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Friendly Game of Cards


My wife and I met the couple that became our best friends at the gym. We all work out a lot, but none of us bother going for the muscular look. We are quite happy with our athletic bodies and don't care what others say about increasing muscle mass. The truth is, we laugh our asses off when we get away from the gym. Those people are absolutely nuts and say the craziest things.

I have short blond hair and blue eyes, which would have made me fit in perfectly with those racist nutbags. There is no denying my European ancestry, since my pale skin is a clear indication. I even took one of those tests to find out if I had anything else in me, but purely European and mostly from Sweden.

My wife, Lucinda, is someone I truly love and her Mexican heritage means nothing to me. Her bronzed body looks amazing, especially when her clothes do not get in the way of my view. Lucinda is a good foot shorter than me and don't care about the height difference. I like the way her brown eyes look when her head is tilted back. I like her tight ass in my hands and the look of her smooth flesh where pubic hair should be, but I love her small bronze tits and black nipples.

Our good friends are of African descent and neither could ever hide it, not that they ever showed the slightest interest in anything like that. Joseph's skin is the color of coal and a couple of inches taller than me. I may be hung, but he has me beat. Not that I ever purposely looked, or anything like that, but we do take showers at the gym and can't always avoid eye contact with each others dicks completely. Destiny's skin is not as dark as his, but mocha is still dark enough to know of her ancestry.

We are playing cards at our house, which has become our Friday night ritual. Some people like to go out to clubs or see movies, but none of us really have much interest in doing anything like that. For us, we like the quiet of the house and the comradery of the cards. The conversation always starts out innocent enough, but get a few beers into us and the conversation always takes interesting turns.

A few beers in and Joseph blurts out, "Destiny's never seen a white dick."

Lucinda coughs as she is trying to take a drink from her bottle and looks Destiny in her dark eyes, then asks, "You haven't?"

Destiny shakes her head with no sign of embarrassment and says, "Never."

Lucinda says, "That's OK, Des, because I've never seen a black one."

Perhaps if it weren't for the alcohol in my system, I might not be smiling. Then again, if it weren't for the alcohol, those words would never have been said. Rather than wanting to jump in and change the subject, I lean forward and wonder where all this is headed. Our conversations might take interesting turns, but this is completely new ground for us.

Joseph takes a drink and looks at me, then nods and asks, "You ever get your dick sucked by a black girl."

I shake my head and say, "No. Can't say that I have."

He smiles broadly and says, "Damn, Pete, you don't know what your missing."

Lucinda jumps in and says, "I suck his dick damned good, so he ain't missing shit."

Destiny laughs and says, "Luce, please. I don't care how good you think you are. I'm better."

Lucinda says, "Fuck you, Des. Ain't no way you're better than me."

Just as the fight is starting, Joseph jumps in and says, "Enough you two."

Destiny says, "But..."

He cuts her off and says, "But nothing, Des. Shit. You two are going to be at this all night. Might as well settle this now."

I look at him and ask, "How the hell can they settle this, Joe? Not like we're having a dick sucking contest."

Joseph grins broadly and asks, "Why not, Pete? Des can suck your dick and Luce can suck mine."

The alcohol must be clouding my hearing, because I can't believe what my friend just suggested. I run it through my mind several times and cannot deny those were the words he used. I look him in the eyes to find some hint of a joke, but he is being very serious. My face moves to Lucinda and she is staring angrily at Destiny. Destiny's eyes are looking right back and I know he's right. These two aren't going to be satisfied until they know for certain.

I shrug my shoulders and say, "Fuck it. If they're game, let's do it."

Joseph looks at both of them and aks, "Well?"

Destiny nods quickly and says, "I'm in."

Lucinda nods as well and says, "You're damn right I'm in."

I say, "I guess we're having a dick sucking contest."

Joseph grins and says, "Damned right we are."

Not having any experience with anything like this, I ask Joseph, "Are we going to stand up and let them suck our dicks right here?"

He shakes his head and says, "Fuck that. We're taking off our clothes and sitting on the couch. Might as well be comfortable. Besides, Pete, you don't want to be standing when she sucks your dick. Ain't no way your knees are holding out for that."

