tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFriendly Neighbours Ch. 01

Friendly Neighbours Ch. 01


Ramon had moved into the nice little house in the suburbs just months ago. He was really delighted to be so lucky to get a home that was both affordable and close to his workplace. The house was on a quiet street with good connections to his workplace, so he needn't drive too long in the morning. So far he hadn't had much contact with his neighbours but they seemed to be friendly enough. He vowed to get to know them better as soon as he had settled down properly, but for the time being had postponed it other than going over to introduce himself to them. He had just finished college and it was the first time that he was living alone. And since had had to move to another city for his job, he didn't really have any friends in this city to begin with. So the first weeks he mostly spent in getting his home set up, enjoying the quiet evenings for now; It was a welcome change from the constant partying of college.

Spring was just turning into summer and so he found himself mowing his lawn on a warm Saturday afternoon, with nothing else to do. He was moving up and down his lawn when he saw somebody lying in a deckchair on his neighbour's back porch, soaking in the sun. After taking a closer look, he saw that it was his neighbour Elaine herself. From what he gathered she was living alone, her sons having moved out just last year. She was an attractive woman in her middle years, who always seemed to have a cheerful smile for everyone. She had been the first neighbour to come over and bid him welcome, with a warm smile and a delicious self-baked cake. She had a way to make you feel at ease instantly no matter how well you knew her.

He raised his hand and waved at her in greeting. With a dazzling smile she returned the greeting. "Hey Ramon, how are you this sunny afternoon?"

"Doing fine here, Elaine, thanks for asking. And you? Enjoying the sun?"

"Yeah, I needed a bit of warmth. So... if you're bored you can mow this side too afterwards." she told him jokingly.

"Tell you what, if I get a nice cool beer afterwards, I'm game"

"If I knew you'd come so cheap I'd have hired you a lot earlier" she laughed.

He went on to finish mowing his lawn and then, as promised, moved over to hers. Slowly walking up and down the lawn he glanced over to the back porch from time to time, where she was lying on her back on the deckchair, eyes closed. Just relaxing or asleep, he couldn't tell. Elaine was in her mid-40s, having all the curves that a real woman needs; with a start he realized that he found her more attractive than most girls his age he knew. He eyed here lying there in her black bikini. Her full breasts perfectly filling it, her long auburn hair tossed to the side. It was getting warm, and a small drop of perspiration ran down her throat in between her breasts. His eyes followed to drop until it vanished in the fabric of her bikini, then, when realizing what he was doing looked away embarrassed, relieved that she still had her eyes closed.

"Damn, she's quite a looker" he thought to himself.

He started to feel the heat too so he took off his shirt. "A bit of tan couldn't hurt either" he put the shirt over the handle of the mower and went on. A few drops of sweat were slowly running down his back has we worked, and his reduced wardrobe didn't escape Elaine either. She hadn't been sleeping before, merely enjoying the feel of the warm sun on her skin. From the corner of her eye she checked out his upper body, his muscular arms and torso, sighing to herself: "Oh, to be 20 again..."

After he had finished she waved him over to the back porch, indicating him to take a seat while she went to fetch two cold beers from the fridge. Once she returned they enjoyed the refreshments while chatting about this and that: Where he came from, what he does for a job, how he likes his new home. At the same time he couldn't help checking her out, especially that spectacular cleavage she was sporting. Sitting up it was even more notable than when she had been lying down, the bikini held her breasts firmly. He had to concentrate hard so that he didn't get hard on the spot. The way her rather large breasts sagged just a tiny little bit, the way the upper part was revealed by the bikini and how her nipples where faintly visible through the fabric really did get his blood boiling. And her radiant smile did nothing to cool him down again. Since he had moved here he hadn't had a single date, so in a way he was rather sex starved, though that alone didn't explain his fascination: Elaine was just downright stunning.

