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Friend In Need


The Ash Mountains are basically huge heaps of black, barren rocks. They irregularly tower above the flat Raynosian soils, blocking out the hazy sunlight above.

Cynder whimpered on the edge of a large peak a quarter ways up the steep slope of rock. Her mind was racing with a multitude of thoughts. She wished for the feeling to cease, so that she can move on and rejoin her journeying companion.

Her claws scratched hard on the stone as she felt a stabbing hotness in her loins; she roared out lightly, and then panted as she felt the feeling dissipate slowly.

As Cynder regained a steady breathing pattern, she stretched out her wings, trying to retrieve a normal feeling. Her legs suddenly ached, and she longed to rest. The dulled sunlight radiated off her black scales as she leaped strongly with her legs and soared into the air.

The dusty wind echoed through the mountains as Cynder flew and reflected her current situation to herself.

Like every female dragon does after a season and a half, Cynder had gone into heat. She had already gone through a day of horrible anxiety, although not alone, she had concealed her problem. She was now going through the latter stages of the cycle, which consisted primarily of rises in body temperature and stiffening of her legs but she knew that she would soon face some cramping, coupled with odd, irrational thoughts.

She tried incredibly hard to drown out the worry from her mind, but it was no use. Although Cynder had been in this state many times in her life, this time was much different. Her family had always been with her; her mother especially during these specific periods. But now...

It had only been two weeks since Cynder had to leave her family behind. She had been roaming ever since through the endless flatlands of Raynosia, but certainly not alone...


Upon hearing her name, the black dragon swung her wings back and raised her head up. She took an opportunity to scan her surroundings quickly before landing on her hind legs.

Cynder, are you alright? The voice rang out again.

Where are you? Cynder squinted, gazing ahead, looking for the familiar shade of blue.

Her companion spoke a bit playfully, Behind you!

Cynder turned fast, and huffed, kicking slightly at the dirt. She eyed her friend nicely, and he strode up to her.

Torrent was just only slightly older and slightly larger than Cynder was. However, he had a very grand muscle tone, common to males of the Ocean Family variety. His scales shone the color of a vibrant aquamarine, which only increased in intensity as he walked into the odd-toned sunlight.

You know not to sneak up to me, Cynder scolded him.

I apologize, he said. I sensed your discomfort. I guess I didn't want to alarm you.

Cynder cursed herself for allowing Torrent to read her ravaged emotions. The last thing she wanted to do was get him involved.

Well, it's alright, I really don't mind. I guess I have been a little on-edge lately.

Torrent came up to her, and spoke to her relaxingly, Only on-edge? I'm sure I felt you in pain!

No! No, of course not!
Cynder shook her head hastily. Torrent winced as she spoke again, No, I'm fine! Please don't worry about me, I'm alright, I promise. I just exaggerate things a little...

Cynder heard Torrent laugh mentally. She held her breath somewhat, to which Torrent spoke, Cynder, please, don't try to deceive me. You're not very good at it.

Cynder sighed, Alright, I won't lie to you, I haven't been myself, but please back off. You won't understand.

Torrent made as much of a frown as a dragon could make, and spoke more sternly, Why wouldn't I understand?

Because, I...
she paused, and looked down at the ground. I've been... Not in pain, but just...

Torrent was confused at first, but it only took a minute for him to understand. It wasn't what she said that clued him in, or the way she said it. It was her eyes.

Ah, he spoke. Cynder looked up at him again. I understand now. I apologize... I'll leave you now. The last thing I'd-

she interrupted him as he began to turn away from her, and she reached out with her arm and placed her hand on his shoulder. I want your company, Torrent, it's just... I wanted you to know why I'm the way I am right now.

He grinned, That's fine, I understand. Well, at least as much as I can. I see now why you've been awkward towards me lately.

I'm sorry,
Cynder said. I'll get through this. It's just I've never actually been in this situation with a male as my only companion.

Torrent's face lightened up again, Yes, I suppose that must be an odd new feeling. But you don't need to feel uncomfortable with me. I'm happy to help you with anything you need, after all.

