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Friends - Wild Party


"Party, what kind of party?"

Rachel Green's ears perked up as the word party slipped out of the strangers lips. His hand fumbled around in his trouser pocket for a few seconds until he produced a business card sized slip of paper, which he then handed to her.

"Its nothing much really, just a few guys getting together and having fun but it's going to be blast!"

Rachel studied the piece of paper as she listened to the handsome stranger -- it was simple piece of paper which just an address written on one side.

"Your friends can come too, if they want" the stranger added giving her a wink of his eye for added emphasis.

Rachel looked across at Monica and Phoebe who were seated on the couch in the Central Perk coffee shop where she worked as a waitress. She had on a very short skirt, her long legs were clad in black stockings and she wore a tight fitting top -- the only thing that made her look a waitress was a small apron which was she had tied around her waist.

"Count me in!" Phoebe exclaimed with a smile plastered across her face which quickly disappeared when Monica gave her a dirty look.

"I really hope you can all make it -- it's going to be a great party, all the in crowd is going to be there."

Rachel looked at the the address on the paper again before turning to face him. "Maybe we will, Maybe we won't" she replied with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Well I hope you all can make it." He glanced at each one of them before turning on the spot and walking towards the door. His hand had grasped the door handle when he stopped and turned back to face them.

"Oh by the way them that Jeff invited you!" and with that he opened the door and left.

Rachel sat down next to Monica, her hand waving the slip of paper the handsome stranger had given her.

"See if you wait they come to you -- did you see how cute her was?"

"Don't tell you are actually thinking of attending this party?" Monica asked.

"Yes, why can't I go?"

"Don't you think its strange that a man you have never seen or met before, not matter how handsome or cute he is walks up to you out of the blue and invites you to party?"

"No it's happened to me lots of times."

"Lots of times?," Monica crossed her arms, giving Rachel a questioning look. "When has it happened to you?"

"Well there was the time....," Rachel slightly raised one eyebrow as her mind raced trying to recall an occasion but she always knew there was none -- in the end she tried to hurriedly make up a story in her mind. "and there was the time.."

She was silent for a moment, stalling for time before defeated she exclaimed "Ok ok there has never been a time but it was bound to happen sooner than later!"

"See!, " Monica brought her hands together and sat back on the couch, with a satisfied expression on her face. "I thought as much, I just think this party might be a scam or something."

"Well I'm still going and so is Pheebs -- isn't that right Phoebe?" Rachel turned her head to face Phoebe who was sitting in the armchair adjacent to the couch.

Phoebe uncrossed her legs and sat forward in the armchair. "Yep I'm coming for sure.," She nodded her head as she spoke. "You should come with us Monica."

"I don't know."

Rachel put her hand on Monica's arm before giving it a gentle shake. "Come on Mon, come with us you need a good night out, it will get your mind off Richard."

"I'm over Richard thank you!" Monica replied curtly.

"Yeah sure you are!," Phoebe interjected. "That's why you stayed in your room for a whole day and night crying and eating a whole tub of ice cream!"

Monica's eyes widened as she turned to face Phoebe with her mouth open in shock. "How did you know that?"

Phoebe sheepishly turned away before she replied "I have my sources!"

"Rachel how could you tell!" She gave Rachel a slap on her legs as she spoke before folding her arms in disgust.

"Yeah yeah you know I can't keep a secret to save my life, who else was I going to tell!" She shook Monica gently with one hand "Now are you coming or not?"

"Oh all right I'll come with you, but it better be a great party!"

"Great!.," Rachel replied standing up looking around. "Now I think I'll better get back to work."


"Wow you look fantastic!"

A smiling Phoebe Buffay stood in the open doorway of Monica's apartment. She wore a short yellow dress, her legs were clad in white stockings and on her feet she wore a pair of yellow high heels. Monica noticed that her blonde hair was done up in a ponytail as she strode confidently past her into the apartment.

"Why thank you," Phoebe replied as she sat down on the couch, before Monica closed the door with a bang. "Oh sorry you look great too!" she added almost as a afterthought.

