tagBDSMFriday Reversal

Friday Reversal


Amy sat back in her plush chair and thought a bit. Tonight, as with most Friday nights, was Tom's play night. Tom had already called her from work saying that he was in the mood for some entertainment, which was his terminology for a bondage filled night. Amy wasn't against this practice, because Tom was good at his game and she normally was rocked with several orgasms before the session usually ended. But tonight turned out to be a conflict of interests. Amy's friends scored a handful of second row, center stage tickets to a concert the Amy has been dying to see. Tom, though into a lot of things that Amy liked, was not into girl self-empowerment music or music groups. He called them all lesbians and put them down, but Amy truly liked the music and desperately wanted to see the show.

Looking at the clock mounted on the wall, Amy noted that it was almost six o'clock. Tom would be arriving home in about twenty minutes or so. She got up and went back to the bedroom. He liked to eat on his way home from work so there would be no interruptions when the fun started. The phones and fax lines were turned off, all the doors were locked, and Amy was fed and dressed by the time he arrived. Tom's sessions normally lasted late into the night, sometimes going to sunrise the next day. By the time they were finished, Amy could fall asleep in a snap. There were times that Tom didn't even bother untying her and just left her to sleep bound and gagged until the next day. He was exacting, but he was good. Amy was so thankful that they regulated their bondage play to once a week with a weekend to use for recovery.

Opening up the closet, Amy pushed aside her hanging clothes to reveal a compartment door in the back wall. She opened the door to reveal the stash of play clothes that she has accumulated over the past years. Amy selected a pair of seemed stockings, a black leather garter and a black leather thong. Laying them on the bed, Amy went back to the closet and selected a black halter top made of the same leather as the thong, and picked out a pair of ankle boots with stiletto heels. She disrobed and proceeded to suit up for this evening's festivities. Tom was very good about keeping some form of clothing on her during their play, saying that nudeness was overrated and that the clothing added to her sex appeal.

Amy wasn't bad on the eyes. She looked herself over in the mirror after finishing up. Her lithe frame still looked good and her pert breasts still stood out, even covered in leather. Tom loved her legs, which he asked for her to keep uncovered and wrapped in stockings as much as possible. Amy pulled her long brown hair back into a ponytail and fastened it in place. Amy looked herself over again as she heard the garage door open and Tom pull in. She smiled as an idea formed in her mind.

Tom was in the house and going through his normal ritual of putting things away from work and flipping through the mail as he wandered about closing the blinds and locking the doors. While he was setting the phones for voicemail and shutting off the fax, Amy went over to his closet and opened the back panel behind Tom's hanging clothes. Within this compartment was where Tom stored the restraints and other equipment they used. He had a very broad selection to pick from, and Amy chose the items that would be needed tonight and hid them under a pillow at the head of the king sized four poster bed.

Tom entered the bedroom with a look of accomplishment on his face. It only got better when he saw Amy standing in the middle of the room half dressed in leather.

'You look absolutely delicious.' He said as he loosened his tie.

'Thank you.' Replied Amy with a mischievous look in her eyes. 'Why are you smiling so much?'

'I just closed a very hard deal to get more business routed through Chicago. This will make next spring's bonus huge.'

Amy walked up to Tom and started to unbutton his shirt. 'Very nice. Maybe we can take a cruise next spring like you wanted.'

Tom was staring off to the side as she unbuttoned his shirt, fantasizing about the cruise that he wanted to do. 'Yes, I think it would be very possible to do.'

Amy kept quiet as she pulled the undershirt over his head and off his arms letting it fall to the floor. She moved behind him and brought her hands around to his front, running them over his chest and abdomen as he unbuckled his belt. Tom was six feet tall, still an inch or two taller than Amy when she wore her spike heels. Working out is something he did occasionally, so the medium build wasn't flabby, but he wasn't cut like one of the people used in the exercise commercials. Amy didn't care, he was in good enough shape for her, and besides, he treated her like a queen. Amy knew she had it good and wasn't wanting for more.

Tom stepped out of his shoes before Amy pulled his pants down. While Tom stepped out of his pants she removed his socks, then casually ran her fingers up his backside as she stood. Walking around in front of Tom, Amy noticed that he was deep in thought.

'I have an idea, Tom.' Amy took both of his hands into hers and pulled him towards the bed. 'I think we should test you tonight.'

Slipping his hands around to caress her backside and cup her cheeks, Tom thought about it. 'Hmmm. Sounds tempting.'

