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Friends Get Carried Away


Authors Note: This story is based on the flowing e-mail that I received. The names are all fictitious and I tried to incorporate as much of the reader's request as possible.


Really entertaining stories: dialogue, descriptions, narrative, events, great job. I would be interested in your playing with a story line that involved my wife and I and another couple, perhaps in their home, in which I am much taken with the other woman which she recognizes and uses to our advantage. However, the kicker is that my wife and I have had this agreement - never actualized in reality - that anything I do with another woman, I have to let a man do to her or anything a woman does to me, my wife has to do with/for him.

And, at almost each step of the way either our host couple woman or my wife asks me if I am okay with such and such happening, e.g. Okay with my wife unbuttoning her blouse some so as to show more of her breasts. And since I want to see the breasts of our host wife, I either have to agree, verbally, to let my wife show her breasts or miss seeing the host's breasts.

And the seduction of me continues and I am torn between wanting more an not sure I want more for my wife but continuingly verbalizing that I do and getting turned on by what my wife is doing and you describing her reaction to what is happening to her. Among the intriguing pieces is, perhaps my being told by the host wife, after she gets me to admit I want to see her breasts and her nipples, is that I have to finish opening my wife's blouse and then uncoil her front fastened bra and "present" my wife's breasts to the other man and her reaction as he gazes at them and moving through the entire love making with me enjoying what I am receiving as well as having to admit I want to see my wife receiving and hear her enjoying what she is receiving from him.

This could even morph into my wife then taking the initiative and, with the host wife, cajoling, persuading me to let myself be taken, and take, the host husband in my first bi-sexual experience.

Seeing, through your descriptions, my wife's reactions to being made love to by another man, and through your dialogue both being a part of the concurrence for that to happen and hearing her reactions and building pleasure and excitement would be, well, satisfying, to say the least.

I welcome your thoughts, questions, or suggestions. And thanks again for your work. I am glad I found you.


Linda and George Moreland were best friends with Dana and Richard Andrews. The two couples did everything together. They lived on the same street in an upscale suburban neighborhood. They belonged to the same country club where they played tennis and golf together. The four of them enjoyed the theater and attended most all performances together. There wasn't anything that they didn't do together with one exception; they never had sex with each other.

George was attracted to Dana and Richard was equally attracted to Linda but they never strayed. Early in their marriage Linda had put George on notice. She told him that if he ever had an affair that she would also have an affair. As close as the four of them were and as often as they were alone together they never thought about swinging.

George was a handsome man of 28 years old and he stayed fit playing tennis, golf and skiing. He was 6'1" tall, weighed 185 pounds, had light brown hair with hazel eyes. His wife Linda was a real beauty. She was 5'6" tall, weighed 125 pounds and possessed a 36-24-36 figure that turned many heads at the Country Club, particularly during the summer months when she was by the pool in her skimpy bikini. Linda was 26 years old with long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes to match.

Richard too was a handsome man at the age of 29. He was taller than George and stood at 6'3". Richard also stayed fit and weighed in at 195 pounds. He had dark brown hair with brown eyes. Dana was a 27 year old tall slender lady who looked very regal when in an evening gown. She was 5'10" tall and weighed just less than 130 pounds. Dana had blonde hair that she normally wore in a twist and she had dazzling blue eyes. She had smaller breasts which were barely a 34B cup size, a narrow waist and something that tall women don't often have, a very shapely, curvy bottom.

There lives were about to change forever and none of them ever expected that to happen. The New Year's Eve party to be held at their Country Club was coming up. They had been to many New Year's Eve parties at the club but this one would be different for them and one they would not soon forget.


George and Linda drove to the Andrew's home to pick up their friends for the party. They arrived at the Club at 7:00 PM for cocktails to be followed by dinner and then dancing. Linda looked ravishing in a black evening dress and jacket highlighted with sequins. The jacket was white and looked like it was attached to the dress. It buttoned down the front with black buttons accenting it. The dress was long all the way to the top of her shoes and hugged her shapely figure. Dana wore a solid black evening gown with spaghetti straps baring her shoulders. The dress hugged her figure and it was slit mid thigh. As Dana walked she would show a fair amount of her shapely leg. Dana wore her blonde hair in a twist and with her long exposed neck she looked like a princess.

