tagNonHumanFriends and Foes Ch. 01

Friends and Foes Ch. 01


Note: This story contains m/m and m/f relationships and sex scenes from the start.

This is the follow-up story to Cats and Dogs, but I hope that you can still get the story if you haven't read that. This is about a team of werewolves, panthers and lions who carry out missions on behalf of the Were 'government'. In the first story they destroyed a research lab which was being used to experiment on Weres and saved some of the captives, although it's still not clear to them who was behind that or why.

I've reintroduced the characters mostly by them having sex, but there is some plot at the end of this chapter! There is rather more plot in later chapters, and for those who asked, you will get to find out what happened to some of the captives and who the baddies are. I really appreciated the comments and votes on the first story, so thank you.

I haven't finished writing this yet but I do have about three quarters of it (I think). I aim to be posting new chapters weekly...

* * * * * *

Friends and Foes


It was an unusually quiet morning at Samuel Arcan's mansion in the country. Over the previous few months it had been a hive of activity with the commando teams based there training and executing a mission. Now they had achieved their objective they were on leave and enjoying their freedom. For a couple of the residents it was time they needed to get back to full health, and everyone was using the opportunity to reconnect with their mates.

It had been two weeks since the successful completion of their mission. Four of the usual residents of the house were taking their time off with their families and another eight were holed up in the house in their pairs. For different reasons each couple found little time to be with the others while they didn't have work to do.

The two Alphas who led the teams were still in the early stages of their relationship, but both were very sure that they were meant to be together and they had declared themselves mates after only a couple of days. It had been something of a surprise to the teams, not because they were both men, but mainly due to their different species. While Sam headed a team of werewolves, Tom was werepanther. It was unusual for cross-species relationships to develop, and Sam had fought it for quite a long time before giving in to the connection they had felt from the start. Now he couldn't understand why he had ever stopped himself.

Sam lay in bed watching Tom as he wandered around the room. Tom was naked and Sam could see his pert backside and broad chest and the muscles moving as he tidied up. He couldn't stop looking at his mate, and even when Tom wasn't doing anything sexual, like now, he found himself getting hard just from the sight. His moan of desire as Tom bent over and he could see his mates ass perfectly was not lost on Tom, who made the most of the situation by bending further and spreading his legs slightly. Sam couldn't resist a sensual growl leaving his throat. Tom turned to him and grinned.

"I'm supposed to be making this place tidy Sam, and all you can think about is sex. We do have to do other things sometimes you know!"

"It's your own fault for teasing me like that. How am I supposed to think pure thoughts when you wiggle your ass at me like that? All I want to do is head over there and bite it!"

Tom glared at him, but it wasn't a serious warning. "Don't you dare. I already have far too many bite marks on me from the last couple of days. It's a good thing most of them will be covered by my trousers."

Sam laughed. "There's hardly a mark on you love, you're being dramatic. Besides which, even if you were covered in them I doubt anyone else is leaving their room so they won't see you. And you haven't exactly kept your teeth off me either!"

"It's retaliation. And I have smaller teeth than you."

Sam decided he wasn't going to win this argument and that another tack would be the way to go. Even if Tom hadn't meant to he had been displaying himself and Sam was seriously horny as a result. He lay back and moved the covers so his nearly erect cock was revealed. Staring at Tom he licked his lips and started to stroke himself slowly, moaning as he enjoyed the simple pleasure. He grinned at Tom when he saw how he was staring and that his bright blue eyes were starting to burn with lust.

Tom kept staring for a moment as Sam stroked himself to full staff, but when he saw the first drop of precum forming it was too much for him and he bounded across the room to taste it, surprising Sam with his speed and desire. After only a couple of soft licks he went to work in earnest, keen to give Sam all the pleasure he could. His hands worked his mates balls as he licked and sucked up and down his shaft, occasionally taking it all into his throat and purring softly. His reward as he worked was the constant stream of growls and moans coming from Sam, and after another long purr he was treated to a mouthful of cum as Sam came hard and fast into his warm mouth. He took a few moments to gently lick Sam clean as he softened, and then sat up grinning.

