tagNonHumanFriends and Foes Ch. 06

Friends and Foes Ch. 06


This story contains both m/m and m/f relationships and sex scenes.

Thanks as usual for all your votes and comments. I love hearing your thoughts and I'm glad there are a few of you keen to know what happens next.

* * * * * *


Jake woke with a start, some long forgotten and some unfamiliar scents drifting to his nostrils. It took him a moment to orientate himself, not being sure where he was when this wasn't his bed and he was alone in it. Being back in his old bedroom was strange, but being without Adam was awful. He wanted to be with his mate, not all alone in a place where no-one trusted him. This had to be done, he reminded himself, and they had both known that Sam would insist on seeing Jake without his mate being present. He was just going to have to play nice and hope that before too much longer his family would agree to meeting Adam.

It was probably only an hour or two since he had retired to his room, and he decided to have a quick shower to remove the sweat from his journey and clean the tears from his face and the cum from his body. He must look dreadful, a combination of tiredness, anger, upset and ecstasy obvious to anyone who saw him. The shower was warm and reviving, and the next thing on his mind was definitely going for a run and getting some fresh air. There was a fair chance both his brother and sister were still at it with their mates, but he was fairly sure he'd be allowed out so long as he took his new guardian with him.

He changed form as soon as he opened the door, surprising the wolf outside for a second, but not trying to get past him. He didn't need to make things more difficult by pushing the boundaries that had been set for him.

"I need a run. Can we head out for a bit?" he thought.

"Sure," came the reply.

Jake rather hoped the guy would eventually talk to him rather more than this, but at least his orders extended to Jake going where he pleased so long as he wasn't alone. He lead the way down the stairs and out the front doors, taking a deep breath of the fresh air as he reached the top of the stone steps. He'd spent most of his life out in these woods and gardens, latterly hiding from Sam a lot of the time, but he had fond memories of the place even so.

It was no great surprise that the other wolf gently encouraged him to turn left, away from the training areas. He doubted there would be much to see there, but he had no desire to check. Probably those old buildings were even more covered in undergrowth than they used to be, and he guessed that the Weres based here used them regularly. He still couldn't help wondering how there were panthers and lions here. Sam and Tilly had always had wolves working with them, but then a lot had changed for him over the years he had been gone and there was no reason to think that they hadn't changed as well.

Jake ran into the trees, immediately starting to play even though the other wolf wasn't joining in. His own wolf was more confused by that than he was, not understanding the complexities of the situation. He did want to make friends if at all possible though, as he hoped to be back here before long, ideally with Adam. He wondered quite what the wolfs orders were.

"So, you allowed to talk to me?"

He saw a wolf-style grin before the reply came. "Yes, within reason."

"I can guess what we aren't supposed to talk about. I assume you live here."

"Some of the time."

"It was a great place to grow up, but kind of lost it's appeal when Sam started to make me train all the ruddy time. He had grand plans for a family team, which I screwed up when I got kicked out of training. Took me ages to do anything bad enough that they would send me home though!"

"I heard. He wasn't happy about that."

"Still isn't. But at least I've managed some different things since then that have pissed him off even more. He doesn't get that I really do love Adam, or that Adam didn't know what they were doing in that research facility."

He heard a faint growl from the other wolf, and decided to continue and push his luck. "I guarantee you, I have seen what they were doing and it was horrific, but there is no way Adam would have funded it if he'd known. He loves me and he only wants to be one of us. He would not have let anyone hurt our kind."

There was a long period of silence, and he figured he'd pushed it too far. Changing the subject now he had laid the seeds of that seemed like the best idea.

"They seem happy, Sam and Tilly. I'm really glad they found their mates, and I'm looking forward to getting to know my new family. It's a good thing I'm already used to cats though, Tom was a shock."

"To most people."

"That Sam liked men, or wanted a cat?"
he enquired.

"A bit of both. They are really good together though, and no-one was worried about it after we got over the surprise. I think Tilly knew all about it though."

