tagLoving WivesFriend's Husband Ch. 02

Friend's Husband Ch. 02


An unexpected gift for wife and friend. This is a replacement for the badly edited first submission -- my fault -- any volunteers to be an editor!


Dorothy gulped at a glass of orange juice. Her head was throbbing even after standing for half an hour under a steaming hot shower. In the kitchen she fumbled with coffee, managing to spill grounds on the counter but enough found its way into the machine. Leaning on the back of a chair she looked round the sparkling kitchen with too much sunlight spilling through the blinds to focus on anything.

Instead she closed her eyes wondering about last night which led to dreadful thoughts of what the consequences might be. It was never a good idea to have sex outside of marriage but last night it had been brought into the relationship. Could their bond of trust survive the drunken mistake?

Scraping a chair away from the table Dorothy dropped her weary frame down hard. Five minutes later her friend walked in wearing a borrowed dressing gown. Elizabeth didn't look as bad as she felt but then her friend could take a drink and survive.

"Morning Dotty," Elizabeth said quietly. Elizabeth was unsure how her friend might react this morning so took it easy. Pouring a coffee she sat down opposite her.

"Sorry Lizzy," Dorothy said.

"It's OK I don't eat breakfast," Elizabeth stated glibly.

"You know what I mean," Dorothy responded, sounding exasperated.

"I know you too well, you analyse things too much. Just forget it." The look on her friends face meant she had to convince her. "What happened was just a one off. If Tom is OK about it and I'm alright then you should relax too."

"Tom is pretending to sleep with a really bad fake snore. I don't know how he feels about it yet."

"I heard from the spare bedroom! That's what got me out of bed. I can't imagine him complaining can you?" Elizabeth reasoned.

"Last night I was fool enough to think it might improve our sex life. Now I'm not so sure." Dorothy tried to explain.

"You are probably right. Stop feeling guilty woman. We're entitled to some fun and games too you know. It's not just men that have urges," Elizabeth tried to console her.

"What if he wants to start swinging? I couldn't," Dorothy complained.

"It just happened, Dotty. It was one of those things that just, well, it happened so leave it at that. I enjoyed it. Don't you dare deny it! Tom probably thought it was all his birthdays rolled into one. I was well away last night so were you. Stop feeling guilty," Elizabeth sighed. "If you decide to give it another try I'm up for it. Joking!" Elizabeth hastily added.

"By the look in you're eyes I'm not so sure," Dorothy teased back.

"That's better. Just laugh it off. For heavens sake, don't give him a hard time over it either." Elizabeth advised.

"What should I say to him?" Dorothy flustered.

"Relax! Say nothing. You know what men are like. He won't want to talk about it. He won't know how. Look, it was great for me but that's it. Thanks for the fuck now I'm off." Elizabeth laughed.

Dorothy looked shocked but took the point. She giggled then broke into a full blown belly laugh. They broke off suddenly when Tom walked into the kitchen. Their heads turned toward him.

On hearing their laughter he thought it safe to approach what might have been an unexploded bombshell. Under their combined stares he hesitated before continuing to the fridge. They were checking him out like a couple of young women on the prowl. They looked good in the thin dressing gowns but he dare not stare.

"Anyone want juice?" he asked.

"I'd love some more of your juice Tom," Elizabeth quipped. The two women broke into giggles.

Tom stood by the fridge knowing they had sorted it out between them, also realizing he was going to have to stand some flak. At least they were laughing. He just hoped it would last. When Elizabeth left, Dorothy might start to blame him for what happened last night. He looked at his wife seeing how influenced she was by her friend. Perhaps if Elizabeth stayed awhile he would get away with it without receiving an earful of nagging, or worse.

"Elizabeth some decorum please," Dorothy said trying to sound offended and failing due to a tight lipped guffaw.

"De-cum, is that like decaf?" Elizabeth patted her friends back as she choked on the coffee. "Sorry, Dotty. It's naughty to flirt with your husband. Let him fuck me and suck his cock but don't flirt with him."

Dorothy gasped at her friend's directness. Tom just stood there waiting for his wife to explode in anger hoping he wouldn't be the target. Dorothy looked at him a moment then sipped the coffee. It sank in what her friend was doing. Elizabeth was no fool and she certainly wasn't a slut. Elizabeth was bringing it all out into the open, forcing them to face up to it.

