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Friends of the Younger Variety


A huge thanks to SckMyFck for editing this.

Some of you may recognize this story. It was one of the first things I wrote, and to be completely honest, it's my personal favorite. However, it was riddled with grammar errors and typos. I decided to resubmit the story instead of only editing it since I ended up rewriting significant portions as well. It's a long one (39,000 words). Enjoy.


Chapter 1 -- Porn with Breakfast.

"Put some clothes on."

Jen stopped in her tracks and turned to look back at her husband. "Excuse me?"

"Put something on that's more appropriate for a woman your age," Mike huffed before going back to reading his newspaper.

Jen glared at him as a thousand different thoughts rifled through her head. His negative comments no longer caught her off guard and this really wasn't different from any other day. Daily insults and criticisms from her husband had become the norm. No matter what she did, no matter what she changed in herself, nothing seemed to make him happy.

It all started three years ago. Jen couldn't have asked for a better marriage. They had a beautiful fifteen-year-old son who was a bright boy and a promising athlete. She had a great job she loved and a family she cared about, but something changed in Mike. She felt him become cold. The deep conversations they used to have turned into short, one and two word answers. The amazing sex they enjoyed several times a week turned into a mediocre lay once a month at the most. Her husband barely even acknowledged she was alive at this point unless it was to criticize her.

She could still remember the exact moment everything changed. They'd planned on going out to get a bite to eat on a Wednesday night. She was applying her makeup in the bathroom when her husband came in to use the toilet. He attempted to squeeze between her butt and the wall instead of waiting for her to finish.

"I can barely get by this giant ass," Mike commented as he pushed his way through.

It wasn't a playful, fun comment. Nor was it a sexy way of telling her how much he loved her big butt. It was intended to hurt her and that's exactly what it did. Jen played nice when they went out to eat that night, but when they arrived home, she scurried down into the basement and cried. She couldn't comprehend why the man she loved had turned into a different person. Why did he suddenly want to hurt her? Why had he lost all interest in her? It had to be something she was doing. She knew she'd let herself go a bit over the past few years. She didn't have the tight, toned body she possessed when they first started dating. But how could she? She worked forty hours a week, ran a household pretty much by herself, and drove her son to all his sporting events and activities. But she knew that she was responsible for her weight gain as well. No one was forcing her to eat fast food and no one was preventing her from going to the gym. And at that moment while crying in the basement alone, Jen decided to change her life.

She was going to win back her husband.

That night she sat in front of her computer and wrote down five pages of notes on what to eat. Her morning bowl of cereal was going to be replaced by a smoothie consisting of kale, carrots, celery, and a variety of fruits, her afternoon fast food was going to be replaced by a fresh salad without the ranch dressing she loved to drench it in, and while her son and husband were eating pizza, tacos, or Chinese for dinner, she was going to be having baked chicken and mixed vegetables.

Jen also joined her son's gym the following morning. She printed out pages of lower body and butt toning exercises. She was going to replace her fat, jiggly backside with a firm, toned behind. Her body was going to become irresistible to Mike. He was going to be getting into trouble at work for showing up late because he just couldn't keep his hands off her in the mornings. Their son was going to yell at them to keep it down at night because they'd be having the wild, passionate sex they once had. It was all going to change.

But nothing did change. Three years went by and Mike never came around. She went through his phone, computer, and even followed him around for a short period of time to catch him having an affair. It was the only possible explanation to his complete change in behavior. But he was clean and she was officially out of solutions. This was the man that she was married to now. A man who seemingly hated her guts.

"How's this inappropriate?" Jen asked as she looked down at her outfit. She was wearing tight, black yoga pants and a gray tank top with spaghetti straps. She liked the way she looked. Her arms and shoulders were toned and lean, her stomach was flat with a hint of abs beginning to show, and her legs and butt were muscular and strong from the countless hours she put in at the gym every week. Three consecutive years of healthy eating and working out had transformed her body, and she liked to show it off.

"Honestly?" Mike asked, peering over his paper once again to address his wife. "You're dressing like an eighteen year old but you're forty-two."

