tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFriendship with the Ex

Friendship with the Ex


I saw her looking at me from across the room. She seems to know who I am, but I just can't place her. She's nice looking and I like the way she dresses -- a little conservative, yet still a little glimpse of sex appeal.

She licks the foam off her top lip from her latte and I wonder what flavor she's tasting ... wishing I could taste it too.

I clean up my table and make my way to the door, feeling eyes on me as I pass by. She stops me and tells me we have a mutual friend; one we are both very familiar with . . . one who wants us to be friends.

She doesn't tell me her name, only gives me an address on a sheet of paper and tells me our friend is hoping we spend some time together . . . hoping we can become good friends.

I'm confused and not open to going to a strange location to talk and get to know a stranger. I thank her and wish her a good day.

I walk out of the coffee shop and continue my day of shopping. As the day goes on, I have a funny feeling that someone is watching me, but never see anyone out of the ordinary.

As I approach my car, I see a note on the windshield. A note from a friend asking if I'd like to meet him for drinks later.

Not a bad way to end a pleasant day I'm thinking, so I drive on home to finish some household chores and look forward to some friendly conversation later in the evening.

When I enter the sports bar, I see my friend and sitting with him is the woman from the coffee house. They seem to be pretty comfortable around each other as they talk together at their table.

I cautiously approach and watch him stand as I come close. He explains that the lady is an ex-girlfriend and that he thought we might enjoy getting to know each other, as he feels we have some things in common.

I smile and sit down across the table from them, noticing that they are sitting a little close. Maybe they're not as "ex" as they claim.

We have a couple of drinks while we enjoy a little small talk. We laugh and share some funny stories about our jobs.

About an hour or so into the evening the two of them decide we might be more comfortable listening to music at her place and since it's pretty close to the sports bar, we go there for a little while.

The "ex" has a nice two bedroom condo with a comfy sectional couch in chocolate brown. She tells us to get comfortable while she grabs a couple of sodas from the kitchen.

My friend tells me to relax and give the "ex" a chance, because she doesn't know many people around the city. I agree and try to get to know her. She's a little more outgoing than I am and it takes me a while to warm up.

He goes into the bathroom and the "ex" decides to move over on to my side of the sectional -- closer to me -- I get the feeling it's to give our mutual friend more room on the large couch.

I notice that she uses her hands a lot when she talks and tends to touch the other person when she wants to emphasize a point. Several times she places her hand on my leg or my arm when she's talking. When he returns to the room, she sits back on the couch and is now shoulder to shoulder with me.

He sits down smiling and seems to be enjoying a joke I'm not included in yet. They look at each other and he gives a little shake of his head. That appears to be a sign, because she turns to me and tells me he wants us to be more than acquaintances, but intimate friends.

I'm confused because I'm already his intimate friend. She leans forward as if to place a peck on my cheek, but brushes my lips instead.

I can't believe this! I tense up and push back on the couch. I'm sure my eyes show my shock and I look over at my friend . . . who is watching intently. I start to push myself up from the couch and she places her hands on my shoulders while he tells me to relax and calm down. I feel panic in the pit of my stomach and don't want to be a party to whatever is going on.

Obviously he sees that things aren't going to work out as easily as the two of them had hoped. He comes over and sits on the other side of me; places his hand on my thigh and asks if he can kiss me.

I'm not sure . . . I want to be in control of my personal space and I've never been involved with a woman.

His incredible eyes look into mine and he tells me nothing is going to happen that I don't want to happen.

Then he gently kisses me on the lips . . . once, then twice. He leans back and looks intently into my eyes and quietly asks if I would give him this gift of seeing his two female friends get to know each other – with him watching.

I can't believe this is happening. I don't want to do it. I don't know this person and I don't want someone watching me become involved with a woman. He squeezes my thigh and asks me to trust him.

He knows he can talk me into just about anything when it concerns him . . . I close my eyes and nod my head. "Yes", I say, "I'll try to do this..."

He says, "Good Girl", and moves back over on the other side of the sectional, leans back and gets ready for his show.

Ex kicks her shoes off and pulls her legs up under her. She's wearing a skirt that now, with her new position, reveals no panties. She starts to unbutton her blouse to reveal a pink lace bra – low cut and see thru . . . nipples large and brown. I can't help looking.

She leans forward and touches my lips with her fingertips, asking if she can kiss me. I look over and he nods – "Do it", he says.

I'm torn. I care about him, thought he cared about me – yet I knew he had a history of playing the field with multiple women. I just never imagined he was into multiple women at the same time.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath, asking myself if I can do this and live with myself afterwards. Asking if it will change the way I feel about him for asking for such a huge favor of me. I open my eyes and tell her, "yes". I see him smile out of the corner of my eye . . . Bastard!!

She leans forward and gently touches her lips to mine. At the same time, she reaches up with one hand and releases my long red hair from my barrette and it tumbles down. The kissing continues and starts to get a little firmer and a little wet from her tongue trying to enter. I open my mouth a tad and join my tongue with hers – as we gently battle.