Jake sighed. "She's known he was gay for years. I didn't. They've always been a lot closer than he and I have even though there's no blood there. I guess the two of them growing up together made all the difference."

"Maybe, but she shared his ambitions as well. If you'd wanted to join the teams it would have changed things, but you hated all of that and then ran away. You've not been here to have a relationship with your brother."

"This suddenly feels like I'm in a therapy session. Should we head in and find a couch?!"
Jake made the joke to cover his discomfort with what was being pointed out. He knew all of this, but some stranger telling him wasn't good.

"Sorry. It's none of my business."

"No, but you probably know Sam better than I do now. I've been away a long time, and we haven't exactly had the best start to rebuilding the family ties."

"Give him some time. Everything has been crazy lately, and the last thing he was expecting was for you to turn up. Anyway, I wouldn't say I know Sam better, I work for him. That's not the same as being family."

"Family that hasn't been around for years. Tom is his family now, Dill as well I guess."

"They are your family too, and they are good people."

"I think they have both taken their mates side on this. Dill was friendly, but Tom wasn't so keen. Just doing what the Alpha tells him, I guess."

"Tom is an Alpha in his own right. He may be cautious if his mate is, but he makes his own decisions."

That was interesting information. Jake hadn't figured on Tom also being an Alpha, and it suggested that there were two teams here, albeit ones that had merged to some degree. That would be the explanation for the large number of cats now here, even though aside from the ones that had mated his siblings he hadn't been allowed to meet them. Perhaps also he might be able to persuade Tom rather more easily that Adam was not a threat, since he didn't have the history colouring his judgement. It had to be worth a try, when he next saw them.

"So, is there any chance of me seeing my family again today, or are they in the constant sex stage of the relationship?"

He heard some laughter in his head. "They do stop to eat, occasionally!"

* * * * * *

Back in the main house Sam was proving his brother wrong. Even more than two hours after their argument he was still pacing, and still angry, and even more confused. Tom had given up trying to calm him down or distract him and just sat in the office, watching as his mate walked back and forth across the room. Sam was cross with Jake and with himself. He shouldn't have insulted Adam, he did it to try and get a rise from Jake, and it had certainly worked. But all that proved was how much his brother did love Adam, and that he was probably being honest about the depth of their relationship.

Not that Sam was any happier knowing that fact. He considered all the information so far and still couldn't work out whether he believed Jake about the level of involvement in the research, but then his own instincts at first were not to believe it either. Had they both been seduced into believing what Adam wanted, or could it be that this was the truth? Adam was obsessed with wolves, to the point now of wanting to be one, but could the shy and bookish man he had known take part in that? Adam was submissive, to his parents, to his friends, and certainly to his lovers. It didn't seem like his style at all.

He needed to know more and there was only one person he trusted to give him some answers right then.

"I need to see Tilly," he announced, before striding out of his office. He heard Tom running to catch up with him, and he scented the air to find out where she was. Upstairs, probably in her room. He ignored the fact that the scent he was following told of her arousal. He wasn't going to relax until he had figured some of this out and he wasn't concerned if he had to interrupt her with her mate. Tom was equally aware of the scent, and less single-minded so he was worried about what they would be interrupting.

"Sam, they're probably having sex. Why don't you call her, she'll come as soon as she can. Surely it can wait a few minutes."

Sam didn't reply, he just kept on walking. Tom gave up trying to stop him, there was something going on in his head that he had to get straight right now and hopefully then he would get back to normal Sam. Not even Tom's images of the two of them in bed had been able to distract him, and that was usually the first thing that worked. He decided it would be best for him to let Sam work this through, otherwise they would end up having another row when Sam couldn't keep his mind on his mate.

When he got to Tilly's door, despite the sounds that could be heard behind it, Sam opened it wide and called her name. Her eyes shot open, and he was treated to one of those looks that could kill. He actually regretted it then. She had looked so lost in what she was doing for a moment before he disturbed her, and he knew he should have called. Tilly had been riding her mate, both of them probably close to completion and he finally did feel like a shit for not waiting.