Sam couldn't muster the energy to speak out loud so thought into Tom's head as the weres were able to do. "You look pleased with yourself. Definitely the cat that got the cream!" Tom just laughed at him. Sam's eyes fell to Tom's crotch and noticed he was now erect. His teasing had already achieved a lot of pleasure, and now he could get even more. "You gonna bring that hard dick over here and stick it somewhere we'll both enjoy?"

Tom's grin widened and he pounced again to flatten himself on top of Sam. He kissed him hard and the two of them shared the taste of Sam's earlier release, and the connection leading up to the most intimate they could be. They had fucked each other last night and there seemed to be no need for lube when Tom checked with his finger, so he just moved himself so he could slide straight into Sam. No matter how many times he did this, or he received Sam the same way, he didn't think he would ever get used to how amazing it felt. Sam was so tight and warm, and he couldn't hold back from starting to slide in and out, setting up a fast rhythm that Sam mirrored with his hips. The two of them moved like that for several minutes, speeding up until all they could hear or feel was the furious fucking they were both involved in. It was too much for Tom eventually and he felt himself stiffen and yowl as he coated Sam's insides.

Tom collapsed on top of Sam, feeling both their hearts beating fast and loud, and the sweat and cum sticking their bodies together. When he started to recover he ran his fingers through Sam's long dark hair and gently stroked his cheek, kissing him gently as he did so. He looked into Sam's green eyes and tried to let his look say all he wanted to; this was his love and he wanted to be with him always. Sam's look said the same. They hugged and kissed for some time, reinforcing the bond between them even though they had probably spent more time in their bed in the last few days than out of it.

"That was great! I'll have to tease you more often if I get a reaction like that." Sam said, holding Tom tight to him.

"You're just horny all the time babe. I don't know how I keep up with you!"

"I'm sure all the effort is worth it!"

"Oh God YES!" said Tom, laughing. "We may need to slow things down in a few decades time though!"

Sam just joined him in his laughter, pleased to be discussing their longterm future. It was reassuring to know that Tom thought about them getting old together, especially since their natural lifespans were longer than a normal human. It was quite a commitment being mated as a were, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

* * * * * *

Along the corridor another pair of mates were having a rather less exciting time. Dill was frustrated. He had been stuck in this room on his back for since the mission and was going slowly mad. He wasn't allowed to do anything for himself and while it was nice to be waited on, as long as his mate was there he didn't want her caring for him like he was an invalid, he wanted to be making her purr while he brought her pleasure. His thoughts of what he would like to do to her were getting increasingly vivid the longer he was unable to act on them. As he lay there and looked over at Tilly this time the vision in his mind of her naked made him moan. She looked up from her book and smiled at him.

"Dill, you've got to stop thinking like that. I know it's hard but it is for me too, and when you are broadcasting your lust like that it makes things worse."

Dill looked down the bed at his body and made sure her eyes followed his gaze before he spoke. "Yep, it's definitely hard, and it's hard for you."

Tilly just rolled her eyes at his poor attempt at humour. It wasn't as though she wanted to just sit here either, but when he had a broken arm and eight broken ribs she really couldn't jump on him without making his injuries a lot worse. At least he was able to tease her. For the first couple of days after their mission the attack he had suffered meant he wasn't even conscious. She didn't want to start thinking about her fear that he might never wake up again. It had been the hardest couple of days of her life.

Dill caught her emotion through their bond and smiled at her. "I wish you'd stop thinking like that. I'm going to be fine, you've known that for a while. The most serious thing wrong with me right now is intense sexual frustration!"

"And the broken ribs and broken arm, in case you've forgotten."

"I've not forgotten. How could I when my whole life revolves around when these ruddy bones will heal? At least I can get wood without it hurting now, that's a major improvement! Just wish I could do something with it."

Tilly smiled. "So do I, but not until the doctor gives you the all-clear. We can't make you worse Dill, it'll be even longer before you're back on your feet."