"Well you looked as though you needed a good seeing to. I just happen to have a stud in the house that could handle you," Dorothy said, with a sweet innocent smile.

Elizabeth looked directly at Tom's crotch. "Thank you Dotty. He is and he did. A very good seeing too. You're a very lucky woman," she said, with a wistful look in her eyes.

"Any time Elizabeth." Dorothy said. Realizing what had been offered she wanted to bite the words back. It was hard to continue as her thoughts became troubled.

"Well the stud wants breakfast, how about it ladies?" Tom asked.

"You must be exhausted after such a performance last night. Come on let's cook the stud some breakfast." Elizabeth told her friend. Grabbing an arm she hoisted her up out of the chair to get her going before she started to sink into another funk.

Dorothy the faithful domesticated wife worked on automatic pilot floating around the kitchen handing Elizabeth implements and instructions. Eventually she told her friend. "You're useless. Sit down and let me do it."

Tom still suspected his wife might turn on him once Elizabeth left. He just didn't understand how he had got away with it or what the teasing had been all about. "So, how long you staying?"

"I'm driving back after breakfast. I'll probably get dressed first though." Neither of them laughed. She caught him eyeing up her cleavage and pulled the gown together. It had been too long since a man had looked at her like that over the breakfast table. It was nice but wrong. He was her friend's husband and very much, off limits. Last night would have to remain just a delightful memory.

"I thought you would visit friends while here. It might be a long time before you return." Tom suggested.

"That sounds like a great idea Lizzy. Why don't I take you round the old gang? They would love to see you after all this time." Dorothy enthused.

Always one to make quick decisions, Elizabeth agreed. They left the clearing-up to Tom while dressing and fussing over what to wear.

Eventually they left so Tom started to relax. "A whole afternoon to do whatever I want." He muttered. "I can't remember what I like to do though," he laughed. Rejecting chores, car and house fixing he looked through an old film collection.

He didn't want to sit at home drinking alone and meeting friends was out of the question. He might spill the sordid truth about last night after a few drinks. That would spell disaster. Dorothy would never forgive him.

There was nothing on the box so slipping in a DVD of a favorite movie he opened a can of beer. He sat back in the favorite chair feeling pleased that he had got away with it.


The phone rang. He jumped up startled from a deep sleep. "Damn! I've wasted an afternoon of freedom! Hello!" he answered sounding gruff.

"Hi! Mister Wonderful, how about a lift home." Dorothy said sounding as though she had more than enough which was probably only three glasses of wine. Tom sighed heavily. It was only nine and they were ready for home. He knew where Jenny lived so dropped the receiver and hurried over.


Helping them into the car took a great deal of patience. The women had spent all afternoon together talking yet even now they turned at the door to discuss another absent friend. They hugged again and tottered toward the car.

"I'll pick up Dorothy's car tomorrow if that's OK?" Tom asked Jenny, seeing it was blocking their drive.

"OK Tom, or should I call you Mister Wonderful," Jenny beamed with red wine staining her teeth. Before he could escape she put her arms around him for a hug. That was fairly normal as they were friends but the big sloppy kiss was unexpected. If he wasn't mistaken her lips were parted too. If he didn't have enough problems already he might have taken advantage.

In the car the two women dissected the gossip. Apparently there had been a few friends dropping by for a chat which was convenient. They could discuss them when they left with whoever was still there. Tom cringed at the thought of Jenny boring Bill with all that female gossip. He remembered they were separated and figured that's why she had hugged him so tight.

"Straight home, Mister Wonderful," Dorothy announced.

"What's all this Wonderful stuff?" he asked.

"Elizabeth has been telling them all how wonderful you are." Dorothy laughed. They both broke into titters.

"You didn't tell them about last night did you?" he exclaimed.

"No silly. Just get us home. Quick I'm bursting," Dorothy told him.

"I was just telling them how lucky she is to have such an attentive husband, that's all," Elizabeth joined in. They both laughed at a shared joke.

Tom kept looking back at them in the mirror wondering what it was all about. Just the sight of them together made him hard.


