tagNonHumanFriends and Foes Ch. 08

Friends and Foes Ch. 08


The usual warning – this story contains m/m and m/f relationships and sex scenes. This chapter contains some pretty mild, and consensual, D/s and roleplay.

I'm getting there with this being finished, but it seems each week I'm finishing the chapter closer and closer to submission time. I'm going to have to put a good bit of time in over the bank holiday to get ahead again, and I'd really like to get to the end! It's been running around my head for far too long now – according to the document stats I started this in December 2007 although there was a long gap while I was writing other things (like the gay stories that are up on Lit and numerous others that are still unfinished, but will get posted eventually).

Thanks for all the votes, the last chapter for some reason had hundreds more views than the previous couple, dunno how that happens!

* * * * * *


After Adam had apologised and begged to help them, they had discussed things a little further before Sam had called it a day, after assuring him that they would let him assist as far as he could. He didn't know how far that could be though. It seemed that Adam didn't have contact details for the men and had pretty much left them to things, plus the only research centre he knew about was the one that Sam and Tom had already trashed. The two of them lay in bed, both considering what had been said and wondering what they could do with so little information.

Tom drew Sam's body to his, spooning behind him and starting to lick at his ear before coming out with his thoughts.

"We need to find those men, although how we do that I have no idea. Plus, they must be working for or with someone to have the ability to set up that place and staff it. There is something bigger at work here, and very keen to implicate Adam in all of it."

"Can you blame them? If you were looking for a patsy he's perfect, obsessed and a bit geeky plus absolutely loaded so he can afford to write them blank cheques. But it means whoever is responsible has a good idea of our level of organisation, the Council and all that."

"Should you really be calling your brother-in-law a geek?" Tom asked, laughing.

"I don't mean in looks. He doesn't hold a candle to you love, but Jake could have done a lot worse. It's just the almost obsessive love of books and computers that makes me think 'geek'."

Tom wanted to keep teasing and take their minds off things. His best thought right then was that they make passionate love and then sleep on it, and perhaps some idea would come to them overnight.

"So... If Adam is loaded because of his business, and yours is their major competitor, does that mean I'm now in the money with a rich mate?!"

Sam laughed. "Nope, the Arcan profits get split three ways but Adam is an only child. I'm afraid that you'll have to cope with the fact that you and I are only multi-millionaires, while he's worth over a billion."

That stopped Tom from laughing, and he studied Sam's face for some indication he was being teased back, but didn't see it.

"You're not joking.... Millions?"

"Yes. How do you think our family got this house? It's not exactly tiny."

"No, but that doesn't mean actual money. How come you don't have the place full of sports cars and butlers?"

"Do you want that? I wanted to be on the commando units all my life. That's far more important than money. We pay people to run the firm so that Tilly and I can do what needs to be done. Living a life of luxury doesn't appeal to me, but it works for Adam and Jake."

"I understand, and no, I don't want it. I love what we do and that is all that matters, not being rich beyond my wildest dreams. Can I ask for one thing though?"

"Anything baby."

"Next time things go quiet, I want a weekend of luxury somewhere, just us."

Sam loved the idea too. "That sounds perfect. But a couple of weeks sounds better," he continued, rolling over and taking Tom into his arms so he could hold and kiss him. "Enough talking, time for getting some practice in for when we get that holiday!" he thought, making sure that Tom knew exactly what he was thinking of as he ground their erections together and forced the first purr of contentment from his mate.

* * * * * *

Adam was not aware that he was being talked about, but it wouldn't have surprised him. Mostly on his mind was what he had discovered that evening, but concerned that it might not be a topic to bring up in front of the others, he waited until he and Jake were alone before commenting.

"I always thought it was strange that Tilly didn't look anything like Sam despite them being twins, or so they said."

Jake looked at him and shrugged, clearly not that worried. "Yeah, she's adopted. So what?"

"I was more interested by the fact she's panther."

That comment did seem to make Jake look nervous.

"What made you think of that?"

