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Friend's GF on the Farm


I am so glad that it is summer time here in Iowa and that my family lives in a farmhouse. We own the house and some of the land, but the barn and shed that hold the tractors, combine, etc. are not ours. It is actually on the farmer's property and not ours, but we have always played in the barn and all. The farmer has animals at his house but not near our house.

Anyway, I love living out in the country. It is peaceful, easy to host parties, we can play a bunch of fun games outside (such as paintball, hide-and-seek, football). It is also a nice shooting gun in the backyard just laying out in the sun. I have many great memories and have done so many things that I am not going to take a lot of time talking about it.

I am a junior in college in another state and I just got done taking a summer course, so I am heading back home for the rest of the summer. I have been told I am pretty attractive, but I have the reputation of being a jerk. I am 6'2", 175 pounds, with blonde hair just long enough to comb and green eyes. I am not ripped, but I do think I am a muscular toned body. My dick isn't a 10-inch cock or anything, but it isn't short either. I would guess it around 8" and it is quite thick.

When I got home, I found out a change that has happened that allows me a little more freedom that came by total surprise. The farmer who owns the barn told my dad that I he would make a room in the barn if I wanted. That way, I could come or go anytime I want and I would have more privacy. My parents agreed and I thought it was a nice idea.

After I got unpacked, but not quite situated, I hung out with my father for a couple hours, watching a baseball game that was on TV. We talked about anything from sports to school work to just random current events. Also talked about a fishing trip that was going to take place about a month later. At 9:00, I decided I would go get ready for the bar, so I headed off.

I arrive at the bar around 9:45 and saw some of my high school buddies were hanging out. I walked up and joined it. We had some beers and had some fun. Through social media and cell phones, we were basically all caught up on our lives, but it was just fun hanging out. That is when I got to meet Susan, Sean's girlfriend from college. I loved looking at her photos on Facebook and Sean sent me a text of a topless pic that showed her face one time. She is a knockout.

Susan has black straight hair that fall to her shoulder blades, but in most pictures and at the bar, she has her hair up. She is around 5'8", 130 pounds and has nice 36c boobs. She also has small pink nipples, which I really like. You could tell that she is incredible shape and her boobs get me hard every time I look at them. Even through her normal t-shirt and jeans, she is sexy as hell.

I invited them to come over the next day to hang out as I got my new bedroom situated. I basically had a bedroom, closet, and a bathroom in the barn. My parents also got cable and internet installed as well, which I don't exactly know or care how that worked out. Anyway, I got a great view of the fields and nice private living area. Sean and Susan accepted my invitation to come over and even offered to help unpack.

When they arrived, I showed them my room. I got all the electronics set up and a lot of thing put away. I still had some boxes that needed to be unpacked. After that, we just got something to eat from the house and just watched TV in the bedroom. Susan had asked if she could check her Facebook on my computer. I figured no harm in it, so I told her she could. As she was getting on, I remembered that I last was jerking off to porn and her topless photo. I sure hope porn is what is up and not the picture.

Then I heard her say, "What the hell!" I looked over and saw her photo on the screen. She looked at Sean and was like, "Why does he have this pic?"

Before Sean could answer, I jumped in, "During spring break, it was the only pic I could take from his phone while he took a shower here before he got done with the shower. He didn't know I had it." We both look at Sean and he now is not only embarrassed but confused. He did a great job pulling off being clueless.

Then I realize, we are in the barn and not the house. Privacy will work really well here. So, I came out and said, "You know, I jerk off to you every day wishing I could be inside you."

"Go fuck yourself, Joe!" she replied all angry, "No way in hell am I ever going to let you lay a finger on me. You too Sean, we are over!"

Before she could stand up, I pushed her back down in the chair and stood over her, "Now listen here bitch. He did nothing wrong, I did. I AM going to fuck you right now and so is Sean." By this time, I had put some of my weight on her and was playing with her sexy tits through her shirt. She squirmed and started crying, so I slapped her and told her to shut up and enjoy. I even ordered Sean to come over and grab her by the arms. Sean did as told, but probably out of fear that I would hurt her worse.

As he was holding her arms, I lifted her shirt up and found out that she was not wearing a bra. How did I not notice this before? I reach down and started playing with them.

"Damn bitch, they are even nicer in person." That is when I leaned forward and took her right nipple in my mouth and then the other. While I was doing this, she started calming down. I then got up and took off my shorts and underwear where my hard cock sprung free. Once I was bottomless and my weight back on her, I told Sean it would be a good time for him to get naked.

Susan realized by now she is at my mercy and goes along with it. So, I took of her shirt as I placed my cock between her tits. I squeeze her tits together as I pumped my cock. She has perfect tits for this. Sean got naked and his cock was standing straight out with an upward curve. I would say Sean is good looking for a guy. Around 5'9 and weights around 145 pounds with buzzed black hair and green eyes. He shaves his cock and actually has a big cock. I would guess 8", maybe 9", but not as thick as mine. Seeing him shaved made me realize that I need to see if she is.

"Stand up bitch! Sean, come here and take her shorts off!" Sean goes to his knees behind her, which he would probably would rather have wanted to it from the front. He got her shorts off and she was in a nice black thong.

"Thong girl, huh?" I walked up and rubbed her pussy from the front and grabbed her ass. Then, took my hand up her back and grabbed behind her neck and gave her a nice wet kiss.

"Your girlfriend is a great kisser and I love that she is nice and smooth. Take her thong off now." I ordered as I was playing with her lovely boobs. Once the pussy was in sight, I went down and got a good look. I took my pointy finger and rubbed her clit and up and down her pussy. She had to be enjoying this now because she was nice and wet.

"Now Susan, bend over and suck my cock!" She did as instructed. I helped by grabbing the back of her head and shoving my cock as deep as it will go. "Sean, get up and start fucking her."

Sean didn't hesitate with that one. He got up and it looked like he was rubbing his cock along her pussy before entering. Susan groaned and gagged through this whole process. I asked if she was on a pill. She shook her head no.

"Okay, my turn to fuck you. Turn around and clean your juices off your boyfriend's cock." She turned around and bent over. "NO! Get on the bed on your back." I got between her legs and she sucked off Sean. She was wet but very tight. What an amazing sight it was. Fucking my best friend's girlfriend against her will as she was giving her boyfriend a blowjob. Her boobs bouncing.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and really pounded as hard as I could. "So, where do you want me to cum?" She tried to say something and I responded, "In your pussy? No problem." I the thrusted as hard as I could inside her and unloaded. I rolled my head back, closed my eyes, and blocked off everything. I did hear the other two scream, but it didn't register to me until the intense of the orgasm went away and saw Sean's cum all over Susan's boobs and she is breathing very heavy.

Sean had the look of "what is going to happen now" on his face.

"What's the matter Sean? You look puzzled!" Susan asked as she looked at him.

"I... uh... so, are you not mad or anything?" he responded to her question.

I then responded, "Sean, this was actually kind of planned out by Susan and myself. She actually knew about the pic a long time ago, but she has posted that one online and didn't care. Look..." I went over to my computer and clicked on a link in "favorites" that has her pictures posted. "It has more of her nude pics. I found it and asked if it was her. We chatted online and she said she has always had a rape fantasy with two guys, one being her boyfriend, and her boyfriend not know what is going on."

"Sean, don't worry, I am on the pill. You are not mad, are you?" Susan said.

Once she said that, Sean's cock started to get hard again. I have to hand it to him, it didn't take long after cumming. "Come here Sean, I will take care of that for you. Sean, start taking pictures. This time, it is only me and him." She then put his cock in her mouth.

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