tagLoving WivesFriends Forever Ch. 02

Friends Forever Ch. 02


You can call me coward and wimp or whatever you want for leaving like that and not confronting Rose and you probably will be right. I'm an introvert and quiet man and I have never liked confrontations of any kind and have always tried to avoid them as long as possible. I have always had some self-esteem problems and I have been quite insecure about myself all my life. Rose was probably the only person who could make me feel secure and accepted, and I felt utterly lost when she suddenly seemed to turn her back on me.

My phone came alive on the next day after I had returned home from my sad winter holiday. It was Rose, my so called girlfriend, or was she already my ex-girlfriend. I ignored my phone and didn't answer her calls nor read her texts. Hell, she hadn't answered any of my calls just a few days before, so now it was my turn to be unavailable. She tried and tried until I finally turned my phone off.

On the next day my doorbell rang and when I opened the door, there she was standing outside. First thing I saw was her neck full of dark love bites, and I was sure that her neck wasn't the only place she had them. Jules had marked her so everyone would know to whom she belonged now. I just couldn't stop staring at them. She must know what I was looking at!

"Pete, we need to talk."

Wow, I had been sure that I never in my life would hear those words from her, but there she was, and she just had uttered those magic words. I let her in and shut the door behind her. She stood there in my small living room and looked at me shyly and tentatively. Then she just wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly. She pressed her head against my shoulder and didn't say anything, she just hugged me, and I could feel her warmth against me. Some of my pain melted away right there. No words were needed because the old connection that we used to have was still so strong and we both felt it. I knew she still cared about me and I can't deny that it felt good. She lifted her head and looked straight into my eyes, and I saw tears in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry my love," she whispered to my ear and buried her face against my shoulder again.

OK, was she sorry about what she did or was she sorry that she was going to say that she'll leave me? I could hear her suppressed sobs against my shoulder as she hugged me.

"It's so difficult to say what I'm going to tell you but I have always appreciated your honesty and our trust in each other. I don't want to ruin it now. Please remember that I have always loved you and I always will love you no matter what happens."

Ok, there it comes. She looked into my eyes again, tentatively, and I just nodded.

"I have never lied to you. Well actually I have, but just once, and only because I was so ashamed. Not that I would have had something to hide. It was when we were skiing and you hurt your leg. I saw that you had tried to call me but I didn't answer, and later I was so ashamed when I saw that you were injured and I was ignoring you. I was just so ashamed then."

I nodded again.

"Please let's sit down before I tell you the worst thing."

We sat down on my sofa and she held my hands in hers, looking very nervous. And blushed.

"Pete, I had sex with Jules."

"I know that, why don't you tell me something I didn't already know?" I just stared coldly at her astonished face.

"You knew? But how?" She looked so unsure of herself right then.

"Why in hell do you think I left for home earlier? I knew what you'd done and I was so nauseated that I couldn't bear to spend one more moment there."

"Oh my god! How did you know?" she gasped, realizing why I had vanished so suddenly.

"Everyone there could figure out what you were doing with Jules, but you really don't need to tell me why you did it. It was so obvious to everyone. I couldn't compete with a guy like him. He's big, handsome, and rich, and I'm just an average Joe. I understand why you chose a better man over me. But before you leave me permanently, just tell me. Was his bigger cock so much better than mine, does he give you better orgasms, does he fuck you for a longer time and better than me, does he satisfy you better, did his cum feel better in your cunt, did you plan it all beforehand?" And why in hell did you have to drag me there just to be hurt and humiliated? Did I do something so wrong that it was necessary to humiliate and hurt me so much?"

I could feel my anger, and hear my voice rising. Rose just stared at me, her own eyes wide, looking shocked and speechless. Then she began to sob.

"Oh my god no, no, no! Please, no, you can't think that I wanted to hurt you."

"Just tell me what the hell then!" I shouted to her as I had never before.

