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Friends: The Blackout


Note: All characters are owned by NBC, I am just burrowing them, there is no money involved, and it is just for fun.


[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, the gang along with Paolo whom they have just met, are all sitting around the table. The power's gone out, and they're trying to keep busy.]

Phoebe: "Oh, look look look. The last candle's about to burn out. 10, 9, 8, 7"... (Time lapse)... negative 46, negative 47, negative 48.... (Someone blows it out, the room gets completely dark)

Ross: 'Thank you."

Phoebe: "Thanks."

Ross: "Kinda... spooky without any lights."

Joey: (does a maniacal laugh) Bwah-hah-hah!

(Everyone starts to imitate him.)

Ross: "OK, guys, guys? I have the definitive one. Mwwwooooo-hah-hah."..

(The lights come back on, and Rachel and Paolo are making out. Ross clutches his chest.)

Ross: "Oh... oh... oh."

Joey: "Hey Ross. This probably isn't the best time to bring it up, but you have to throw a party for Monica".

Ross: "Ohhhh"..., he gasped, lost for words at the scene before him.

"Uh Ross, I think maybe we should go, come on over I'll make you a sandwich," Joey said, half thinking that Ross really needed to get away from this, and half looking for any excuse to get a sandwich.

With that Ross walked out of the apartment with a dazed look on his face, closely followed by Joey.

Rachel and Paolo were getting more intimate, as Paolo's hand slowly moved down and squeezed Rachel's perfect little ass. At this point, they stopped kissing, and Rachel grabbed Paolo's hand and led him into the bedroom.

"Wow," was all Monica had to say.

"I know", Phoebe said, "Rachel is so lucky right now, what I wouldn't give to be in there, on my knees sucking is c..."

"Ok, that enough Pheebs", Monica said quickly cutting her off. "I think I'm gonna head to bed now, c-ya." So with no one else around, Phoebe left to go home, still imagining how good it would feel to fuck Paolo's brains out.

Inside Rachel's bedroom, Paolo and Rachel were making out, with Rachel's back against the bedroom door. Paolo's hands moved up to her firm breasts, and he started to knead them in his hand, squeezing them, and fondling them. Rachel moaned, as she always enjoyed when guys played with her tits. Rachel's hands were busy feeling Paolo's firm chest, and then they moved down to the bulge in his pants, and started rubbing it up and down.

Paolo stepped back, and pulled Rachel's shirt off, and took off her bra. Within seconds, Paolo was all over her tits, as he moved from one nipple to the other, sucking it, to the delight of Rachel, who was very close to cumming all ready.

"Oh yeah, oh fuck, Paolo, you're making me so fucking wet, oh god." Rachel moaned, as she continued to rub Paolo's cock through his pants. Next it was Rachel's turn to step back, and get Paolo naked, first getting his shirt off, then she bent down, and unzipped his pants, and tugged them down, followed by his briefs.

"Oh wow!" Rachel exclaimed, seeing the size of Paolo's huge cock. "Barry's cock was nothing compared to you Paolo", she said, before kissing Paolo again, while her hands were busy with his cock once more, as Paolo hands were squeezing Rachel's ass again, and admiring its perfect shape.

Then he brought his hands up to her shoulders, and pushed her down onto her knees.

Rachel started jacking Paolo's cock slowly, and she first sucked on his balls, tasting one, then the other, after a minute or so, she lifted herself up a little bit, and took Paolo's cock into her mouth, sucking it quickly, then pulling it out, and licking the side of his shaft.

She took his cock back in her mouth, and moved her head back and forth over his cock, slowly, then gaining speed.

Paolo just stared down at this hot girl sucking his cock like a pro, not really believing his luck. He knew he was a stud, but not being able to speak much English, limited his ability to pick up many hot chics. He could hardly even speak English, and here he was, getting an amazing blowjob from this hot American girl.

His hands moved down, and he grabbed the a handful of her hair, and guided her up and down his cock, as her hands came up from his balls, and started jacking him at the same time.

At that moment he tightened his grip on her hair, and held her head in place, as he started fucking her mouth. Rachel was completely obedient though, as she was amazed at how much Paolo turned her on, and he how he had managed to bring out the animal in her.

Paolo continued fucking her mouth, then he pulled her up, and kissed her again. He pulled her pants off, and spun her around. Rachel, still wearing a back thong, backed onto his cock, and started grinding on it. Paolo enjoyed the sensations of Rachel's perfect round ass grinding his cock for a few moments, before he pulled her thong off, pushed her against the wall, so she was leaning on the wall, ass sticking out, and pulled right up close.

He brought his cock up to Rachel's tight, and now slick, pussy, and starting teasing it with his cock, rubbing against it, but not going in. He brought one hand around and starting playing with her tit again, and this brought even more pleasure to Rachel.

"Ohhhh my god, that feels so good", Rachel moaned, "Go in me, please Paolo, push it in and fuck me hard, come on," Rachel begged, in desperate need for some release.

Rachel squealed when Paolo finally pushed into her, finally getting some relief for her pussy, which had been hot ever since she laid eyes on him.

Now Paolo was not usually one to take it slow, and tonight was no different, as he started to move his hips faster, his cock slamming in and out of Rachel's tight pussy. Rachel, for her part, was enjoying it immensely, and she was starting to push back against Paolo to get his cock as deep as possible.

"Ohhh yeah, that's it Paolo, fuck my pussy, that feels so good, and you're sooo big, oh yeah, I love your hand on my breast, squeeze it, c'mon, you make me feel so good!" Rachel moaned, not even knowing if he understood half of that.

Paolo continued moving in and out of Rachel, as she moaned his name. He took his other hand off her hip, and grabbed the beautiful brunettes hair, and pulled her head back hard, as he fucked her from behind. "Yes, oh god, yes, fuck me harder" Rachel cried. "Uhh, Uhh, oh ya pull my hair harder"

Paolo started moving faster and harder, as the two fucked like animals. "Uh, uh. Oh god Paolo, it feels so good, I'm gonna cum" Rachel cried as she starting cumming, her pussy holding on to Paolo's cock like a vice. "ooohhhh, ohhh yes, oh Paolo, keep going, keep fucking me, then cum in my mouth."

Paolo was getting close, so he pulled out of Rachel's pussy, spun her around and pushed her down, as she quickly pushed his cock into her mouth.

Rachel bobbed up and down quickly a few times, bringing him closer to climax, and Paolo lasted just a few moments, before he pushed her head down his cock, and starting cumming, shooting straight down her throat. Rachel swallowed as much of it as she could, before she pulled up and let the last little bit land on her now sweaty tits.

Rachel sucked on his cock a little more until it was clean, then she stood up, and kissed him. "Oh Paolo, you may not know a lot of English, but damn you know how to fuck." Then the two kissed again, and went to the bed, to rest for a while, before they would fuck again.

Later on, they fucked again, as Rachel began sucking his cock until he was hard once more, then she ordered him to lick her pussy (which he did very well). After cumming rather quickly, she lay him down on the bed and got on top, and wildly rode him cowgirl style. Again, Paolo's cock hit all the right places, and Rachel cummed twice, before Paolo finally released his load deep inside her.

They would fuck again in the morning, when they both woke up, as the night marked the first of many that would be spent fucking between the two.

This was my revision to a relatively weak first story, still a fairly new writer, so all feedback would be much appreciated.

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