Tiffani was the kind of woman her friends thought of as conservative. As the head of a major company, she never drank, smoked, or did drugs. She only had sex when she thought the relationship was serious, and that was rare. But she was beautiful. She had 36Ds all of her friends were jealous of. She had long brown hair, silky and soft. Her green eyes had a penetrating quality that one couldn't quite place. But what her friends didn't know was Tiffani's secret...

Veronica had worked at FaciaCorp for 15 years. She had come fresh from college into the blooming company, and since then, everything had come up roses. She was rich, successful, and an overall genuinely happy person. As one of the many bisexual people at her office, she had her pick of women, but had always seemed drawn to to one in particular. Her boss. The only woman in the entire company that's not only higher than me, but unattainable as well, and I want her. Dammit! thought Veronica. Dammit! Why did she have to be so beautiful and so conservative at the same time? I have to have her. I just have to. Whatever the cost of method, I will have her vowed Veronica silently. I will.

Over the course of a few weeks, Veronica ignored all sociality and devised a plan to capture her prey. She studied mainly hypnosis techniques and mind conto methods, though she carefully sharpened her blade of seduction. And today all that would be put into action, the final taking ready to happen.

"Hey Ron, up for a drink?"

It was Tara, the new intern. She had been after Veronica since the day the two had met.

"No thanks Tara, and don't call me Ron."

"Ok Ron, maybe another time"

Little bitch. Couldn't she take a hint? I'm not interested in a quick fuck with the office slut. I want the big prize.

That night, like every night, the boss was working late. Tonight, I do it, thought Veronica. Tonight, she is mine. She knocked on the door and was told to come in.

"Oh, Hi Veronica! How are you?"

"I'm fine Ms. Kols"

"Oh please, call me Tiffani."

"Ok Tiffani"

"Why are you working late?"

"This and that, this and that" muttered Veronica, wanting to speed this up a bit.

"Did you want something dear?"

"Yes ma'am. I know you've been under some stress lately and I think I have some techniques for you to try for help relaxing."

"Really?" said Tiffani, "what are they?"

" start by taking a sip of this..."and Veronica handed Tiffani the drug she had prepared over the last few weeks.

Tiffani drank the fluid and loved the taste.

"Mmmmmmm...I think I've made this before hun."

"Y-y-you have?" stammered Veronica, surprised by the statement, "B-b-but I just invented it."

"No dear. Since you came here I've been drugging and seducing you little by little. This is in your coffee every morning. I told you how to make this when you were in a trance. It was part of my plan."


"Yes. I've wanted you far longer than you can imagine. I followed you through college and hired you when you finished. Such a beautiful and docile young girl you were. And finally you bloom into this incredibly ravishing and seducible woman."

And she laughed.

"You are mine Veronica, MINE!"

She laughed again.

"Now strip."

"Yes ma'am." said the confused woman, not knowing why she was obeying this obviously crazy woman.

"All of it" ordered Tiffani, when Veronica stopped at her under wear.

"And to avoid this in the future, never wear undergarmets again"

"Yes milady"

Veronica ordered the now compliant Veronica to her side.

"Strip me down. Now!"

"Yes mistress."

She stripped down her boss and now controller, gazing in awe at the older woman's voluptuous bust.

Why am I so willing? thought Veronica. Could she really have drugged me?

"On your knees you slut."

Veronica dropped to her knees, ever obedient to her newly found mistress.

"Did you really think you could have control of me?"

"Yes milady."

Tiffani slapped her.

"You were wrong."

"Yes madam"

"Now eat my pussy you little cunt"

Veronica pressed her face into the warm mass of heat, and started to lick and suck Tiffani's clit.

"Ohhhhhh...god yes you little slut...yes..."

Veronica pressed onward, enjoying the pleasure she gave Tiffani.

As the juices started to run, Veronica became aroused. Her finger flashed to her own pussy and started to rub.

"Stop that. You will only cum when I order, and never again touch yourself." snapped Tiffani.

"Yes ma'am." and Veronica immediately stopped.

"Now finish eating me"

Veronica quickly finished, draining the orgasmic fluids when Tiffani loudly came.

"Good girl...Now, tomorrow you will seduce that little slut Tara for my purposes. You will come to my apartment tomorrow night with her and I will take her on for my own."

"Yes milady"

"Now, who only do you love and obey?"

"Only you mistress, only you"

To be continued...

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