Evening arrived much too soon and it was time for him to go back over, thanking her for the beer and the company. He received another one of those dazzling smiles in return before he made his way back to his house. The afternoon of looking at her body had left its traces and so he went first to the bedroom to have a short scrub...as he entered he noticed that she was up in her bedroom as well, having left her window wide open. Mesmerized he watched her rummage through her cupboard, getting some clothes out at last. His breath nearly stopped when she reached behind herself, with her back to him, opening her bikini and letting it fall to the floor. Slowly she stepped right out of her panties too, before putting on a new thong and bra. While she was naked he just stood there, taking in the full beauty of her body. His eyes wandered slowly over her, taking it all in. Her ass was perfectly rounded, he liked women with curves and hers were just perfect. Her legs were long and well shaped with a slight tan. She was a bit bigger than the girls he usually had gone out with, her hips a bit wider too, but if anything that made her even more stunning.

Ramon found his hand moving down his body to his crotch, gripping the already growing bulge there, massaging it through his pants. He hoped she couldn't see him there, but behind the windows in the dark room he should be safe. Fascinated he watched as she slowly pulled the thong up, then her jeans, pulling them over her perfectly rounded ass. She turned around and despite thinking he's not visible he ducked behind the bed, peeking over it nervously. She made no indication that she noticed anything as she arranged her breasts in her bra before pulling over a shirt. Having finished dressing, she slipped out of her bedroom and out of his view. Totally turned on now he jumped on his bed, pulled his shorts down and jerked himself off with a vengeance, he needed only a few hard strokes before he could feel the cum build up, shooting it all over his upper body. The image of her standing there in front of her cupboard was burned in his mind.

He stayed on his bed for a few minutes, catching his breath. He couldn't remember ever having been so turned on by anybody without even touching them, just the memory of her body brought a warm feeling to his belly. He had never been attracted to women who were considerably older than himself before, but his sex-draught alone couldn't explain this. There was just something special about Elaine that went beyond her good looks that made him swallow dryly just thinking about her. The way she moved, the way she talked in a rather deep, sultry voice, and most importantly the way her sparkling green eyes lit up every time she smiled at him just made his head spin.

The next few days he kept glancing out his window whenever he was in, hoping to catch another glimpse of her, but no such luck. The week dragged on, the evenings appeared endlessly long and boring. He kept jerking of to the memory of her at least once a day, unable to push the image of her wonderful mature body out of his mind. He never had a photographic memory, but the picture of her standing there somehow had remained in his mind as clear as if she were still right in front of his eyes. At night he slept badly, tossing and turning, dreaming of her dressing and undressing often waking up in the middle of the night, rock-hard, something that hasn't happened to him since he first began to awake sexually. He was just glad that he woke up before cumming, even with nobody around to notice he would have been a bit embarrassed at that.

Finally, weekend was here again, and since the forecast was good, he hoped of getting another eyeful of her sunbathing. He got out at around 11, sitting down on his front steps, enjoying the quiet Saturday morning air. For the first time in days he felt somewhat relaxed, sitting back and letting the slight breeze touch him.

"No lawn-mowing today?" the familiar, teasing voice of Elaine brought him out of his reverie.

He opened his eyes, seeing her stand there behind the hedge, only her upper body visible. She had done her brilliant smile and apparently a new set of Bikini, this time cream-colored which seemed to complement her soft skin perfectly. Already his heart was starting to beat faster. The sun on her auburn hair gave her the impression of glowing, her eyes sparkled vividly and her full, smiling lips glistened a bit.

"Oh, nah, not today I think, I just don't feel like it" he answered while trying not to stare at her too obviously.

"Ah, I see, you're right, such a beautiful day like this shouldn't be wasted on menial work. I'm going to take another sun-bath, if you'd like you could join me later for a cool lemonade, what do you think?"

"I'd be delighted" he stammered out.