I finish the bottle off and say, "Fuck it. Let's do it."

I have never been unfaithful to my wife and I know the same is true for her. As we stand and start to reveal our very hard dicks to the women, I don't get the sense of being on the verge of committing adultery. Adultery is one of those things people keep hidden from their spouses, but this is just not the case. After all, it's only a blowjob, so I don't mind my wife being with Joseph and she does not appear to have any problems with Destiny doing the same.

Lucinda is staring at Joseph's black dick and Destiny is staring at mine, which cannot be mistaken for just how big we are. Lucinda may be able to do wonders with my seven inches, but she has never tried to handle anything larger. That extra inch is going to be tricky enough for her, but his girth will make it that more so.

We sit comfortable on the couch with the women are close behind and an idea pops into my head, so I blurt out, "Since we're naked, you both need to take off your clothes."

Joseph says, "Good idea, Pete. Why don't you two strip for us."

I can't believe I just suggested my wife get naked in front of Joseph. Then again, he agreed quickly enough to have his wife do the same. I can always blame the alcohol, even if I haven't had all that much to drink. I should want to take it back, but I am looking forward to seeing Destiny's body far too much to worry about Joseph seeing Lucinda the same way.

Lucinda smiles and there is fire in her brown eyes, then says, "Fine by me."

Destiny nods as she starts to remove her clothes and my eyes watch her body slowly reveal itself to me. Joseph's eyes are fixed just as firmly on Lucinda and neither of us seem to care that we are openly staring at each other's wives. With playful movements, Destiny reveals more of her mocha flesh for my eyes to devour. As much as I am enjoying the look of her body, I am far more interested in seeing her tits. I just wish they weren't so well concealed behind the black fabric of her bra. I look over at Lucinda and she is in the same state of partial undress and neither woman shows any sign of backing down.

Destiny removes her bra and the black fabric reveals medium sized tits, which appear massive standing next to an equally topless Lucinda. Her nipples are just as black as Lucinda's and stand out just as beautifully on her mocha flesh as Lucinda's bronze skin. My hands reach out and start to caress her tits and Joseph does the same with Lucinda. His hands easily cover most of what is in front of him, but it is far from that way with me. My pale hands look marvelous against her dark skin as my fingers dig in just a little.

Joseph says, "Damn. I was never into the small tits, but these are great on your body. Shit, Luce, you're so damned hot."

Instead of getting angry about my friend talking to my wife that way, I smile and say, "Your tits feel great and I just love the way the look in my hands."

Both women are smiling at the compliments and my fingers move to feel her hard nipples. They feel different than Lucinda's, since my wife nipples are more smooth all the way around. Destiny's nipples have clear ridges and my fingers move to explore each one. I want to spend the night just like this, but there is an important contest to start.

I slowly release her tits from my grasp and lean back as Joseph follows suit, then the women remove their panties with no hint of hesitation. Destiny has a tightly trimmed bush that looks really good against on her body. Of course, I think it would look better if she shaved it and was just as smooth as Lucinda's, but the black carpet against her mocha flesh is definitely worth seeing.

The women place themselves between our legs and look hungrily at the hard dicks in front of them. Knowing my wife is on the verge of taking Joseph's black cock into her mouth, I should be receiving all kinds of negative signals, but the only thing I'm thinking about is Destiny's dark lips and mouth. I look down between my legs and see her dark lips part and move slowly towards the head of my dick and her dark eyes are firmly fixed on mine.

The tip of her pink tongue exits her mouth and starts to move around the head of my dick, which causes me to let out a sigh from the signals of pleasure that start to move across my body. I look over at the sound of Joseph moaning and see my wife with the head of his dick between her lips. Destiny moves her tongue to the tip of my dick and I let out a moan from the incredible sensation and I move my eyes easily away from my wife's face.

She moves her head closer and my head ends up between her lips and feel her tongue working the same spot. Her head continues to move slowly as she takes more of me into her mouth. I feel her hands start to work on my balls as she starts to move her head back and forth in perfect rhythm. Joseph starts to moan louder and I join in to make a symphony of pleasure as we are both feeling pretty damned good right now.