George and Richard both wore tuxedos and they looked very distinguished in their black tie attire. The four of them mixed and mingled with other guests during the cocktail hour before they sat together for dinner. Dana and Linda were both ogled by the other men at the club and occasionally a man would receive a stern look or reprimand from his spouse. George and Richard were proud of their wives and they loved showing them at events liked these. The dinner was a seven course meal and it was almost 10:00 PM when the couples finally took to the dance floor.

The band was excellent as always and played a good variety of songs that pleased the club members. The two couples danced often but always with their own partner. The hour was approaching midnight and soon everyone would be celebrating the New Year. The club staff handed out noisemakers and streamers and shortly thereafter the count down started.

The band leader announced, "Happy New year!" and everyone threw streamers and used the noise makers. The band played Auld Lang Syne while everyone kissed their spouse or date. George and Linda were locked in a tight embrace with their tongues buried in each other's mouth. The same went for Dana and Richard. Then Linda kissed Richard and even though it was on the lips it was a friendly kiss.

As Linda was wishing Richard a Happy New Year she so that her husband and Dana were still locked in an embrace and kissing. It was the first time that Dana had ever French kissed George and he was taken back by the act but still he returned the kiss. Linda then turned back to Richard and whispered in his ear.

"I don't think that I kissed you properly," she said and then she thrust her tongue into his mouth.

Those kisses seemed to set the stage for later that morning. The two couples broke their embraces and went around and wished other friends and club members a Happy New Year. Light kisses and hugs were exchanged and then people began to dance again. By 1:00 AM couples began to leave and it was 1:15 AM when the Morelands and Andrews headed home. They arrived at the Andrews' house to drop them off but Dana had other ideas.

"Please come in for a night cap," Dana offered.

The two couples entered the Andrews' home and the men took off their tuxedo jackets and bow ties. They loosened their collars and relaxed. Richard went to the bar to get everyone a drink and when he did Dana put on some soft music. Then she turned toward George and smiled at him.

"I didn't get a chance to dance with you tonight," she said holding her hand out to him.

George was hesitant and first he looked over at his wife who was watching them closely. "Do you mind?" Dana asked Linda.

"No, not at all, just as long as Richard will dance with me," Linda replied.

"That would be my pleasure," Richard said as he put down the drinks.

Richard and Linda moved to the center of the room as did Dana and George. Dana pulled George close to her and George was obviously nervous. George looked over at his wife and Richard and he saw that Linda pulled Richard close to her as well. Apparently Linda was going to follow Dana's lead however far things were to go that night. Dana kissed George on the neck and worked her way to his lips and Linda followed suit with Richard.

Dana whispered in George's ear. "George would you like to see my breasts. I know you would. I want you to lower my straps off my arms and pull the top of my dress down."

"I don't think we should do that," George replied in a shaky voice.

He would love to see Dana's smaller breasts and he would especially like to see her curvy bottom naked. George however knew that if he pulled Dana's dress down to expose her breasts that Linda would have Richard do the same to her. George struggled with his desire to see Dana's naked breasts and having his wife's breasts bared in front of another man. Hoping that Linda would not be willing to expose her breasts, George slipped the spaghetti straps off of Dana's arms and pulled the top of her dress down to her waist.

Dana had cute titties and they matched her slender figure perfectly. The nipples were hard and elongated which made her breasts look even more sensual. George stared at Dana's bared breasts for seconds and then he reached up and caressed them. He liked the feel of the smaller tits in his hands and the way that Dana's nipples poked between his fingers. George felt his cock surge and he was as stiff as a board in his pants.

George then looked over at Linda to see her reaction. He watched as Richard began to unbutton Linda's white jacket. However Linda stopped Richard and announced. "Let George do that."

"Come over here George and bare my breasts for our hosts," Linda said firmly taking charge at the moment.

