

"Has he done that with you before, then?"

"Uh, well if my memory serves me right he's done it at least once. You've seen the result, Kell. You've played in the yard with him."

"Oh God," Kelly exclaimed, putting a hand to her face. "I'm such an idiot."

"No you're not." Tina rolled over onto her side and ran a hand down Kelly's torso. "But you do need some..." She kissed her between her breasts. "...Attention."

"Yeah, and in one spot in particular too," Kelly giggled, pointing between her legs. She was obviously starting to leak. Tina held her round the neck and kissed her, then got up on her knees.

"Just shuffle down to the end of the bed, sweetie. Don't worry, I'll put some cushions under your head." She gathered them from the pillows and arranged them neatly behind Kelly, leaving one behind which she deposited on the floor. Kelly reached the end of the bed and waited awkwardly, her knees pulled up and her feet just sticking out over the edge. Tina knelt over her, surveying her body, wanting so badly to kiss and lick it from her forehead to her toenails; but she had a job to do, and a pleasurable one at that. She got off the bed, knelt on the cushion and held Kelly gently by her ankles.

"It's OK, hon. I can take it from here. I'm not going to rush it. I'm just going to make you feel as good as possible." Kelly nodded, and smiled as Tina kissed her on her feet. Slowly she pulled her legs open, and was greeted by the sight, and smell, of her freshly fucked pussy. Her labia were bulging outwards, and little pools of cum had collected either side of her crotch. Tina could tell there was much more in there, and she worked her way gradually towards it, kissing Kelly up both thighs and licking up the smaller traces of sperm as she went. She paused above her pussy, gave one last look at Kelly, and then descended onto it with her outstretched tongue.

Instantly a river of cum flooded into her mouth, and she gagged slightly, pursing her lips to try and take it down at a sensible speed. She eased forward, taking small gulps, pressing her face into Kelly's red-raw flesh. She was rewarded with a moan of contentment that made her determined to lick every last trace of cum out of her pussy. As the semen continued to flow out, she spread it over Kelly's clit, using it as lube. With every forward motion she took two mouthfuls, one from her pussy and one on her clit, and the delicious taste of both her and Dan together was an exciting cocktail. She swirled her head from side to side, drenching her mouth and chin.

Her eyes peered up Kelly's body, and she could see her face screwed up and her mouth wide open, reaching into the air. She was very quiet, her body hardly moving, but her chest was rising and falling steadily. Her hand reached down and took Tina by the scalp, and Tina would have been perfectly happy if she had directed her at will, showing her what to do; but all she did was ruffle her hair, giving her gentle encouragement. Even more aroused, Tina pressed on. She clung onto Kelly's thighs, clenching her lips round her pussy, devouring her as fast as she could. She was starting to focus more on her clit with each stroke, gliding around the hood and then sucking the liquid off it with a loud smacking noise. She felt her own pussy begin to drip with excitement, wishing she had another hand to give it some satisfaction.

The next few minutes passed in blissful silence, until out of nowhere Kelly gave a sudden cry and bucked against Tina's mouth. With a muffled grunt of reassurance, Tina doubled down on her clit, engulfing it completely. Slowly but surely she licked her towards her climax, amazed at how confident and in control she felt. She knew exactly how to build up the pressure, and when to maintain it to push Kelly over the edge. When Kelly's legs clenched around her head and she gave a loud squeal of delight, the euphoria of her orgasm seemed to flow straight into Tina as well. She felt an inner glow of pride at what she had accomplished. It wasn't just a pleasure to get her off, it was a privilege.

Carefully she backed away from Kelly's ultra-sensitive clit, admiring the sight of her quivering body. She kept her distance for a moment, almost in respect, before a sudden burst of desire overtook her and she pushed back into her pussy to lick the last vestiges of cum out. Kelly winced slightly, her body twisting to one side, but she allowed Tina to clean her out completely. Tina kissed her just above her crotch, then got up onto the bed and straddled her. Bending low over her body, she felt like she had always wanted to feel about Kelly; not just her lover, but her protector too. She smoothed her hair back from her face and gave her a deep kiss, transferring the semen to her mouth. The thick taste swirled around their tongues as they made long, delicious love to each other.

"That was the first cum you felt in your pussy," Tina whispered, staring straight into Kelly's eyes. They remained still for a few seconds, Kelly breathing hard as she recovered from her orgasm. Tina felt like she was crushing her, crouched above her like this, but with a grateful sigh Kelly grabbed her and pulled her full body weight down on top of her. Their hot, sweaty bodies rubbed together as they kissed frantically. Kelly wrapped her legs around Tina's ass, ensnaring her body as though she didn't want to ever let it go. She grabbed a handful of her breasts, straining forward to try and reach them with her mouth. Tina laughed. "Wow, you really are a little horndog, aren't you? I should have realised sooner."

"Uh-huh," Kelly nodded, a wicked streak showing through her cute dimples. "Don't you ever wonder why I spend so long in the bathroom at work?"

"You don't really...?"

"Sometimes. I can't always wait all day."

"You dirty little..." Tina rolled over onto one side, dragging Kelly with her, and they romped around on the bed with carefree abandon. She had tasted so much of her mouth, her neck, her breasts, but still she wanted more; Kelly was an addiction that she just couldn't conquer. She placed one leg on top of hers and cuddled her tightly, breathing in the scent of her warm skin. The two women finally settled down in the middle of the bed, still locked in each other's arms, their senses on fire.

Kelly dug her hands underneath Tina's back and kissed her down her throat, heading straight for her chest. When she reached her breasts she plunged between them, her face thrashing from side to side. Tina giggled, pushing her tits together to present her with a more manageable target. Kelly grabbed them eagerly and squeezed them like a bag of fruit, kissing first one nipple, then the other. Reluctantly she had to choose, and focused on the right one. She sucked down on it with surprising force, making Tina gasp. With her free hand she worked away at the other breast, sinking it into her wonderfully round, yielding flesh.

Tina lay back against the pillows and watched Kelly, absorbed not only by her beauty but by her total delight in what she was doing. She looked like a child who'd discovered a new toy and didn't want it taken away. When she finally came up for air her mouth was gaping wide and her eyes dancing. "God, I'm so jealous," she muttered, both hands full of breast. "I'll never have anything like these. Never."

"Yeah, and you won't have the back pain either. Or the struggle to find a bra. It's not that easy, y'know."

"They must get you a lot of attention."

"Yep, they do. Not all of it welcome."

"I... looked a few times," Kelly admitted. "At work, I mean, when I shouldn't have."

Tina laughed, and patted her on the arm. "I forgive you, honey. Nice to know there was a girl getting in on the act too. You're the right height not to make it too obvious, all the guys were like..." She made a boggle-eyed face. "But you can stare at my tits any time."

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