Tom walked into the lounge with a large scotch to dull his embarrassment. They were relaxing on the same comfortable chairs as last night and he was stiffening up at the thought of what happened. Sitting down carefully he tried to hide the lump in his trousers. While swirling the ice he stared into the glass trying to think of something else other than having two sexy drunken women so close.

"No! You two have had enough," he told them.

"What have you go there, a stiff one?" Elizabeth said, and they both giggled.

"Just two fingers of pure malt," he said, trying not to rise to the bait.

"Oh! Nice! I could do with two fingers," Elizabeth teased.

Tom looked at his wife surprised she was accepting the rude comments. "You two are behaving like naughty school girls." When they made faces at him and blew raspberries he just shook his head with a rueful smile. When he came home with some guys from the pub she had said much the same thing about him and his friends.

It was a pain being sober with them finding everything so funny. After having sex with them the barriers were so much more relaxed. When they started discussing him as though he wasn't there it was too much.

"I used to be able to cook. She de-skilled me," he said defensively.

"Oh! You've still got some very nice skills," his wife added suggestively.

"Don't get out of hand women or I'll have to smack your bottoms," he warned them playfully.

"Ooowww! Promises, promises," they chorused.

"He can be so masterful Lizzy," Dorothy added.

"Come over here and I'll teach you to behave," he said. He didn't catch what his wife murmured to her friend while inelegantly sliding off the chair. He was too surprised that she didn't just follow up on the teasing but was staggering over to him.

She stood before him with a finger in her mouth telling him, "Sorry I misbehaved like a naughty girl," she giggled.

He couldn't think of a witty remark so pulled her over his knee. He tickled her until she squirmed helplessly out of breath pleading for him to stop.

"Are you going to behave now?" Tom asked, trying to sound serious.

"No!" she cried out between giggles.

He lifted the back of the dress to playfully slap the white cotton panties. She continued to say 'no' without much complaint so he bunched the panties to bare her cheeks and slapped her again. He wasn't spanking her hard but she stopped giggling. "Are you going to behave yourself now?" he asked.

"Yes sir," she told him.

"Good, otherwise I might have sent you to stand in the corner," he warned her playfully. Tom had almost forgotten Elizabeth was there while concentrating on his wife. When she rolled off onto the floor in a fit of giggles Elizabeth took her place before he had a chance to deter her. He was unsure of this. Looking at his wife pulling her dress down he waited hesitantly for a reaction.

"She started it. You should give the naughty bitch more than me," his wife chuckled, trying to sound like a petulant teen.

"Yes sir, I have been very naughty," Elizabeth murmured.

Watching her friend being spanked juiced her up bringing on another slave fantasy. She closed her eyes imagining being forced over a master's knee ready for punishment. The humiliation of it was fueling a heat between the legs difficult to resist. When he pulled the back of the dress up, she pulled her panties down. The unfamiliar feeling of lacy knickers sliding down the backs of her legs was so erotic it pushed her further into the fantasy.

It was obvious even to Tom she wanted this so he slapped a cheek to see what happened. Instead of delivering a funny line she counted out loud and thanked him.

"One, thank you for punishing me, Maser," Elizabeth whispered.

She was hardly aware of where she was. In her imagination she was a harem girl being punished by her master.

"Two, thank you for punishing me, Master," she continued with a line from a bath-time fantasy.

Reaching ten, five on each cheek, he told her that was enough. She arose to stand before him with head bowed in shame. "Thank you Master for punishing me," Elizabeth croaked. Her mouth was dry, her wet panties were on the floor and she felt humiliated from voicing a naughty fantasy before friends.

Tom and Dorothy looked at each other and shrugged. Dorothy watched in fascination as her friend struggled to back out of a very personal revelation. Dorothy was about to laugh it off but decided to take advantage. All through school Elizabeth had been the leader, as she had been all afternoon with friends. Seeing how vulnerable this self-important business woman had become seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

"Thank your master properly, slave," Dorothy told her. With hand signals and a grin aimed at her husband she meant for him to play along.

Tom looked at his wife with a doubtful look unsure of what she was up to. When Elizabeth had been ass upward over his lap it was obvious how excited and carried away with lust she had become. It was easy to guess something of what she was into. He sat staring at Elizabeth seeing the hesitation in her eyes. She was torn between a private need and the embarrassment of revealing it.

