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Friend's Husband


Wife and friend compete for the husband

"Another?" Dorothy said.

"Do you need to ask?" Elizabeth answered, holding out the wine glass.

"It's been too long. We should have kept in touch."

"You know how it is. A day goes nowhere. That's how I lost Harry, working too many hours."

Dorothy looked at her friend feeling sorry for her. They had been best friends in college with Elizabeth looking after her and still felt she owed her something. Her mother had died and the funeral brought her back to town. She opened another bottle of wine.

"Thanks for putting up with me. I needed to unwind and offload. You're a treasure." Elizabeth smiled.

Dorothy smiled back feeling a warm glow of happiness from being able to help. "I'm sloshed!" she giggled. "Not used to drinking these days."

"You never were." Elizabeth laughed back. "I haven't drunk like this in ages, nor had sex or such a laugh. No real friends over there."

"No sex? That's not like you!"

"Too much work," she sighed.

The front door closed and they heard the tramp of feet. "My lord and master arriving home from the pub." Dorothy explained.

He walked in and stopped with the door open not expecting company.

"My long lost friend Elizabeth," Dorothy said, pointing with a wavering arm.

He stared at the attractive blonde for a moment then recovered. "I'm Tom," he smiled.

He hesitated as the visitor was sitting in his comfy chair so sat on the sofa. Taking in the empty wine bottles he stated the obvious. "You've been drinking."

"Catching up on old times too," his wife told him.

He looked from one to the other noticing their legs pulled up on the easy chairs across from him. Their dresses were tucked up beneath them from casually lazing around. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed her friend giving him the once over.

"You too! At the pub, which one?" Elizabeth asked.

"The George and Dragon."

"Good grief I haven't been there in years."

"Nice legs," he smiled at his wife. He wasn't sure why he said it perhaps it was the presence of this attractive woman. Dorothy was wearing stockings for a change. He couldn't help noticing they both were as the stocking tops were showing.

She knew black stockings were a favorite of his so reached over for the bottle letting the dress ride up. "Stockings not just pull-ups," she said, meaningfully.

"Snap!" Elizabeth chirped in not wanting to be left out. She pulled up the hem of the dress far enough to show the suspenders eliciting giggles like naughty school girls.

They had worn black at the funeral and changed into something more casual on returning not bothering to change the underwear. Elizabeth welcomed the offer of staying the night and so there they were high from nostalgia and white wine.

"So who has the best legs then?" his wife teased him.

He looked away from her friend self-consciously as though caught with his hand in the sweet jar. "I don't know," he mumbled.

She got up from the easy chair pushing with both hands to stand unsteadily. She pulled the dress up to show off the black suspenders. "So who's got the best legs then?" she repeated.

Not drunk enough to make the mistake of answering he shrugged. "I haven't seen Elizabeth's so how could I tell," he said lamely.

Elizabeth arose from the chair as unsteady as her friend to lift her dress up, swaying a little.

He looked up at them knowing he shouldn't leer instead he tried to keep a neutral expression on his face. As though appraising fine wines he looked from one to the other. "Ok! Hold on, it's difficult. The stockings are nearly the same but the suspenders are different," he said, wanting to drag it out.

Elizabeth bent over to straighten the stockings smoothing them over her legs, pulling on the suspenders. The flash of creamy white thigh was certainly a bonus, working effectively on his decision.

"Hey that's cheating," his wife complained with a laugh. She too pulled at the stockings, straightening the seams, adjusted the straps of the suspender belt. She hoisted her skirt higher flashing a white triangle of panties. They were the usual sensible cotton knickers she wore but the fabric clung to her crotch capturing his stare. She was pleased with the effect.

Elizabeth not wanting to be outdone hoisted the dress up. She had always been game for a dare and hated losing. It was no accident showing off a pair of crimson silk French knickers. They were loose around the crotch revealing less than her friend's panties but all the more seductive for being tempting. The looseness suggested what was inside was easily accessible.

It was too much for him and he reluctantly answered the pestering women. "Elizabeth," he sighed. He threw his hands up in the air as though it had been a hard choice and it had been. They both had long shapely legs but the French knickers swung it, not that he was foolish enough to admit it.

