Friend Cums Inside


My wife said, "Ow! easy"

Todd continued to squeeze his ass cheeks.

My wife grunted, "Uuugh!"

I was delirious watching Todd's ass begin to move up and down ever so slightly.

My wife was moaning short bursts into Todd's mouth.

Todd's ass was moving down deeper. The water rippled up his crack as he began to pump into my wife deeper and faster.

In moments my wife was ooooing and oh, uh, uh, mmm.

Todd was splashing water from between them up over the edge of the pool.

I was about to cum. I stood up and stepped closer.

Todd was furiously moving his hips like she was just some toy. Smashing into her making a grunting noise.

My wife was loudly now going, "AAhhh! AAhhh!" over and over "AAhhh! AAhhh!"

Todd says, " I'm going to cum!"

I was on the brink of explosion waiting for my wife to demand him to pull out. I have to when I'm not wearing protection. She always reminds me.

She continues to make only sounds of intense pleasure. Sternly Pulling Todd's head down kissing him as she moans. Her right hand is clawing Todd's back hard.

Todd uses his left arm under her waist. Lifting my wife's ass up out of the water as he pushes deeper into her body with his cock still pumping fast and hard.

I erupt and groan out loud.

The pool light comes on before my second squirt.

I still stroking fast see my wife's little legs wrapped tightly around Todd's body. Her pubic area is bright from not being tanned. Her back is arched and her hands are clung to Todd's body. They are kissing.

My wife opens her eyes looking at me still french kissing Todd.

Just then Todd lunges hard into my wife. Breaking their kiss to groan loud and long. Todd is holding her tight to his crotch as his ass squeezes hard.

My wife closes her eyes screeches, " ah ieeeee! Oh OH my uh, uh, OH wow phew!" Still breathing heavy.

Jenny opens her eyes to see me watching her.

Todd leans back just standing with his eyes closed. a little twitch here and there while he empties the rest of his sperm into my wife's womb.

Jenny rapidly wiggles her hips in a small fucking motion on his groin. I looked to her face, She smiles.

Jenny looking at me says, "I guess you enjoyed the show. or you would have stopped it when you came out? You did say before anything right?"

At this point Todd dismounted my wife and fell back into the water.

I looked at Jenny and said, "Yeah I know what I said. But you always said you would never go all the way too! Besides that. Why? Tell me why you would let him cum inside? what if you get pregnant? Hell you won't even let me cum inside!"

Jenny looked with puppy dog eyes saying, "Your mad aren't you? I knew you would be. I just knew it! I couldn't help myself in the moment. And then well at that moment I just wanted him not to pull out." Looking confused as what to say.

She continued, "I told you before that you couldn't handle it seeing me with someone else. But you always want to talk about it. I know now never to do any thing ever again." As she stepped out of the pool.

I started back peddling fast. I apologized for over reacting a little. holding her shoulders I told her, "I was just not expecting you to go this far. Especially the part of any one cumming inside you when I can't." Loudly whispering.

I continued, "But I am OK. And with it being a mistake of the moment. You didn't hear me complaining when I was climaxing did you? The sex was intense to watch I truly loved it. And Todd cumming inside you was nothing like I expected."

I momentary thought then said, "It was intense. It's just that, I don't think that was a smart thing to do. now that it has happened we can't change it. I would love to see every thing again and glad I saw all of it. In fact I am getting turned on by seeing his cum drip out of you right now."

Todd was being very quiet.

Jenny replied, "I don't believe you."

I kissed her lips.

She turned her head.

Pulling her close I kissed her right neck up to her ear. My right hand was on her ass. I placed my left hand to her pussy and rubbed with my thumb and pointer finger.

Todd's cum oozed out of my wife onto my hand. I fingered my wife feeling the cum flow out of her. She was very slippery.

Jenny was becomming aroused

Jenny said, "Your OK with it?"

I whispered, "Yes" into her ear.

Jenny held my dick and stroked it.

I was becoming aroused.

Jenny said, "Then prove it! If you are OK with all this like you say you are then Prove it."

I was growing more aroused saying, " what do you want me to do?"

she replied, " you better not complain once. Just do exactly as I wish and prove you can handle this like you say you can. or all this stuff is over."

She yelled to Todd, " Hey come on we are all going to the bed."

Todd asked if every thing was cool.

We both shook our heads yes.

In the room Jenny lit a candle, then another. The light was dim but enough to see every thing.

Jenny moved to the center of the bed and laid on her back. Todd and I move up on either side.