As if under a hypnotic spell, George walked over to his wife and stood in front of her. Once more Linda instructed him to unbutton her jacket. George began to unbutton his wife's evening jacket with trembling fingers. One by one each button was unfastened as Dana and Richard looked on with interest. Once the jacket was unbuttoned George pulled it open exposing Linda's white bra which fastened in the front.

"Don't stop there George, unhook my bra," Linda ordered.

George reached for the bra and unfastened it in the front. At first the cups remained in place covering Linda's spectacular tits. Then under Linda's direction, George pulled the cups off his wife's breasts and bared them to their hosts. Linda's 36 C cup breasts look magnificent and she appeared even sexier given that she still had on her jacket and bra. Linda turned toward Richard and then moved back to him. Richard reached for Linda's breasts and massaged them gently before Linda embraced Richard and they began to dance again.

George then returned to Dana and they too resumed dancing. This time instead of putting his arms around Dana, George held a breast in each hand as they moved to the music. Dana's hands were not idle either as she quickly unzipped George's fly and fished his stiff cock out from the confines of his tuxedo pants and boxer shorts. George gasped as his stiff pecker felt the rush of cool air and the warm hand of Dana. As they danced Dana released his cock and pressed her leg against George's throbbing dick. George knew it was the leg that peeked through her dress as he could feel her nylon clad limb.

Dana moved her leg around driving George wild as he continued to fondle her hot titties. George was afraid that he would cum if Dana kept up her action so he warned her. George whispered in Dana's ear, "Dana please stop or I will cum soon."

Dana whispered back, "We can't have you cumming on my dress and nylons."

Dana released George and dropped to her knees in front of him. George groaned loudly when Dana took his cock in her warm mouth and began to suck him right in front of his wife and her husband. Linda was a marvelous cock sucker but Dana was every bit as accomplished. George with desperation in his eyes looked over at his wife and Richard who had stopped dancing to watch them. George was struggling with what to do. He knew he should stop Dana and lift her to his feet but her mouth felt so wonderful on his cock.

George, somewhat in disbelief, watched his wife kneel down and lower Richard's tuxedo pants and boxer shorts down to his ankles. Richard's stiff cock jumped out as the clothing passed over it and George saw his friend's erect cock for the first time. George and Richard had seen each other naked plenty of times in the locker room but never in an erect state. George was pleased to see that Richard's cock wasn't any bigger that his own. They were both just shy of 7" and Richard's dick appeared to be more slender than George's.

George seemed to be in a trance as he watched his wife suck another man's cock for the first time. In turn George was getting a fantastic blow job from another woman for the first time since he and Linda began dating. George and Linda had never had an affair but now they were having sex with their best friends. Every once in awhile, Linda would look back over at George with a sultry look and then she would return to sucking Richard's cock. The look seemed to say, "You started this, now I am going to match everything you do."

Dana began to fondle George's testicles and lightly scrape his perineum. George groaned loudly and then he called out, "Dana I'm going to cum."

Dana never hesitated and she kept sucking George's cock even when he came in her mouth. Dana felt the force of the ejaculation hit the back of her throat and she swallowed quickly as stream after stream shot into her mouth. Dana continued to suck George until every drop had been milked from his shaft. Dana then nibbled on the cock head teasing George unmercifully sending chills through his body. George finally could not take anymore and he lifted Dana to her feet. Dana quickly kissed George and drove her tongue into his mouth allowing him to taste his own semen. She caught George by surprise but he did not back away and kissed Dana back.

Linda had stopped to watch her husband cum in Dana's mouth and then she announced to everyone, "If George can cum in Dana's mouth then Richard can cum in my mouth."

Linda returned to sucking Richard's cock as Dana and George looked on. Then Dana whispered to George, "It looks like Linda is going to match everything that we do. Let's see how brave she is after she sees you fuck me in the ass."

