Friends of The Family Ch. 02


"Oh... fuck yes... Aaron," Carol started gasping as the boy latched onto her clit and started sucking. "Ffffuck... don't stop..."

Aaron didn't for a while, pulling and flicking his tongue over the opening, and pushing it inside, his nose pressed against her asshole and taking in the smell. He could hear her moaning, so he kept it up, but then he realized that it was like Beth, he wasn't able to make her go over the edge. Thankfully Carol knew what he was doing wrong.

"Mmm, I love your enthusiasm with eating pussy Aaron," Carol said with a gasp. "But... concentrate on the clit. Licking the other areas and pushing your tongue in every now and then is good, but concentrate on the little love button..."

Aaron nodded and sucked Carol's clit into his mouth, making her squeal out loud. He smiled, letting the button go, releasing it with a pop. He flicked his tongue over it for a bit before drawing his taster up between the lips and to her brown eye again. He decided that he wanted to be a little adventurous, letting his thumb take over on her clit while he circled his tongue over her anal passage. She squeal and started moaning loudly as he licked her there and played with her clit. She couldn't stop pushing back against him, gently humping his face.

"Oh fuck Aaron... mmm yes like that," she moaned loving the attention she was getting. "Mmm... being such a naughty boy... tonguing my ass like that. Oh fuck... don't stop baby. You're going to make me cum..."

"Mmm... I hope so," Aaron said moving away and giving Carol's ass a hard smack, the way Brent had told him that she likes it, and making her yelp before going back to eating her ass and rubbing her pussy. "I want to see your pussy squirt... and see if it tastes like your daughters."

"Oh... fuck that's so nasty," Carol said with a giggle that quickly turned into a long moan. "Fuck... oh fuck. I'm going to cum... I'm... I'm... oh fuck!"

Just then Carol's body went rigid as her orgasm peaked, before starting to shake as her pussy exploded with pleasure. True to his word the moment her pussy started to gush its juices Aaron latched on and started to drink up some of it, tasting it and letting the rest splash against his body and on the floor. This of course extended Carol's orgasm and she had to beg him to stop, which he thankfully did, pulling away and giving each ass cheek a soft kiss. He stood up caressing the woman's backside while she recovered, smiling when was able to stand up, turn around and kiss him deeply.

"Holy fuck... you're really good with that mouth," Carol said as she pushed him back against the center island in the kitchen. "I'm going to need some of this cock... but first, let me show you how good I am with my mouth."

Carol sank to her knees in front of the boy, taking his cock in both hands and giving it a soft few strokes before guiding it to her mouth. Aaron tilted his head back and let out a long moan as she took him deep, feeling his head hit the back of her throat. She slowly and expertly started to bob on his dick before at one point pushing deeper. His cock suddenly was sliding down Carol's throat, and he looked at her, she staring up at him not showing a single sign of difficulty or a sign that she might have to gag. A was a mere moment before he could feel his balls pressed against her chin.

"Oh shit...," Aaron gasped as she held her mouth down on him. "Fuck that mouth is amazing..."

"Mmmhmm," she moaned with a mouthful before sliding her lips slowly off the boy's cock. "And this cock is amazing sweetie... it tastes so good."

Carol took the cock back into her mouth, sliding it into her throat in the first stroke. It was at this time Aaron decided to try something else Marcus and Brent had told him about. Grabbing the back of her head, Carol squealed in realization of what was about to happen, but didn't stop when he started thrusting into her mouth. Her eyes glazed over looking up at him while he fucked his cock into her throat like it was a pussy. He smiled, waiting for her sign, which she showed by tapping three times on his leg.

"Fucking hell," Carol gasped as she gulped for air. "You have been talking with my sons way to fucking much."

"I think your coffee is done," Aaron said before helping Carol to her feet and giving her a deep kiss. "Why don't you pour us both a cup? I like mine black. Also... condoms?"

