tagIncest/TabooFriends of The Family Ch. 02

Friends of The Family Ch. 02


So just a heads up. I've decided that once someone's age has been established once, then I'm not going to bother with it. So new members will have their ages displayed for that point in time, but I figured it suffice to say, all characters when engaging in sexual intercourse are over the age of 18, so continuing to put their age over and over would be redundant. When the finale series starts I will recite all members and ages at that moment in time. As always, constructive criticism will be appreciated.



Carol, Sasha, Beth, Stan



Aaron sighed as he slowly came awake, stirred by the light of the early morning sun coming in through the window of his girlfriend's bedroom. Speaking of, he felt the nude form of his girl, Beth, stirring slightly against his bare skin but still not waking up. He smiled at how lucky he had been, meeting her a couple of months ago to officially becoming his girlfriend four weeks ago yesterday. They had celebrated a small anniversary with a whole day together before coming back and making love the rest of the night in her room before passing out.

Throughout the month they've been together it's been a mix, sometimes they would have sex, sometimes they didn't. When they did, she would teach him what she knew as he started learning how to hold himself and last longer. When he went down on her she said that it felt good, but something was missing. They just figured that he need more practice. Whatever it was, it never spoiled the mood though, and just like last night their sex lasted late into the night.

Aaron smiled as the past month of memories filled his head bring him to this moment. They were cuddled up with Aaron on his back, Beth snuggled up to his right side. It was a position that he could stay in forever... that is if his bladder wasn't telling him something different. Aaron tried to fight it but it was too much for him and he forced himself to slowly detangle himself from Beth who stayed asleep. Yawning as he stood, he checked the time seeing still early at seven in the morning. He pulled on the pajama pants he had brought over with him and headed out into the hall.

Aaron went to the upstairs bathroom, finding the door open and walking in. He didn't see anyone so quickly moved over to the toilet, lifting the lid and started to pee. That's when he heard the shower start.

"Hey who's that?" Came Sasha's voice.

"Oh... um sorry it's Aaron," he said as he couldn't stop the stream that had built up.

"Hey there," the curtain pulled back slightly and Sasha poked her head out smiling at the red faced boy before her eyes lowered to his peeing cock. "It's about time I got to see that. Hope you don't mind me stealing a peek."

"I guess it's only fair," Aaron said blushing before shaking the last few drops from his cock and stuffing it back in his pants, causing Sasha to slide her head back in the shower. "You're up pretty early."

"Yea, I usually am," Sasha said upbeat. "Especially when Marcus isn't here. I always feel so comfy in his arms."

"That's right, he's on the road this week," Aaron said. "Hopefully he gets back soon for you."

"So last night was four weeks as a couple with Beth," Sasha said pulling her head back in, the sounds of water splashing against skin could be heard. "Congrats. Did you guys have fun spending the day together?"

"Yea it was awesome," Aaron said, wanting to go but realizing that he shouldn't be rude when talking with someone. "Spent the day down at the pier, shopping and eating. Making out here and there."

"Then coming back and fucking each other's brains out," Sasha giggled making Aaron blush. "It's really hot you make her squeal like you do. Hey, since I'm holding you hostage with conversation, can you come in here and wash my back for me?"

"You mean... in the shower?" Aaron said with a blush, thinking for a moment. "Um... sure I guess. Not like I haven't seen you naked a few times already."

Aaron sighed to himself before pulling down his pajama pants, his cock starting to harden at the thought before climbing into the shower with Sasha. She was facing him when he climbed in, so he took in the sight of her. She was taller than Beth, slightly more of a petite athletic build, slightly smaller tits but the same round butt, thick thighs and scarlet hair that ran in the family. The water was hitting her back while she ran a soapy loofah across her tits, stomach and slowly between her legs soaping her pussy. His cock was really springing to life as he watched her soap herself, down her legs, lifting her arms to scrub underneath them. She smiled, eyes falling to his cock again before turning around and running the loofah over her ass and between the cheeks.

"Thanks for helping me," Sasha said breaking Aaron out of his trance and holding the loofah behind her back for him.

"Yea, no problem," Aaron said sarcastically starting to run the loofah over her back.