Cynder breathed deeply, I really appreciate that. I've been feeling a lot worse than usual lately and I'm hoping I'll be back to normal in the morning.

Torrent looked up into the sky and said deeply, Well thankfully dusk is arriving. If we fall asleep fast enough, morning will be upon us in no time.


It was deep into the night. Torrent lay curled next to two large boulders quietly, but he was not asleep. Through the whole night, he had had one of his deep, blue eyes always looking towards Cynder. The black female was stirring all through the night, constantly whimpering and writhing.

Torrent was genuinely worried for her; they had spent most of the dusk hours flying and speaking to one another, only for Cynder to call it quits and ask for him to rest alone without her.

Cynder began to breathe rapidly as a burning pressure in her sex organs began to build. She laid on her back with her wings outstretched as she held her eyes shut, trying to ignore the cramping that overwhelmed her, but just for a moment. Afterwards, the feeling quickly subsided, and she was left panting on the ground. She peered slightly towards Torrent, whom she had in her thoughts through the entire ordeal. She prayed that the next time he talked to her, it wouldn't be awkward.

Torrent didn't want to see her alone any longer, and he gathered the courage to stand up and walk up to his whimpering companion.

She sat up, seeing his movement from the corner of her eye, Torrent! You're... You're awake!

Don't stand up,
Torrent told her as she started to roll. Please, Cynder. I can't stand seeing you like this. He laid down on the ground beside her, his head leaning slightly on a stone.

She sniffed, I... I'm usually not this bad. Not at all. I guess... being away from my family is affecting me in strange ways.

I suppose that's understandable,
Torrent said. You Black Knights are always about family.

She chuckled in his mind, I suppose that's true. But weren't you about family once, too?

he answered. I was hatched to my Master, remember? You were hatched with your family; your mother, father and siblings. I've never known my family... I've never even met a fellow Ocean Wanderer. All my interactions were with humans and other tamed dragons.

Well, with my family,
Cynder started. They would always help me when I needed it. When I first became mature, I really relied on the guidance of my elders to show me how to take care of myself. I can't imagine learning these things from a human.

Torrent shuffled himself backwards, resting his long neck and head against a small soil pile. He curled his wings inward and laid comfortably. You'd be surprised how intelligent humans really are. They're quite an interesting species... their understanding of how the world and all of us function is very intricate.

Cynder rolled onto her belly, and crawled up to Torrent. She placed herself over him, and laid so that her head was just beneath his. He held her loosely, and wrapped his wings around her. Her tail felt its way around, eventually meeting his and wrapping around it.

In their embrace, Cynder spoke, I'm so glad you're here, Torrent. You're so kind, and gentle. And you always seem so understanding... even now, during my time of need. I can't help but wonder whether or not you've done this before.

Before? T
orrent repeated. This? No. Although I am very aware of your current situation. I've... been in contact with other females whilst they were in heat. But I've never been this close with one.

Cynder was relieved; she was afraid that the situation would have become much more awkward if Torrent had done this before. She didn't like thinking of him with another dragon.

I hope you don't mind if I ask, but, Cynder started. Did you ever have a relationship with one of them?


With one of those other females... did you ever do anything?

Torrent thought he knew what she was trying to ask, but he was unsure if she was truly asking it. Are you asking me... he paused. If I've ever mated before?

Is that alright?
Cynder asked. I mean, the only things I know about that subject is what my mother had told and shown me. It's something I've wondered about.

Torrent took a deep breath, No... No, I've never.

Why not?

Torrent began to get a little uncomfortable; he shifted his weight a little. Well that's not... a particular question I'm asked a lot, but... I guess it's just because I feel like it's something that I shouldn't simply do lightly.

Cynder looked into his eyes curiously. Despite the fact that she could feel that discomfort began to rise hotly within her again, she simply ignored it. She wanted to hear Torrent speak.

Perhaps it was because I was a tamed dragon, or perhaps it just goes with my family, but, I just didn't want to. I didn't want to sire children with females I've barely known.

But did that option ever present itself?
Cynder asked quietly.

Occasionally, Torrent answered. I distinctly remember an Emerald, whom in the climax of her heat cycle, literally had me on the ground and nearly forced me to mate with her.

