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Friends: TOW Monica Cheats


Monica was sitting in her apartment, anxiously awaiting Chandler to come home later that night from Oklahoma. It was early in the morning just after breakfast when the phone rang.

"Hey honey, I have bad news." Chandler said on the other line.

"What? What is it honey? Is everything ok??" Monica responded with concern not knowing if something happened to her husband.

Chandler responded, "No no, everything's fine. It's just that I don't think I can come home this weekend. One of our major clients is coming down to the office tomorrow and we have a huge deal to try to get done."

"Oh," Monica responded disappointingly. "But honey, you know this week I'm ovulating. This is going to delay our baby plans again."

"Yea, I know Mon. I'm really sorry. I'll make it up to you I promise. Ok, I got to get off now. Love you."

"I love you too." Monica replied

Monica hung up the phone with disappointment. "Damnit, I've been horny all week waiting for this weekend. Stupid Chandler!" Just then, Monica heard some noise out in the hallway. She opened the door and saw a bunch of boxes outside of next door's apartment. "Oh, looks like somebody's moving in next door." Monica said to herself.

A young man then walked up the stairs carrying a couple of boxes. He put the boxes down along with the other boxes and wiped the sweat off his face with a towel. It was then that he noticed Monica standing outside of her door.

"Hi there. I'm Adam. I'm your new neighbor" Adam extended his hand to Monica.

Monica shook his hand and replied, "Hi, I'm Monica Gellar. Nice to meet you." Monica thought to herself, "wow, he's so cute." Adam was in his mid 20's, 6"2' 200 pounds or so, and has a chiseled body. Monica couldn't stop staring at the young hunk in front of her.

Adam likewise was checking Monica out. Here was this hot 30 something brunette wearing a tight white shirt which accentuated her breasts and low rise jeans that showed off her great ass. "I think I'm going to like living here." Adam thought to himself.

Monica didn't know why, but she wanted to invite Adam in for a drink. Normally she wouldn't do that, since she's married, but maybe it was because she just found out Chandler isn't coming home this weekend that's causing her to be impulsive.

"So Adam. Looks like you've had a pretty tired day. Would you like to come in to cool down and have a drink?"

Adam wasn't about to turn down an offer from the beautiful woman in front of her. "Sure, I'd love to."

The two then went into Monica's apartment. "So Adam, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself." Monica said while making some fresh margarita at the kitchen counter.

"Well, I just finished college up in Boston and I'm going to be starting work here in the city in a couple of weeks." Adam replied. "What about you? Do you live here by yourself?"

"No." Monica responded. "Actually, I live with my husband. But he works in Oklahoma so he's not here that much. In fact, he was supposed to come home this weekend, but now he can't because something came up at work all of a sudden."

Adam was a bit surprised that Monica was telling him about her husband not being around. "Was she trying to hint at something?" Adam thought.

Monica didn't know why she was telling Adam all that stuff. She felt she just needed to vent to somebody about her frustration. The two sat down and chatted while sipping on their margaritas. They talked about everything from Monica's love for cooking to Adam's interest in skiing. Before they realized it, the topic has changed to sex.

"So Adam, I'm sure you've had a lot of experience with the ladies in college. So what was your wildest night." Monica said while on her second glass of margarita.

"Well," Adam replied, "I once did it 5 times with a girl in one night."

"5 times?!?" Monica almost dropped her glass. "No way, you're lying."

"No I'm serious." Adam said confidently. "I'm not lying."

"Wow." Monica thought to herself. The thought of Adam doing it 5 times really turned Monica on. She's been with Chandler for 3 years now and it's a miracle if Chandler can last 15 minutes in bed, let alone doing it 5 times. Monica was getting horny, and the alcohol certainly wasn't helping. She saw that Adam just finished his second glass of margarita. So she got up to go make more. As she came back with a new jug of margarita, she tripped on the table leg and proceeded to spill margarita all over Adam.

"Oh shit. I'm so sorry." Monica apologized.

Adam just shrugged it off and said, "haha, it's ok, don't worry about it. Actually it felt kind of good since outside is like 95 degrees."

"Here, why don't you take off your shirt and hang it up in the bathroom to dry." Monica suggested.

Adam then went into the bathroom to hang up his shirt. He came back shirtless and Monica just stared in lust. Adam's body was perfectly chiseled and easily resembles that of a male model's. Monica took out a towel and said, "Let me dry you off.". Monica then proceeded to slowly wipe the dripping liquid off his chest. Monica didn't know why she was doing this. She was feeling so horny. She needed to touch a man.

Adam was shocked that this married woman was wiping his body down. It was such a turn on and there was a developing bulge in his jeans. He knew she was a little bit buzzed, but he could also tell that she wasn't getting enough from her husband. So without thinking further, he grabbed Monica's shoulders and leaned down to kiss her.

Monica was taken by surprise. She knew this was wrong. She knew she had to stop this, but somehow her body is just not responding. In fact, she began to kiss back. Pretty soon, all her inhibitions were gone and the two were making out like 2 horny college kids. Adam stuck his tongue down Monica's throat as Monica reciprocated.

"Let's go to the bedroom." Monica said lustfully.

