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Friday Night's Letter


Hello my dear sweet sensuous sexy lady,

How are you? I have been thinking about you for hours. The letter I received from you on Wednesday was incredible. You drive me absolutely wild do you know that? When I read your letters, I get so aroused I just have to masturbate. I sit there and stroke my cock until I cum and then I continue to read your letter and I get hard again. This goes on sometimes until I cum three times in a row. Think of that. You make me cum three times in a row with just the words you write. I remember once when you took two whole pages telling me how you were going to suck my cock. I bet I have read that letter 20 times and came every time. We have never even met and you are all I can think about. I think about you all the time. I imagine being with you. It is so incredible.

There is one thing that bothers me though, in my letters I ask you all kinds of questions and you never answer them. Why don't you ever answer my questions? I ask you these questions because I want to know everything about you. You see I am completely enthralled with everything I have read about you. But all I know about you is what I read in your letters. But God, I love your letters. Do you remember the one you wrote me about the man in the theatre? You told how we went to the movie and were making love and the old guy was watching us. How he beat off and came all over the seat? Remember? I read that letter four times in a row. It was so erotic.

I had a really good week. We got a lot done. I am happy it is Friday night. I came home and took a nap. Then I got up, took a shower and shaved and got dressed. I decided to go down to Bruno's. You remember me telling you about Bruno's. It is the little Mexican restaurant on main street about four blocks from my house. I like to walk down there. It is a nice walk. While I was walking down I was thinking about you. Thinking about what you have come to mean to me. I have begun to think of you as a part of my life and I cannot imagine my life without you. You waited a whole week between letters. Do you do this just to drive me crazy? I get so frantic when I do not hear from you. I think all these terrible things have happened to you and I get so worried. How would I ever know if something happened to you? Who would tell me?

When I sat down at Bruno's, the waitress Kim, brought me a beer, chips and salsa and green sauce made from jalapeno peppers. That stuff is really good. She asked me what I wanted to eat and I asked her to tell Felix, the cook, to fix me something special, to use his imagination. She smiled. Kim has a great smile. She really is not the best looking woman in the world, most people would say she is a little over weight. She has a big ass, but I like it. There is something about her ass that turns me on. She is kind of sexy. She has long black hair, which she wears in a ponytail tonight. I watch her as she walks away, admire her bountiful ass and wonder what it would be like to fuck her.

And then I think of you. I wonder what it would be like to fuck you. I have never seen you, only a picture, but I have an image of you in my mind. I imagine you waiting on me. I look at your breasts, your pussy, your ass, I cannot help myself. I talk to you so you will linger at the table and I can feast on your body with my eyes. You see me looking at you and you enjoy it. You like the power that you have over me when I am lusting for your body. You tease me. Do you want me or a bigger tip? J I want to imagine you as Kim so I can have you right there with me, you are both different, both sexy in your own way. Kim is real, right here. I think about fucking her. Then I think about you and I start to get aroused. The thought of you turns me on so much. What does a woman think when she knows a man is lusting after her? If Kim knew I wanted to fuck her would she treat me different? Would she flirt with me and let me know she wants it too, or would she be insulted? Tell me what you think she is thinking? Tell me what you are thinking? Does it upset you when I think of fucking other women? I can imagine no one like you. The letters you write me. They are so erotic. I get so aroused when I read them. Who could possibly be like you? Your words have a hypnotic effect on me. I read them and I can desire no one but you. You know what you are doing don't you? You know what you do to me. You know you drive me into a sexual frenzy when I read your letters. I have a wet spot on the front of my pants within two minutes of starting to read one of your letters. I start to read a letter and half way through I have to masturbate.

I sit there eating chips and salsa thinking what I really want to eat. I want to eat you. As I wait for my food I imagine eating you. I think about the taste of your pussy. I try to sense the taste of you on my lips and tongue. I close my eyes and I taste you. I run my tongue up your pussy lips savoring the taste, the sensation. I begin to eat you. Do you know how much I want to eat you? I become hard thinking about it. I take a sip of beer. I think of you cumming in my mouth. I swirl your cum around in my mouth, savoring the taste and then I swallow it. I let my hand drift down to my lap so I can feel my hardening cock. I rub it. I open my eyes and I know it is your hand that is touching me. I am very hard.