"So I know you're ok with Beth having other lovers," Sasha said moving a little closer till the tip of his cock pressed against one of her ass cheeks. "Are you going to do the same? I know Beth has told you that you can as well."

"Maybe, a few have caught my eye...," Aaron said before gasping as Sasha lowered her but and then pushed back and up, trapping the shaft of his cock between her cheeks. "I know of one that really seems she wants to. She's always flirting with me... teasing me..."

"I see," Sasha said looking back at him as she moved her butt up and down, essentially jerking him with her ass cheeks. "Why haven't you approached her?"

"Cause I just started dating Beth and I've been wanting to focus on that relationship," Aaron said with a groan as he started pushing back against Sasha's ass as he dropped the loofah and slid his hands to her tits. "But with our four week anniversary yesterday, I'm thinking that it's time I give the girl what she wants. What do you think?"

"Mmm fuck yes," Sasha gasped as Aaron gripped and massaged her breasts before sliding a hand down to find her clit and starting to rub there. "Fuck yesss... give her... exactly what... she wants."

Aaron grabbed Sasha and turned her around, quickly pressing his lips against hers. Her hands dropped down to grip his cock, slowly starting to stroke and massage the shaft. He groaned, hands coming up to grasp and caress her soft breasts again, thumbs finding her nipples. They broke their kiss, smiling at each other.

"So you going to give me what I want?" Sasha said placing a hand on his chest while the other continued to stroke his cock.

"Come get it," Aaron said with a challenging smile.

Sasha pushed Aaron against the back wall of the shower giving him a soft kiss before sinking to her knees in front of him. She never let go of his cock, which was now right in front of her face, slowly continuing to stroke it. She looked up and gave him a wink before wrapping her lips around the swollen head, giving it a hard suck and extracting a groan from the boy.

"Yes Sasha," Aaron said as she started slowly bobbing, taking more into her mouth with each stroke. "Oh god... that's so good."

"Fuck... you have a nice cock Aaron," Sasha said after taking her mouth off it for a second. "You must be getting good at using it too, considering how loud I hear my sister get."

"Still thinking she's going to kill me for this...," Aaron said before gasping as she took a ball into her mouth, pulling softly before letting it go with a 'pop'.

"Trust me, she's fine with it," she replied before giving the head another teasing suck. "I know she's been encouraging you to find other lovers if you want. As for me, she knows I want this and told me she's totally ok with it."

Before Aaron could offer anymore arguments, Sasha silenced him by taking his cock into her mouth again. But this time when it hit the back of her mouth, she kept pushing and swallowing, letting it slide down into her throat until her chin was pressed against his balls. He in turn could only hold on for dear life, until she finally slid off him. He groaned as she started resuming her bobbing, stopping every now and again to either suck and lick his balls or to deep throat him again.

Sasha was soon needing him in more than just her mouth and pulled her lips off his cock before standing back up and pulling him into another short kiss. She then pulled the curtain back a little and opened the lid of a box that was on the tank of the toilet, Aaron glimpsing in and seeing it full of condoms. He smiled and blushed at the same time as she grabbed one and opened it up. She smiled back before starting to roll the rubber over his shaft, kissing him as she did.

"Since we're starting to have extra lovers, mom and dad started stocking up on condoms," she said before turning around, bending over, bracing herself against a wall and placing the head of his cock against her opening. "Mmm... making sure we're prepared when things like this happen..."

"You mean like this...?" Aaron asked, taking his cock from her hand, rubbing the head over her clit a few times to tease her before pressing against the hole and letting the head slide in.

Both of them let out a moan as Aaron sank his cock into Sasha's pussy, which was already wet. Soon his balls were resting against the woman's clit and he held himself there, enjoying the dampness, heat and the tightness that he felt even through the condom. He gripped her hips and started thrusting slowly, feeling her respond by pushing back at him and hearing her letting out soft moans.

"Mmm, fuck Aaron," Sasha moaned softly. "You feel so good baby. Yes, give me that cock... fuck me."

"Sasha... yess," Aaron said starting to pick up his pace, hip now softly smacking against her ass. "So fucking tight... fuck it's good."

Aaron was now moving inside her with ease, hips pounding her ass and balls slapping against her clit. Sasha moans and gasps echoing into the bathroom as her sister's boyfriend fucked her. Already she started to feel an orgasm building, mouth hanging open as he was slamming into her.