"On your knees slave and thank your master," Dorothy ordered more forcefully. It was obvious she had a master slave thing and would use this naughty little revelation to tease her whenever they met.

Elizabeth's heart pounded in her chest as she sank to her knees. The desperation was a torment tearing her insides out. This had been a harmless bath-time fantasy for years but it was no longer private. The humiliation was driving her on, stoking up the fires of passion. She shuffled forward on hands and knees toward him. Reaching out diffidently at first, she became subsumed in the passion of the moment, and boldly grabbed the bulge in his jeans. She almost tore it free to rub her face over his hard cock.

Tom just sat there mesmerized. Dorothy hadn't meant it to go this far. She too was spellbound at the sight of her friend nuzzling her husbands cock. She had expected Elizabeth to turn it into a joke.

Leaning forward Elizabeth hesitated dramatically above his hardness with a pair of luscious full lips forming an 'O'. "Thank you master," she said quietly. She sucked it into her mouth between wet lips, salivating over it. Lifting her head she licked its full length from balls to tip. Her hand burrowed into his jeans to fondle his balls. Lifting her head again she dropped it to suck powerfully on the head of his penis.

They both watched intently his cock disappearing into her mouth. Her head began to bob up and down in a steady pumping action in his lap. Dorothy was both appalled and fascinated at the same time. She slid down beside her husband onto the sofa watching her best friend sucking his cock down her throat.

Elizabeth was completely lost in a fantasy. She was a dutiful slave satisfying a master's command after being punished. If she was lucky and fulfilled his bestial desires he might let her cum too.

Tom watched his cock disappear between those rosebud lips sucking on his cock with gusto.

Feeling it squeezed in her throat he almost spurted down it but the close presence of his wife brought him back from the brink. A few more strokes and it would be impossible to wait for his wife's approval. Nothing in the world could hold him back.

This was the moment. He watched her come up for air. She sucked his cock down to the balls and he spurted down her throat.

She spluttered and coughed but managed to swallow most of his sperm. What was missed splattered over her face as she lifted her head.

Dorothy pulled the back of Elizabeth's dress up over her head leaving her naked except for a bra. She wiped her husband's sperm off Elizabeth's face with the expensive silk dress adding to the sense of vindictiveness. Dorothy was enthralled with the power held over her friend. It would only last as long as Elizabeth was in the grip of that fantasy so determined to keep her there.

"Now prepare your master for me, slave," she demanded.

Elizabeth sucked his flaccid cock into her mouth working it hard with tongue and lips stroking it with one hand while juggling his balls with the other. He hoped it might take some time to recover but the way that tongue was licking his cock with lips tightly squeezing it there was no way to resist. The erection showed in a cheek then disappeared down her throat.

"Leave it slave," Dorothy commanded. She was enjoying the unfamiliar sense of power. On hearing little mewling sounds Dorothy looked between her legs to find she was playing with herself. Elizabeth's face hovered over his cock with an expression of lustful need.

"Slave, turn around and sit on your masters cock," Dorothy said. She wasn't sure if it stemmed from guilt or some weird fascination. Dorothy maneuvered her friend over her husbands cock pushing her down onto it. She watched her husband lift his hips to reach deep into her friend.

He began a lusty heaving of their bodies. Elizabeth's breasts jiggled in time with every thrust and with every deep penetration she emitted little whimpering sounds of enthusiasm.

Again he spurted into her only this time it was aimed at her womb not her throat. Deep inside, held tight by strong muscles, an upward thrust brought on a long and hard orgasm.

Dorothy watched her husband cum into her friend with a look of consternation on her face. Their contorted faces and the guttural sounds were fascinating yet she thought it was wrong to be enjoying the performance. Her best friend was humping her husband! She slipped off the sofa trying to be unobtrusive which was easy to do considering the state they were in.

The sooner Elizabeth left the better she thought. With a sigh she realized it had been her fault to encourage them. She laid awake listening to them making out again in the lounge before falling into a fitful sleep full of bewildering dreams.


As Elizabeth had advised she didn't give Tom a hard time though she was thankful he was giving her a hard time. Over the next few weeks he was so attentive she soon forgave him and herself. By the time her friend phoned she had forgiven her too.

With the usual banalities over Elizabeth came to the point, "I'm late." She stated flatly.

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