"I don't mind being on my back as long as you are on top of me!"

He grinned cheekily at her and saw her roll her eyes again. She went back to her book to avoid talking any more about this, but her empath skills were so strong that she couldn't stop the waves of lust from hitting her. She was able to pick up on most emotions, but lust and need were often the easiest, and it was particularly hard to ignore when she already felt the same and she knew the feelings were directed at her and coming from her mate. She sighed deeply and tried to put up some kind of shield to minimise the feelings, hoping Dill would go back to sleep when at least she only had to keep her own feelings under control.

A knock at the door surprised her and brought her back from the other world in her book. She called that it was okay and the doctor came in smiling. He was pleased that every day when he visited his patient looked better, especially considering the head injury he had sustained that had made things touch and go at the very beginning.

"Good morning Dill. You look better again today. Ready for your inspection?"

Dill nodded and gritted his teeth. This bit always hurt as the doctor had to prod his chest to see how well the bones were knitting together. He tried hard to keep a lid on the pain particularly because he knew that Tilly felt it physically as well. He didn't want to cause her any more hurt, and she had been more fragile since the mission because of his injuries and her worries over nearly killing the man that had hurt him. It still came as a surprise to her that she could feel such hate and anger that she would want to kill someone in cold blood.

The doctor moved around his chest carefully, gently feeling for the breaks and noting that the bones were starting to heal well. It was fortunate that Weres healed fast, because with these kind of injuries a man would probably still be unconscious at this stage.

"Good. You're healing very well. In another couple of days you may be able to get up and wander around a little. It will do you good to get back on your feet and using your leg muscles. Anything you want to ask?"

Dill replied quickly. "Yes doc. When can I have some sex?"

Tilly just looked at him disapprovingly, but he grinned back, and the doctor seemed amused.

"I'm afraid that I can't put an exact time on that just yet. However, if you are imaginative and don't put any pressure on your ribs at all, I see no reason why a little, um, stroking, would hinder your recovery."

Dill's eyes gleamed as he looked at Tilly, and the shield she had tried to put up was no defence. He was already using his imagination and she knew he wasn't going to want to wait to see what could be achieved within the doctors instructions. She just looked embarrassed as the doctor left the room with an amused grin on his face. He was glad to see a young couple in love like they were, and could totally understand the frustration of the man stuck in bed like that.

As soon as the door closed Dill beckoned Tilly towards him with his good arm. She stayed where she was and pulled a face at him.

"Come here babe. Let's see what a little stroking can do."

"I'm at a good bit in my book. Let me finish the chapter."

Tilly tried to keep her face straight, but she knew that Dill saw she was only teasing him. He hissed at her to show his annoyance.

"I've been stuck on my back for weeks thinking about touching you and now I get some good news and you want me to wait? Come here Tilly."

The last words were said like an order, and Tilly raised her eyebrows expressing her surprise. She put down her book though and moved towards him, making him smile.

"Thank you. Now take off that dress and sit here." he said, indicating the chair beside his head at the side of the bed.

Tilly started to strip but wondered about the chair. "I won't be able to reach your dick from there babe."

"I know. I want you to do me a favour first. Sit down."

Dill took in the sight of her naked body as she followed his instruction. He hadn't seen her since before he was injured, and although that had only been a couple of weeks it felt a lot longer. While he had been unable to do anything about his sexual frustration she had decided it wouldn't be a good idea. Now Dill was going to make her fulfil some of the fantasies he had been having. He drank in the sight of her beauty and licked his lips in anticipation. He knew what he wanted now and carried on with his instructions.

"Spread your legs for me. I want to see all of you." Tilly looked a little embarrassed but did as he asked. He could scent her arousal and it made his dick even harder. He tried not to think about that too much, wanting to focus on his fantasy. He continued talking in a low sexy tone. "I've been lying here dreaming about being able to touch you and caress that beautiful body of yours, but since I can't do it right now, I want you to do it for me."

Tilly looked at him slightly shocked. "You aren't serious?"