When the two got into the bedroom, Monica pushed Adam onto the bed. She stood up and slowly lowered her jeans, exposing a pair of sexy lace panties. Adam then pulled Monica down to him and pushed her down onto the bed. He pulled her shirt off and marveled at Monica's perfect tits. He unclasped her bra and leaned down to suck on her tits hungrily.

Monica moaned loudly at the sensation she was feeling. She hasn't felt this turned on since she was with Richard. As Adam was still licking her breasts, he used his free hand to pull Monica's panties down and proceeded to stick a couple of fingers in her now dripping pussy.

"Oh my god!" Monica moaned.

After about 5 minutes of pure ecstasy for Monica, Adam got up to take off his pants and boxers, revealing his massive 8 inch cock to Monica. Monica was in awe. Adam was easily twice as big as Chandler. She was salivating just looking at it. She reached down to encircle the large specimen in front of her. As she jacked it up and down slowly, it caused Adam to moam.

"Oh shit. Monica. That feels so good."

Monica just smiled and said, "That's nothing yet. Let me show you how good I can make you feel."

Monica then got on her knees and pulled her lips over Adam's pulsating cock. She began a slow rhythm as she bobbed her head up and down on his dick. With her other hand, she reached for his balls and began to massage them, causing Adam to scream in pleasure.

"Shit Monica. I'm going to cum if you keep doing this."

"Go ahead. Cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum." Monica spurred him on.

"Here it comes!"

Monica opened her mouth wide as Adam emptied his load down her throat. After the second spurt, the overflowing cum began to flow down Monica's body.

"Wow, Adam. Look how much you cummed. By the way, I love the taste of your cum. It's delicious!"

Adam was lying in a heap of pleasure, but he knew he wasn't done yet. He pulled Monica to the bed with him and had her get on top of him.

"So, you ready for round 2?" Adam asked.

"Oh I'm ready." Monica replied in a sexy voice. "Now fuck me with the cock of yours!"

Monica guided Adam's penis to her waiting twat and sat down on it in one swift swoop.

"Holy shit! I've never had such a huge cock in my pussy. This feels incredible!" Monica screamed in lust. "Fuck me Adam! Shit! Stick your cock deeper!"

Adam reached up to cup Monica's tits as she continued to ride him like a wild stallion. Monica then leaned down to stick her tongue in Adam's mouth as the two fucked and made out for a good 40 minutes.

"Monica, I think I'm going to cum soon. Should I pull out?"

"No, don't." Monica replied. "Since Chandler is too busy at work to come get me pregnant, I'll just get someone else who's not always busy at work."

"I'm ovulating right now, so go ahead and cum inside of me. Make me a baby Adam. Let me feel your cum in my pussy!" Monica moaned in pleasure.

As Adam reached climax, he screamed, "I'm cumminig Monica. Here it is!" Adam then shot loads after loads of hot cum into Monica's fertile womb, causing both of them to moan in pleasure.

"Wow." Monica proclaimed. "That was amazing. You were amazing Adam."

"Well thanks. You were amazing as well Monica. This was the best sex I've ever had. You were better than any of the girls I fucked in college."

"Oh that's so sweet." Monica replied as she leaned and gave Adam a kiss. "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

After about 10 minutes of rest, the two were all over each other again. This time, Adam was massaging Monica's tits as she was slowly rubbing Adam's cock back to hardness. All of a sudden, the phone rang.

"Hey Mon. I have good news." Chandler said on the other line.

"What is it honey?" Monica responded when Adam leaned down to suck on her right breast. This was turning Monica on tremendously. Talking to her husband on the phone while another man was feeling her up.

"Well," Chandled replied. "It looks like I could finish up what I have to do if I pull an all-nighter tonight. So I might be able to come home on Saturday."

"You know what honey?" Monica said. "Don't worry about it. I don't want you to be pulling all-nighters and burning yourself out. Just do what you have to do and come home next week."

Meanwhile, Adam had pulled Monica onto his cock as he slowly fucked her while she was still on the phone. That caused Monica to let out a soft moan.

"What was that Mon?" Chandler asked."

"Oh it was nothing" Monica quickly lied.

"Oh alright. Then I'll see you next week ok?"

"Ok honey. I'll see you then." Monica said as she hung up.

"You almost got me in trouble!" Monica looked at Adam with a sly smile.

"Sorry." Adam replied. "Will you forgive me?"

"I'll forgive you if you continue to fuck me with that huge cock of yours!"

"Yes ma'am!" Adam responded as he began to push his dick in and out of Monica again.

"Hey" Monica said in between moans. "Since you don't have a mattress yet, why don't you stay over for the weekend? My husband won't be back anyway."

"Wow. Looks like an offer I can't refuse. What're we going to do all weekend?" Adam asked jokingly.

"I don't know. What do you have in mind?" Monica replied sarcastically.

Adam then flipped Monica on her back and pulled her legs into a spread eagle over his shoulders. "I want to do this!" Adam said as he drove his cock deep into Monica's pussy and started to fuck her with increasing force.

Monica smiled and said lustfully ,"I see we're on the same page. Now keep fucking me and don't stop. I want to be fucked like the slut I am!"

Adam couldn't believe his luck. Who would've thought that the day he moves in he'd be having sex with some hot, lonely housewife. This was better than winning the lottery. "It's going to be fun living here." Adam thought to himself as he continued to slam his cock in and out of Monica.

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