"Over there...," Carol said pointing to a drawer while grabbing a couple of coffee cups and pouring the brew into each... before suddenly being pulled back into the bent over position that she had been in before. "A...Aaron?! What are you doing?! I though... coffee first..."

"Oh yes coffee," Aaron said while rubbing his condom covered cock along his girlfriend's mother's slit. "Well I'm really excited about getting in this pussy of yours Carol... so I'm going to push in and slowly slide in and out of you while we drink our coffee. As soon as I'm finished though, I'm going to grab your hips tight and start fucking you hard, so I suggest that you finish yours quickly yourself..."

Ture to his word Aaron rubbed the head against her opening a few more times before pushing in and hilting himself inside her. Carol gasped as he pushed inside, opening her pussy up. Also true, he gripped her softly with only one hand and slowly moved his cock out and in, not moving her even when bottomed out inside the tight sex. Her mouth hung open, not able to control her moans over the long teasing strokes. Movement to her right showed him picking up the coffee she had put there for him.

"That's good coffee," Carol heard Aaron say as he paused a moment to take a drink. "Good thing it's hot, otherwise I'd gulp it down in one go."

"Oh my god Aaron, you got jokes... mmpf," Carol said with a giggle as she regained her train of thought after the invasion of the young boy's cock and taking a small sip of her coffee. "Challenge accepted. Rules, you keep fucking me like that and we keep drinking. First one to finish their cup wins, no spilling. You win, I'll be your little whore whenever you fuck me today. I win, well you can expect to have your tongue in my ass whenever I want today. And go."

"You're on," was Aaron's reply seeing as she had already started he grabbed his coffee and started drink himself, continuing to work his cock in and out.

They both struggled to drink, both knowing that it was too hot to gulp down, but Carol started having real difficulty. The long cock kept hitting deep inside her with every thrust, causing her to sometimes hold her mouth open. She forced herself to drink, downing a good portion of her cup, leaving only one small bit to go. She readied herself to win... but then she heard a cup slam on the counter... Aaron was finished with his.

"Looks like I win Carol," Carol heard Aaron say and she felt him grip her hips.

Carol was just able to gulp the last of her coffee, set the cup down and grip the counter for dear life before Aaron started pounding into her. Her mouth opened in a 'O' as he kept driving his hips forward, pushing his cock deep into her depths. Her first orgasm had been intense, the one building now was going to be bigger. She couldn't help herself and threw her head moaning loudly.

Aaron couldn't help but smile as he watched his cock being swallowed by the sexy MILF's pussy over and over, her ass jiggling each time his hips smacked against them. He could feel her getting tighter and her juices dripping down over his balls. Her moans started getting louder as she started pushing back up against him. He knew she was going to cum again, and tried to concentrate, which is why he didn't notice Beth coming up behind him.

"Naughty boy, what are you doing?" Aaron jumped a bit, before turning and seeing his girlfriend walking around the corner. "Having a little fun with my mom?"

"Hey there," Aaron said, taking a moment to calm himself before giving Beth a kiss. "Hope you don't mind. Tried to find you first but... you were a little busy."

"Oh you mean...?" Beth stuttered suddenly, a blush forming on her cheeks.

"Oh yeah, I saw," Aaron smile before kissing his girl deeper. "It was hot watching you with your father, got your mom super wet too..."

"Mmm, it's like her pussy is swallowing your cock," Beth moaned as she watched Aaron fuck her mom. "How is he mom?"

"Oh... hi Beth," they both turned to see Carol smiling with a glazed over look. "Aaron's such a sweet boy... unf... oh shit! Fucks... so good. Fucking deep... oh shit! Might cum soon... going to cum soon..."

"Bend over next to her babe," Aaron said with a smile. "I want you to kiss your mother while she starts to cum on my cock..."