"Yes! I win!" Elizabeth declared with glee.

To his surprise they still held their dresses up with the delectable sight of long legs encased in sheer black stockings. Their white thighs showed they hadn't tanned and the contrast was all the more alluring.

"Well I have the nicest bottom. I was voted best ass in college," Dorothy pouted petulantly. The nostalgic reminder of college friends, recounting stories, had worked upon them both. Life wasn't so much fun anymore, even though they were only thirty-five, they hungered for those carefree days. With the help of a glass or two of wine both women were regaining some of the flirty daring of back then.

Dorothy turned around to show him proffering a little wiggle of her bottom.

"Only because I was away that week." Elizabeth teased.

"Well then, let him decide."

Elizabeth grumbled about it but turned around to wiggle her bottom at him. He desperately wanted to rub his jeans where his cock was pressing hard against the fly. He stared at the two of them playfully bumping each others hips. His wife's panties were stretched between her cheeks. The French knickers too were tight in her crease but the bottom of the loose knickers swayed seductively with every wiggle.

They both had cute firm bottoms but his wife's was a perfect heart shape. The suspender belt with straps framed it magnificently. He couldn't keep his eyes off Elizabeth's ass though for this was a new experience. This evening would go down as one of, if not the most memorable day in his life. Here were two sexy women seductively wiggling their bottoms at him in the lounge. It just couldn't get any better than this.

After some friendly chatter between them Elizabeth must have sensed she was going to lose. She bent over grabbing both ankles trying to keep her legs straight but failing. "There! Can you still do this?" she asked.

"Hey, you're cheating again!" Dorothy complained. "Anything you can do I can do better. Keep those legs straight," she mocked her friend.

Tom's eyes opened wide in astonishment thinking his cock would grow out the top of his jeans. He knew they were enjoying teasing him but however much they had to drink they were women and would remain in control. If only though. Never mind, he had that wonderful heart shaped bottom all to himself upstairs later.

"Decide quickly I can't keep this up much longer," his wife puffed. They both found it difficult breathing bent over like that and so did he. He couldn't help noticing a tiny wet patch between the legs. He looked more closely between them both, all four legs. They were both excited! Maybe, just maybe there was chance, then dismissed the idea for he might cum right there on the sofa.

He was looking up at a pair of crotches with thighs spread open. They were gently swaying with the effort of standing up let alone being bent over straight legged. Like snakes they were swaying seductively charming him beyond control.

Being slightly drunk they carried on teasing him enjoying his embarrassment. They were delighted at his attention and his obvious arousal spurred the competition onward.

"I declare Dorothy the winner," he said with enthusiasm. He knew he had to do it but anyway it was true. He almost told them it was difficult to tell with their panties on but that might be pushing it and ruin the atmosphere. They were egging each other on so why spoil the show.

"Tom is a breast man," Dorothy announced.

"Well, I will beat you hands down," Elizabeth teased, "or do I mean hands full."

They looked at each other giggling. Elizabeth winked at her and pulled her dress up further with a look full of daring. Dorothy dropped the hem of her dress. Elizabeth smiled a look of victory but was surprised when her friend pulled the straps away from her shoulders to let the dress fall to the floor.

Unable to resist the challenge she pulled her dress up over her head to fling it across the chair with a flourish.

Dorothy looked at her friend's bra pushing the breasts into a deep cleavage. Her own sensible black bra didn't show them off so well and didn't even match her panties. Her husband couldn't keep his eyes off Elizabeth's cleavage. Although her breasts were bigger she stood still feeling outdone and just a little vulnerable. Dorothy was ready to give in and call a halt to the silliness.

Tom looked at two beautiful women standing right before him in their underwear. It was clear how excited they were from their own teasing game. All he had to do was sit back admiring their lithe bodies letting them play out their game. He sat forward a little trying to hide the erection in his jeans not wanting to seem over eager not wanting them to back down on the dare. His mind was desperately working trying to think of a way to encourage them without interrupting the flow of challenges they threw at each other.

One look at her friend's smug face turned it all around. "Mine are bigger you're just relying on a bra to show them off," Dorothy taunted.

