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Friends with Benefits


This story goes back about 6 or 7 years but is a good representation of what kinds of escapades a decent looking and acting guy who is pretty much addicted to sex can get into. The story has roots all the way back in high school and covers about a 6 year span for the set up but laying the ground work for the future is always important cause you never know who wants to hook up later. Sort of a theme for me I guess, be nice because you never know who might want to fuck later.

I was a jock in high school, not an asshole jock, but a good guy who liked to party and new a lot of people from all walks of life and many towns.

I knew Carrie, a cheerleader from a neighboring town, as a girl who liked to party, and liked sex. She was two years younger than me, a sophomore, when I met her. I would see her occasionally when I came home from college to play baseball in the summers and she was usually at games or parties afterward. She wasn't a slut, she didn't hook up with a lot of guys, it was just known amongst the guys that she really liked sex. Whatever guy she was with would talk about how she wanted to fuck all the time. She wasn't shy about talking about it either. I never had the chance to hook up with her, she always had a boyfriend so I never pursued her.

During my junior year of college, my best friend came back from a 2 year stint in the Navy and went to community college in our hometown. I was visiting him one weekend and sure enough Carrie walks into his apartment. She was a freshman at the same community college and my friend, Aaron, was her new boytoy. I hadn't seen her in about a year but she remembered me and commented how she always thought I was hot. She hadn't really changed, still talked about sex a lot and as Aaron told me, loved sex. She teased us by showing us how she could put both of her legs behind her head and say, "See how flexible I am."

It was only later after he stopped seeing Carrie that Aaron told me he almost had her convinced to try a threesome with us. He said she talked about me so he thought she would go for it and she initially did but chickened out right when he called me. She admitted she wanted to suck my cock while Aaron fucked her but was too scared to actually do it.

The next winter I ran into her again a friend's house party when everyone was home at Christmas. This time things went better for me. We ended up on the floor of the living room in the dark, making out like crazy, rubbing and feeling each other. I knew there was another couple on the couch and at least a couple guys passed out on another couch and a chair.

Carrie whispered in my ear, "I wanna suck your cock."

She started sliding down under the sheet covering us and unzipping my pants. The room was pitch dark so no one could really see anything and she was under the sheet. She wasted no time in getting me out and sliding her wet mouth up and down on my immediately hard shaft. I couldn't believe she was sucking me off in this room full of sleeping people.

After a bit she came up for air, "It is so fucking hot under there!" She sat up and whisked her sweater and undershirt over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra and I could just make out her hard nipples topping her small breasts. Carrie is about 5 foot 7, maybe 120 pounds, with small B cup tits. Her hair is dark brown and about shoulder length. I couldn't believe she was straddling me topless in the room with the sheet around her shoulders and my dick poking out under her. She went back to work sucking and licking me until I burst with wet stickiness. I assume she swallowed it all since I didn't find any on my clothes or sheet. I only found out later from one of my supposedly passed out friends that he watched the whole thing.

I lost track of Carrie for a few months but heard reports. I heard from Aaron's new girlfriend, who had no idea he used to fuck Carrie, that she was always telling girls how much she liked my cock. This was when he told me he almost had Carrie set up for a threesome when they dated. She had joked with him recently, if she had known how nice my cock was she would have went through with it.

Now fast forward about 3 years. I am out of college, working in the city near my hometown and who do I run into at a bar but Carrie. It was 2 AM on a Wednesday and she was trashed. She flat out asked me to come home with her but I knew she was hammered and I had to get up for work at 7. I still remember how hard it was resisting seeing her long tan legs in the short skirt and pouting lips on her face. She wrote her number on my hand and left.

Of course the number wore off my hand and I definitely wanted to call her. I looked her up in the phone book that Saturday and called the number. A guy answered, I asked for Carrie, thinking maybe she has a male roommate or her brother was over. He said she didn't live there and asked who I was. I just said an old friend, Mike. He hung up.

About a week later my phone rings, it was Carrie. "You idiot!" she laughs. "You called my ex boyfriend's apartment looking for me! I moved out but the phone was in my name so the listing is still under me. I gave you my cell phone number to call."