Destiny reaches the gagging point and coughs hard around my dick, which feels amazing as she holds me inside of her. She pushes past with no sign of discomfort and I feel my dick press into her throat. She pulls her head back just enough to get some air, then slowly takes me all the way inside of her. The feeling of my shaft being buried between her lips makes me moan much louder than Joseph. She moves her head back quickly and takes several deep breaths, then forces herself all the way down again. This time I feel her tongue work in conjunction with her fingers to bring pleasure to my balls.

Her actions put me right on the edge and I moan out, "I'm going to cum. Don't stop, Des. I'm so fucking close."

Joseph lets out a few moans, then says, "I'm close, Luce. Fuck, this feels so good."

Destiny pulls her head back and releases my shaft, but keeps the head of my dick firmly in place. Her dark eyes are showing her desire to outdo Lucinda and will not look away from me. Her hands start to work my shaft and I yell out in ecstatic release. She does not pull her head away as I start to shoot cum into the back of her throat. She coughs from the contact, but her lips remain firmly entrenched.

Joseph yells out as his orgasm starts and I already know my wife will not pull away. Her mouth is starting to fill with his cum and the only thing going through my mind is enjoying the pleasure coursing through my body. Destiny does what she can to take it all inside of her mouth, but there is far too much for her. I feel my cum start to drip down along my shaft and continue to give her far more than she can handle.

My orgasm comes to an end and she pulls her lips back to keep as much of my cum in her mouth as possible. My white foam stands out clearly on her dark lips and chin, which I find to be very hot. I look over and see my wife with a similar look on her bronze flesh. I am enjoying the aftermath of the amazing blowjob too much to worry about the source of white on her flesh.

My eyes move back to Destiny's face and she is waiting with a very full mouth. She swallows what is in her mouth with a smile, then stands up in front of me. Her dark face looks incredible with my cum and I try to burn the image into my mind. Lucinda stands to join her and I have to admit to myself that seeing these two women standing naked next to each other with white showing on their faces is very hot.

They are clearly waiting for an answer, so I say, "Destiny, the way you took my entire dick inside of your throat was amazing. I loved it, but Lucinda does something with her tongue that is equally amazing. I have to call this one a tie."

Joseph takes a few breaths and says, "I agree with everything Pete said. Sorry, it's a tie."

Lucinda looks at both of us with anger in her brown eyes and says, "Ain't no way this is a fucking tie."

Destiny nods in complete agreement and with the same level of anger, then says, "You're damned right. Be honest. Who won?"

Joseph raises his arms and says, "Honest. Luce, you did some incredible things with your tongue. I don't know what you were doing down there, but it felt great."

I nod and say, "Des, I have never felt anything like when your tongue was touching my balls. That felt amazing. But I still have to call it a tie."

Knowing they are going to start fighting again, Joseph says, "Why don't you two lick the cum off of each other so you can kiss and make up."

I nod and say, "Sounds good to me."

Lucinda glares at me and says, "I'm sure it does."

Her glare turns to a grin quickly and soon they are taking turns to remove the remaining cum with their tongues. It does not take long before neither show any sign of having any white against their flesh and they quickly force their lips together. Both start to fight for dominance as their tongues move back and forth in a battle of wills. They both move their hands down and grab the ass within their reach and squeeze very hard to force the other to give in. Finally, after neither have the strength to continue to squeeze the flesh any longer, their lips part and a few thin lines of cum breaks off.

Destiny's voice is filled with frustration as she says, "Fine. It's a tie."

Lucinda nods as she says, "Tie. Now we need to have a pussy eating contest."

Destiny smiles at me and says, "I agree. You guys had your fun. Our turn."

I can't argue with that, so I say, "I'm going to win."

Joseph says, "Not going to happen, Pete."

I say, "I'm going to make your wife cum harder than she ever has."

Joseph says, "Ain't going to happen, Pete. You just can't do what I can."

I stand up and quickly lay on my back, which is cushioned by a comfortable carpet. Comfort was very important to both of us, since Lucinda and I tend to use every room for sexual pleasure. Joseph lies down on his back and his head is pointed in the opposite direction. I guess he thinks he will prove his point by making me hear my wife moan that much louder.