"Oh please Pete, believe me, I didn't want to hurt or humiliate you in any way. I could never hurt you on purpose. I didn't plan for any of it to happen. And I don't want to leave you, I don't love him, I love only you. We had sex only one night and not after, and I won't ever have sex with him again."

"How about my other questions? Was sex with him so much better?"

She squeezed my hands tightly with hers and inhaled deeply.

"I have to calm down a bit. Your questions are just so shocking that I can't think you'd ever have thoughts like those. If you can bear a moment I'd like to tell you everything that happened and as far as I know, why it happened." She looked pleading into my eyes, again asking if I was ok with it, and I just nodded.

After a short moment of deep breathing Rose began her story. She held my hands and looked straight into my eyes, ashamed maybe but straight, as if she wanted to tell me that she didn't want to hide anything.

Jules had joined their theater group that autumn. He had a reputation as a flirt and a ladies man and none of the girls wondered why. He was very handsome, big, had a muscular body, and of course he was rich and he didn't hide it. All those many gossips about him told the same things. According to them he'd had hundreds of women and it didn't matter if you were young or old, single or married, if you were a female and you had tits and pussy that he could use, he would be interested in you.

"He did like to flirt with all women, married and unmarried alike, but it wasn't rude or offensive. Rather, it was more like a joke, or harmless fun. It wasn't like he would have tried to get into our panties. He was just a funny and polite guy with a hint of naughtiness and dangerous sexuality in him. It didn't seem that he would have tried to hit on any of us and we all began to forget his reputation and all the gossips about him."

"On the bus trip to the holiday resort you were sleeping most of the time and I was goofing and having a good time with the others. Guess I was flirting a bit with Jules like always and I was feeling relaxed and happy to be with my friend and on a trip to a holiday."

"At the resort I thought I was having fun with the whole group not just Jules, but when I look back at it now, I can see that he was giving extra attention to me, and I guess I felt flattered by it. I made a great mistake in that I ignored you way too much while having so much fun with my friends. You have always been there in my life and I guess I took you so much for granted that I forgot you totally for short moments. I can see that clearly now, and I regret that so much."

"I had so much fun that first day on the slopes that again I almost forgot that you were there too. I knew you didn't care much about skiing, and I assumed you were happier doing it at your own pace. I couldn't know that you'd hurt your leg when you tried to call me. I regret it so much now, that I didn't take the time to answer you. And later in the evening I was just so ashamed and flustered that I created that stupid lie that my phone hadn't had its sound on. All the others heard my phone ringing many times during the day."

"Next day was the spa and dancing. You couldn't participate in our activities so again I momentarily forgot you. During that day I felt funny, not normal at all. I felt a very strong bonding with Jules, and I just wanted to hug, cuddle, and touch him, and after all that hugging and touching I just felt horny. My inhibitions were decreased a lot and I just enjoyed being touched. I didn't care if people saw it and I was so confused with all the new, surprising emotions I suddenly felt. I really didn't know any more what I was doing. I understand how all that must have looked to you and how difficult it must have been to look at me behaving like that."

"Most of the men who danced with me tried to feel me and I can't deny that I liked it, but I didn't let them go too far with it. Unfortunately, the strong bond that I felt with Jules decreased my inhibitions, and when we were off the dance floor for a moment he pinned me against the wall in one dark corner. He pinched my nipples through my dress and groped my tits. I could feel his hard bulge grinding against my pussy through different fabrics, and I'm not proud of it but he got my legs spread and I let his hand sneak under my hem, where he got his fingers into my pussy for a moment. I still had some sense left in my head, and after a short while I managed to get out from the corner. But he got me so aroused there that later that evening I had to masturbate in my room right there in front of Janet. I couldn't bear any more arousal and I really didn't care what she might think of it. I just had to get off."

"I later found out that bastard had all day been spiking my drinks with MDMA which is also known as Ecstasy and god knows what else. I think it's fair to say that it was the drugs that made me feel so bonded with him and decreased my inhibitions below any standards. It was still me who was so fucking horny, I don't deny it, yet I think the drugs helped a lot in that."