"Thank you!" Monica replied as she sat down next to her -- she wore a black dress that ended just above her knees and on her feet a pair of black heels.

"Where's Rach?"

"She is still in her room getting ready," Monica replied looking at her watch. "If she wants to get to this party she'd better hurry up!" The last few words were shouted in the direction of her room.

"Ok ok!" Rachel shouted out from her bedroom.

"I'm glad you're coming Mon it wouldn't be as much fun without you!"

"Thanks Pheebs," Monica replied as her eyes nervously glanced at her watch again "But nobody will be going anywhere if Rachel does not hurry up!"

"Ta da!"

Monica and Phoebe both turned their heads at the same time as Rachel announced her presence when she finally stepped out of her room. She had on a lime green dress that had a long split up one side revealing her long legs were clad in black stockings -- to top off her outfit she wore a pair of black high heels.

"Well how do I look?" Rachel asked as she performed a three hundred and sixty degree spin as if she was a model on a catwalk.

"Wonderful, wonderful!," Monica rose from the couch and picked up her purse. "We better get going to this party of yours, we are already half an hour late!"

"You look great Rachel!" Phoebe said as she stood, picking up her purse from the coffee table.

"Thanks Pheebs!" Rachel exclaimed. "At least I'll know I'll get compliments from one of you!"

Monica strode past them to the front door before turning the handle and holding it open. "Come on we better hurry!" she said looking at her watch again.

She watched as they both scampered past her out of the apartment, before she walked out shutting the door behind her.


They exited from the cab after a twenty minute ride to the outlying suburbs of New York, an area of the city that none of them had visited or had heard of before. The address turned out to be a well maintained two storey house, with a small front garden.

Monica eyes scanned the house as they all stopped just before the short concrete path that led to the front door. It looked like to her that there was no sign of life inside the house as all the windows had either blinds or curtains drawn, letting no light escape to the outside. She pricked up ears in an attempt to hear any signs of a party but she could only hear the normal nocturnal sounds of the neighbourhood.

"Are you sure this is the right address?" Monica asked.

Rachel searched in her purse for the slip of paper that Jeff had given earlier in the day at the coffee shop.

"Here it is," She looked briefly at the address on the paper before looking up again at the street sign nearby and then at the house number. "Yes it's the right address, see -" Rachel showed Monica and Phoebe the address on the slip of paper.

"It's definitely the right address." she added.

"The house looks deserted and is strangely very quiet for a place that is supposed to be having a party!" Monica replied.

"Well we won't know for sure unless we go inside!," Phoebe remarked and she began to walk down the pathway towards the front door. "Come on." She gestured with her hand for them to follow her.

Rachel followed leaving Monica waiting at the start of the path -- she watched as they walked slowly down the path and it was not until they were almost halfway towards the front door that Monica decided to join them. She hurried as quickly as she could to join them as they made their towards the front door.

"Glad you decided to join us!" Rachel exclaimed when she caught up with them.

"It better be a bloody good party!" Monica replied.

Rachel smiled as they walked the remainder of the path, their high heels making a sound that seemed to echo throughout the area each time they took a step. They climbed the small set of stairs with care before stopping as they reached the front door.

"There's no doorbell!" Monica said, her eyes scanning the door and its surrounds.

"Just knock on the front door!" Phoebe suggested -- she turned slightly to face the front door, raising her hand and before anyone could stop her knocked two or three times.

They waited for what seemed minutes for any response to Phoebe's knock on the door, their three sets of eyes all glued to the front door of the house.

"It doesn't look like anyone is -" Monica was interrupted as the door swung partly open and the face of a man appeared in the doorway.


Rachel took one step forward and in a slightly nervous voice said "Jeff invited us to the party."

It was as if they words she spoke were a magic spell -- suddenly the door swung open all the way and the man stepped out to greet them with a broad smile.

"The party's upstairs ladies -- just follow the noise."

They walked into a sparsely furnished lounge room which contained only a television and a couple of armchairs before stopping just before the stairs.

"Second door on your right upstairs, you can't miss it ladies" the smiling man said as he closed the front door behind him. Monica noticed that he stood with his back to the door as if to prevent them escaping.

