Friend Cums Inside AM


Jenny was sucking harder than I wanted. Grasping my cock so tightly. Moments after she released me in a gasp shuddering faintly, "Ooh my God! ‘holding a hug onto my waist ' Ooh, uuuh, don't stop! Fuck, mmm, fuck! ' her nails dug furiously into my skin ' Mmmhhm! ' biting my stomach, in her highest pitch squeaked ' Mmeee, eeee, eeee!" Jenny was having muscle spasms as she had an orgasm on top of me. One after another hit her hard each time she clasped down harder.

Finally pushing Todd's head back she exclaimed hoarsely out of breath, "Enough, __ enough!" her head collapsed on me and I felt her moist breath as she tried to catch her breath. Jenny breathed a, "Whoooo, Ohh my! ' shaking in an after shock ' We will be doing that more often but right now I need something more."

Scooting up the bed, I sat up against the head board legs spread. Jenny crawled up on her stomach placing a pillow under her waist. Her legs splayed like a frog she began sucking on and kissing my balls.

Jenny took the time to tell Todd, "You need to pull out tonight."

Todd moved up close behind Jen in a kneeling position. Wiping the display of glistening twat juice from his face. Jenny's body looked so small with Todd behind her. Todd held his cock up as he squeezed it a few times making it look like it would break my wife. As he squeezed it to rigidity the pre-cum pushed out the end. With one hand spreading her petit buttocks the other clasped his engorged member. Aligning it up to her awaiting pussy.

I leaned closer placing my hands on Jenny's shoulders.

Jenny deep throated my erection in anticipation, while her legs slipped outwards.

Todd moved the head of his cock about my wife's entrance. Squeezing his cock once more to mix his pre-cum with my wife's drippings. Entered her slightly slowly till the head of his erection was now inside Jenny. With out words Todd looked at me and I at him and then at what he was doing.

With that Todd eased all of his meat inside of Jenny. Removing his hands and now getting comfortable. As he placed an arm on either side of her and straitened his legs. Lifting my wife's hair began to suck on the back of her neck. Placing his hands under Jenny's breasts tweaking her nipples. Moving his hips in a slow paced rotation.

My cock was down Jenny's throat as she could barely move being pinned down by Todd's much larger frame. I backed up and out of the way to allow her to breath as Todd bottomed out. After a few minutes I knew what Jenny was looking to do.

I moved aside and Jenny rolled over on her back. Tossing the pillow Todd re-entered Jenny.

Todd and Jenny were in a fighting lip lock as he thrust into her. Her whole body would shift with each slap of his balls into her ass. Her small frame was stretched open as her legs grabbed around just below his ass.

Jenny began her orgasm squeaking into Todd's mouth, it was muffled but noticeable.

Todd broke away from Jenny pulling back hard. Barely pulling out of her Todd began jerking in a spasm as sperm shot up toward Jenny's boobs. Todd Yelped a, "Uuuh, Uuuh, oooh yes!" The next spasm let a bit of sperm fall onto my wife's clit. Then Todd stroking the remainder wiping it into the little pubic hair she has. Grunting his approval moves out of the way beside Jenny.

I moved into position between her legs. My rock hard cock was poking at her wet stretched open fuck hole. I held her behind the knees as I teased my dripping cock head at her entrance.

I asked my wife, "So you like being a SLUT honey?"

Jenny with her eyes closed said, "If this is being a slut then. Oh yeah I like it. Don't make me beg."

Todd watching me. I held my cock and rubbed it in his sperm on my wife’s clit. I made eye contact briefly as I slid his spunk with my dick down into Jenny's opened vaginal cavity. Todd just watched intently as I pushed it into her womb.

I began thrusting in and out of her. Jenny was kissing Todd as she held his flaccid cock. Todd was feeling her breast.

What was left of my wife's pussy muscle was clamping down on my shaft. Her ass would come off the bed to greet my balls.

Jenny broke her kiss yelling, "Oh Hun fuck me harder! ___ Yyyessss, Yes! Oh I am cuuuummminn."

I grabbed down hard to her small hips and thrust like a banshee letting out, "Arrrrh, uummm, ooooh, mmmm!" As I shot my fuck load into her twat.

Jenny fought to stop me but in her own orgasm and my forceful hold it was futile.

I remained inside her as my cock twitched out its last squirt. I withdrew.

Jenny rolled away from Todd and me. On her stomach one leg pulled up to her waist. Todd and I watched as the cum dripped out of her pussy over her leg and onto the sheet.

Todd excused himself as he needed to go home.

Jenny with her face in the pillow still said, "Good night Hun. Call me tomorrow when you get out of work?"

Dressing partially Todd moved to Jen and kissed her softly on the lips looking at her he said in a low voice, "I love you, but you knew that didn't you?"

Jenny just smiled and held his hand briefly saying, "Just like you always knew."

I walked Todd out to the door. Handed him the keys exchanged a brief hug and a devious smile between us. We both basically said, "This is unreal."

Climbing into bed next to my wife I felt her wet snatch before I covered her naked body and placed my arm around her.

Jenny rolled to me kissed me and said, "You! ___ You did this, I am not sure why you want this for me. But I love you all the more right now. ‘embracing me in a hug Jenny begins to cry kissing pecks of affection ‘I love you. ‘sniffle, sniffle ' Will you always love me no matter what? ' sniffle ' No matter what we do I am yours right?"

Removing her tears with my thumbs I kiss her lips. I say, "I needed to hear you say that too. I love you for who you are and that will never change. The sex is not who you are, just a part of what makes you special to me."

With that I allow her to fall asleep in my arms before I make myself comfortable. I lay back eventually staring at the ceiling think, I am in way over my head.

Hello, to the reader I know this is not the story some want to read. That is why you can vote this sucks below. I am not into writing for a rating, a # 1 may be your choice. If you did enjoy this section of my life feel free to vote, write. I would enjoy feed back good or not good. Would also answer any questions you might want to ask. What I may not have posted yet or missed completely or you wished I elaborated upon?

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