My wife then grabbed my cock with her right hand and Todd's with her left hand. She began stroking us both as we rolled towards her.

I watched as Todd began sucking my wife's left nipple.

I moved in and sucked her right nipple. I could hear Todd's mouth slurping on my wife's breast. I gazed up to see him watching me. Both of us with our mouths on her small perky stimulated breasts.

My wife was breathing heavier.

I slid my hand to massage her pussy.

Todd already had his fingers in her.

I felt weird as I moved my hand below his. He did not react to my touch. I slid one finger into my wife along with Todd's fingers and the middle finger I probed at her anus.

Jenny was gyrating her hips. She pulled Todd to the top of the bed kneeling right next to her face. Still holding his cock. It was just over her lips. Then she told me to come up here and kiss her neck.

I kissed her neck repeatedly.

Then my wife put his thick cock into her mouth. I was so close watching her lips slide over his penis. I could see the impression of his cock head in my wife's cheek. I kissed her cheek feeling Todd's member on my lips through my wife's cheek.

After a few minutes Jenny told me to turn around and lay on my back. Todd stayed where he was.

I did as i was told.

Then Jenny flipped around squatting over my face said, " Now prove it."

Looking at Todd jenny said, " Watch him lick me." As she pushed her wetness into my mouth.

I extended my tongue into her. wiggling my tongue I could taste my wife's sweet tangy juice. But also I felt a slime that would dry on my lips quickly. I knew what it was. It was the remnants of Todd's sperm from earlier.

Jenny leaned forward and placed my Cock in her mouth. Then stopped.

I heard my wife say to Todd, "My husband is eating your sperm out of my pussy right now. What do you think of that?

Todd said, " If I had a wife like you I'd do it too."

Then Jenny says, "Well, now to keep things even. Do you want to fuck me again?"

Todd said, " Yes." Jenny told him, " If you want to fuck me again I want to see you suck his cock."

The bed moved I felt a pair of lips on my cock. It was not my wife. Then it stopped. My wife then said to Todd, "OK you proved your man enough to fuck me.

I felt my wife's lips on my cock again. Then the bed moved hard as Todd was moving behind my wife.

I thought my God she is going to let him fuck her again.

Todd moved closer.

I watched as his thick cock came close. I saw pre cum oozing from his penis hole as he squeezed it hard.

I couldn't believe it she was letting him fuck her again without a condom on. This was no, just caught up in the moment thing either. This time my wife was doing it just to make me watch her do it.

I stopped licking her clit.

Todd placed his cock up to my wife.

Her woman hood opened.

Parting my wife's lips Todd slid his shaft up and down till he landed the hole.

My wife actually at this point spread her legs a little wider for him to access her. Still sucking my cock Jenny moaned as Todd pushed into her.

When Todd was all the way inside my wife his balls were over my eyes. His legs were spread on either side of my head.

Todd pulled back I watched my wife's pussy. The thin membrane would slide out tightly squeezed around his cock. Then in he came, then out.

I asked Todd boldly, "If he could feel my wife's cervix?"

Todd holding her back just above her ass answered, "I can feel it quite well as my cock bangs into it."

Wanting to know I asked him, "Does it feel good to you? are you enjoying it?"

Todd becomming more aroused feeiling my wifes anus with a thumb as he bottomed out on each stroke.

Todd exclaimed, "Oh yes! It feels wonderful to hit her slippery cum covered insides with the head of my cock.

I noticed his balls would swing on the in stroke and slap my wife's clit. Just above my face.

Todd picked up the pace.

I licked my wife again on the clit. Todd's balls hit my face. I reached back and caught them. Todd didn't stop. I Held them as he fucked my wife, I licked her clit faster.

Jenny moaned

I licked even faster. I could feel the head of Todd's cock each time it passed.

Jenny was screaming, "uhh, uhh, Fuck me you bastard, fuck me harder, ooh uhh, uhh, that's it give to me!"

Todd was tensing Asking, "Where do you want it? I'm going to cum. Where do you want it?"

My wife panting replied, "I want inside me, let it go inside, Spray your fuck-n sperm deep inside of me! That's where it belongs. come on baby do it! Fill me up with you cum! I want it! I want to feel it! Fuck-n give it to me!"

Todd was pushed as tight as possible against my wife's pussy.

When he let out a roar, "AAhhhrrggghh!" Todd held it tight as his balls pumped his sperm into my wife. Todd moved his hips daggering my wife with his cock.

I bit hard on Jennies clit.