"The fact that panther climbed into her lap twice today. He's her mate, isn't he?"

"Yes. Cross-species does happen though. Strictly speaking, you and I aren't the same species."

"She hissed at me Jake. I've heard all the noises you can make, and that isn't one of them. More importantly though, it was the two of them in that stairwell with Simon, wasn't it? That's why everyone was pissed at me for mentioning it, and why she got so upset. I really am sorry, but you should have told me so I didn't drop myself in it."

Jake looked cross. "I told you it was going to be a touchy subject, and then you go making that joke about his broken arm. I couldn't go into detail."

"You never can," Adam said sadly. "Even now, we're in their home and you're still keeping secrets from me. I expect it from them, but you are my mate, we are supposed to share everything."

"I share everything about me Adam. You have all of that, but I can't share the secrets of others, it isn't fair to them. Long ago we decided to stop telling people Tilly was adopted, because that was what she wanted. People looked at her with pity and she felt it, even though she never thought she had missed out on anything. We were her family even if it wasn't biologically, and Sam has always been her twin. If anything, I am the one that missed out, because the two of them are so close they never really needed me, and that much older that I was just a toy to play with or an annoyance to order about."

"That still makes you sad, even now?" Adam asked, seeing and feeling the thoughts his mate had about that, and the loneliness he had experienced.

"Sometimes. Not often now, because I have you. We have a far closer bond than family."

Adam smiled. "I should hope so! But it's a bond that has been stretched too far over the last few days. I still miss you."

"I'm right here Adam, what's to miss?" Jake asked, grinning because he had a very good idea of the answer to that.

"You inside me," Adam growled back, making Jake laugh.

"Fine, but I had to do all the work earlier, so don't think you're getting away with being lazy this time," he said, stripping off his clothes to appreciative looks from his mate before lying back on the bed. "Ride me," he ordered, pleased when Adam immediately stripped and came to lie on top of him, getting himself into position.

Adam knew he didn't need to worry about being slow, because he'd already taken Jake twice today plus had a toy in him for hours, and he made both of them moan when he sat down, taking the whole of his mate's cock into him in one sweet slide. He didn't wait to start riding it either, desperate for the feeling of it pumping in and out of him and knowing Jake would tell him again if he didn't. Not that hearing orders did anything for him but turn him on more, but right now he didn't need that, he still felt like he had been empty for days and had only just rediscovered the one thing that could fill him completely and bring him pleasure.

Jake's hips moved up to increase the thrust each time Adam sat down, making little grunts and whines spill from his lips. He was hard and aching and the cock he slid in and out of him with every lift of his own legs had never felt better or harder, not even during the hard fuck he had received when he first got there. This time he had to work for his own pleasure, and he could move to make sure the thrusts hit him in just the right place. The moment he found that spot, he went wild, riding harder and faster, his groans becoming one long sound echoing around the room.

His back arched as his movements finally found him release and his cock spurted, coating Jake with his cum in long streams. His legs collapsed and he stopped moving, but with a growl he found himself flipped over and Jake driving into him with a few hard fast pumps before he howled out his own release.

"You made me work after all. I'll have to think of a suitable punishment later," Jake thought to him, as they both started to recover.

"Sounds good to me!"

* * * * * *

While her brothers had taken their mind off the events of the day with sex, Tilly was not finding it so easy. Once back in their room, Dill had been able to change but even with his strong arms wrapped around her and him nibbling and licking at the back of her neck, she couldn't switch off properly and focus on her mate. It had been so easy earlier when she had let her cat take the lead, but now her human mind was racing and one thing in particular was bothering her. She pulled away from Dill's warm body, sighing her disappointment that this wasn't having its usual effect.

"I'm sorry love, but there's something I need to do first. I need to know something."

"It had better be good, because I'm starting to feel inadequate here. Normally I can switch your mind off anything. You're not still upset from that stuff earlier? I'm fine and you've had the proof I'm back to full strength. I know Adam shouldn't have been joking about it, but he didn't know it was me or you."