"Next day was the dog sledding and I guess Jules saw his opportunity when it became obvious that only two of us would be able to join that overnight tour. I was still bonding strongly with him and I know now that he began to feed me more Ecstasy and who knows what else beginning in the morning. On that tour he continued right from where we left off the previous night, and it felt so good to be kissed and touched again. I felt so uninhibited by then that I didn't even try any more to stop what he was doing."

"He worked me so well and I got so horny again that I practically begged him to have sex with me, and he didn't waste much time before we both were naked and he had his cock stuffed in me. And sex with Ecstasy, it was kind of like, well...it was kind of like having sex when you're drunk. You just feel more relaxed. You feel everything's much more sensitive. Even a touch or a kiss. It seemed so much more passionate. It kind of seemed like we were in a sleazy romance novel."

"In the morning I found an empty drug package in the hut. It was named "Super Hard On," and that's how it felt that night. I guess I was on Ecstasy and something else and he was using at least Ecstasy and Viagra to enhance his erection and stamina. I checked that drug later and found that it's supposed to make you bigger and harder, delay orgasm, and reduce the recovery time between erections, and that's probably why he was able to fuck most of the night."

Rose was totally blushing now. I could imagine that it wasn't easy for her to tell me how she had been seduced and used. I remembered that she had had dilated pupils in restaurant, so the Ecstasy part could be true. And I couldn't help noticing that my vivid imagination had been right there when I lost them on the dance floor. He was doing exactly what I had been afraid he was doing.

"It was all my fault. I can't blame only Jules or drugs that they got me so aroused that I couldn't think straight anymore. I guess the drugs helped him to seduce me. But would I have had sex with him without any drugs? I honestly don't know. Fact is that I was weak and horny and tossed away all the good that I had with you just to get my sudden sexual needs fulfilled." She looked sadly at me.

"I have some answers to your questions if you can bear to hear them"

I just nodded again. I really didn't have much to say to her.

"I don't love him, never have and never will. If I had to choose between him and you, he never would have a chance against you. It would always be you. He's not a better man than you. You are the best man I have ever known. He really doesn't fuck any better or give any better orgasms than you do. He was different but definitely not better. Yes he could fuck longer and cum more often but I think that's only because he used drugs. Did he has bigger cock? Well yes and no. It wasn't any longer than yours, not that much at least, but it was definitely thicker. He stretched me in a different way, and I can't say if it was better or not but it was different. You think that he is so fucking perfect everywhere and that you are just an average Joe, but let me tell you one very important thing where you are no doubt more beautiful. You have an absolutely beautiful cock between your legs and I have always loved it. And his cock was so ugly that you can't even imagine." She chuckled when she told me that.

"I was suddenly so scared when I first saw his ugly cock in the hut that I almost panicked and ran away, but he was too slick and managed to plunge his rod into me before I could do anything. When he then started pounding me, my body took over and I couldn't stop him any longer. I'm ashamed to say it, but I wanted him to fuck me then. When he got my motor running he made it sure that it didn't shut down before the morning."

"And no he didn't cum in me, not even once. You are still the only man ever who has shot his sperm into my pussy. He always used condoms. Yes, he gave me orgasms but they were not any better than those I get from you. Yes I sucked his cock, no I didn't swallow, and no he didn't fuck my ass. Did he satisfy me better? Yes and no. Yes he satisfied my body completely but no he couldn't satisfy my mind or my emotions, only you can do that. He was very good at what he did and he knew exactly what to do to get me to want more. I think it's only because he has so much more experience with women than you do. I know he has fucked hundreds of women and you have had just one. For him I was just one of the hundreds of others, but for you I have been the only one, and that's why I love you."

"On the next day I was tired, sore, and had a tremendous headache. I just slept the whole day and on the next day after that I started asking about you. And boy did they let me hear it." She was blushing again.

"You might like to know that my prediction about you gaining new friends came true. They all were on your side and against me, especially the girls. They told me how badly you had felt and that you had left already. They berated me and my actions quite frankly." She looked at me shyly.