"Second door on our right," Phoebe repeated watching as the man nod with his head. "Come on girls lets party!". She started to climb the stairs, followed by Rachel with Monica close behind. They could hear music getting louder as they approached the door in question, gathering as a group in the hallway just outside.

"Ready?" Rachel asked, her hand grasping the door knob -- before Monica could say anything she had turned the handle, opened the door and walked inside followed quickly by Phoebe.

Monica stood outside the room, the loud music now blaring out filling her head adding a distraction as he mind raced debating whether or not to step into the room, into the 'party' to join her friends. She stood or what seemed to her to be minutes but was only around thirty seconds before she took a deep breath and stepped inside the room.

The room seemed to be filled with men either dancing or in small groups gathered around what appeared to be four kegs of beer at one end of the rectangular shaped room. Monica could only see two other women in the room surrounded by men as they danced and she quickly made a count, estimating that there must be around twenty men in the room.

Monica quickly made her way to where Phoebe and Rachel were standing, their smiling faces surveying the scene in front of them.

"I think you have got us invited to a college frat party!"

"What?" Rachel shouted her eyes glued to the party, not even bothering to to turn and face her room mate

Monica was not sure if she had not heard her because of the loud music or simply because she was engrossed in the goings on at the party.

"I said I think you have got us invited to a college frat party!" she shouted directly in her ear.

Rachel shrugged her shoulders in reply. "So what these guys are cute, I'm staying."

"What's wrong?" Phoebe asked tearing her eyes away from the party.

"Monica thinks this is a college frat party!" Rachel shouted.

"Really? I never got to go to college, this looks like fun!"

"You want to stay?" Monica replied surprised.

"Sure after living in a box on the pavement most of my life I had always wanted to go to college, so this is the next best thing!"

A loud voice that came from behind them interrupted their conversation. "You ladies ok?"

They all turned around to see Jeff, the man from the coffee shop standing there holding three full cups of beer in his hands.

"Yes," Rachel replies her face breaking out into a smile. "Yes we are!".

He handed out the three cups, giving them each one -- Monica accepted hers with a slightly shaking hand.

"I'm glad you ladies made it, feel free to join in the fun any time. Food and beer are over there." He gestured with his hand over his shoulder.

Monica looked on as Rachel and Phoebe each took a swig of their beers, their eyes glued to Jeff as he stood before them.

"Hope to see you on the dance floor, I'm not a great dancer but once the music starts I can't seem to control myself!" He playfully performed a few robot moves, moving his arms and legs on the spot. She watched as Rachel and Phoebe let out a small laugh at his robot dance antics before Jeff turned and started to walk away. He had only walked a few paces, when he turned around.

"One more thing," he said giving them a wink off his eye. "Don't forget to have fun!" and with that he turned, before being lost in the crowd of people.

It was around five minutes later when Monica felt a tug on her arm.

"Me and Pheebs are going to dance, join us Mon!" Rachel said as her hand still tugged at her arm.

"No," Monica replied as she pulled her arm gently away. "I'll stay here for while and just watch."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes go -" she had no time to finish her reply before Rachel and Phoebe promptly hurried off into the crowd and started dancing. Monica stood with her barely touched beer in her hand, her foot reluctantly tapping to the loud music watching Rachel and Phoebe dance. She had always known that Rachel was a great dancer but this was the first time she had seen Phoebe dance -- her arms and legs were flailing about wildly as she gyrated her hips to the music. It reminded Monica of the time she had seen Phoebe jog in her daily run through Central Park.

Her mind was so involved in watching Rachel and Phoebe dance that she failed to notice Jeff until his face popped up in front of hers.

"Hello" he said giving her a gentle wave of his hand.

Monica jumped slightly, surprised by his sudden appearance. "Sorry?" Monica replied regaining her composure.

"Anything wrong? You're standing here all alone while your friends are having fun."

Monica could not help but notice his piecing blue eyes as he stood in front of her -- she seemed to lose herself in their brilliant colour before snapping herself back to reality.

"No I'm fine thank you" she replied not knowing why she was feeling nervous.