"Well at least mine still stand up to the ravages of time," she shot back.

Dorothy looked huffy from the snide remark not knowing if she dare prove otherwise. They had both been topless at the beach but that had been a long time ago. 'Damn this is my home so why not,' she thought.

"I'll show you how well they stand up." Dorothy challenged. Reaching behind her back she struggled with the bra catch.

"Hold on you had better do this properly," Tom spoke up nervously. Dare he make a move? It might bring them to their senses calling a halt to the wonderful show.

The two friends turned on him as though he had stepped into a private fight. Reaching for the remote on a side table he fiddled with it finding a music channel. He looked up at them with such a pleasurable smile of anticipation lighting his face their mood changed.

Dorothy smiled and winked at her husband knowing she would win this round. It had been awhile since she had danced for him but remembered the moves. She swung her hips with the rhythm of the music separating her stocking clad feet. She lifted her hair, wet her lips with a flick of the tongue and started to gyrate her hips with eyes half closed. She bent forward jiggling her large pendulous breasts at her husband.

Elizabeth was left standing. "OK! Go for it girl," she laughed. She just couldn't resist joining in the fun so began mimicking the moves. She turned around and wiggled her ass at him and slapped both panty clad cheeks with her hands.

She seemed to be inviting him to slap her ass but he dare not provoke his wife or it might just end right there. He knew they were challenging each other rather than dancing for him. He could only observe from a safe distance, but what a show. He would fantasize over this for a long time to come. They were swaying a little almost toppling leading him to wish they would both land on the sofa with him.

"Undo me will you," Dorothy asked, turning her back. She held onto the cups and bent toward her husband to gain his full attention. Dropping the bra she held her bare breasts in both hands unable to completely cover the large soft mounds. It was naughty and doing something to an already invigorated sensuousness but this was her husband so what did it matter. She was determined to knock Elizabeth out of the ring.

Dancing before him in her panties trying to cover her breasts and failing his wife and her wonderful breasts filled his vision. His cock ached so much all he wanted to do was grab her to drag the luscious bitch upstairs to bed.

It was a good job he didn't because her friend wasn't to be outdone. She slipped off the bra unnoticed until she bumped her friend's hip with hers. They laughed together bumping away still holding onto their breasts pretending to hold on to a semblance of decorum. They turned toward each other letting go as they pushed close. Their breasts pressed against each other showing both were standing up firm with hard nipples.

"See! They don't sag," Dorothy proudly boasted. The music carried on one track leading into another leaving them breathing hard still moving to the rhythm. They lent back, revealing their breasts, shimmying to the music, wiggling the delicious firm orbs. With shoulders shaking their breasts they tried to outdo each other. They leaned in to press hard swollen nipples together; they laughed at the audacity of the naughty erotic moves.

A slow number gave them some relief from the exertion and they wrapped arms around each other propping each other up. "I'm beyond the point of no return Dotty. I need a man desperately," she whispered into her friend's ear.

"We'll have to see who wins him then," she replied with a devilish grin. They turned their heads toward the victim. Dorothy knew her breasts would win her man but she also felt sorry for Elizabeth. Could she let her have him? It might work to her benefit over the next months or even years.

Surely she didn't mean it. It was the drink talking. Elizabeth licked her lips at the thought of his cock. A wistful look in her pale blue eyes made it appear twice the size becoming so much more desirable.

Tom almost slavered at the sight of these two gorgeous women in an erotic dance. They moved slowly with arms entwined looking at him with wet lips parted. He dare not think about those open pouting mouths otherwise he would cum in his trousers. He looked at their breasts momentarily touching nipples in time with the music. They were swollen from the heat of the moment. Their bodies glistened with a fine sheen of perspiration.

They stopped dancing and stood with hands on their hips thrusting out their breasts. "Well? Who has the best breasts?" they chorused.

He had enough time to think it through despite a lack of blood flow to his brain. Desperation had formulated a plan. "If you get on all fours I can judge them better," he said with a hoarse whisper just above the sound of the music.