"Absolutely serious. I'm not asking you to do anything I wouldn't do if I was able to. If I can't give my mate pleasure then I need to know that you still get what you need. And how can I know that if I don't see it?"

Tilly just stared at him, unsure of doing what Dill was asking her, but wondering whether she should. Dill saw her uncertainty and pressed his advantage.

"Do you have any idea how good it would make me feel to see you touch yourself, give yourself the total pleasure that I want to? You know how we connect, how I can feel what you do, and I want to feel you on fire, lost in a fantastic orgasm."

Tilly could feel the combination of Dill's words and emotions hitting her and making her lose her inhibitions about what he was asking. The tone of his voice was so gentle it made her shiver with desire, and she shifted in her seat, knowing she was getting wet and that Dill could tell.

Dill looked into her eyes. "That's a good start my love, but you know what would make you feel even better?" She shook her head. Dill took her nearest hand with his uninjured one and raised it to her breasts. "Touch yourself for me. Show me what you'd like me to do."

He watched as Tilly closed her eyes, the slight blush on her face starting to disappear as her hand began to move. Dill watched fascinated as she gently cupped one breast and started to move her hand, and a moment later her other hand came up so she could stroke both at the same time. Dill couldn't stop himself moaning when she started to softly pinch and roll her nipples. This was even better than he had imagined, but like he had said to her he could feel her pleasure building.

"That's good, isn't it babe. You are so beautiful, and I could watch this all day, but you need more and so do I. You know what to do. I want to see you come."

There was a moment of hesitation before her hand started to move down her body. Dill watched in eager anticipation as her fingers slipped between her legs and he saw her wet them with the juices already flowing freely from her body. He wanted to taste, but decided he could wait until she had finished.

"That's it. You are making me so hot. Now stroke yourself, think about what I will do to you when I'm well again, how I will lick and suck on you to get you ready for my hard dick. I'll be aching to be inside you even more then than I am now."

Dill watched as Tilly sped up her movements and he heard her start to pant and moan. While one hand worked furiously over her clit the other still rolled a nipple. Her head fell back and she spread her legs even further, giving over totally to the desire for pleasure. He couldn't help himself from talking to her, wanting to be as involved as he could in what she was doing and using his most seductive tone of voice to turn her on even more.

"I can't wait until I can do that to you. I want to take those hard nipples into my mouth and suck them until you moan. Then I'll move down that tight body of yours, kissing and licking across your stomach and hips until I get to your clit. I'll finger you, sliding first one and then two inside your hot cunt, giving you just a taster of what will come when I can slide my hard dick inside and start to fuck you. It will be slow at first, long strokes in and out so you can feel every last inch of me. Then I'll speed up and have you moaning as you push back against me, desperate to get me in as deep as you can. By the time we get to fast and furious fucking we will both be yowling with the pleasure coursing through us, and it will only be a moment before we come together and I fill you with my seed, feeling you pulse around me."

Tilly's fingers seemed to be flying across her clit and as he talked she could only moan and imagine him really doing the things he was just taking about. As he described how they would come together, she managed it by herself, feeling the waves of pleasure hit her and the contractions inside as her juices flowed. She cried his name as it happened, and his pleasure at hearing that extended her feelings. As she relaxed she opened her eyes and looked at her love, seeing the desire and frustration in his, and also suddenly feeling embarrassed about what she had done.

He moved to grab her hand, reassuring her at the same time. "Don't be embarrassed babe, that was amazing to watch and I'm glad you let yourself go in front of me. I wanted a reminder of our first night together, even if I couldn't be the one to help you out this time."

His reassurance might have worked to stop her blushing if he hadn't then raised her hand to his mouth and started to lick and suck her fingers, not wanting to wait any longer to taste her again. Tilly went bright red.

He wouldn't let her take her hand away until he had thoroughly cleaned it, savouring the taste of his mate. "Sorry babe, but it was too good to resist any longer. I've been dying for a taste of you. Now though... I have a little problem that I could use your help with." he said grinning and staring down at his erection making itself very plain under the covers.

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