I admitted I lost it and too make a long story a little shorter I went over to her new apartment and we started having regular sex at that point. She did make me promise not be try and be her boyfriend, she didn't want a relationship at this point but just wanted sex. She said, no flowers, no dinners, no commitments, just pure sex on call. I agreed because hell, she was hot and liked sex. It was great, she would call I would drive over, walk in, and sometimes just bend her over the kitchen table with out even talking. It was one of these episodes that lead to greatest night of sex I have ever had.

I was standing in Carrie's living room at about 2 AM on a Friday night, Carrie was on her knees in front of me sucking my cock. We were both totally nude, our clothes strewn from the front door to our spot in the living room. As usual she was deep throating and alternating fast and slow speeds. I have to admit Carrie really liked sucking my dick, I loved how she allowed the head to rub along the back of her throat without gagging. All of a sudden the front door opened and in walked Carrie's roommate, Megan. I had never meet Megan, she was always either in her room or out of town when I came over late at night.

She dropped her bag and just looked shocked. "Oh my God, Carrie! Get a room for crissakes!" She quickly ran to her own room and shut the door.

Carrie had a hand around the base of cock as she calmly turned to look after the running Megan. "Oh well," and kept on stroking and sucking me. A few seconds later I noticed Megan's door open a crack as she darted to the bathroom, glancing for just a glimpse at us still going at it in the living room. I smiled a bit thinking about Carrie's description of Megan and prepared for the return trip. I put both my hands on Carrie's head and guided her down making a show of her obvious fellatio skills for Megan's run back to her room. Carrie certainly didn't seem to mind as she continued her stroking and head bobbing.

Sure enough Megan peeked out again before flying into her room down the hall. I knew she had looked but I wasn't sure if she was able to get a good look at my long hard cock slick with Carrie's saliva.

At this point in life, Carrie was a pharmaceutical sales rep, she had been out of school for about 6 months, graduating the previous December. Carrie had transferred to the big four year school after community college. Her roommate, Megan, was graduating in May, they had known each other through some classes during the previous year. Megan's boyfriend was a pre med student at another school and she needed a roommate for the last semester which was ending shortly so it worked out well for Carrie after her breakup.

Carrie told me Megan never went out, had been dating her boyfriend since her sophomore year of school. She usually made the two hour drive to see her boyfriend every weekend but lately had been around more due to her finals and her boyfriend's school load. Carrie said if she was ever going to fuck a girl it would be Megan. Carrie claimed Megan had a really great body, despite hiding it all the time under baggy sweats and sweaters. Megan has short blond hair, chin length with long bangs, about 5 foot 4, 110 pounds, with as Carrie describes it, fantastic tits but I couldn't tell from the brief glimpse of her running past.

About 2 weeks later, Carrie called and said she and Megan were heading out for drinks on a Friday night. Carrie had finally convinced Megan, who had just finished her last final, to get out and have some fun. I showed up and met Megan formally for the first time. It was mid May and the warm spring air had started the process whereby the girl's outfits started showing more skin. She wore a very short jean skirt and a little cashmere V neck sweater. I tried not to be too obvious as I checked her out while I gently shook her hand for our formal introduction. Carrie was right her tits looked fantastic, at least a full C, maybe even a D cup, which seemed impossible given how petite she was. Her dark eyes contrasted the long whisps of blonde bangs hanging over the side of her face.

"Nice to meet you Megan," I smiled forcing myself to focus on her eyes and not glimpse down and give her another once over from close up.

Megan's light laugh escaped, sounding a bit nervous, "Yeah, nice to meet you finally with the lights on... I mean with your clothes on... I... well you know what I mean."

I caught her glance down at my crotch just for a moment as she stammered her way through the introduction before pausing and nervously pushing those long bangs behind her ears and smiling weakly at me.

"Don't worry, I should be the one who is embarrassed by that show, standing naked in your apartment. Well, actually, Carrie should take some or most of the blame, but I know she doesn't feel embarrassed a bit, right babe?" I asked rhetorically while putting my arm around Carrie.

