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Friends and Lovers


This story appears with special thanks to McKenna for making it readable.


Bruce noticed the crowd of boys leaning against cars by the curb in front of the convenience store when he went in. He never liked seeing guys just hanging around looking for trouble. He usually minded his on business, but the sound of a young woman in distress alarmed him. He left his purchase on the store counter and went out to investigate.

A young woman was being pushed around between the thugs while they grabbed at her backside. The hoard laughed hardily. One of the gang members pulled up the back of the girl's dress and grabbed her butt-cheeks.

Bruce ran up behind the young man holding on to the woman's ass, and spun him around. He hit the man in the nose with a straight punch, knocking him to the ground. Another man jumped across the hood of one of the cars to help and kicked one of the other men in the side of the head. Bruce pulled the young woman behind him as he swung, hitting one man and then another. The other man helped Bruce pound the gang; swinging, hitting, and kicking them until the sounds of police sirens filled the air.

Bruce, the young woman, and the man that came to help ran in the opposite direction of the thugs. No one seemed to want to deal with the police. Bruce slowed to a walk as they rounded a corner.

"Hey, thanks for helping out my sister," the young man said to Bruce. He held out his hand.

"No problem," Bruce said, shaking the young man's hand.

"I'm Josh, and this is my sister Sarah," Josh introduced himself.

"Bruce," he replied, shaking Sarah's hand and trying not to stare at her overly exposed cleavage.

"Since these gangs started popping up people can barely go to the store anymore," Josh said. "Most people wouldn't help like you did."

"I know what you mean," Bruce said. "A group of them harassed my mom about a month ago. I'd been looking for the chance to pound the shit out of them anyways. Are you okay?" He asked Sarah.

"Yeah, it's an old dress anyway," Sarah said, trying to see how to close her top before giving up.

Sarah's dress sagged allowing the tops of her high lifted braless breasts to show. Bruce kept his attention on the direction they were walking, though he occasionally looked back to see if they were being followed. "Hey, where do you guys live?" he asked.

"Cross Landings," Sarah said pointing in the direction of the subdivision.

"I live here at the Falls," Bruce said. "You'll want to hang out at my place for a while, so we don't run into those punks? My mom should be there, she's cool."

Josh looked at his sister who nodded. "Yeah, there's no telling what those guys might try," Josh answered.

Bruce led the way on the path over into the apartment complex of Greenwood Falls. It was one of the last all-adult apartment complexes left in the area. Bruce shared a two bedroom apartment with his mother. She was a bank teller and he was taking a year off before college.

"Oh my god Bruce!" Karen, Bruce's mother, exclaimed when she noticed the mark on his face as he walked through the doorway.

"Ah, it's nothing mom," Bruce replied, giving his mother a hug.

Karen saw Sarah's torn dress. "My god, are you okay?" she asked the girl. "What exactly happened?" She pulled Sarah into the kitchen and began wiping the dirt marks off the girl's skin left by the thugs' greasy hands.

Bruce offered Josh a beer, which he accepted. "Some guys outside the store were messing with Sarah before Josh and I showed up. We kicked their butts," Bruce said giving Josh a high five before settling down on the sofa with his new-found friend.

"Bruce, that's why we have police," Karen admonished.

"Where were they when those guys were messing with you?" Bruce asked his mother.

"I don't want you going out trying to get some kind of revenge," Karen said. "I don't want you to get hurt."

"He handled himself really well," Josh spoke up in Bruce's defense.

Karen went over to Josh and lifted his chin. "Like you did," she said wiping a mark off the side of Josh's face that he hadn't felt until she touched it.

Josh's eyes widened. At this angle, he was unable to avoid looking down Karen's low-cut top at her big, braless tits. He had managed to avoid staring at her tiny shorts, but her tits were right in his face. He glanced over at Bruce who gave him a knowing nod, back at the exposure, and then up at Karen who glanced down at her tits and then smiled at him before moving.

"Why don't you guys just stick to chasing girls and getting high like other boys your age," Karen said going back to the kitchen. When she came back she offered Sarah a wine cooler.

"Mom, I think about other things than chasing girls," Bruce said, though his voice carried little conviction.

"What? Catching them," Karen laughed along with Sarah.

"Yep," Sarah chimed in.

Bruce and Josh laughed.

"It's because beautiful women like you keep us so hyped," Bruce said, reaching up to pop his mother's barely covered butt-cheeks.