Kim brings my food. I think she sees me playing with myself. I do not know. She smiles in a funny way. Felix made me two tacos. Two flour tortillas filled with beef, tomatoes, two kinds of cheese, lettuce, onions, green peppers, and jalapenos. I put green sauce and salsa inside and then I begin to eat one. It is incredibly delicious. The shells are soft. I touch them with my lips and taste them and I imagine it is your ass. I think of the texture of your ass cheeks. I caress them with my fingers, my lips, my tongue. I know I am going to love your ass. I run my tongue through the middle of the taco and imagine it is the crack of your ass. I think eating your ass will be an unbelievable experience. I can imagine eating it for an hour, maybe two. Just feasting on you. Have I ever told you how much I want you?

There is a young waitress that works there named Karlie. She is about 19. She has the most curvaceous body. Nice big tits, small waist, nice solid ass. Great body. Do women look like this because they are suppose to be bred by the largest number of men as possible? Am I suppose to think about fucking her? Does she know she is so sexy? She was exuding phemerones buy the millions. Her whole body was crying out, fuck me. I thought about her lips on my cock, fucking her on the table and then I remembered your letter, and all I could think about was you. She couldn't possible hold a candle to you. Your letters are so erotic, so sensual. Only a woman with your desire could write a letter like those you write. She has no idea. I would rather have you and your thoughts before any young pussy like that. When I think of doing with you the things that you write to me, I get so hard, so aroused, I just have to masturbate. Your letter, the one when you only talked about fucking my ass, I bet I have cum a dozen times over that letter alone. I have saved every letter you have ever written me. I want to fuck you so bad.

After I finished my dinner, I was sitting there thinking about you and I noticed I was running my finger across my plate and the licking it clean. It was if I was dragging my finger through your pussy, coating it with your juice and then sucking it off. My cock was so hard. I just kept doing it. I would drag my finger across the plate, lift it to my mouth, suck on it, imagine it was your cum I was eating. Kim must have noticed me doing this, she interrupted my revelry and asked if she could take my plate. She brushed my arm with her hand leaned closer to me. Was I giving off a scent, how did she know? I told her to tell Felix it was very good, so good he will not have to wash the plate. She laughed. Do you think she was imagining me eating her? Do women imagine men doing these things to them? Do they see a man acting like me and wonder if he wants to fuck them? Do women think about men the same way men think about women? Do you know I think about you all the time? I know you think about fucking me. I read it your in your letters.

It was getting late and they were preparing to close. Fernando came over and sat down with me. I asked him if he wanted a beer and he said he would have one if I had one. We had Tacate. It is a Mexican beer. He serves it in a frosted glass with lime and salt. When I first met Fernando, I thought he was gay. He is a little feminine and talks with a slight lisp. He is really a great guy and I like him. When he was talking to me, I got the distinct impression he was looking at me in a sexual way. I wondered if he wanted to suck me. I thought about what it would feel like to have him suck me. My every thought seems to be about sex. Your letters make me this way. And I love it more than you can imagine. Do you know I sometimes read your letters several times when I receive them? It is not unusual for me to masturbate when I read your letters. But I have told you this. At least a dozen times so far. I began to imagine you sitting at my feet, taking my cock out and sucking it. I noticed Fernando looking at me funny. Does he know what I am thinking? I tried to keep my mind on our conversation, but what I really wanted to do was go home and start this letter to you. Fernando offered me a ride, but I said no I would walk. All the way home I thought of you with me. I imagined going home with you and making love with you. I imagined kissing you, and licking you. I imagined eating you. I could feel my tongue in your ass. I thought of the pleasure of fucking you.

It is time for me to end this letter. I need to go to sleep. I wish you were here. Do you know I have spent the last five hours thinking of you? I cannot imagine my life without you. How long will I have to wait for your next letter? Do you do this to me on purpose? Do you enjoy driving me crazy? Do you know how much I want you? Of course you do. That is why you write letters like these to me. You want me to want you and you know exactly what to write to me. You know exactly what to say to keep me thinking of you, wanting you, lusting for you. Are we ever going to meet? Will your letters still be the same after we meet? Will you want me as much then as you do now? You do want me don't you? Write me!

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