Cynder blinked, And?

Well of course I got away. I may be gentle as you say, but I'm not going to submit to something like that.

Cynder closed her eyes as she felt her sex begin to inflame, but she breathed through it slowly. But surely her actions would have provoked something from you? Or is what my mother taught me about males completely inaccurate.

Torrent sighed, Well as I'm sure you know, when a female reaches the end of her heat cycle her scent will arouse the male. I'm ashamed to admit that I was certainly that. I fought her off a little, and... Are you alright? Torrent asked her, tensing somewhat as he saw her begin to breathe a little more heavy.

Yes, I am, Cynder answered. I'm starting to get worked up again. Please, just keep talking. It helps me relax.

Torrent abided, and became calm once more. I spoke with my Master soon after that.

And what did he have to say?
Cynder asked.

Ah, well humans have quite a different reaction to sexuality that we do, Torrent told her. I came to him, embarrassed, disheartened and somewhat violated. But he just sort of laughed at it...

What? That doesn't seem like a laughing matter! Your Master should have been more understanding!

Torrent grinned slightly, That's what I figured as well. When his laughing finally ended he told me a little about humans. Things he didn't deem necessary to share with me when I was very young. He told me how humans interact; how they are capable of very unique things in terms of sexuality. How they most usually mate for pleasure rather than reproduction.

My family told me a bit about that,
Cynder added. So did your Master give you any useful advice? Or did he just rant about his own species?

Torrent chuckled, No, he told me about something that humans do when they're unable to fulfill their sexual desires. He told me about how a male can stimulate themselves.

Cynder asked, she held her head up, but struggled to keep still from the pressure growing inside her from her cycle reaching another climax. What do you mean stimulate themselves?

It's exactly how it sounds.
Torrent held his own head up as well. My Master was trying to tell me that it was something I may consider doing because of the condition that the female dragon had left me in.

Cynder quickly lifted her upper body off of his chest with her arms, so she looked down upon him. She asked, sharply and extremely curiously, And did you?!

However, before Torrent could reply Cynder felt a rush to her head. Suddenly, she became overwhelmed with dizziness, and she collapsed back onto her companion, her head now pressed against his chest. She breathed heavily; Torrent quickly got a hold of her wherever he could, and held her deeply as she began to writhe a little.

She had never felt what she was feeling then. It was like her insides were lurching around; not because of something odd within her, but because of an absence of something she desperately needed. Torrent soothed her thoughts gently; she could feel herself begin to succumb to this rapid feeling of emptiness.

Cynder's tender, soft pink opening pulsated. Inflammation and sudden sensitivity of the vagina was the final stage of a female's heat cycle. In a way, Cynder was relieved, because it was merely hours before her cycle was complete. However, she now felt very vulnerable in the arms of Torrent; any movement she made could potentially reveal to him her aroused sex, or worse, accidentally have it brush against him.

Cynder had never been through this with a male even remotely present and she was scared; not scared of the situation, but of this new feeling.

Torrent's voice pierced through her worry, Cynder! Are you-

Yes... yes I'm alright,
she tried desperately hard to curl her legs up so he couldn't look down and see.

Are you certain? You look-

she said quietly. You didn't answer that earlier question. Did you? Or did you not?

He paused. She looked up into his eyes, and he saw them begin to tear. Without moving, he responded, No. No, I didn't. I couldn't. Such a thing is completely unnatural.

Cynder kept her gaze locked into his eyes, her vision blurred due to the tears forming. Her heart raced; Torrent seemed almost...

She startled herself contemplating what her thoughts could mean, and she continued to try and shift her legs around, and perhaps even roll her hips, but she felt herself barely skim her own slit, which made her gasp suddenly.

This got Torrent's attention. But as he raised his body upwards, Cynder pushed down with her arms. When his back hit the dirt again, she whispered in his mind.

Please Torrent... don't move. I'll be okay, I promise.

Torrent did as she said, but with a nervous look in his eye. She dared not look at him any longer; she simply laid upon him, trying incredibly hard not to think about her predicament any longer.