Carrie wore some low rise hip hugging Capri pants and a spaghetti strap top exposing her firm tan stomach. I could tell she wore no bra under the top, it had some built in padding and support but her small firm tits didn't really need it. Two hard dots poked out of each side indicating her either arousal or coldness.

"Megan probably didn't even see anything, she ran through so fast. You are right though, it really doesn't bother me that she saw us. I keep telling her she can watch anytime. Now c'mon let's get out of here before Megan decides to do something boring like stay in or drive off to see her boyfriend."

I was a little surprised as Carrie snuck in the remark about Megan watching. She never mentioned it to me before but I knew she liked to tease and Megan didn't seem all that surprised by the comment.

We went to a dark Martini bar located in the basement of an old bookstore, settled into a booth, had some drinks, leading to Megan and Carrie getting pretty giggly and silly. We left for a dance club since they both appeared to have a lot of energy. While on the dance floor we sort of all danced together. I had a girl on each side grinding on one of my legs and an arm around each one.

Carrie started kissing me and Megan laughed, "Don't you two ever let up!"

She started to pull away but Carrie pulled her close. "C'mon Megan have you ever done a triple kiss?"

She shook her head. "Well," Carrie said, "Its easy, I'll start kissing Mike, and you just kind of come in from the side between us and kiss our cheeks or mouth, where ever you can fit in."

It seemed innocent enough and she was a bit tipsy so she agreed. As soon as Carrie and I were tonguing each other's mouth Megan came in, laughing a little at first but more serious when Carrie's tongue started hitting her. I quickly gave up as Carrie full on kissed Megan's lips and I slid my tongue and lips up Megan's jawline to her ear and neck. We weren't even dancing anymore, just Carrie making out with Megan as I kissed and nibbled her neck with one hand pressing her ass so she straddled my leg. After a few very long seconds Megan pulled away.

"Wow, that's quite a kiss," she joked nervously, looking around in case anyone saw. A few guys were clapping and cheering us on as we walked back to our table. We sat at the table for another round of drinks. "Did it bother you to kiss me?" Carrie asked Megan breaking the silence.

"No, it was kind of soft and wetter than kissing a guy, maybe because with three it caused more slobber." She laughed.

Carrie pressed on, "Have you ever done it before?"

Megan shrugged her shoulders, "Yeah, once in high school I had to make out with another girl in the closet at a sleep over. But that was as far as it went, I swear."

"What about you Carrie?" Megan countered.

"Yeah, I have done a little more. I have used a vibrator on a girl, licked her pussy, had my coochie licked, you know, the whole nine yards."

Megan's face displayed the shock she must have felt at the honesty of the response.

I broke in laughing, "Carrie is the horniest girl I have ever met. Probably more than even any guy I know."

Megan giggled, "I know. She is always talking about sex, walking around the apartment naked, or watching some cheesy movie on skin-e-Max late at night." Megan began giggling even more, "I can't say what else she says." I probed further, "What else, come on you can't bring it up and not say."

Megan reluctantly whispered, "She always talks about your big cock and how she likes to suck it, fuck it, stroke it, whatever. I actually wasn't that surprised when I walked in on you two. I swear I didn't see anything though so I can't comment on your big cock." The last bit made her tipsy giggle more pronounced as she leaned into Carrie. "But I can hear her moaning and talking when you two are going at it in her room."

Carrie smiled and teased back, "C'mon Megan, don't tell me you don't get horny sitting in that room all the time waiting for what's his name to call. I bet you have a vibrator or something hidden in there."

"No I don't!" Megan shot back. "I get horny but it just makes it all the better when I see Darren."

"Whatever," Carrie dismissed her, "I never hear a peep out that room when he comes over. I'm not even sure you are having sex in there."

"We're just not loud like you and Mike." Megan laughed in obvious reference to Carrie's pronounced moaning or barking orders during sex. "Not everyone has to know what we are doing. And besides, Darren is usually exhausted from school and the drive so he just rolls over and goes to sleep afterwards..." Her voice trailed off as she realized she was just giving Carrie more information to tease her.

Carrie gave her a look of exasperation. "You two are so lame. What's the dirtiest thing you have ever done? Let him fuck you in a position other than missionary?" Her sarcasm was not hidden.

"I'm no that much of a prude. We change positions sometimes."