"Oh... fuck," Sasha was moaning as she spoke. "Oh fuck... can't believe... bout to cum... already."

Suddenly Sasha felt Aaron bending over, sliding his hand between the woman's legs and letting his fingers find her clit. She howled as her climax erupted, her body shaking as the boy furiously kept fingering her. Her body shook, especially her legs. So much so that she lost her footing and started to fall, but was caught by her lover who carefully lowered her to the shower floor, the running water starting to cascade of her head.

"Here, let's turn this off for now," Aaron said reaching over Sasha and turning the shower off.

Sasha giggled as he did, still recovering from her climax but able to get on all fours. She lowered her face against the tub and lifted her butt, arching her back as she did. Aaron got an eyeful as he stared at her ass, which he realized that while not as big as Beth's or her mom's still had the same roundness and fullness.

"Mmm, someone's already ready for more I see," Aaron said with a smile as he lined up the head of his cock with her cunt and slid back inside.

"Yessss, mmm more," Sasha gasped as he filled her again, moaning loudly as he started to fuck her. "Mmm... oh fuck. Yes, that's it... fuck you're so good baby..."

Aaron grasped Sasha's hips, working himself in and out faster and harder. He could feel her pushing back against him, making the skin loudly slap together with each thrust. Her pussy caressed him, the walls clamping down on the hard shaft. Her moans echoed into the room, as the sweet smell of her sex filled the air.

"A...Araon," Sasha gasped. "Don't stop... fuck don't stop baby. Gonna... cum again. Fuck... make me cum again..."

"I'm going to cum too Sasha...," Aaron gritted his teeth and gripped Sasha's hips tighter, pounding into her sweet behind.

"Yessssshhh, fuck!" Sasha growled as she climaxed, her mind exploding as her pussy pulsed around the boy's cock, his whimpers and moans bringing her back to her senses slightly. "Cum baby... on my ass. I want to feel it on my... skin! Fuck!"

That was all the permission Aaron needed, quickly pulling his cock out and then removing the rubber from his cock. Gripping it and jerking a few seconds later it erupted spraying his cum over her ass cheeks, coating them. One made a bullseye right in her brown eye, making her giggle as she felt it splash against her asshole. They both gasped to catch their breath, before Aaron helped her up to her knees so they could share one more kiss.

Sasha and Aaron stood back up, turned the shower back on and helped each other wash up. They kissed and made out while doing so, but while he got hard he was adamant that he needed to get back to Beth. It was fine as Sasha needed to head out to take care of some errands. So after drying each other, and him pulling his pants back on they exchanged one last kiss before he made his way back to the room finding Beth still sleeping. He smiled before removing the pants and climbing back into bed, curling up with his love.

"Mmm, welcome back," Aaron froze as Beth spoke, realizing she wasn't as asleep as he though she was, but his heart stop at what she said next. "Did you have fun with my sister?"

"What...?" Aaron gasped turning red to the fact that he had been caught. "How did you...?"

"I needed to pee," Beth said with a smile at her blushing boyfriend. "I walked in and heard her say how you feel so good. I'm glad you two finally hooked up. I've been serious, I want you to find others, even my mom and sister if you want. I love you and I know you love me, but I'm happy to share you just like you're more than willing to share me."

"God, how did I land such a wonderful girlfriend?" Aaron said leaning into his girl to give her a kiss.

"You're just lucky I guess," she said giving his bare body a caress, looking down at his cock. "You're probably spent aren't you?"

"I am, but I can try to help you," Aaron said letting his hand slide between her legs, quickly finding his girlfriend's clit.

Beth moaned loudly as Aaron started playing with her pussy, rubbing the clit and pushing his fingers inside. He didn't keep that up long, sliding down her body so he could lick her sweet sex. She must have been really turned on, cause it didn't take long until she was coming, her juices squirting into her lover's mouth. Afterwards they cuddled and made out a bit more before they fell back asleep.


Aaron woke a few hours later, and as he became more awake he was aware that he was alone in bed. He slowly got up and looked around, not seeing her in the room. He figured she was in the shower or downstairs having breakfast so he hopped out of the bed and pulled his pajama pants back on. After checking his phone and replying to a few messages from his mother and a few friends, he set it back down before heading out.