Turning Tom around, Amy backed him up against the side of the bed and then climbed on behind him. She worked her hands over his shoulders, kneading them like bread, listening to him moan his approval. After a few minutes she slid her hand under the pillow and retrieved a blindfold. Bringing it around in front of him, Amy covered his eyes and secured the strap behind his head. Tom moaned a little to let her know that he approved. She was going to have her opportunity. Returning to the message, Amy now alternated between rubbing his neck and shoulders to lightly kissing the same areas as well. Tom was getting into it, his boxers unable to hide his excitement.

Pushing lightly on his back, Amy got Tom to take a couple steps forward away from the bed. She slid off the bed and guided him down to a post at the foot of the bed. She brought with her a length of rope. After positioning Tom where she wanted him, Amy guided both wrists behind his back and crossed them. Immediately she began to loop the nylon rope around his wrists and then knotted them off when she felt that the wrists were secure. Tom wiggled his wrists a bit and chuckled.

'What's wrong?' asked Amy.

'Oh nothing,' mused Tom. 'I hope this isn't all you have planned.'

'It's not. I'm just getting started. Now stand still and don't go anywhere.'

Tom laughed. 'I wouldn't dream of it, dear.'

Leaving the bedroom, Amy quickly went to the den and selected her thick volume set of Webster's dictionaries. Both books were at least three inches thick. She brought them back up to the bedroom and placed them on the floor right in front of the post by Tom. Guiding him onto the books, she had Tom place a foot on each book, giving him about a foot of space between his ankles. Tom gave her a questioning grunt when he was in position and she placed a finger over his lips before he could say anything. Amy pulled the pillow off the remaining gear and set about trussing up her lover. Rope was applied to his arms above the elbows and drawn in a little bit. They both knew that Tom was no where near as flexible as Amy, but the tension provided by the slight elbow tie was enough to make it effective. She looped more rope around his chest and arms and cinched it down behind his back, then cinched the coils down again by passing the remaining rope under his arms.

The next action Amy took was to pull down his boxers. Tom was very excited and his manhood stood very erect, awaiting her attention. The whole concept of bondage excites Tom, and though he was rarely on the receiving end, he still got turned on by it. Taking a coil of thinner rope, Amy wrapped it around his member and tightened it, then cinched it off. She looped it around his scrotum and cinched it down again on his member, forming a nice cradle of rope around his privates before tying one last rope around his member with a loop knot. The remaining slack was wrapped around the post in front of Tom and knotted off. Taking the last length of rope, Amy tied it around his ankle above his downed boxers and knotted it off. She then ran the rope over to his other ankle and tied it off above the boxers as well. Tom now had a foot's length of hobble rope between his ankles. Assisting him in raising his foot and keeping his balance, Amy removed the boxers while pulling the books out from under his upraised feet. As Tom stepped down off the books, the little amount of slack on his tether was taken up and he immediately felt the pinch in his shaft. Once both feet were off the books, Tom was noticing a good deal of tension on his member.

'This is very different,' he commented.

'It gets better,' she replied. 'I'm going to give you the opportunity to escape. If you do, then I will be your toy not just for tonight, but for the rest of this weekend. But if you don't escape, then I'm going to control you for the rest of the night.'

'Sounds like a good challenge.' Tom twisted a little in his ropes, then stiffened a bit as more tension was applied to his manhood.

'That tether will tighten if you step away from the pole, or if you struggle too much. You have used it numerous times on me with those crotch ropes you use, so I figured I would give it a try. Now I am going to take a shower and get cleaned up. If you are not free by the time I am dressed, then I win. But if you are free by that time, than I will be yours. Fair enough?'

'You're on.'

'One last thing, love.' Amy placed two fingers on Tom's chin and pushed down, opening his mouth to her. Quickly she shoved the ball of a ballgag into his mouth. Stepping back behind him she buckled the strap in place then swatted him on the ass cheek as she left him. Tom started his attempt to get free as soon as the bathroom door closed.

Amy undressed after turning on the shower. She was fairly confident that the tie would hold on his wrists. The addition of the elbow tie and the tension from the tether would make things too difficult for Tom to escape from. She has tied him before, and though he has escaped from each tie, she knew it took him quite a while to do so. Hopefully this escape attempt would take longer than her shower.