George felt his loins stir at the thought of fucking Dana in her fantastic ass. He and Linda had never had anal sex as she wanted nothing to do with it. Dana dropped her dress and stepped out of it and then removed her hose and panties so that she was completely naked. Dana looked as regal naked as she did clothed. Dana told George to get undressed and she briefly left the room. George watched the sway of her buttocks and the only thing that he could think of was sticking his cock in that marvelous ass.

George stripped naked and watched as his wife continued to suck Richard's cock. The look on Richard's face told the story that he was close to cumming. Dana returned to the room and stood next to George as they both watched Richard cum in Linda's mouth. Dan then told George to eat her pussy and she lay down on the floor. George anxiously got between her legs and began to lick her twat. George fashioned himself as a good oral lover and he did not disappoint Dana. George inserted his fingers in her pussy and located her g-spot as he sucked on her clit. Dana was rolling her head back and forth and she felt a massive orgasm build within her.

"Oh George, this is going to be a big one," Dana cried out just before she orgasmed.

Dana's body then lifted off the floor and she held tightly to George's head as she unleashed a powerful orgasm. George reached under her and held firmly to her shapely buttocks as Dana released her juices into his mouth. As she had done with him, George continued eating her and licking her nibbling on her clit until Dana could not take it any longer.

George lifted his head and looked over at Linda who was now on her back urging Richard to eat her pussy. They had both shed their clothes and they were both completely naked. "Oh yes Richard, you're the best ever," Linda said intentionally for her husband's ears.

George was momentarily shaken by his wife's outburst but that changed quickly when Dana spoke to him. "Now I want you to fuck me with that thick cock of yours."

George realized that he was hard again and he moved quickly between Dana's legs. Dana guided the stiff dick into her moist treasure and George began to fuck her in earnest. He thought to himself, "We'll see who the best is."

George was determined to give Dana the ride of her life. Linda looked over at her husband who was now fucking Dana then she closed her eyes as she orgasmed into Richard's mouth. Not to be undone Linda yelled out loud for Richard to fuck her. Richard eased his cock into Linda's warm cunt and began to fuck her slowly. Linda raised her legs into the air and wrapped them around Richard's torso and pulled him toward her. Richard wasn't any better than her husband at sex but Linda wanted George to think so. Linda became very vocal which was something she never did with George but she wanted George to be jealous. "Oh that's it. That's the spot. Oh yeah, fuck me," Linda called out.

George ignored his wife as he concentrated on making this one of Dana's best fucks ever. George pounded Dana's pussy as she had a string of orgasms before she begged him to let her rest a minute. Dana couldn't cum again at least not at that moment. George rolled off of Dana and they both watched Linda get fucked by Dana's husband. George still could believe what had happened that morning but suddenly he had the urge to join his wife. Leaving Dana on the floor George crawled over to his wife and knelt by her face.

George pushed his still erect cock toward his wife's mouth but Linda instead of taking him orally chased him away. "Richard is my date, go back to Dana and let her suck your cock again," Linda snapped.

George was somewhat hurt by her remarks but he did as Linda told him. George crawled back over to Dana who was now sitting up and comforted him when he returned. "Let's watch them until they both cum and then I have a special surprise for you," Dana promised.

George put his arm around Dana and held to one breast as she reached over and stroked his cock keeping him hard. They watched Linda and Richard fuck until Linda had a massive orgasm and then Richard came. As if to annoy George even further, Linda told Richard to pull out and cum on her not in her. Richard did just that as it was something he had never done with Dana. George and Dana watched as Richard stroked his cock and ejaculated on Linda's body. Jets of semen shot out of Richard's dick and hit Linda on her magnificent tits, abs and pubes. Linda then leaned over and sucked Richard's cock clean as she purposely looked at George.

Linda thought that they were all done but she was in for a surprise. Her intentions with Richard were to surpass everything that George and Dana had done. Linda liked having George under her control and this time she used her new sex partner to make George feel inferior. Everything that George had done with Dana was with trepidation as he wondered how Linda would react. It was almost as if he needed her permission each time before he did something else with Dana. Linda not only allowed George to have his way with Dana but she set out to top everything he did. Linda got up and looked for her clothes and she instructed George to get dressed.

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