Destiny's mocha legs cross over my face and she lowers herself slowly. The pink of her pussy starts to come into view as she gets closer to my face and her clit is very hard from the anticipation. Her dark asshole soon follows and I am staring up at the black ridges imposed on her mocha flesh She continues her purposeful movements and soon her pussy is within reach of my tongue and her asshole is pleasantly close to my eyes.

I know I can go right for her clit and end this quick, but I want to explore my first new pussy in many years. My tongue touches the base of her clit and she gives a soft moan, which is echoed by my wife's pleasure. I find the flavor on my tongue to be damned good and I want more. My hands start to caress her large cheeks and I slowly move my tongue towards her pink hole. The echo of sighs turns to moans as the women enjoy our work.

My fingers move between her cheeks and start to move them slowly towards her asshole, while my tongue forces its way inside of her wet hole. The flavor outside might be good, but this is great. Both women begin to moan louder and my tongue moves slowly in and out of her pink hole. Destiny starts to rub her pussy roughly against my face and I taste fresh wetness enter my mouth.

My fingers move to her asshole and start to caress the dark ridges, which causes her to press a little harder onto my face. My mouth is open and my lips are pressed firmly around her wet hole to ensure I don't miss a single drop of anything she gives me. I move one of my fingers to the center of her asshole and press down just a little, which causes her to moan quite loudly.

Despite the pressure on my face, I am able to move my tongue to her clit with slow determination. My fingers pull her asshole just enough to get the tip of my finger inside and I pull her clit between my lips. She screams out in pure pleasure as my tongue works her hard clit. The scream is quickly echoed by the sound of my wife going through her own intense pleasure.

I feel her asshole tighten around my finger and tempted to move my mouth to her hole, but I want to keep working her clit to maximize her orgasm. She forces herself down on my face hard and I feel the spasms start against the tip of my finger. I feel her eruption start to cascade down my chin and work her clit hard on my tongue. My wife screams out from her orgasm and I know it has to be damned good. Not to be outdone, I give her clit everything I have.

Several waves of pleasure pass for both women, but there is no denying the eruptions are coming to an end. Her asshole stops spasming around my fingertip and I slowly withdraw it from her tight hole. She starts to get up slowly and I feel her dripping onto my face, which is a very pleasurable sensation. I lose my view of her holes as her leg is pulled over my face and she is crawling towards the couch. I watch as both women sit next to each other on the floor and prop their backs against the couch. Both women are beaming from the aftermath and I am a little worried about my victory.

Both women are struggling to catch their breaths, which gives me and Joseph a chance to sit up and face our beautiful wives. Both women have their legs spread open enough for me to enjoy the look of pink between their legs. We let them catch their breaths while we soak in their bodies, since they need time to recover before declaring me the winner.

Lucinda takes several breaths as we wait patiently for an answer, then manages to say, "Fuck, Joe, that felt great. You did things with your tongue that I can't describe. But Pete does something with his finger that just can't be beat. Got to call it a tie."

Destiny nods and says, "Agree. It's a tie. What the hell were you doing with your finger? Can't believe how good that felt."

I smile and say, "Not saying, Des. Wouldn't want to give away any secrets."

Joseph slowly brings himself to say the obvious, "Guess it's a tie."

I hate it, but nod and say, "I can live with that."

Joseph scowls and says, "Well, Pete, I can't."

I shrug and say, "I just don't have the energy to do anything else right now."

Joseph shakes his head and says, "Forget playing cards. Let's make Friday nights more interesting."

Destiny takes a deep breath, then says, "I'm game."

Lucinda nods and says, "Damn right, I'm in."

Not wanting to disagree with the majority, I say, "Fine by me. Guess Friday nights just got a whole lot more fun."

The End

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/18/18

Reads fine to me

True, it is hard to write dialogue. However, this dialogue reads pretty reasonably to my eyes..
I thought it a cute little story. Thanks for writing; thanks for sharing.
-A different anonymous

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by mybikecruises09/17/18

read the story anonymous

Although the author does not have a full bio, it does not matter look at their story descriptions and the first paragraph of the story. The author clearly describes the author of this story. The dialoguemore...

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by Anonymous09/15/18

Even the white couple talks like they are black.

It is hard to write dialogue. I assume the writer is black.

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