Sarah and Josh looked at each other, surprised.

"It's what you like to see, right?" Karen said facing Josh.

"Yes, ma'am," Josh said.

"Honey, don't look at my tits and then call me ma'am," Karen chuckled. "You make me feel old. Call me Karen."

Sarah and Bruce laughed.

"I told you my mom was cool," Bruce said.

"You sure are Karen," Josh said dropping his eyes to her very pronounced camel toe.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of," Karen said pinching his face. "You can look as much as you like. It's not like I get any privacy anyway."

Sarah tried again to fix her top. Karen turned around and took Sarah to her bedroom to help straighten out her dress.

"Man," Josh exclaimed as Karen's butt-cheeks shook from side to side in a dramatic fashion as she left the living room.

"It's cool having a hot mom," Bruce said.

"Yeah, my mom's okay, but not like yours," Josh said. "My mom is shy. She would never wear shorts like those in front of anyone."

"Sarah's pretty hot," Bruce said. "I bet you get girls coming up to you, just because she's your sister."

"Yeah, but not the kind that I like," Josh said. "Those girls are Barbie-Bubble-Head-Dolls."

Bruce laughed and nodded. "My mom is more like my bestfriend," he said. "We've always been tight. She don't mind you checking her out. You might even get lucky."

"Man, you're kidding," Josh said.

"No, she showed you her tits on purpose," Bruce said.

"You want me to talk to Sarah about doing it with you?" Josh asked.

"You mean like a foursome?" Bruce laughed.

"Foursome?" Karen said overhearing the last part of what her son said.

"Josh?" Sarah said looking embarrassed, not knowing what her lustful brother had told their new friend.

"What?" Josh laughed, trying to sound innocent.

"Give guys two minutes alone and they start planning ways to have sex," Karen said smiling.

Karen loaned Sarah a short, yellow cotton dress instead of the torn one she had on. Bruce recognized the dress and winked at his mother. Sarah's smooth legs seemed to go on forever from under the dress.

"Bruce," Karen said standing in front of her son with her hands on her hips. "Did you tell you friend here that he could have me if you could have his sister?"

"Can he?" Bruce asked knowing that his mother would certainly do it for him.

"I think you'd better ask Sarah if she's willing to have sex with someone she just met," Karen said.

"Is it cool Sarah?" Josh asked his sister. "I mean the guy did jump in the middle of a gang to save you."

Sarah blushed more. She didn't want her brother to make her appear so easy, but seeing Karen she understood that he wanted her. "I will if Karen will," she said.

"Well, I think you boys just got lucky," Karen said laughing. "We're going to need some food if we're going to have a party. Pizza anyone?"

"Sounds good to me," Josh said.

Sarah nodded and Bruce chuckled as his mother picked up the phone. He knew that she was calling to get free pizza. They listened to how Karen negotiated a couple large pizzas with lots of toppings and the items to make margaritas. She would have to allow the delivery guy to touch the crotch of her shorts -she made it sound like a really big deal for her, but it wasn't at all.

"Do you two live with your parents?" Karen asked sitting on the sofa next to Josh.

"Yeah, but our dad travels a lot, so mainly it's just us and our mom," Sarah answered sliding over to make room for Bruce on the love seat.

"You boys look like you're all ready to rip our clothes off," Karen laughed. "Just be patient until after the pizza gets here, and then you can have your fun." She moved Josh's hand to her crotch and pressed his hand there.

Sarah made a bold move by placing her hand on Bruce's crotch and smiled across at her brother.

"Sarah found something she likes," Josh laughed rubbing Karen's crotch.

Bruce put one arm over Sarah's shoulder and dropped his hand on one of her tits. Karen turned parting her lips slightly as she kissed Josh. Sarah lifted her lips to Bruce's as his other hand captured her other tit through the thin material of the dress. Josh slid his hand under Karen's shirt cupping one of her heavy tits.

The sounds of moaning and smacking lips filled the room. Bruce worked the dress all the way up over Sarah's tits and began working on her thin panties. Josh got his hand in Karen's shorts to her wet pussy and his mouth on one of her nipples.

The hard knock on the front door caused everyone to jump and burst into laughter. Josh sucked on his fingers and Karen gave him a kiss on his cheeks for the gesture as she got up to answer the door.

"Greg, thank you so much for this," Karen said to the pizza man as she let him into the foyer.

"My pleasure Karen," he said, handing her three pizzas and a bag containing what she needed to make margaritas.

