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Friends Enjoyed


Author's note.

This is my first attempt at writing a story like this; I would like to hear all views and opinions on the work thanks.

I had known Jill for near on two years and had always had a soft spot for her. The only problem there was she only wanted to be friends and had no feelings other than that. I had fantasised for ages about what she would look like naked, or what she would look like while I was fucking her. It wasn't till about six months ago I became aware of drugs that could be put in drinks and used to induce unconsciousness. It was then the idea of drugging her came to mind; if I could use one of these drugs, I would be able to have my way with her without her stopping me.

After this I was obsessed with the idea and every time I met Jill I would see her in my mind lying drugged and helpless with me enjoying her body.

Jill is no model when it comes to looks, but there is something about her that when you see her you always look twice. She was about 5'6" fairly slim, not too slim. Her breasts looked perfect in whatever I saw her wearing. They were perfect for me; I always say that anything more than a handful is a waste and they looked to be the perfect handful. She always wore her long black hair down and it set off her pale skin brilliantly.

My next step was to locate a drug I could use to get Jill into the state I needed her in. I knew a friend of mine that worked a lot with horses and had read on some sites that drugs used for sedating horses for shoeing could be used to drug people. So when I was with my friend I watched what she was using on the horses and managed to get some off her without her knowledge or so I think!

Now that I had all that I needed carry out my plan, I just needed to get Jill by herself preferably at my place as I was living by myself. The next time I saw her I said casually, "I do get lonely you know, living at home by myself. Don't you think it would be nice if we could spend a night in watching a film or something? We can get drinks in. I could get some wine for you and some beers for me?"

To my utter amazement she agreed, saying, "Yeah, it would be nice to spend a night in with some friends. How about next Friday?"

I couldn't sleep the night before. Every time I closed my eyes I pictured her lying there helpless and mine for the night.

Finally it came to the night; I was so excited and couldn't wait. When the door bell went I was there in a flash! I was horrified to find that she had brought a friend along with her. She introduced us; her friend's name was Amy and at first look she was stunning blonde, slim and tall, a lot taller than I would go for myself. So there I was, wondering what would happen now. My plan seemed to be in ruins.

The night itself started; we all settled and watched a couple of DVDs. The wine was flowing for the ladies. It was when I saw Amy get up and head rather unsteadily to the bathroom, a new and better sounding idea came to mind. With both of these ladies now looking well on their way to being drunk, I could in fact have both of these in the same night. When Amy returned I said, "Go on, you pick the next film while I will get us more drinks." I disappeared in the kitchen and opened a fresh bottle of wine, added some of the powder into the bottle, and watched as it fizzled and dispersed into the bottle without a trace.

On returning I poured them both a generous glass to and Amy commented, "You'll get us both drunk you know?" Laughing Jill remarked, "I think that's the idea."

It didn't seem to matter as the glasses emptied quickly and they were well on their way to finishing the next glass before I noticed that both were showing signs of not being completely with it. Jill had a glazed look on her face and was not moving much, and Amy I noticed was slumped in the corner of the chair eyes flickering and semi-conscious. I couldn't believe it! I went over and shook Jill lightly. All I got in way of a response was a small moan and then her eyes shut and she went completely limp on me. I called her a few more times getting no response. I ventured to run a hand up her thigh, still no response.

Feeling fairly confident Jill was out of it I went over to Amy. She was slumped there, eyes slightly open. I shook her lightly asking her if she was ok, and if she wanted anything. Getting no response I decided to take a closer look at her. Having just my first impression of Amy, I slowly ran my hand up the inside of her leg and up the medium length denim skirt she was wearing. Still seeing no reaction from her I decided it was time to take thing further so I laid Amy down on the couch and slowly started removing her tight fitting top. I was amazed at how hard it was while she laid there limp not responding!

I finally had it off her. She was not wearing a bra and her tits looked small but very firm. I couldn't resist just pinching her nipples one at a time; they both stood to attention quickly. Not knowing how long I had them like this, I undid the button on her skirt and pulled that down her legs, enjoying the view as her thong slowly came into view. Once this was off she was just led there in nothing but a sexy black thong. She was gorgeous.

I slowly ran my hand up her and let it rest on her panty covered crotch. I could feel a very small area of pubic hair. I rubbed slowly until I could feel the dampness through the panties. It was then I decided it was time they came off too. Slowly I lifted her legs up and then pulled the thong off, her running my finger down her ass crack as I did so. Once they were off I took a moment to take in the splendour of her there naked. I slowly moved in to position between her legs. I could feel myself hard as a rock in my jeans but there was no way I was going to fuck her till I had enjoyed her body in other ways.

I started to tease the top of her slit with my tongue. She was getting wetter and wetter the more my tongue worked. Soon I was fully tongue fucking her. I could feel her clit; it was similar size now to a tick tack! Once I had Amy as wet as I wanted her I decided I had to feel what it would be like to have my cock inside of her. I reasoned that I would just feel what it was like and then I would start on Jill who was in, all fairness, the one I wanted tonight. I quickly removed my jeans and could see my cock bulging through my boxers, so I removed them and stood there looking at my 6" cock standing to attention waiting for some action. I positioned myself in between her legs. One of her legs pushed open wide to allow access and eased the tip of my cock between her pussy lips and slowly pushed forward.

