tagLoving WivesFriend Visits, Shared Fun Begins

Friend Visits, Shared Fun Begins


My buddy Ron was coming to visit for a few days from Michigan. My wife had this mischievous grin. Because last time he was here, my wife showed him her tits, ass and pussy. He even got to see me fuck her doggie style until I came on her ass!

Quick background, my wife was born and raised in Italy in a tourist area. Helena stands just over 5 feet tall, 120lbs, 35” chest with a nice “C” cup (Perfect Nipples). Helena has 36”curvaceous hips with a mouth watering ass. After 12 years of marriage and tons of me fucking her, 8” dildos, beer bottles,,, oh sorry - Helena is still tight. Ok back to the story of what happened.

As I mentioned, he got to see her charms, mostly because of me because I love for her to show off, I love men looking and more at her.

Although the last time he was here and saw her charms he saw me get some action, that was as far as it went. My wife considers him a very close friend and more like a brother. I tried to talk to her and told how sexy he thought Helena was and how much I would like to have more fun, my wife just said she couldn’t do it. Bummer I thought!

I picked up Ron at the airport and we stopped for a quick beer, which turned into 4 or 5. When we got to my house and walked in I heard him silently so oh wow. There stood my wife in sexy under shorts a small thin top with no bra. I quickly noticed a Wine glass that was empty. He gave her a hug and he playfully smacked her ass. Remember were all just friends. We went to the reck room and began chatting away like old times and slugging down beer, Wine and shots.

Somewhere in the night, he went to the bathroom and my wife ran into the kitchen, then the bedroom. When my wife came out she had on a bathrobe and stood next to his chair. Hmmmmm. Before his return she told me to turn around for a second, which I did. Then she said I am done. I was confused. She just stood there. Ron came back and sat down. He looked at her, then me, she at me then said, I got you a beer. Cool he said, where is it? My wife opened her robe and said, here it is. Between her legs she had a beer bottle (long neck). He reached between her legs, and she quipped slowly. He removed the bottle and you could see her juice on the rim. He licked the bottle and took a sip. Best beer I ever tasted he said.

She turned to me bent slightly and whispered, see we can still have fun and I feel like showing off. All right, this could be fun I thought!

My wife took off her robe and sat with her shorts and thin top with her full tits and hardened nipples almost ripping through the material. We continued to drink, joke and laugh. Out of the blue, Helena lifts up her shirt and rubs her tits, pushing them together, rolling her nipples. Ron and I stared with our mouths open. Helena stopped and said, “oh sorry I forgot we had company”. Please don’t stop on my account he said. Helena joked and said you guys are perverts; you just want to see me naked. Before we could reply, she said, you just want to see these and my wife pulled her top up again and grabbed her tits and played with them or maybe you just want to see my ass, Helena turned and kneeled on her chair and bent forward so we could see her ass. Nice Ass babe he said. She said wait let me get closer as my wife leaned across the table between he and I. There was the object of our desire. He always told me what a nice ass Helena had. Although similar situations presented itself, she did not want to be touched and he would never have considered to do it, but he placed his hand on her right ass cheek and began to squeeze her ass cheek, I grabbed her left ass cheek, I really think my wife thought is was me. When his second hand reached down to her thigh and leg and I reached down and grabbed the other, she turned her head towards me, which I was expecting the worst, my wife just smiled and mouthed “Like it”. I shook my head yes. After five minutes of this, She stood up and said anyone want a shot, a nipple shot? When we spend our Saturday nights together we have a special shot where Helena dips her nipples in a shot glass and lets me suck them off. My wife looked at Rich and said, “You want one”? He knew about this shot and quickly said, please.

She dipped, turned to him and he began to suck on her nipple for a good 30 seconds. You know I have another one right? Oh my god, I love your tits and proceeded to suck on her other nipple. When they were done, Helena came over to me and let me do the same. I on the other hand when done sat her on my lap and continued to grab and feel her up. “That’s not fair” she said, and then walked to Ron, sat on his lap and grabbed his hands and placed them on her tits. You would have thought he never felt a tit before. My wife let him play for a while. “Who wants a show” she said and she dashed off to the bedroom and emerged with a secretary type looking outfit. She hit play and her favorite song to strip to come on. Wow was that coincident? The little shit somewhere planned on this.

My wife began to sway her hips and move to the music, slowly peeling off her close little by little. She made sure to show her ass most because She knew that is what we drooled over most. When she got down to her thong, she came over to me raised her leg on the chair and played with her tits down to her thighs and rubbed across her mound. She then went over to Ron and did a similar routine only she also turned away from him, bent aver and sat down on his lap and began to slide back and fourth. You can touch me she said. He grabbed her hips, squeezed her ass and grabbed a handful of my wife’s tits.

She got up, went and sat back in her chair. Ron and I looked like wounded puppies. “It’s never enough for you men is it” she said with a mischievous grin. I suppose I am supposed to sit in this chair in front of you, she moved her chair for a better angle, and she pulled her thong down, spread her legs, and then show you my pussy or is it cunt. This is why I love this woman! She rubbed her clit and spread her pussy for both of us. She began to finger herself as well. “I suppose you want to touch my pussy now too”, she said. She sat on the table and leaned back and said half heartedly, go ahead and play. Both Ron and I touched caressed and played with her pussy. We both slid our fingers in at the same time. More fingers she said as Ron used 2 fingers and I used 2, up to our knuckles. You could see her nipples getting hard as rocks.

He reached down and began to lick her pussy. I moved to kiss her and play with her tits. Are you enjoying yourself she said, do you like seeing another man eat my pussy? Yes, I love it! He continued to eat at her little cunt as moans escaped her mouth until she built up to frenzy then began to cum hard all over his tongue. She said jokingly, I guess now I have to return the favor as she reached between his legs and pulled out his cock. He moaned and said you are the hottest woman alive, I hate you man (he looked at me). She made a show of stroking his cock and licking around the head. Slowly lowering her head up and down. I was in heaven. You could see the ecstasy on his face his best friends wife was sucking his cock, moving faster and faster then slowing down. She moved up and placed his cock between her tits and allowed him to tittie fuck her. Cum on my tits, she commanded. He did just that and sprayed all over her magnificent tits. I pulled out my cock for her to suck and she said, I think I am going to bed, she gave him a kiss and walked away to our bedroom.

He got up to go clean up in the bathroom. She peaked her head around the corner and said, I will wait in bed for you, but I want to listen to you guys talk about what happened. I will be listening and when you come to bed you can do whatever you want with me. She was gone and he retuned.

That was one of the best experiences I have ever had he said. I knew my wife was listening, so I took some opportunities to make sure I laid out some additional plans. She the hottest wife I know he said, I am jealous! You guys on Saturday do this all the time, with her stripping, putting on a show and more, damn man, wish I had her; I’d fuck her all night. Maybe you can I said more than loud enough for her to hear.

You really think she fine. She’s fine as hell, cool, smart and her body is awesome. Dude she has one hell of an ass. Maybe that too I said loud again. You know I respect both of you and I love her to death but I would do anything to Fuck her. Just remember you are here for 2 more days my friend and I would love nothing more than seeing you fuck her. Sounds like you want her bad I said. If she is willing I would fuck her morning noon and night.

Goodnight………………. I did get to fuck my wife from behind and cum all over her ass! I think tommorow is going to be a fun day, goodnight she said.

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