The shower was it's normal length, though Amy thought about cutting it off short to get done faster, but decided against it. It wouldn't be fair to Tom, she thought. After turning off the water, she toweled off and then poked her head out the bathroom door to see his progress. Tom was still twisting his wrists, but he hasn't appeared to make any progress. Amy was hoping that the tie, plus the constant tension on his staff would keep him fully erect, making it impossible for him to slip out of the crotch tie and possibly being able to use that freedom to allow him more flexibility when trying to remove the remaining rope. A light sheen covered the top half of Tom's body. He was truly trying to get loose.

Amy closed the door after a few words of encouragement and went back to getting ready for the concert. She did her hair, then makeup and finally went out and got dressed while she watched Tom struggle to get free. He was grunting into his gag and twisting as much as the tether would allow him. Amy noticed that the rope around his erection was considerably tighter then when this contest was started. She asked Tom if he was ok and he nodded a yes. Once the desired outfit was picked out, Amy finished getting dressed.

Looking at the wall, Amy noticed it was a little past seven. The concert started at 8:30, so she had a little time to waste before she made the ten minute drive to the arena. Another idea formed in her mind. While Tom was still trying to escape, Amy gathered more items from the storage compartment and laid them out. From the bathroom she retrieved a hand towel and laid it on the floor near Tom's feet. The last item she needed was a straight back chair from the dining room. She walked down to the room, picked up the chair, and carried it back to the bedroom. Once she had the chair set behind Tom, she went about applying rope to the chair in preparation for her next tie. That accomplished, she took a step towards Tom and ran her hands over his butt. Tom ceased struggling and moaned as her hands found their way to his front side.

'Time's up.' She grabbed him around his erection. 'Do you concede to me?'

Tom nodded and muffled a yes agreement into the ballgag. Amy undid the tether and turned Tom away from the pole. She knelt down in front of him and ran her hands all over his front side. With the hobble still on his ankles, Tom had no choice but to stand still or lose his balance. Amy ran her tongue over the tip of his cock and received a very hungry moan from her husband. She chuckled this time and slid her lips over the head, pressing down and pulling back until it left her mouth with a pop. Tom moaned again, and she slid the entire shaft into her mouth. Tom's knees nearly gave out. Using her hands to keep him standing, Amy dug her nails into his ass cheeks as she pleasured him.

It didn't take much time at all for Tom to lose control and orgasm in her mouth. Amy took as much in as she could, then wiped the rest away with the towel. She stood up and turned Tom a little and had him sit down on the chair. While Tome was still weak from orgasm, Amy untied his wrists and elbows. She leaned over and picked up the leather arm binder she laid out on the bed. Opening up the mouth of the binder, she slid it over his wrists that she had gathered. Once over his wrists, Amy tugged the leather single glove up his arms until the top was near his shoulders. The anchoring straps were brought under his shoulders, between his arms and torso, and attached to the top of the binder. She laced up the back of the binder, eliminating the slack and forcing his arms a bit closer together. She left him some room for movement since his flexibility was limited. Once she knew he was secure, but somewhat comfortable. She tied off the laces.

Tom had never been in an arm binder before that Amy knew of, so she didn't know how hard it would be for him to escape. Reflecting on her past experiences with that contraption, she knew that she could never escape it. Granted, when Tom laced up the binder on her arms, her elbows could touch and it felt like her arms were welded together from the elbows down.

Tom's ankles were untied and retied to the front legs of the chair. Amy took Tom's encased arms and draped them over the low back of the chair. From there she tied a rope from the d-ring at the tip of the sleeve to a crossbar between the two rear legs. The front legs of the chair had rope tied at the top, which she ran around Tom's legs right below his knees. A few more ropes were used to secure Tom's torso to the back of the chair. The last thing Amy did was take the crotch rope from Tom's semi-erect member, undo the last knot, and gently run it around his waist, to retie it to his member again, knowing that if he got hard once more, the ropes would be filled to near pinch point.

Not bothering to remove the blindfold or gag, Amy went in to do the finishing touches on herself and brush her teeth. When she reemerged from the Bathroom, Tom was once again struggling with the restraints and had a full erection again. She walked up to him and ran her hands over his chest while whispering into his ear. 'I'm going to the lesbian concert with my friends. I'll be back in a few hours. I plan on letting you have me for the rest of the weekend after I am done with you when I get home. But if you do escape, then I will submit to you for the next week, to include the next weekend. I really want to see this concert, and nothing is going to stand in my way. So here I leave you seated, my lover.' Amy chuckled, then leaned forward to nibble on his earlobe. Amy stood up straight and turned and walked to the bedroom door. She shut off the light and said, 'This will be continued'later,' and walked away.

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