"This is more than what I asked for," Karen said checking out the bag and sitting it on the floor.

"I was hoping that I could get a hug, if you know what I mean," he said.

"My son and his friends are here, so you'll have to make it quick," Karen said raising her arms around his neck.

Greg matched his hard-on to Karen's crotch as he reached around taking her butt-cheeks in his hands. Karen ground herself against Greg's covered cock as he pressed it against her. Greg moaned, strained, and jerked. He exhaled hard and released her slowly. Karen smiled seeing the large wet stain at the leg of Greg's pants.

"Thank you so much Karen," Greg said.

"Thank you. I'll be calling you again," she said letting him out the door. "Pizza!" she called out.

Bruce, Josh, and Sarah came to help bring in the goodies that Karen had scored. Karen showed Sarah how to make margaritas the way she liked them, and served them up in the living room with the pizza.

Josh got down on the floor in front of Karen and pulled off her shorts while Karen continued eating and drinking. She spread her legs wide, allowing him to take his time to lick and suck at her wet pussy.

Sarah followed her brother's lead removing Bruce's pants and taking his cock into her mouth. Karen and Bruce raised their glasses to each other, while the brother and sister supplied them with oral sex.

Josh pulled the head of his cock to Karen's hot cunt and rubbed the head alone her slit. Karen was use to young men savoring the sight of her pussy. She held her legs up and watched as he moved the head of his cock in and out of her wet hole. She had kept her pussy shaved for this particular purpose; a hint given to her by her son. Josh's breathing quickened as he thrust his cock all the way in her. Karen grabbed hold of Josh's tight buns and aided him in thrusting his cock. She moaned like a porn star encouraging him to make her cum.

Karen glanced over at her son and saw that he had Sarah bent over the arm of the love seat in his favorite doggie-style position. By the strain on Sarah's face, Karen could tell that she was not use to having a cock the size of her son's ramming into her. She had not seen any young girl able to take her son's big cock very well.

Karen cried out in good fashion when she felt the first blast of Josh's cum. She knew how to put on a good show without over doing it. She held him inside of her tight, kissing his face and thanking him for making her cum so hard.

Bruce's cock was wet and still hard when he pulled it out of Sarah. Sarah curled up on the love seat over Bruce's lap and began sucking on the hard monster. He didn't want to make her too sore by fucking her too hard. He wanted her to want him again.

"I wish we could stay here all night," Josh said feeling Karen's tits. "But we can't leave mom at home alone."

"I certainly understand that," Karen said. "We'll give you'll a ride home, okay?"

"Thank you for everything," Sarah said putting back on the dress that Karen had loaned her.

"We can get together tomorrow, right?" Josh asked.

"Sure can, honey," Karen said, stopping with her shorts raised about mid-thigh to give Josh a kiss on the lips.

"Great!" Sarah said excitedly.

Karen and Bruce dropped Sarah and Josh off at their home. Karen had sat in the back seat with Josh, allowing him to suck on her tits. Karen and Bruce laughed and joked about the brother and sister on the way back to their apartment.

Bruce went to his mother's bedroom after he had showered. Karen was applying lotion to her naked body after her own shower.

"Your thing is still hard, huh?" Karen asked seeing the lump at the crotch of her son's boxers.

"Yeah, Sarah made me hard. It just hasn't gone down yet," Bruce said, laying down on his mother's bed and watching her rub the lotion on her legs. "What did you think of Josh?"

"He's a horny young man, Bruce. What else am I to think," she said.

"Would you mind fucking him for a while? He said that his mother is shy. I think I can get him to help me get to her if he had a reason too," Bruce said.

"Why don't you just go after older women in the first place?" Karen asked her son. "That thing of yours only likes mature pussy any way." She chuckled.

"What it likes is yours," Bruce said taking off his boxers and stroking his big thick cock.

"I know that," she looked back seeing what he was doing. "I'm just saying that you go through a lot of trouble for nothing. There are a lot of women in our aerobics class that want you. Why not give them a shot?"

"Come on mom," Bruce said. "You like getting screwed by young guys."

Karen went over to the bed and took hold of her son's big thick cock. "I wish they all had a big one like this," she said stroking it slowly.

"You made it this big," he said.

"Dear, that was your father's idea," she said getting on the bed. "He didn't want me sleeping with other guys while he was away, so he had me to teach you about sex."