Beth smiled before bending over next to her mother, taking Carol's chin in her hand and kissing the woman deeply. Aaron in turn started fucking Carol hard and fast, making the mother start moaning loudly as her orgasm started to approach. He looked over at Beth's bent over ass cheeks and started caressing them before letting his hand slide between to caress the wet lips of her pussy. He smiled, sliding a few fingers into his girlfriend as he gripped her mother's hips tighter.

"Oh god.. I'm gonna... I'm... I'm...mmmppff," Carol tried to break away from her daughter to say she was going to climax before Beth had done as instructed, continuing to kiss her mother as the woman came.

And cum she did. Carol's body began to buck and shiver as her pussy pulsed around Aaron's cock which never stopped fucking her. He could feel her juices leaking and gushing around the shaft and his balls which were slapping against her clit. She had to reach behind and smack the boy's arm to get him to stop, which he did with last force full thrust before pulling out, the shaft and head stroking the g-spot and making her pussy start to gush even more and let out a loud scream.

"Better not be killing my wife Aaron," the boy jumped again and turned to see Stan walking through the kitchen, naked, and taking a cup of coffee from his daughter. "Thanks princess. Hey dear, when you're done and can walk, I'll be out back."

Aaron looked at his girlfriend and realized that she had stopped kissing long enough to pour her father a cup before going back to kissing her mother. He chuckled before giving her ass a smack, making the girl squeal before pulling off the condom and rubbing his cock against her slit. She moaned slightly as he teased her but stopped him before he could push in.

"Hold on my horny boyfriend," Beth said motioning to her mother who was gasping for air. "Let's head to the living room, my dick drunk mom really needs a place to sit down."

"Yesshh... that sounds... soo good," Carol said with a smile.

Beth and Aaron helped the woman over to the living room, sitting her down on the couch at one of the ends where she was finally recovering and talking full sentences. Beth smiled at her boyfriend laying down on the couch, her head resting in her mother's lap, looking up at him with a smile. He climbed on top of her, giving her a deep kiss before guiding his cock inside her and starting to slide it in and out. He felt Carol's hand on his back, caressing it, while the other one stroked her daughter's hair.

"You two are so beautiful," Carol said with a smile as she watched the young couple fuck. "I want you to make him cum a nice big load..."

"Y...yes mom!" Beth gasped as her boyfriend started picking up the pace. "He's going to make me cum too... so close..."

Aaron had barely heard what the two had said as he concentrated on fucking his girlfriend. His cock, which was already on the verge of exploding, probably would have went over the edge. Out of the corner of his eye he realized he was pretty much level with one of Carol's breasts which he hadn't had to chance to taste yet, so he leaned the last bit forward and latched onto the nipple.

"Oh my!" Carol said with a smile as he began sucking on her tit. "Hungry little boy, aren't you? I love having my tits sucked on, and it's so much better you're doing it while fucking my daughter."

"Oh fuck... it's so hot," Beth moaned while looking at her lover sucking her mother's tit. "Can't... fuck it's so good! About to... cum!"

Beth threw her head back and cried out as soon as she said that, she exploded in orgasm, her pussy pulsing around her boyfriend's cock. That was it for Aaron, who threw his head back and started coming himself, his cock pulsing and blasting seed into his girlfriend's pussy. Carol watched his cock, twitching and jumping as it filled her daughter with baby cream.

"Now that's hot, watching Aaron's cock pulse inside you," Carol said with a soft moan. "Wish you had saved some for me..."

"Mmm, fuck," Aaron gasped as he slid his spent cock from Beth's pussy, suddenly getting an idea. "Well Carol, there's plenty inside there you could probably get out..."

Beth blushed a deep red but Carol knowingly smiled and moved from the couch as Aaron backed away. The mother knelt between her daughter's legs, tongue sliding out and finding the still pulsing hole which had already started leaking Aaron's cum. Beth gasped as her mother plunged her taster into the young woman's pussy, searching for the special cream inside her. As soon as she collected enough she slid up to share a sexy cum kiss with her.