Jenny exploded into an orgasm. Bucking her ass making a long squeaking noise. My wife then pushed back hard into Todd's cock. She just shook on his erection uncontrollably.

Todd banged her once more.

Jenny screamed, " Oh--Oh--Oh God!" she was trying to catch her breath. Jenny leaned forward and kissed my scrotum. Keeping her ass up high for when Todd deflated enough to pull out.

Todd pulled out of my wife and the cum ran out of her still opened pussy. Down her thigh and onto the bed spread.

I fingered her feeling the slick cum. Spreading her lips seeing her redend vaginal area. covered in Todds cum.

I moved out from under jenny. Turned her over on her back.

It was my turn for some relief. I spread her legs. Kneeling position I scooted up tight and put my cock in. I slid right in she had never been this silky slick before. Todd move up and sucking hard on her left breast and pinching her right nipple.

I could feel her cervix too as I know Todd just admited to feeling. It was slick as my cock would now slide around it like never before.

Jenny began to groan. I thought wow here I was fucking my own wife as sloppy seconds. Her pussy was not loose but it sure was not as tight as it was before.

Todd's cum was just running out as I pumped her. My balls were sticking to her ass from the cum all over them. I wanted to cum.

Jenny quite spent asked if I was going to cum soon?

I said, "Why is your pussy tired? all that fucking with Todd!"

Jenny just moaned.

I asked, "So did you like getting fucked by Todd's cock?" I fucked.

As she moaned in approval.

Todd just sucked away.

I asked, "so when did you know you were going to let Todd fuck you tonight? You wanted him didn't you?"

Jenny moaned more with each comment.

I said, " So Todd did Jenny tell you she has wanted you and has fantasies about you for a long time?"

Todd sucked harder. Then moved up to kiss My wife passionately.

They played with each others tongues.

I fucked harder. I commented to Jenny, "Oh your pussy is so wet Hun. How did you get this wet? I can't believe you let Todd cum inside. it feels so good. Do you want me to cum up inside you like Todd did?"

By this time Jenny was making a high pitch squeak biting her lip.

Todd went back to her chest.

I was so close. I asked her, "So since you enjoyed Todd's thick cock so much are you going to have sex with him again if he wants to?"

Jenny moaning louder.

I say, "Without a condom spurting his cum into you again. Maybe you can visit him let him fuck you then come home to me all wet?"

Jenny was peaking once more.

I said, "So what if Todd has a friend over one night think you could let them both fuck you? I know you want his cock again don't you? Are you going to let him fuck you every night? You are aren't you? Your going to let Todd fuck you and can he cum in my wife's vagina?"

I was shooting into Jenny not being able to hold back.

Jenny was humping in a moderate high orgasm. I could not move I just held in place as Todd done before me. My balls twitching as his did pushing each last Drop into my wife's chasm of love.

She wiggled her hips like she did with Todd earlier in the pool. Shuddering into a more intense orgasm.

I could feel all the cum just squishing around my cock. I felt like I was cumming again. As I held her hips tight. My last effort to tense and squeeze my testicles hard.

I notice Todd has placed a hickey on my wife's neck. Yet Another on her breast. I collapsed onto my wife's chest. I pick my head up and kiss my wife. My limp dick sliding out.

Todd then places his face right into mine I back up a little as both of us have our tongues in my wife's mouth.

I can feel Todd's lips touching mine every so often. Our three tongues play together. This lasted five minutes at which point I rolled off Jenny onto my back exhausted.

I hear Todd ask my wife, "So are we going to have sex again?"

My wife responds, "I would thinks so. You heard my husband I'm not only going to let you fuck me but your friends as well. You got any horny friends?"

I hear Todd say, "That would be all of them. You know I really like this cumming inside without a condom?"

Jenny says, " Hmmm that we need to talk about."

I hear Todd go, "dam!"

My wife says, "Relax I am going to let you do it once more in the morning. But that's it until I get on the pill or something. Is that ok with you hun?" Elbowing me.

I just, "Um do I have a say in it?"

Jenny says, "Yes you can say what you like. Then I can do what I like." Giggling softly.

Shit with the two of you pumping me full of cum I'd better do something fast. After tonight I don't want to use a rubber it felt to good. My pussy is so full I am having tiny spasms as the cum drips out. I'd rather get pregnant."

Jenny says then, "Any one want to put a baby in my little belly? Just teasing."

I hear them Kiss as I pass out. Thoughts of morning running in my head.

You will Just have to wait to find out what happened!

Was that good enough to continue? Let me know!

Votes, Pm... Thanks Tyler

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