Jen rolled her eyes. "So?"

"So, leave those outfits to the eighteen year olds who can pull them off," he told her as he walked over to the counter with his empty cereal bowl and placed it in the sink.

"I can't pull this off?" she asked. It'd been years since he'd worked out or ate anything healthy. Who the hell was he to tell her what she could wear? Jen would bet anything that she was stronger than her flabby, pudgy husband any day of the week.

"Let's not go there," Mike snickered. He collected his briefcase and strolled toward the front door with his business attire on. "I'll be home late!" he yelled before closing the door behind him.

Jen took several deep breaths but her fingernails continued to rapidly tap on the marble kitchen counter. "Relax..." she quietly said to herself. She was trying her best to push her anger deep down.

Everywhere she went she saw out of shape women. Women who looked like she had three years ago. When she really thought about it, she didn't know of any other ladies in their forties who looked as good as she did. The most amazing part of it all was despite her toned, lean body, her big butt hadn't gone away. She originally thought that perhaps her backside was the culprit as to why her husband was so harsh on her, but after looking on the internet, Jen discovered that her big butt was the number one turn on for most men. When she was growing up women did everything they could to get rid of their big asses. Now women were doing everything they could to try to have one like hers. Yet for some reason, Mike still didn't appreciate her body. And it seemed worse since she lost all the weight. It was almost as if he resented her now.

Jen glanced down at her list of errands. She had the day off from work but like usual, it was up to her to do all the shopping and housework. Her finger tapping on the counter grew louder as her anger slowly began to burn inside her again.

"Hey, Mom!" Dan smiled as he made his way into the kitchen. He grabbed a cereal bowl from the cabinet and gave his mother a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey, sweetheart," Jen smiled back. She watched him pour himself breakfast with a gleam in her eye.

Dan was the saving grace of the household for Jen. He was everything she'd ever wanted in a son. And despite it being years at this point, she still couldn't get over how much he'd changed. He looked completely different from only a few years ago. His once lanky body was now filled out and full of muscles, and his former baby face had been replaced by a rough, manly scruff. The scrawny, somewhat awkward teen had flourished into quite the stud over the past few years, but he was going off to college soon, having been accepted on a scholarship to a university several hours away just like his friends. So, it was just going to be her and her husband all alone in less than a year.

"Aren't you gonna be late for work?" he asked his mom, wondering why she wasn't getting ready like she usually did at this time.

She held up a piece of paper which contained a long list of errands. "Off today, honey. As you can see, I'm going to have a fun day..." she sarcastically added.

He continued to devour his morning cereal. "That sucks. By the way, Coach Perla gave us the weekend off so is it cool if the guys come over after school?"

The football team had a rare Thursday game last night instead of their usual Friday night games. With a bye week looming, their coach decided to give them a few days off as a reward for last night's stellar effort.

"You know your friends are always welcome in this house," Jen smiled. At this point, she probably saw more of her son's friends than she did of her own husband. And if Jen was being completely honest, a bunch of shirtless, in shape, eighteen-year-old football players always using their pool wasn't the worst thing in the world to look at.

"And we might be going to a party tonight too. That's cool, right?"

"Sure, baby," Jen responded. "As long as you follow the rule."

"I know, Mom..." he rolled his eyes as he finished the last of his cereal. "No drinking and driving."

She smirked while he lifted the bowl to his mouth and downed the remaining milk. "Maybe I'll come along with you. It's been a long time since I've had some fun."

It was an obvious joke but part of her really meant it. She never did anything with Mike anymore. They never went out to eat, he refused to go to concerts, and he definitely never wanted to go to any of her friend's parties. In fact, attending their son's sporting events was the only thing they ever did together anymore.

"Don't tell my friends that," Dan laughed. He stood up and walked toward the dishwasher to place his bowl inside. "They might just take you up on it."


"They might invite you if you ask" he clarified himself as he rummaged through the pantry, apparently not satisfied from his cereal.

"There are protein bars in the back," she stated while observing him rifling through bags of cereal and boxes of oatmeal. "And I'm sure your friends would love for some old lady to be hanging out with them."