"I think you made an impression especially on Janet. She didn't speak much, but if her looks could have killed me I wouldn't be talking with you here. She looked like I had really hurt someone she cared a lot about, and I was so ashamed."

I had to smile a bit when I remembered Janet's warm and soft body pressing against me, and her hand on my morning hard on.

"Let me tell you how I felt." It was my turn to tell stories.

I started my story from the moment I was knocked down into the snow by her new lover and everyone saw it. But she just laughed with the guy who had knocked me down.

"Oh my god, I didn't see it. Oh no, you can't think that I was laughing at you, please tell me you don't think so." She gasped and put her hand on her mouth.

I told her how lonely and rejected I felt when she continued to ignore me. The way she ignored my calls when I first hurt my leg. I told her what torture it was to watch how she ground her body against Jules in the spa.

"His cock must felt good or you wouldn't have ground your pussy so much against it!"

She blushed altogether now.

I told her that it was total torture in the restaurant when I had to watch how Jules groped her. I told her what sorts of images I had in my head when I didn't see them, and obviously I hadn't been so wrong after all.

She really looked ashamed as I continued. "I was so emotionally exhausted after all that. Before we went there I thought I had a girlfriend, but now I wasn't sure anymore. Your friends didn't tell you because they didn't know, but I was already thinking how quickly I'd die if I took all my painkillers and enough vodka at the same time. And that was before they returned from their dog sledding and told me that you were now alone with Jules in the woods. I knew what that meant and it was obvious to everyone else too. They made sure that I wasn't alone that night and someone was keeping me a company all the time. That might have saved my life." Again I was thinking of Janet's tits pressing against my back and her soothing warm body.

"Oh my god!" She looked really shocked when she heard that, and I could see tears in her eyes. "I didn't know, I didn't understand, oh my god I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't mean any of it to happen."

"Yeah but it happened. I met a nice elderly couple who had been dog sledding and they told me about a nice young couple who had been sooo in love with each other that they had fucked all night so loudly that they couldn't sleep."

"Oh my god, they heard it all!"

"Well that kind of hut, from what I saw, is not soundproof. But if it makes you any happier, you gave the old gentleman such a boner that his wife was still thanking you in the morning, and glowing with happiness when I met them."

"You saw what kind of huts we had there?

"Yeah, I have their video, which they kindly enough shared with me. It seems that it didn't bother you at all that they were filming you while that asshole was groping your tits and sucking your neck. But what you may not know is that they continued filming after you dragged that asshole into that hut. Yes, I saw that it was you who was so fucking horny that you had to drag him into that fucking hut so that you could have his fucking fat cock." I was getting agitated again.

"The sounds that you made there were interesting, but tormenting for me to listen. It wasn't difficult to imagine what you were doing there. It sounded just like you both were enjoying what you were doing. A lot."

"Oh my God, you heard us." Tears were running down her cheeks.

"Don't worry, you won't see or hear that video, because I promised them that I won't show it to anyone but my girlfriend."

She looked like I had just slapped her face. She understood immediately the meaning of my words.

"I realized that the fact that you were fucking someone else really wasn't the worst part. What hurt me most was that you were ignoring me. You disregarded me totally by choosing another man over me, and I didn't know what was happening to us. I didn't know if there was an 'us' any more."

She was deathly silent. I continued. "You should have told me what you were going to do and what you wanted. You left me totally doubtful and insecure, not knowing where our friendship was going. I think I could have handled it somehow if you had told me beforehand that you wanted to fuck someone else. I wouldn't have liked it, but I would have been able to handle it. But you didn't say anything. You just played your games in front of me and everyone else, humiliating me, and that really hurt. The insecurity. I wish I could forget it but I'm afraid that I never will."

Now she was crying openly, and squeezing me in a tight hug.

"I can't tell you enough how sorry I really am! Can you ever forgive me? I don't want to lose you! Please don't leave me!"

"Only time will tell if I can forgive you and if I can forget. Right now I can't even think about it."

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