"I guess there was something he did right," Bruce chuckled.

"I'm not mad at him for leaving," Karen said. "He wanted a young woman, so he went out and got one. I never figure that you would like older women."

"It's all because of you, mom," Bruce said rolling on top of his mother and moving the head of his cock to her moist opening. "I love you, mom."

"I love you, too," Karen said feeling the thickness of her son's cock spreading her vaginal walls. "I just wish Josh had a big one like this." She put her hands on his butt cheeks and slowly ground and rolled her hips. She loved the way his cock felt when he fucked her that way.


Josh called Bruce before noon. Sarah was away at her college orientation. He wanted Bruce to bring Karen over in hopes of pulling his own mother out of her shell. Bruce said that they would try.

Karen brought the endorphin enhancement medicine she had gotten from her doctor just in case Josh's mother needed some more encouragement. She wore her sundress and high wedge sandals. She wore nothing underneath the dress, so she could look conservative and be ready at the same time.

"Hey Bruce, Karen," Josh said greeting them at the door with his mother. "This is my mom, Linda."

"Hi, it's so good to meet you," Linda said giving Karen a hug.

"Good to meet you too," Karen replied. "Lovely dress." She was surprised to see the supposedly shy woman in a mini-dress.

"Thank you. Josh insisted that I wear it. Good to meet you too, Bruce," Linda said. "Come on in." She led them to the living room.

Josh gave Karen a hug, giving her butt-cheek a squeeze without being detected by his mother.

"Bruce, I understand that you are the hero that saved Sarah from a bunch of thugs," Linda said.

"I just did what anyone else would have done," Bruce said, trying to be modest.

"You must be proud of him," Linda said.

"Yes, and you have a fine son yourself," Karen said. "It's funny how the good ones always seem to find each other." She gave Josh another hug and held him to her side, while facing Linda.

Bruce stood next to Linda and she put her arm around him. He slid his hand down to her butt-cheek.

Karen saw her son's hand drop and knew where his hand was. "And they are so fresh," she said taking Josh's hand and moving it from her butt up to her waist.

"Sure is," Linda laughed, moving Bruce's hand up to her waist.

"You can't really blame them though," Karen said. "We were that age once, right?"

"Oh right," Linda giggled. "Hormones through the roof."

"Hey, anyone want something to drink?" Josh asked, moving his hand down to squeeze Karen's butt-cheek again before releasing her. This time he was sure his mother could see him fondling Karen.

Karen laughed and then Linda felt Bruce's hand back on her butt-cheek before she could stop him. Bruce followed Josh into the kitchen while Karen and Linda seated themselves in the living room.

"You must not be use to having a bunch of boys around," Karen said.

"We have a daughter, you met," Linda said. "My husband wouldn't allow it."

Karen laughed. "When you have four or five young men running around you, sooner or later they will push each other to try you," she said. "Especially when we wear things to feel pretty."

"Sometimes I think I'm loosing my mind," Linda said. "They are so fresh."

Karen could tell she was hiding her true feelings. "They use to have me blushing," she said. "All hands. They are so used to the young women allowing them to touch them like that. What are we to do?"

"Exactly," Linda said. "Touching me like... I'm his girlfriend. I may be his mother, but I'm a woman too."

Karen knew then that Josh had been trying with her. She looked up and saw their young men coming with orange juice over ice.

"It's a screwdriver, mom," Josh said.

"Josh, you have some music?" Karen asked. She figured that dancing would give the boys an opportunity to do something hands on.

"Sure," Josh said going over to turn on the stereo.

Bruce pulled Linda up from the sofa as Karen began to dance with Josh. Linda finished her drink before sitting the glass down on the table.

Linda had learned the way the young people danced from Sarah. The alcohol gave her all the nerve she needed to back her ass up against Bruce's growing hard-on.

Karen laughed seeing how Linda was enjoying dancing with Bruce. She rolled her own ass against Josh as he ground his hard-on against her butt-cheeks.

Linda drank more as she danced with Bruce. The young man's hands began to roam all over the woman's body. Josh was doing the same with Karen, only shielding his movements from his mother as he fingered Karen's naked pussy. It took Bruce a couple more songs before he had his hand inside Linda's panties.

"Oh my god, I can't believe I'm doing this," Linda said leaning back against Bruce as he pushed her panties down to her knees with one hand while pumping his fingers into her wet cunt with the other.

"No need to stop them now," Karen replied.

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