"Ooooh!" Carries teased, "Well you are such an adventurer. What about in your life? Not just with Darren but other guys, one night stands, parties, vacations. Ever fucked a guy while his friend watched or even better let two guys have a go or even just let a guy cover you in cum?

"No." Megan scoffed. "I suppose you have done all that stuff? She turned to me and laughed, "Sometimes I don't know how serious she is about the stuff she describes."

"Well, let's see, I didn't mind you watching me blow Mike the other night. I also know some of Mike's buddies watched me suck him off at a party years ago. Right Mike?"

I had to agree, "Yeah some of the guys apparently watched. I didn't think you knew about that."

"I found out later about the other guys but I knew Jason was awake. Now a days I probably would have just ridden you knowing they were watching."

"Oh c'mon, Carrie. You are that much of an exhibitionist?" questioned Megan.

"Well, why do you think I broke up with my last boyfriend?

"I don't know," admitted Carrie.

"Well he and I had a threesome with a friend of his. It was my boyfriend's idea and I was game. I had chickened out years ago with an old boyfriend so I wanted to do it. It was fine and all but I ended up fucking his friend a few times after that and my boyfriend got pissed. He found a video of me and his friend screwing and broke up with me."

"I just assumed you got bored and moved on." Carrie shrugged, "What happened to the other guy?"

"Well the video my boyfriend found was shot by another friend of theirs who happened to be at the bachelor party. I guess the bride to be never found out her fiance was fucking me."

"God, Carrie, you can be such a slut!" Megan teased.

"I didn't want him for a boyfriend, his getting married didn't bother me and it was fun showing up at the party just to be his last fuck. All the guys were cheering outside and kept peeking in to see what was going on. I can see why his wife still went through with it, that guy knew how to fuck."

"Hey, what about me?" I feigned hurt feelings.

"Oh your just fine baby, I like your fat cock too." Carrie purred as she ran her hand up my leg and nipped my ear. "Maybe Megan wants to watch us later, hmmm?"

I couldn't help but looking over at Megan at Carrie's suggestion. Megan obviously heard the comment and her eyes locked with mine for just a moment before looking away. I just let my eyes wander down to her cleavage and back up catching her eyes again. She busted me staring at her tits but just smiled slyly and looked off onto the dance floor again. Carrie's head was on my shoulder and her hand slipped into the top of my shorts. I slouched forward slightly as Carrie began stroking me off under the table. I saw Megan's eyes widen as she realized what was happening.

"See Megan, it can be fun to just give in to a little lust." Carrie explained wickedly, "I bet Mike is just thinking about blowing that big load all over your tits right now, aren't you babe?"

I didn't really respond as Carrie continued making Megan squirm "I saw him check your chest and you did too and you didn't move or say anything. Now just imagine some warm sticky cum shooting out, running between them. I bet you never let Darren cum on your tits. Hell, if I had tits like that I would let Mike shoot all over them just to lick it off my hard nipples."

I was breathing heavy and completely aroused as Carrie kept slowly stroking me under the table. I had never heard her talk this dirty before but it was obviously turning her on and making Megan uncomfortable.

"Carrie, you never let up on her do you?" I chimed in, causing Carrie to sit up and release my cock from her hand.

"Oh you want to come to her defense huh? I guess I should just stop here and let you just mentally undress her and think about that cum shot because the physical one isn't happening now."

Megan jumped to my defense, "I can take it. I am used to Carrie's teasing. But it was nice someone has some modesty."

Carrie smiled, "Ohhh, I love getting a rise out of her. We should probably head out of here before things go too far, because it looks like someone is getting excited."

Megan looked down and noticed her hard nipples poking at attention through the thin sweater. I had been staring at her tits for sometime while Carrie toyed with me but this was the first time Megan seemed to notice. Megan's hands quickly moved up to cup herself and the evidence. The unintended effect was to make her tits appear even fuller as they were clearly bigger than her handful.

We finally made it back to the apartment at about midnight. Carrie pulled out a little weed and asked if we wanted to relax a bit. I know Carrie loves getting laid while high so I knew where she was going. We smoked up some, just a few hits each.

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