Jeff softly enclosed her free hand with his before pulling her gently towards the dance floor.

"Come on and have a dance, once you start you won't be able to stop!"

Monica pulled her hand free from his in one quick movement. "No thank you, I don't dance very well." She watched him as he stood before her, the loud music that was booming out across the room filling her head making it hard for her to think. His hands reached out again grabbing her on the arm more firmly, without hurting her in anyway.

"I won't take no for an answer, you will have some fun tonight if it kills me!" he exclaimed as her dragged her across the floor towards the dance floor.

Monica felt her feet move reluctantly as he dragged her on to the dance floor -- at first she stood not moving or dancing, watching him dance opposite her on the crowded dance floor. She noticed his blue eyes again as his dance moves filled her field of vision, appearing to sparkle in the soft light of the room. Her feet and arms began to move slowly, in a slightly cumbersome way like a rusted robot that has not moved for centuries.

"I thought you were just going to stand there and watch the master dance!" he said as he danced around her.

She let out a small laugh as her dance moves improved, feeling her body loose up and letting her body move to the music. Her mind forgot about Phoebe and Rachel dancing in some other part of the floor only a few feet away -- for all she cared they were miles away. She did not know how long she danced or how many beers she drank during the night but as she danced she was in world of her own, totally surrounded by male flesh.

They were content at first, to dance around Monica keeping a respectful distance but with each passing minute edged closer and closer.

Monica watched as the men dancing around her move closer and closer, their gyrating bodies making occasional contact. They moved around her, like a group of starving lions hedging in a helpless prey before they hungrily ripped it to shreds. She felt their bodies grind and rub against hers at times individually, at times as a group -- skin made contact with skin as her mind forgot about her initial nervousness, her body now dancing and moving without restriction, feeling as one with the music.

She could see the men crowd around her and Monica edged her body closer making contact with their bodies, rubbing and grinding together in a highly erotic version of a dance contest. She could feel hands glide up and down her legs as she danced, before the hands began to slowly lift the hem of her dress.

Monica pushed the hands away out of instinct, a whispered "No!" slipping quietly from her mouth. She could feel their bodies rub together as they danced, her petite frame now almost hidden from view, completely surrounded by dancing male bodies. The closeness of their bodies seem to generate a heat in her body that threatened to overwhelm her, taking control of her thoughts and bodily actions. Her arms made a feeble attempt to stop another pair of hands as they slid under her dress, swiftly moving between her legs rubbing the thin silky material of her panties.

Her body convulsed in pleasure as the fingers rubbed against the thin material, the flimsy fabric which was the only thing separating the fingers from the sensitive soft skin of her pussy. Monica turned her head to look behind her, in time to see her dress lifted up and scrunched up around he waist. She shivered slightly as a pair of cold hands slid her panties down her legs to her knees, before a face was buried in between her legs.

"Oh god .....fuck!!"

The words escaped from her mouth as a loud scream but she could not help it, as a tongue began deftly probing at her pussy. Monica could hear the men around her, even above the loud music make comments like "God she's gorgeous" and "What an ass!" as she felt a hand softly slap on her rear. She could not believe what was happening to her - here she was standing in the middle of a dance floor with her panties around her knees, surrounded by male flesh while her pussy being expertly eaten out. Her body trembled as the tongue flicked around the soft skin while his lips and teeth teased and played with her sensitive clit.

She watched, her eyes wide as her hands were guided to two large erect members just in front of her. Monica bent over slightly, letting her hands tentatively wrap around their shafts -- slowly they began to travel up and down, her fingertips feeling the heat emanating from each rock hard cock as they travelled along each shaft.

Monica peered upwards for just a moment, catching sight of Jeff's piercing blue eyes as her hand slid along the shaft of his cock.

"Didn't I tell you will have fun tonight?"

"This wasn't the type of fun I had in mind!," Monica replied as a cheeky smile spread across her face. "But I'll take it anyway!"

She opened her mouth wide, guiding his cock into her mouth before closing her lips around his shaft as it slowly slid in. Her head began to bob up and down on his shaft letting it slide down her throat each time, her tongue and lips playing with the sensitive head of his cock.

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