He re-emerged from the pantry with a protein bar in hand. "First off, you're not an old lady. That's ridiculous. And secondly, if you only knew the shit I have to hear because of the way you look..."

"The way I look?" Jen asked.

"Umm, yeah, the way you look," he responded.

"What's wrong with the way I look?" she asked with a curious face.

The teen bit into his breakfast and leaned back against the counter. "There's nothing wrong with the way you look. It just isn't exactly like the other moms."

Dan took a deep gaze at his mother. Even without makeup she was gorgeous. She had long, wavy blonde hair which ran down past her shoulders. Her piercing blue eyes only accentuated her youthful looking face, and her body was unlike any of the women her own age. Actually, it was unlike any of the women his age. Her flat, toned stomach only helped to bring out her full, sizable breasts. And her legs and butt were something his buddies were constantly reminding him about. He couldn't blame them though. If she was one of his friend's moms, he would be saying the same exact things.

Jen curiously stared at her son, still wondering what the problem was with the way she looked.

He glanced down at the floor. "It's just...they uhh...they like to bust my balls about it. It's not a big deal."

"Bust your balls?" she asked. Her always cool, confident son now had a bashful redness to his face. "Like, how?"

"Well..." Dan continued, "I...I constantly have to hear about how hot you are..."

Jen tried to hide her smile. On the outside she remained calm and collected. But on the inside? On the inside she was jumping up and down. A school full of teenagers were fantasizing about her? She knew her husband was the crazy one!

"...and sometimes they like to go into graphic detail..."

"What do they say?" she inquired. She was doing her best to conceal her overwhelming excitement.

"I'll spare you the details," Dan groaned as he picked up his backpack and checked to make sure he had all his books. "Let's just say I always have to hear about how you're the school milf."

A confused look grew across her face. "Milf? What's a milf?"

"Are you serious?" he laughed. "You don't know what a milf is? What year is it?"

"Umm...is it something I should know?" Jen asked while watching her son zip his backpack shut.

"Not really," Dan told her. "Well, I guess you are kind of one so maybe, but none of this really matters anyway, so, no."

"Well, what does it mean then?"

He approached his mother and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Listen, Mom, I'm gonna be late and never in a million years did I think I'd be having this conversation with you, so I'll let you figure it out on your own."

Jen followed her son to the front door and watched him walk out to his car that was parked in the driveway.

"Have a good day, Mom!" Dan yelled. He opened the driver's side door and waved back toward the house.

"You too, baby!" Jen shouted. She made sure her son safely backed out of the driveway before locking the front door.

"Milf...milf...milf..." she muttered to herself as she hiked back into the kitchen. "What the hell is a milf?"

She picked up her phone and opened the browser. "M...i...l...f," she said aloud as she typed the word into the search engine.

MILF is an acronym that stands for Mother/Mom/Mama I'd Like to Fuck. The phrase's usage has gone from relatively obscure to mainstream in the media and entertainment.

"Mother I'd like to fuck..." Jen grinned, scrolling down the page to see numerous x-rated links. One of them promptly caught her attention. It was titled, 'hottest milf videos,' and led to a porn website.

"I fuckin' knew it was Mike," she quietly told herself while clicking on the link. Her son was always going to tell her how beautiful she was. That was what a good son did after all. But an entire school of boys telling him how hot his mom was? That wasn't something to scoff at.

She read the title of the first video out loud to herself. "Milf gets her cougar ass pounded by a big, young cock." She found herself exploring the world of porn more and more over the past few years. She had to since her husband didn't want anything to do with her physically anymore, but this entire genre of older women and younger men had never come across her radar until now.

The video opened with a shot of a backyard in a very expensive looking house. A beautiful inground pool led to a barbecue where a handsome young man appeared to be grilling something.

"Ah, what the hell," Jen smiled before walking to the kitchen table to retrieve her earbuds. She wasn't going to hurt anyone by watching a little porn, but she still didn't feel comfortable with the sound on in her empty house for some reason.