Aaron walked over to the bathroom and opened the door, not hearing the shower he made sure it wasn't like with Sasha and called for Beth. There was no answer he headed back out into the hall. A sound drew his attention to Mr. and Mrs. Kross' room, where he could see the door was wide open. Then he realized that someone was having sex in there. He wondered if Stan was pounding away at his wife and smiled wondering what the sight would look like. It was then that he heard Carol's voice ringing out.

"Ok, you two have fun," Carol said before walking out of the room completely nude turning and looking in. "I'm heading downstairs for some coffee."

Carol let out a small giggle before turning away from whatever she was walking, took a few steps and realized that Aaron was standing there. She saw him frozen, standing there with a blush and realized he must have been hearing the sex going on. She walked up to him and gave him a peck on the cheek, breaking him out of his trance.

"Morning sweetie," Carol said with a giggle. "Sexy sounds coming from there huh?"

"Yea, and since Sasha's away on errands I'm guessing I know who's in there," he said as the realization came through that it was Beth in there.

"Yea, well since someone got laid already you can't really blame her," Carol said giving him a wink, seeing him staring at the door. "We have what we call an open door policy. If someone is having sex, and the door's open, whoever wants to can watch. Did you want to watch her for a bit?"

"I don't know...," Aaron said with a sigh. "I wouldn't want to ruin things by getting jealous."

"Come on dear," Aaron blushed as she took his hand in hers. "I'll go with you. We can watch together."

Aaron let Carol lead him over to the door, the sounds of the father daughter sex getting louder, stopping short of it and letting him move in front. He cleared the door, and looked inside eyes widening and cock starting to harden at the sight he saw. Beth was on top of her father, facing away from him, slowly moving up and down on Stan's cock. He was only slightly aware of Carol sliding her hand into his pants to caress his cock.

"See, aren't they beautiful?" Carol whispered in Aaron's ear while snuggling her bare body up against him, her breasts pressing his back and she worked his cock free from the pants. "There is no more beautiful sight then watching two people who care about each other making love. I see it and there is no jealousy because I know they both still love me and would still love me the same even if we weren't having sex. It's the same for you. You're all that Beth talks about these days."

"She does...?" Aaron gasped as Carol had freed his dick and started to stroke him.

"Indeed sweetie," Carol said with a smile slowly running her fingers of his member. "She gushes about how you are always such a gentleman, the sweet things you say to her and all the special things you do for her. She also talks about how much you've improved as a lover. Now, why don't we let these two have their fun and we'll go downstairs? I really need a cup of coffee."

Aaron took one last look at Beth and her father, before nodding to Carol and turning around. Before they started walking she helped him out of his pants, making the comment he really didn't need them, and tossing them into Beth's room. He followed behind his girlfriend's mother, down the stairs and into the kitchen, his eyes drawn to and never leaving the woman's swaying ass, which she of course noticed.

"You like that ass huh?" She said, giving her ass a smack before going about and making a pot of coffee.

"I like all of you," Aaron said with a smile appreciating the woman's body. "But yes, you ass is lovely."

Aaron did indeed think Carol was gorgeous, with her thick figure. The woman was every school boy's wet MILF dream. Not only did she have a full round ass, her thighs seemed to be sculpted to just the right amount of thickness finishing with her full breasts and long natural red hair. Needless to say his cock hadn't gotten any softer since walking down.

"Well I have to wait a moment for the coffee to brew," Carol said taking a few steps back, bending over and placing her arms on the counter and then spreading her legs to give the boy a full view of everything. "If you want to take a closer look, you're more than welcome."

"Yes ma'am," Aaron said, staring at the gorgeous round butt before kneeling behind it.

Aaron reached up and grabbed Carol's ass cheeks, pulling them apart, revealing her wet lips and puckered asshole. He took a moment, inhaling her wonderful aroma which made his cock twitch, before pressing his face between her cheeks and giving her pussy a kiss. Carol let out a gasp and then a long extended moan as her trailed his tongue from her clit all the way to her tight anal hole. Her remembered when he saw Brent fucking it and wondered how she got anything into the little opening.

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