tagLoving WivesFriendship Grows Ch. 01

Friendship Grows Ch. 01


First Times... First times are always the best or so they seem that way... well this is the first time that I am writing a story for the public... I have written for friends. First time story, first time experience. This happened back in the early 90's and is true.

My wife and I had been married for many years and, of course, had experimented with many different things... an occasional soft swing, a threesome with another man, or each of us would get to go off with someone else...

You know how things go. You keep pushing that envelope and you get more and more curious about things... and every man's fantasy (mine too, of course) was to finally get in bed with my wife and another woman ... maybe watch them together. Well fantasy is fantasy... and reality...

Connie was a mutual friend of ours for many years. A few years older but the type of woman that drips sex whenever she is in a room. Sometimes she and I would end up dancing at parties. This led to touching. Then to each seeing how far the other would go

I never knew what her husband knew, but I would always lie in bed with my wife, Ann, touching me and licking me while I described the way Connie and I would flirt... how her breast felt against me...

One night there was a big dance and Connie and I ended up in a corner dancing and touching. Both of us had been drinking and as the party was going on, the lights went down. As we danced I felt her slide her hand down between us and begin to stroke my dick, which was hard already. I looked around and found my wife dancing with Connie's husband, keeping him from watching us...

I felt like a teenager again at the high school hop... She leaned into me and whispered in my ear..( as she strokes me harder and faster.) "I'm going to make you cum right here" and then, just like the old days, I shot my load into my underwear as I came from her touch. "Connie that was hot but you know you started something. Are you ready for more?" I asked. Call me. she replied.

We parted, so as not to draw too much attention to ourselves. I found my wife and asked her to dance. We cuddled close to each other and I whispered into her ear, "thanks for keeping him distracted. Can you tell she made me cum in my pants tonight?"... and, as I finished, Ann took my face and began to kiss me, sucking on my tongue. Fortunately the music stopped or the crowd would have found us naked...

We raced home and through the door. Immediately Ann dropped to the floor, unzipping me and began to clean my dick up. Her tongue began to lick me from my balls to the top of my dick. Soon I was cumming in her mouth. She removed her clothes and I slid down between her familiar legs and begin to lick her pussy. She was as wet as I was. As I licked her, between her moans, she couldn't stop talking... "Oh god it was so hot knowing she made you cum with all those people around. I want to watch her suck you." Ann was now moaning and yelling "fuck her fuck her" and I slid my dick into Ann, imagining she was Connie...

Several days passed and I got up the nerve, with Ann's encouragement, to call Connie. Connie and I talked several times about wanting to get together and what we were going to do. Finally, just as we were setting the date, I had to break the big news to Connie...

See, she thought we were sneaking around on both our spouses, that is how she had always done it. I had to tell her that Ann knew all about our date and everything we had done... Connie couldn't believe it. She had never heard of one spouse encouraging the other to have sex with another person. She was in shock and hung the phone up.

Well, hell I figured the rules would kill this right now. Little did I know how far Connie would change her life and ours. The call came, and we set our first date but, of course, there were rules... "You can tell Ann everything but it will be just the two of us... Ann isn't invited and I don't do women." I told Ann this and permission was granted.

Well, of course, we had to meet in a hotel in the middle of the afternoon and sneak in. Both of us nervous. The drinks flowed, each of us having a couple of beers. Finally, I stood up and took her by the hand. Slowly we undressed each other. My tongue and hands exploring every inch of her body. Her breasts had lovely nipples. They were full and large. Soon we found ourselves completely naked, kissing and touching each other. My dick was like a rock. I slid down her stomach with my tongue, past her navel, to the top of her bush. Her legs spread as my tongue flicked at her clit and then licked her from top to bottom. Her pussy was sweet, her moans so elegant. I had to make her cum. Then I began to lick her and suck on her clit. She began a low soft moan (one that I still hear in my sleep). Soon she was cumming on my face and cumming hard. Then I climbed on top her and slid my hard dick into her wet pussy and we began to fuck. Her legs wrapped around me and pulled me into her. I loved the way she felt around me and soon we were both cumming. The afternoon was spent exploring each other's body. We learned to move together and planned our next adventure.

I'm not sure what Connie did that day. I, on the other hand, had to return home to my loving wife, Ann. She greeted me by dragging me immediately to the bedroom. Soon we were naked and her mouth coaxing me back to my fullness. I described the afternoon in complete detail... how Connie smelled, how she tasted, how she licked me different ways, how her pussy felt and tasted. Ann and I made love and fucked for hours. Ann demanding she wanted to watch; me getting her to admit she would like to touch her... We will have to wait to see how this develops...

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