He dropped his eyes, trying to apologise, and trying not to look at the scene before him. Not that Tilly naked was something he'd never seen before, or did anything for him, but in this position was a first and the one thing that did draw his attention was what she had been riding. He hadn't considered it, but Dill was very well blessed and he found it difficult not to look. It probably wasn't much different to what either he or Tom had, but it was a surprise on the smaller cat.

Tilly spoke after a moment, and as he expected she was pissed off.

"What is so important it couldn't wait five minutes?"

"Sorry, but it's been driving me nuts. I need to know your thoughts on what Jake has told us. Any feelings he let slip and whether he can be trusted. Well, more whether Adam can be trusted."

"Go wait downstairs. I will come down and we can talk this over, but you need to let me get tidied up first. This isn't fair."

Sam mumbled another apology and shut the door, while Tilly tried hard to stop her brain running through different options for hurting her brother. She'd known he'd want to talk at some point, but had thought he might at least ask her rather than bursting in on a private moment. She looked down at Dill, and he was just embarrassed, and was going soft despite still being inside her.

"I am so sorry Dill, but if he's in one of those moods it'll be easier to go sort this out now."

"He's kind of killed the moment anyway. Can we get a lock for that door?"

Tilly laughed. "That's a very good idea. Thank god he waited so long to disturb us, I think I'd be ready to kill him if I hadn't already come three times!"

"I might have beaten you to that if you hadn't been on top!"

The two of them laughed as they disentangled themselves. Tilly thought jumping in the shower was a very good idea, just to wash her body off, but Dill grumbled that he had covered her in his scent and didn't see any reason for her to do that. It wasn't as though Sam didn't know exactly what they had been doing. Since he was still a bit touchy about her and Jake she decided not to argue the point at that moment, and just got a flannel to wash up between her legs before getting dressed.

"Are you coming too?"

"Sam wants you and your expertise. I don't need to be at a meeting of the Alphas, I'm not that important. You can fill me in later on anything I need to know."

Tilly kissed him lightly before heading out. "You're very important to me. And I'd rather you filled me in later!" She left him laughing, and headed downstairs to the office, making sure to knock although she did walk straight in afterwards. Sam didn't get chance to speak, she needed to get one thing off her chest.

"Before we start, I don't appreciate what you just did. I know I walked in on you two that time, but that was in here. I would never dream of just wandering into your bedroom. Being my Alpha does not give you that right and it will not happen again, or else."

"Understood. I am sorry, I had all this stuff running round my head and I needed it sorting, but I should have called you for your help, not barged in."

"So what's the problem? You heard what Jake said, or at least most of it. If you want to know what I felt, he's telling the truth. You must realise that he's been honest about the situation with Adam, and I told you before I don't think Adam lied about that either. I guess the only question is how much Adam might have kept hidden from him about the research. If they've discussed it together since they got the information out then I can't see how he could have lied directly to Jake without him knowing."

"Which leaves us with either Adam isn't lying, and he didn't know, or the two of them are playing us. As much as I dislike the fact that Jake is in a relationship with Adam, and the man himself for that matter, my first thought was that he couldn't be involved in this. You were the one who believed he was capable of hurting our kind."

"Yes, I was. But that was before I met with him, and now I don't think he has changed all that much. I agreed that he wasn't that kind of person when we knew him years ago, but people do change. I think he is far more confident as a result of taking over the firm, and perhaps thanks to Jake, but he doesn't seem like the type to sanction that research. Nor do I believe Jake would let him."

"Do you think we really still know our brother?"

Tilly looked at him shocked. "Of course we do. It has been a while, but he is still our little brother. You can't possibly think he has changed that much, even though the two of you had issues when he wouldn't join our team. He's more grown up and he has Adam, but he has the same respect for our family and our ways. Where is he anyway?"

"Out for a run with Rob. Apparently he had a nap, then a shower, and now he's outside."