She smiled, turned around and started to head over to her deck chair. As she walked, or maybe it should better be called glided, over, more and more of her lower body became visible. When her bottom was revealed, Ramon nearly choked. She was wearing a thong that only lower back with a thing triangle. Below that her cheeks were wholly uncovered and they swayed with every step she took. He was so fixed on her ass that he realized too late that she was turning around to sit down. When he finally broke off and looked up she was already sitting down, a broad smile on her face. She winked at him before lying down. Surely, she must have noticed him checking out her ass. He blushed at the thought, yet could do nothing about it. He made himself wait nearly an hour, which seemed more like a day to him, before getting up and casually walking over to her porch. As he got closer he had again the chance to check out her wonderfully lush body, her hips uncovered, her breasts heaving and setting slowly to the pace of hear breathing. She sat up as she saw him come close, that incredible smile that seemed to touch every part of her face immediately being directed at him again.

Elaine had seen him looking at her ass earlier and had been secretly pleased that her ass still seemed capable of drawing such looks. Now his eyes were wandering over her body again, although he tried to hide it. She had never felt like this before, but she really enjoyed how he looked at her. She felt a tingling in her stomach every time his eyes fell on her. Boldly she leaned forward, presenting him with an even better view of her cleavage, satisfied when she saw him swallow dryly, colour flushing to his face.

They sat like this for hours, talking as if they'd known each other for years. Elaine made an effort of presenting her in the most seductive, sexy poses possible without being too obvious, and was rewarded with his furtive looks, that grew more and more obvious as the time drew on. After a while she did notice that not only his eyes had noticed her; his erection was getting visible through his pants, although he tried to hide it as well as he could. She tried to present her backside as often as possible, pulling her knees up, slightly bent to one side and he sure seemed to appreciate that view especially. From the corner of her eyes she noticed him rearrange his crotch several times which excited her even more. She noticed a warm, wet feeling between her legs that she hadn't had in quite a while.

It got late fast and soon it was time to part again. As they hugged each other goodbye, he held her a split second longer than he had to, feeling her breasts press against his chest, her lips brushed over his cheek upon releasing the hug. Bewildered he stumbled over to his home, immediately heading for the bedroom, hoping for a rerun of last week's show. He sat on his bed in the dark room and waited, watching her window.

Elaine headed up to her bedroom too, thinking of getting some fresh underwear out to put on after a refreshing shower. She knew that Mr. Showerhead was going to pay her a visit today - she felt hornier than she had in months, and knew that she wouldn't get any sleep tonight before she hadn't gotten herself off. The thought of Ramon's looks sent a new flash through her body and she had to grip her thong for a second, feeling it slightly wet to her touch. When she turned around in her room, she saw a shadow moving over in Ramon's house. She could see almost nothing but it looked like he was sitting on his bed, facing her. She was about to turn to the window to close it, when a naughty thought occurred to her. The thought of him sitting there watching her made her whole body tingle and she decided to give him something more to see.

She turned her back to him, and reached up, opening the clasp of her bikini top. Slowly she let it slide down her side before letting it drop to the floor. Softly she cupped her soft, lush breasts, lifting them slightly, feeling her nipples react to her touch. Stepping sideways she turned around to pick up her bikini and put it on the bed, her breasts slowly swaying with her movement. Now, she slowly straightened up again, turned around again, put her thumbs inside her thong and slowly sled it down her body bending slightly as she did it. Bent over, her ass was facing the window which must give him a prime view of her backside. Next she put one foot on her bed and let her fingers trace her leg from the foot on upwards, feeling the smooth, warm skin. Thoroughly enjoying the caress she let the hand slide higher, over her knee and her thigh, slowly approaching the shaved spot between her legs.

Ramon sat on his bed, rock steady. His back straight he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Not only had Elaine decided to change clothes in clear sight again, she was doing it in such a seductively, sensual style that robbed him of any clear thought. All he could see was how she moved through her bedroom, removing her clothes. How she held her perfect breasts and stuck out that incredible butt when she stepped out of her thong. Now she was running a finger along her legs and he nearly fell over when he realized that her hand was heading straight for her pussy. His cock was hurting in his constrained jeans as he watched her slender hand slowly glide over her shaved pussy up to her belly, then down again. He had to open his jeans to relieve some of the pressure as he saw her finger slowly spread her pussy lips, tracing them. Was she really going to masturbate right there? He dared not even hope it.