She trekked back to the kitchen counter and popped the headphones into her phone before slipping them into her ears. The screen found its way to her face as she settled in.

The video resumed with an older blonde woman who had a body similar to Jen's. She was wearing a skimpy bikini and her big butt and toned body were the focus of the shot. The only difference between the actress and Jen, was Jen didn't have the over-the-top breast implants this female performer possessed. The blonde swiftly strutted out of the house and made her way to the grilling area.

"Thanks so much for manning the grill," she said to the actor in a sultry tone. "It turns out that both my son and husband won't be back for a few more hours."

Jen rolled her eyes at the horrific porn acting and bad dialogue. But that disgust was short-lived. The camera panned to the young stud who was manning the grill, and she quickly found herself in a more forgiving mood.

The early twenties looking man had a shaved head and was completely ripped. He was now standing in front of the grill in just his swimming trunks despite the fact he was wearing a grill apron in the opening shot, but she was more than willing to let that editing error slide as she took in the sight of his bulging muscles and chiseled abs.

"No problem, Mrs. Fox," the actor responded before closing the grill. "These are probably thirty minutes or so from being done. You have any idea what we can do to pass the time?"

She chuckled at the awful setup as she looked to see how long the scene was. She still had thirty-one minutes to go. Jen decided to advance to the eight minute mark to see if things had picked up.

"Okay now..." Jen smiled as the milf was now on her knees, sliding her tongue along the thick shaft of the extremely hung young man. She promptly found her hand sliding under her tank top and drifting toward one of her rapidly hardening nipples.

The porn actress moved her mouth down to the man's rather large testicles and rapidly swirled her tongue along them.

"Suck my balls, Mrs. Fox," he told the milf which resulted in her quickly opening her mouth to accept one of his nuts inside.

Jen let out a quiet moan as she gave her hard nipple a soft pull. Watching this forty-something-year-old porn star slurp and slobber on the huge cock of this young stud was tapping into a previously unknown fantasy of hers.

She set the phone down on the counter so she could use both of her hands. Her previously free right hand was now being used to play with the sensitive areas behind her ear and along her neck. She found herself closing her eyes, envisioning one of the muscular hunks at the gym pulling her into the men's locker room. It was like she could touch the muscles and the abs of the fictional college stud while she gave him the best blowjob of his life. The kind of blowjob only an experienced woman could give. She could taste his thick cock in her mouth as she felt the stud's legs begin to shake. Jen's left hand drifted to the top of her yoga pants and slowly began working its way inside.

"Yeah, let me eat that pussy."

"Ah, shit..." groaned Jen. Nothing took her out of a porn scene like oral sex being given to a female. She wasn't sure if the porn guys genuinely couldn't eat pussy, or if the need to show the camera what was going on always made it look so awkward and uncomfortable. These guys would just stab their tongues at their partner's clit and there were few things that turned her off more than seeing that.

Enough with the crappy oral sex. She was in the mood for something rough. The title, "milf gets her cougar ass pounded by a big, young cock," gave the impression that this mom was in for quite the walloping, but she'd been fooled by misleading porn titles before. She jumped forward to the twenty-six minute mark.

"There we go..." she smiled to herself as the couple was now having sex on a couch inside the house. The milf was on all fours and the actor was behind her with his knee on the couch, and his other foot standing on the floor to give himself more leverage as he thrusted into his partner. It was the exact way she liked to be fucked. It was also the exact way she hadn't been screwed in God knows how long.

"You like that big, young cock?" the actor asked his older co-star before beginning to hammer away at her. She watched him reach out and grab a handful of the woman's hair before giving it a firm yank back.

Jen felt a tingle flow throughout her body. Her right hand was now down inside her yoga pants as she gave her clit a few light rubs through her soft cotton panties. Her left hand was busy rubbing her inner thighs, something she always did while she played with herself.

"You fuckin' love that huge, young cock, don't you?" the male porn star asked again as they continued to go at it doggy style. When the milf attempted to answer the stud's question, the young man gave her hair a hard pull, causing the woman to respond with only a load shriek due to the jerking of her neck.

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