She takes her hands to the bottom of my top and starts to pull it up – definitely a message that things are going to go farther. We separate and she pulls my top up over my head, showing my red lace demi bra.

Her head lowers and she kisses the top swell of my cleavage, kisses the top of each breast, runs her tongue down the cleavage and takes her hands and unhooks the front of the bra!

Wait!! Things are moving too fast – I look over and can see the swell of his pants. His eyes are slightly closed and he has his hand on one of his thighs, as if he wants to touch himself, yet he's holding back until he sees some more action. His breathing is even a little labored . . .

Before I know it, she's holding one of my breasts and sucking on the nipple, my light pink nipple. How did that happen? And how could a woman turn me on enough to get my nipple erect? I'm surprised that it feels good; she's squeezing my breast with one hand and rubbing up and down on the other one. I close my eyes and enjoy the sensation.

I start to relax and allow myself to breathe a little deeper. I take my hand and reach up to touch her breast . . . touch that large dark nipple – squeeze it between my two fingers.

He leans over and unfastens her bra from the back – watching us the whole time. She lets the bra fall to the couch and reaches down to unfasten my jeans.

I let her – then stand up so she can pull them down to reveal my red lace panties. She removes her skirt and is naked. He puts his two hands on the sides of her ass and kisses both cheeks – looking into my eyes as he does so. I see his huge hands squeezing her ass cheeks and want them on me.

Ex takes my arm to pull me close – chest to chest. We continue our kissing and tonguing. She runs her hands up and down my body then moves me backward until I have to sit on the couch.

She gets on her knees and pushes me until I'm lying on my back with my legs toward him. She spreads my legs just a little to allow her hand to finger my clit through my lace panties while kissing my breasts and belly. I need something to do – something to keep my mind off fleeing the room – I need something in my mouth – something to do with my hands.

He decides he wants more action and removes the cushions from the back of the couch – allowing her to get up beside me -- so we can touch each other.

Her fingers are causing my clit to become wet – she can feel it through the lace of my panties and asks me if she can take them off – but, I'm not ready and want that little bit of protection.

She starts kissing my belly, with her ass sticking up in the air – right in his full view. He has his hand in his pants and I can see he's stroking himself and enjoying his show.

She scoots backward, slowly kissing as she goes until her face is right over my pussy. She looks at me and then goes down to nibble through my panties!! I squirm, my ass tightens and I hear myself moan!! She places her hands between my legs and pushes them apart then dives in for a clit sucking time. She's biting and licking and making me crazy.

I can't stand it. I grab her hair to pull her back up but she keeps jabbing her tongue at my clit. I'm going to cum if she doesn't stop!! I ask her to turn around – to let me play with her – to hurry and give me her pussy.

He stands and forces his slacks to his feet. He braces his legs and strokes his rod hard up and down and up and down while watching us tongue fuck each other.

She rips my favorite red lace panties to shreds and sucks on my clit 'til I start to scream. OH MY GOD!!! It feels so fucking good!! Her tongue goes deep into my pussy, then comes back out and flicks over my clit – again and again and I cum in her mouth while she's cumming in mine. We finger each other's assholes while nibbling on pussy lips and throbbing pussy.

He's hard! He's sweating and he's ready to shoot. He grabs the Ex and bends her over the arm of the couch to fuck her ass. She takes him – she's had him before and loves every fucking huge inch. He's pounding her ass and looking down at me. He tells me to get my ass up and suck on his balls while he fucking her.

I get up and position myself between his legs. When I look up I can see his cock, his balls and her. I lick his balls while touching his inner thighs. He tells me to play with her clit while he fucks her ass and I watch the action.

I take his bouncing balls in my mouth one at a time – sucking – wetting, enjoying it – I stick my finger in the place I had recently stuck my tongue and feel that she's wetter than ever. He's ranting and screaming his fuck words and she's moaning from the ass beating and having a finger rub on her clit at the same time.

He's threatening that he's going to cum and starts to spasm in her ass. I suck and kiss and watch the two of them have an amazing fucking climax while I end up being the observer.

He pulls out and tells me to suck him off – suck on him until he comes back and then until he cums again.

Even though he's limp, I know how to get him going again. I take him in my mouth and relax – letting him slide down, down into my throat – as far as he'll go – in and out – deeper and deeper as he starts back to life.

"Fuck" he yells – "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck" – he's growing and thrusting down my throat – I'm gagging and feeling his balls slap me on the chin – I want that wad of cum so bad . . .

I'm feeling something between my legs and then realize it's her finger – she's finger fucking me while I give him deep throat – It's fucking amazing and an unbelievable experience and I feel like I'm going to have the climax of my life!!

She's licking my clit and moaning and he's fucking my tonsils while my hair is wadded up in his hand and he's appearing to ride a bronco!

He's so fucking excited that he cums – slamming that cum into my throat and mouth. I swallowing it as fast as it comes . . . and at the same time cumming all over the Ex's face . . .

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