Elaine felt the lust fill her when her fingers came closer to her pussy, she knew she was going to have to relieve herself. Did she have the nerve to share her most private moment with Ramon across the street? Did she dare doing it in plain view? Her reservations melted away as the mere thought of him watching heightened her arousal to astronomic heights. When her finger tips parted her pussy lips a shudder made his way through her body. Her legs were beginning to feel rubbery, so she went over to her bed. Sitting down, then lying down she let her hands move down her body, caress her breast for an instant before heading lower, over her belly down to the wet spot between her legs. Almost instantly, one finger started to circle her clit, drawing gusts of pleasure. She thought of her secret watcher and a low moan escaped her lips. Her body vibrated with desire as she slowly started to stroke herself, caressing her like she hadn't in a long time.

Across the street, Ramon had taken his hard cock out, unable to resist the temptation any longer. Slowly as if in trance he was stroking it watching intently how she ran her hands over her body, her eyes shining with arousal. His hand moved ever so slowly, pulling his foreskin back all the way, feeling his cock pulse in his hand, then sliding it up again, before resuming to pump it slowly. He had to take care not to stroke too fast, because the view was so much of a turn on for him that he was afraid of ejaculating any moment. He tried to take in every little detail of her body, of her movements. How her legs curved, how her chest heaved faster and faster now, how perspiration began to shine on her forehead, her hair becoming tousled with her movements. The desire burning in him, he began to stroke faster, his cock pressing against his palm.

On her bed, Elaine was getting out of control. All she could think of was Ramon watching her, possibly jerking off to her. Her body trembled with excitement as her caresses got more demanding, more desperate. She could feel the soaking wetness in her pussy; feel how close she was to an orgasm. Her nipples were standing out, hard and very sensitive to the touch of her other hand. She gasped for air as she felt herself tightening inside. She started thrashing on her bed as she was suddenly immersed in a feeling of utter bliss as an immense orgasm washed over her, drowning out all thought besides enjoying the sensation. She shouted out with pleasure, pressing her eyes shut. Wave after wave of pure pleasure washed over her, before the orgasm slowly started to subside. When she could think again, she got up slowly, her legs still a bit wobbly under her and walked over to the window and closed it, while sending a last wink over to Ramon's house.

Ramon was lost in ecstasy. His hand pumping away frantically. His eyes went wide when he realized that she was approaching an orgasm. Seeing her starting to thrash on the bed was too much for him and he passed the point of no return flying, feeling the cum rise in him rapidly. Within seconds a stream of hot, sticky cum was shooting out of his pulsing cock, and after it another one. He didn't even have time to guide it somewhere, so it just shot out, landing on the floor with a splat. His breath was going fast and he was sweating profusely as the sensation slowly receded, his hand still on his hot cock. As he tried to gather himself he saw her getting up, walking over to the window and looking straight at him. He nearly fainted when she winked at him.

When she closed her window he remained seated on his bed, petrified. His cock slowly turned limp again in his hand as he sat there contemplating what just had happened. Her wink was unmistakable, she had known that he was watching...and went on in spite of it. How could that be? She should have screamed at him for being such a pervert, or something along those lines. Instead she had continued in full view, giving him a show he'd never forget. He just couldn't believe his luck. He never knew he had a voyeuristic streak, but watching her had been just incredibly erotic. In fact he thought this experience had been sexier than several of his 'real' sexual encounters with other women. And he hadn't even touched her. After minutes he rose slowly, still naked, as if in trance and went to the shower to clean himself up. The whole evening he was beside himself, not really aware of anything but what had happened earlier, how was he ever going to face her again without trying to sink into the ground?

He went to bed early, but sleep wouldn't come. He lay on his back, eyes open, pictures of Elaine masturbating streaming past his eyes as if he were watching a movie. Again and again his mind replayed the whole show and he wasn't even close to get bored by it. He had an erection almost constantly, from time to time stroking himself a bit without thinking about it. He remembered every detail of her body, ever twitch, every moan she made. He remembered the soft curves of her body, her full breast, her wet lips, how her eyes closed as she came...after hours he finally drifted off into a fitful sleep, the images didn't stop, though.

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