"That is beautiful," Aaron said with a smile a second before both of the women broke away and started giggling.

"Well you two," Carol said standing up and pulling her daughter up with her. "We are all stinky and sweaty. Let's go shower upstairs."

Aaron and Beth followed Carol back upstairs to the parent's bathroom and their large shower. The three of them all easily fit and started helping each other wash sweat and cum from their bodies. They finished and dried off before heading back downstairs, not bothering to put any clothes on, and back to the kitchen where the two helped the mother put together a fruit platter, cereal and milk for breakfast. They all then headed out on the patio.

Stan was sitting at one of their patio tables, the umbrella open and covering his nude body from the sun. They all smiled seeing that Sasha was back... her clothes discarded next to the table, kneeling between Stan's legs and giving him a blowjob. Carol walked over, and set the breakfast tray on the table next to her husband who also accepted a soft kiss from her before sitting down on the lounger that was next right next to the table. She started talking with the two while starting to rub suntan oil on her skin. Aaron dove into the pool, Beth followed him, though simply walking down the steps moving carefully into the cool water, but idea was quickly dashed when her boyfriend grabbed her and dunked her. The play fought for a while before Aaron pinned his girl against the wall with a kiss.

"I love you Bethany Kross," Aaron said with a smile after breaking the kiss.

"I love you too Aaron Pritcher," Beth smiled back. "I have something special to tell you. I've decided that you're the only one that I want to cum inside me."

"Really?" Aaron's eyes opened in shock.

"Yup," Beth said kissing him again. "I'm on birth control, but sometimes accidents happen. If it does, I want to make sure that it's yours."

"Babe, how do you keep getting better and better?" Aaron chuckled.

"Oh, it will get better," Beth giggled. "I also know what I'm going to get you for your birthday coming up."

"Oh what is it?" Aaron asked beaming with excitement.

"I can't tell you," she giggled. "It's a surprise sweetie."

They both became distracted by a sudden cry and turned to see Sasha now riding Stan reverse cowgirl. Carol was lying next to them, complete still with sunglasses, apparently just trying to work on her tan. Soon the young girl was shaking and moaning as she started coming on Stan's cock. They in turn could see the shaft pulsing as it filled his daughter's pussy with cum.

"Fuck, you always fill us up so much dad," Sasha said with a moan.

"Come here, my daughter," Carol said motioning her over. "Mommy wants a taste."

"Yea, go see your mom," Stan said before giving Sasha a slap on the ass making her yelp before started to eat from the fruit tray. "Daddy is off limits now until he has a few cups of coffee and finishes his breakfast."

Everyone let out a small laugh at the comment, Sasha moving to straddle her mom's face, moaning as the woman probed her daughter's pussy drawing out all the cum inside. She kept licking, even after she had her daughter cleaned out, not stopping until the young woman was shaking and quivering in another orgasm. She had to be helped off her mother's face by her father, who sat her down in a chair.

"Come on you two," Carol said as she got up and moved to another chair at the table. "I may be able to sustain myself with cum alone but you both need to eat."

Everyone laughed again as they all sat around the table and started eating. Once everyone was finished, Carol and Sasha cleared the table while Stan jumped into the pool to cool down. Aaron and Beth kissed again, the boy groaning as he girlfriend slid her hand to his cock, stroking it to life once again. They broke the kiss and smiled once again at each other.

"You want to head to the room?" Beth asked her boyfriend.

Aaron smiled nodding yes before standing up with his girlfriend who took his hand and started leading them inside. They found Carol sitting on the kitchen island, legs open and holding Sasha's hair while the young woman ate her mother's pussy. They barely noticed the young couple passing by and heading upstairs. Once in the room Beth went to close the door but Aaron stopped her.

"Let's leave the door open," Aaron said with a smile.

Beth only smiled before kissing her boyfriend and pulling him to the bed.

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