"I know that. It's just some of the things he said are bugging me. Not his joke, something else but I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong with it. Come on."

She led the way out of their room, and Dill didn't even think of changing when he followed her. He'd do it quickly if needed, but right now he wanted to be able to reassure his mate because he could feel her nerves but she was also determined. He also wanted to ask where they were going, but just let her lead the way figuring she would tell him soon enough.

Tilly didn't say anything as she headed into Sam's office, or as she booted up his computer. She was too busy steeling herself for what she felt she needed to do. She searched the files as Dill looked over her shoulder and heard him gasp as she found the video file she was looking for.

"You have to be kidding me," he said. "Baby, you do not want to watch that. You got upset enough today at just a mention. And to be honest, I don't want to watch it either. I consider it fortunate I don't remember much of what happened."

"But I do, and something doesn't sit right about it."

"Aside from me getting the shit beaten out of me? I would have thought that was enough," he replied slightly bitterly, and starting to get scared. What on earth Tilly was thinking he had no idea, but he really didn't want to watch the video of what had happened to him in that stairwell. He had only just got well, and it helped not to know.

"Don't you see though, that's the point? This Simon, he works for Adam pushing paper. When we met them for lunch he seemed like nobody, just another businessman. How did he get the advantage of you with your years of training?"

Dill went silent for a moment. She had a point, and he didn't know either. He'd seen the guy too, and now she'd raised it, it did seem unlikely. But he couldn't remember what had happened. He swallowed hard and looked at the screen again.

"Play it," he murmured. He wrapped his arms around her as it started to play, as much for his own reassurance as hers.

There was no sound, and at first there was no movement either. He tried to remember where he had been on that floor. He knew that when he'd first come down the stairwell he'd found the offices, but he didn't think he had checked them all. There were tapes and computers up there and he had grabbed what he could for the team to look at later, much as the others had been doing downstairs. The place had seemed empty and he hadn't thought to check for anyone who might have been sleeping or still working. He shouldn't have been on his own, but he knew that and had found out the hard way why not.

There was a flash of movement past the doorway they could see open onto the landing, and it was obviously him in cat form, but he didn't come into the stairway just then. He must have been heading to some of the other rooms. Then there was another shadow cast across the landing and this one was human, presumably Simon, although all that could be seen of the person was his feet. But it didn't look like he was trying to get out, or hide, it seemed that he was following Dill, moving slowly so as not to make noise. Perhaps it just appeared that way, but just from the feet it did look like stalking.

A couple of minutes passed without any more signs of life. Dill had no idea whether Simon had caught up to him in an office or on the stairs, but when he came into view it was clear it was before he made it back. The two of them were already fighting and he watched as he took a couple of kicks, wincing slightly but knowing that they hadn't been that bad. He concentrated on Simon's movements rather than what he was doing, but pleased to see that he had got plenty of scratches in. It was confused, and not all in view of the camera, or not very well, but he could see how Simon was going for him. He was planning attacks, then waiting for Dill to come back towards him and blocking what he could. When Dill knocked him down, he sprang back to his feet after just a moment even though it must have knocked the wind out of him at least a little.

"He's fighting," he confirmed. "Proper fighting; he's been trained. Not just defensive martial arts either, there are pure attack moves in there." He swallowed hard as he watched the blow that had taken him to the ground, and it was obvious there was a lot of force behind it. "Fuck," he whispered. He felt Tilly's arms tighten around his own to comfort him, but in some ways he was fascinated by what was unfolding. He didn't remember any of this, but from then on he hadn't even been conscious.

Tilly moved her hand to the mouse to stop the film, but he stopped her.

"No, let me see. I need to know what you went through."

She drew back her hand, but he could feel she was more nervous now, and he wanted to check if she was even watching, but he couldn't take his eyes from the screen. He knew that the blow from that cattle prod had never come, but seeing it raised over his prone body still scared him. It would have come down right into his skull and that would have been the end of him. The black cat that suddenly came into view almost seemed to be flying, as Tilly knocked the man to the ground and started to claw at his body.