With some relief from the effort of dancing they helped each other to the floor. They were both sloshed and fell inelegantly at his feet. Laughing uncontrollably they presented themselves for his inspection. Elizabeth knew her breasts were larger and to her husbands taste for he had savored them often.

She tried to knock her friend over so Elizabeth shoved back with a fit of laughter flooring them both. They helped each other up attempting to remain serious despite the ridiculousness of the game. On hands and knees they looked up at him through long eyelashes straight between his legs. The hardness of his cock had been obvious but from that angle it looked so much bigger.

Elizabeth broke first. "Please sir, do I have the best tits, sir," she said, with a mock schoolgirl tone of voice. They leant against each other in a fit of giggles.

Dorothy took up the theme. "Please sir. Tell Lizzy my tits are best. Tell her you would prefer to fondle mine," she giggled. Both friends took up the teasing refrain repeating the words together, "Go on sir fondle my tits."

He hobbled around behind them with a raging stiff cock and knelt. A good look at their crotch confirmed they were excited as much as he was from the wetness of their panties. The odor from the bitches on heat rose up at him. He was so close to just forcing himself on them like a dog he desperately wanted these hot bitches.

They continued to taunt him. "Go on sir, fondle my breasts, I want to pass the test," they said with variations on a theme between drunken giggles.

He wasn't listening just positioning himself behind one of them. They were hip to hip leaning against each other for support. He reached around a body and took hold of a pair of large breasts kneading them in his hands with fingers gripping tight as his wife liked to be handled. She sighed loudly cutting off her friends girly teasing.

He shuffled sideways to press himself against her friend. The hardness in his jeans pressed between her cheeks. With fingers outstretched he rubbed the palm of his hand over her taught nipples. She too sighed. He pinched them gently and pulled on them.

It was a turn-on having her breasts fondled but now they seemed to be a bell pull directly to her vagina, ringing loudly in her ears. The tune was, 'fuck me please fuck me now'. Her body was shouting, 'I want it now,' and her lips smacked in anticipation.

Dorothy had already been in a high state of arousal but watching her husband fondling a friend's breasts brought the excitement to an overpowering level. Her own sense of respectability had fallen and she assumed Elizabeth's had too. She wanted Tom to show her friend what a stud she had.

Feeling Elizabeth press back against him he pulled harder while pinching her nipples. She rubbed her bottom up and down the bulge in his jeans while he squeezed her breasts and nipples hard to elicit a sighed turning into a moan of pleasure.

They both became silent with expectation. It was all in his hands. If he had been able to think straight he would have realized it didn't matter what he did for they were his for the taking.

He quickly pulled his cock from his trousers, unusually without a fumble, it was in his hand springing to attention. It flicked against Elizabeth's rump. He leant against her pushing it between the cheeks of her ass knowing she could feel it through the thin panties.

He reached over to his wife pulling the crotch of her panties to one side to explore her. He found her so wet he slid two fingers inside without resistance. Hoping it would be enough to keep her happy he pulled back from Elizabeth. His cock pulled from between her clenched cheeks to bounce against his belly.

He moved forward lower this time. Up a leg of the loose French knickers his cock explored pressing against her asshole. She lifted her ass and pushed back onto the tip of his cock. He needed no further guidance. He thrust forward for his cock to penetrate her in one long stroke.

He held still inside her while he concentrated on his wife for a moment. Finding her bud with a thumb he rubbed hard with a rhythm he knew would keep her on the edge. All restraint had evaporated leaving Elizabeth rocking her body on his cock in quiet desperation. Both women started to grunt like pigs.

Leaning heavily against Elizabeth's ass his cock became imbedded deeply in her while she worked away at it. Tom felt for her bud and rubbed it gently feeling his cock being rammed by her movements.

He concentrated on his wife with one hand knowing exactly how to keep her going. She too was rocking her body on his fingers working her self up into a state of completion.

He looked at both gorgeous women, ass up determined to orgasm on him. He felt strong and in charge of their bodies. The power he had over them kept him supremely confident enabling him to hold back. He wanted and needed to make the moment last. The tight grip his wife's friend had on his cock held him back too, with the feeling is was impossible to let loose inside her.

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