WOW! She was tight and very warm. I nearly came there and then. I kept pushing in till I was all the way in. I waited a couple of seconds then just moving around inside getting the feel of it. My hands were all over her tits massaging them and squeezing them. She was by far the best I ever had. I now started up a slow rhythm in and out. She was still tight and warm. I couldn't stop myself; I was moving faster and faster inside of her. Her tits were bouncing as I fucked her limp body. I could feel myself start to come so I slowed down to calm myself.

Feeling I had done enough there for the moment I pulled out and lifted Amy's limp body onto the floor, placing her on her back with her legs bent and feet up against her petite ass. It was then I turned my attention to the sleeping beauty that was Jill.

I was so horny now and had had some fun with her mate. I now wanted to enjoy Jill as much as I could in the time I had left, so I quickly lifted Jill up onto my shoulder and carried her upstairs. I laid her on a large double bed. I quickly stripped her till she was only wearing a red thong that showed her lovely ass cheeks off to perfection. My hands were wandering all over her perfect breasts. I was getting her nipples hard in seconds, so I bent down and started running my tongue over them. While I was doing this one hand went down and started to rub her pussy under the thong. I was pleasantly surprised that it took very little to get her moist. I quickly had a finger deep inside her pussy. I was so enjoying finger fucking her and sucking her nipples, I just needed to fuck her and fuck her now. So I moved down and slowly pulled the thong from her. She was so limp and helpless it turned me on even more.

Once I had her naked, while I was running my hand down her ass crack. I found my finger pushing against her asshole. I decided there and then I was going to ass fuck her and she could do nothing about it. I got my finger covered in her juices and then pushed my finger in her ass; there was very little resistance due to her state. Once I was fingering her ass, I quickly lifted her legs up and placed them on my shoulders. I now had her in the perfect position and I pushed the tip of my cock against her asshole and pushed. It was then I realised I could not get in her ass with just the help of her own juices; I needed some other form of lube. I had no idea what I could use. It was really annoying; I had the girl looking amazing, helpless and in the position I had fantasised about for years and yet I couldn't get my cock into her tight little ass.

I looked in the bedroom and found some skin cream. I coated my rock hard cock in it and smeared some round Jill's asshole. At that point just the thought of what I was going to do made me nearly cum on the spot as I placed the tip of my cock, now fully lubed and hard, against her ass. I pushed and felt it slowly force its way in. I was constantly looking at her face; it turned me on so much to know she had no idea what I was doing to her. After a few seconds of pushing, my cock was in her ass as far as I could get it. I started then in slow movements pumping her ass. I couldn't believe it; I was ass fucking Jill and she knew nothing about it.

Her ass was so tight I could feel myself starting to cum very quickly as I worked a steady rhythm in her ass. I slowed so I wasn't going to cum too early. I was enjoying this so much so I pulled out and decided it was time to enter her pussy. She was still very wet as I pushed my hard cock into her warm hole. That was it; I had to cum, so I started pounding her as fast as I could. I was amazed when I felt her tight pussy contract even more; she was actually roused by me fucking her! That was what sent me over the edge and with a few more full strokes I starting spurting what seems like gallons of red hot cum into her pussy. After the first few spurts, I could see that she was full and cum was dripping out and down onto her ass cheeks I had fulfilled my fantasy with Jill. I had fucked her in both holes; but I wanted to take some memories from this night so I went and returned with my digital camera. This was going to keep me happy many nights to come seeing her in this prone state.

I started and took pictures of her laid flat out, and then I turned her over, pushed pillows under her and took photos of her cute ass sticking up. Once I had enough pictures of her I decided to dress her and get her back downstairs. In a lot of stories I had read they all cleaned their victims up but I decided to leave the cum in her as a gift. I quickly dressed her and carried her downstairs.

I thought that was it; now I had done Jill and had a bit of fun with Amy, but as I was dressing Amy my hand brushed against her pussy and it was still wet. That started to make me horny again. I had put her top on and was just starting to put her thong back on, but that soon changed. Within seconds I had Amy naked and spread out on the floor. My hands ran up and down her soft legs while my mouth teased her pussy. I wanted complete to the night now and cum inside my other sleeping beauty. Once I had teased enough, I place the tip of my cock against her slit and pushed.

It entered effortlessly; she was still tight and warm. I was in no mood now for being gentle. I needed to cum again and soon I was fucking her so hard and fast. I knew she would be sore in the morning but I didn't care. I could feel the orgasm building deep within my balls. I was fucking her and squeezing those perfect tits when I tensed and blasted my second lot of cum of the night into her. It felt so nice after I had finished, I slumped on top of her and slept. I awoke about an hour later and was so pleased to see they were both out of it still. I dressed Amy and placed her back on the chair.

I woke in the morning just in time to hear the conversation between the two of them, Jill was saying something like; "I know there was something went on last night, and I know he used us but, in some strange way I feel really turned on that I know nothing about what happened!"

I was amazed, I had raped her and she was turned on by the idea! I walked into the kitchen, it was then I heard Amy's response "I know what you mean, I new he had something planned as I have been done like that before, it used to turn an ex on big style and I love to see it on video." Jesus I had hit the jackpot here, they was both turned on by what I had done. It was then they noticed me and simply smiled, "you enjoy last night then" remarked Jill "cos by the feel of me and Amy this morning you must have had fun, just one thing next time video it so we can all enjoy it!" on that note they left.

I had a call from Jill later on that day saying she wanted to know more about last night and try and do it again just us to. WOW! I was in for some fun, more on that to come.

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by Anonymous08/01/17

Awfully lucky ending.

Commas should be placed better, could use more details, and some details are off. Cum should be white or clear for instance. Red cum sounds like he has health problems.

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