He had never seen someone forced to protect their mate to that extent, but he knew that Tilly would have been fighting with all her might. He could tell when the guys arm got broken from the look on his face, and he could see the fear when Tilly's teeth were around his throat. He didn't feel any sympathy for him though, having seen what he had done to that point. It was only the intervention of Sam that had saved the guys life, and although Dill was glad he hadn't been killed, it was for Tilly's sake not Simon's.

The film cut out after Sam had carried him down the stairs and out of sight, and Dill breathed a sigh of relief that it was over. He still wasn't sure whether he had wanted to know what went on, but it seemed more impersonal watching it on the screen and that had to be better than him being able to recall every moment. He knew that Tilly hadn't known the detail of the fight either, having arrived at the end of it. One thing he was conscious of even more than before was how much he had to thank his mate for. He nuzzled at her neck, and at least this time she responded, although it didn't seem that she was aroused by it, more comforted.

"Thank you. I'm kind of glad I've seen it, but I am really glad that you saved my life. I know that you will say that anyone would do that for their mate, but the fact remains that you actually did. I love you."

"I love you too baby, but I still wish none of that had happened."

"The question is, what do we do now? There might be a good reason he can fight like that and it isn't relevant to our investigation."

"Or there might be a good reason that is very much relevant. However, I can't get hold of Sam right now so he must be sleeping, or having some extremely good sex so he can't hear me, and I vote we wait until tomorrow to discuss it."

Tilly turned to look at her mate and wrapped her arms around him as she stood from the desk, making sure to press her body close to his.

"Right now though, I need to curl up and sleep in your arms. That was too much of a reminder how nearly I lost you, and it still scares me."

"I know, but you didn't lose me. In fact you are stuck with me forever, so you'd better get used to it!" he replied, smiling and lifting her up into his arms so he could carry her back upstairs. "You sure all you want to do is sleep?" he asked with a cheeky grin.

* * * * * *

The next morning they sat in the dining room eating the breakfast that Tilly had prepared with a little help from Dill. Sam had looked at them disapprovingly when he had seen the two in the kitchen, but after a warning look from Tilly he conceded the battle on whether she could have her mate there in his human form. Adam had looked surprised at first when the other man had joined them at the table, but made no comment, being sure he knew who this was. The conversation and the gentle contact between the man and Tilly confirmed it.

After their long conversation the night before, Adam wasn't expecting anything more right then, but Tilly had other ideas. She left it until they started eating, clearing their plates of eggs and bacon, before she started asking questions, cautioning Sam and Tom to stay silent.

"Adam, you said yesterday that Simon met the mystery men. Is he likely to have any contact details for them if you haven't?"

"I doubt it. He was their point of contact for us if they couldn't get hold of me, but I don't think he ever got in touch the other way around. I can ask."

"No. We need to be careful not to alert them to anything. Does he know where you are?"

"I told him I was going away for a few days with Jake, but not where. Just said I would be out of contact. It's not unusual and he's quite capable of running the business alone for that length of time."

"So he's good at what he does?"

"Absolutely. I said that he's my right hand man, but to be honest sometimes what he knows about the business makes me wonder who is running the show!"

"A life spent training up in management skills and business analysis just like us then?" she joked, hoping this line of questioning wouldn't raise suspicions. She couldn't feel any emotions that indicated that though, he seemed pretty relaxed.

"Aside from the fact his parents ran a country pub rather than a multi-million pound business, I think so. When he talks about it, it's just a question of scale, they were grooming him to take over the family firm just like we all were. He was sent off to university to do a business major too, and he passed the courses with flying colours."

That was enough to confirm to Tilly that there was something unusual about Simon. If he'd got a background in the army or something like that she might have accepted what they had seen, but it seemed more likely that there was something else at work there. One other issue that she still needed to resolve came to mind, and she concentrated on sending her thoughts to the whole room to see if it worked.

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