"Why did you push him like that? He was in tears after he left here, because of what you said about Adam. It was unnecessary and cruel to say those things."

"Possibly cruel, but I needed to know whether his feelings ran as deep as he said. He does think of Adam as his mate, or he wouldn't have reacted that way."

"You could have just asked me. Do you realise, what Adam said is true and Jake won't tell him about anything that involves us. He was outside the restaurant, waiting in the car, and although he told Adam how many of us there were he didn't point anyone out, or tell him that Tom and I were panthers, nor about the lions. He keeps things from his mate to protect us and what we do. If you really don't think you can trust him I don't see what the point of any of this is."

Tom joined in the conversation, unable to comment on the family situation but his own confusion about Adam and Jake's motives weighing on his mind.

"That is the question though. Aside from Jake seeing you guys again, what is the point of this? Jake told Adam he can't turn him and we've told him the same. Perhaps we can begin to believe that Adam didn't really know what was going on, but we can't help him, so why go through this? They must have realised that Sam wasn't going to trust them."

"Jake told me that Adam wants to help. I genuinely think the stuff about the other research centres was a surprise. Adam was approached by a couple of men who asked him for the funding, but it seems Adam didn't trust them enough to let Jake meet them."

"So we need to find out who they were, and see if we add more information to what we already have. Presumably they are still out there," Tom replied.

"Yes, that's true, but there is the additional issue of what Adam can do," said Tilly. "There is no way a human should be able to communicate telepathically."

Sam growled. "If that's the case then they'll need to prove it. I might begin to believe some of the other stuff, but Adam is definitely not Were."

Tilly sighed, exasperated. "That is a given, but there is obviously something about him. I'm going to check through some of the books we have to see what powers have remained with hybrids, and perhaps there will be some answer there. However, there really is only one way to see if Adam can do it, and to find out what else he knows and who those men are."

Sam looked more resigned than anything, while Tom was the one shocked at what she was saying.

"You are seriously suggesting we meet him again? Even if we believe he is not behind it, how do we know that those that are won't be keeping an eye on him."

"We bring him here," Sam murmured.

Tom turned to his mate, even more surprised with his comment. "You agree with this? It's a crazy enough idea anyway, but we don't need him in the house."

"He's my brother's mate, it makes sense to invite him. Plus this is the only place we can control. He won't be able to bring backup and we can have all the teams here to guard the place and him if necessary."

"And the fact that we are compromising our base of operations in the process?"

"Tom, he already knows where I live. There's nothing here that can't be hidden behind a locked door, and there is no way he will have free rein to wander where he wants. Plus so long as he never sees the human side of anyone else, there's plenty of us to keep tabs on him."

"Am I the only one that thinks this is a bad idea?"

"No. But it's the best idea we have to find out what we want to know, and show whether Adam really does want to help us."

"Okay, just so long as it isn't only me that's got alarm bells going off about this. When?"

"We give Jake a couple of days to settle in, and then we tell him to get Adam here. I want to spend some more time with him first, see what he knows and find out about him. I need to know what my brother is like now before we introduce Adam into the equation."

* * * * * *

Jake was immensely relieved, having not seen either Sam or Tilly again that day, that the next was more peaceful. Sam even came to wake him up, asking him to spend the morning wandering around the grounds so they could get reacquainted. They talked for a couple of hours, and although Sam still tensed whenever Adam's name was mentioned, he even apologised for what he had said to upset Jake the previous day. Okay, so he wasn't going to turn into a fan of Adam's overnight, but at least he was making an effort.

Not that Jake wasn't a little suspicious, but he felt it best to be honest with his brother and hope to win his trust. He missed Adam more than he had expected, and while the long-distance sex they had had the previous day was fun, it in no way made up for not being able to hold, touch and fuck him properly. This part of his thoughts he kept to himself, but otherwise he told Sam about his life now and how happy he was, avoiding talk about the research until Sam brought it up. Perhaps Tilly had spoken to Sam and made some difference.

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