After a moment, however, Torrent couldn't help but wrap both Cynder and himself tighter with his wings. At first she thought that it was okay, that perhaps he had let it go and decided it best to just keep comfortable. But, she gasped in horror as Torrent quickly and strongly squeezed his wings around her, forcing her down harder onto him.

She felt her legs collapse and lay straight along his own, and she gazed back into his eyes, this time their looks reversed. She silently pleaded with him to stop while he stared through her, gasping when he suddenly felt a hot, moist wetness on his lower belly.

Cynder froze, not daring to make a sound. Torrent made no sound either, but continued to squeeze with his wings. She closed her eyes, trying to expand her wings to get free, but to no avail. As she moved, she suddenly felt a paralyzing shot of intense pleasure when her inflamed vaginal opening brushed against Torrent's scales. She took a deep breath, and Torrent suddenly felt a warm, sticky liquid spill from Cynder onto him.

Torrent, please! Cynder finally spoke, shouting into Torrent's mind.

Hearing her plea, Torrent relaxed his wings quickly and allowed her to get free. She pushed herself up above him, and he felt his heart lurch as tears began slowing from Cynder's eyes.

Cynder, I-

No, it's my fault,
her voice was calm in his mind, but she was panting. I'm sorry! I shouldn't have gotten so close to you! I knew it was coming, but I did nothing.

Don't blame yourself for something you do naturally,
Torrent insisted. I shouldn't have trapped you. Please, forgive me.

Oh, Torrent,
Cynder started. I don't know what to do... I should leave. I'm disgusted by my thoughts, but I don't want to be alone.

Torrent breathed deeply, I swear to you, Cynder, I won't do anything like that to you again. I... you looked at me as if... I understand if you'd rather lie somewhere else.

Cynder's tears dripped onto Torrent's breast as he began sitting up higher.

She spoke again, But?

Torrent spoke softly, But I want you to stay with me, Cynder.

I want to stay with you, too, Torrent,
Cynder laid down slowly again, her head resting on Torrent's chest once more. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her. My sex is aroused, and it will be this way all night. I doubt I'll be able to sleep in this condition.

Then I will be awake all night as well,
Torrent told her.

Cynder grinned, Torrent, you have become more than just a companion to me. I'm really glad that you are with me... I just hope that you know that.

I do,
he said. And you have become more than a companion to me, Cynder. I'm very fortunate to have met you.

Cynder gasped as she felt more juices escape her sex. She writhed as the warmth drenched her vulva and dripped slowly across her thighs. Torrent felt it spill all over his own thighs, some of it dripping onto his hidden sheath, and he shuddered.

I'm sorry, Cynder said in response. I can't... I'll understand if you're uncomfortable with this.

Cynder, please,
Torrent said soothingly. I'm neither embarrassed nor uncomfortable with you. I know you can't help it... and I must admit, your warmth is incredible.

Cynder exclaimed teasingly. Please...

Torrent grinned, I'm sorry. But I'm being honest; I don't mind it.

Cynder's slimy juices continued to be excreted from her pulsating vaginal opening. Torrent simply ignored it; the warm liquid flowing across his crotch and thighs didn't affect him.

However, as Cynder began to relax more, her sex became more exposed to the air. Torrent took a deep breath, but became nervous when he came across a scent. He instantaneously identified it as the hormonal scent of the fluid Cynder was secreting all over him. At first it was slight, but as Cynder panted and became more aroused, the scent became stronger.

Cynder... Torrent started. I...

He stopped after taking in another incredibly irresistible whiff of Cynder. He became increasingly anxious after realizing that his breathing was quickening.

I know, Torrent, and I'm sorry, Cynder thought that Torrent wanted to comment on the abnormal volume of her secreted juices, completely unaware of his current situation. This has never happened to me before now.

Torrent breathed heavier still as the scent overwhelmed him. He looked down at Cynder and cursed himself. He put so much thought into her he completely forgot how his own body would react. He needed to let her know what was happening.

Cynder took deep breaths as she felt her juices begin to run out. However, much of it was still dripping subtly down to Torrents own loins, which then passed over his slowly opening sheath. He gasped, feeling the pressure begin to build.

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