tagNon-EroticFriendships Ch. 02

Friendships Ch. 02


Thanks, Tigerssman for helping with this story.


One night, while relaxing at a party a gentleman posed a question to Molly, "Molly, how is Daisy doing?"

"She is doing great, something great just happened to her."

Another friend asked, "How long has it been since you talked to Daisy, Molly?"

"It has been over two weeks, a long time for us."

The first friend said, "Forgive me Molly for not listening to you; guys, Molly has told us time and time again that she and Daisy are empaths. When you see Molly sad or glad, you are not looking at Molly, you are looking at Daisy. When one hurts, the other one will know it."

"I suggest we pray over Molly and Daisy every night."

People were coming to the same conclusions where Daisy was.

Molly's dad got hit by a car, but it didn't kill him.

Daisy sat bolt upright in bed, "MOLLY, MOLLY, MOLLY!"

"Krynn she is burning up.", said a friend.

Now Krynn, Daisy's roommate, can get a bit bossy at times.

Krynn was so helpless, her friend was sick.

"Cold shower, now!"

"Mary, I don't know what we are going to step into, make sure you pack for a funeral and a night out on the town, wear boots, pack sneakers, and the usual things, we are going to live at a horse ranch. Bruce call Dick and Harry, have one of the girls pack likewise for them."

Now things were just getting weird; as soon as Joy printed out the confirmation page she started to get texts. All said, "On our way, and gave arrival time and flight number."

Now Molly started, "DAISY, DAISY, DAISY!" she started to get a fever.

Similar orders were given. Many held hands praying for both.

One student remarked, "Which one do you think started it?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, can you have an event so bad that it affects one, then the other and continue having emotional ping-pong?"

As they were dragging Molly she said, "Dad."

"Daisy must be able to communicate briefly."

Some calls were made, "It's Molly, wheels up in thirty."

As the car was being loaded, a friend came over and asked what was going on. "It's Molly, have someone look after my place."

"Husband, we have several groups coming in, here is your list. Head to 'Image of God', I will catch up with you."

"How did you do this Joy?"


Everyone on the planes were so worried they did not look to see who was passing them; David was pacing back and forth. Joy did not tell him who he was picking up. If he was thinking straight he would have looked at the arrivals board.

"How are you doing brother?" asked Jerry as he shook hands with David.

Gail said, "Anne, Faith!"

"OK all, get your bags, we got more pick-ups—not sure how Joy did this."

"Next terminal C6," said David.

Jerry looked, "Orlando guys."

Mei streaked off the ramp and into David's arms. Ru, Mei's Mom, Anna and Elsa all gave fond greetings.

New York was next to get Michelle. When they were just about to leave the area. "Just exactly where were you planning on going, young man?", David knew he was about to be reprimanded, "Well, I was planning on giving you a hug 'Dean'. Isn't that right guys?"

Everyone could barely keep in their laughter.

Michelle said, "April missed her flight."

Faith said, "Where is Joy and Joshua?"

"I don't know, I will text her April's information."

Krynn said after they landed, "Daisy and I are going to St. Luke's."

When the stretch limo pulled up to the gate of 'Image of God' the driver said, "We at the garage will be praying for all of you."

The nurses didn't know why Molly was feeling so bad, so they sent her down to get some food in hopes she may feel better.

Molly had just pushed the button for the elevator to go see her dad again.

Before Molly could protect her salad, Daisy came running. "MOLLY!"

Molly came back with lettuce and dressing all over her shirt; she didn't have a fever anymore.

The nurse came in and said, "It looks like the food helped"

Her dad chuckled, "You don't understand nurse, only one thing could help my daughter out like that.

"You can come out of hiding now."

Daisy peeked her head around the corner.

"You see nurse, my daughter and Daisy are true empaths with each other. Sometimes they celebrate with each other, other times they comfort each other.

"Daisy probably started first, and freaked out her dorm mates."

Daisy said, "I think they are used to it by now."

"Krynn is the best, almost as good as homemade milkshakes," she smiled broadly.

By now Krynn sneaked into the room. "Hey, I heard that are you comparing me to a milkshake?"

Molly's Mom, sporting her just polished silver cross, said, "You were supposed to. Now you must have a taste test. Daisy will have an extra-large vanilla milkshake with real whipped cream, and if she is good, she can have ice crème with real whipped cream and a cherry on top."

"Well, I guess if I am going to make the 'Supreme Sacrifice' of trying this, yet to be determined, good milkshake, I should have dibs."

This took the wind out of Daisy's sails. Mr. Jacob laughed, "Excellent choice Krynn, the fluffiest part of the whipped crème is the top, and Daisy knows it."

Krynn after hearing this, turned her head and stuck her tongue out at Daisy.

Dad needed rest, everyone headed to 'Image of God'.

Just before leaving, Jerry was talking to Gail; everyone was given the 'be quiet' sign.

Just as the lions stalk their victims, a woman approached Jerry from his backside.

With well-practiced sobbing, "Monsieur, I have a very sick friend here; I don't know what to do. Can you give me a hug of comfort?"

Without even looking to see who it was, Jerry gave the woman a hug. The whole room burst out laughing.

He looked up and saw Francis in the room.

Loui said, "Monsieur, I think you have hugged my wife long enough."

Joy announced, "Jerry, that is Marie, remember you colluded with her?"

After proper introductions at the ranch, all wanted a full tour; Daisy and Molly obliged. First up: 'Beauty', Elsa and Anna just could not hold back the tears.

Molly said, "'Beauty' was Miss Sarah's Mom's horse, now she is Miss Sarah's horse."

Dawn said, "Molly, Daisy, peek inside."

Both looked inside, "It's a colt! Who is the daddy. . . 'Apache'?"

"Why of course he is, who else, they are the king and queen of the stable."

The girls sprinted to the other side of the stables.

"Hi boy, it's Daisy and Molly, thanks for giving 'Beauty' a fine son.

The girls noticed several of the horses had been moved around; they did not know why.

Before the girls got back, Dawn told everyone this is the biggest surprise.

"Daisy, are you going to continue the tour?"

Daisy proudly announced, "This is 'Angel', well 'Angel's Dream' really."

Daisy bent over to hug 'Angel'. "How have you been girl?"

"Molly, look, another baby colt!"

"Daisy, the dad is 'Chief'. We wanted to continue lines for more Stallions, he was a breech." A look of horror spread over Daisy's face, "You can thank 'Apache' you know, she could never disappoint him, both almost died."

Daisy's eyes were tear stained as she ran to 'Apache', she gave 'Apache' a big hug. "Thanks boy for saving my 'Angel' and her son. I will always be ever so grateful"

"Molly, head to the DIY area to give Daisy some time."

The tour lasted another half hour.

After supper was the taste test, everyone waited for the verdict, except for Daisy.

Krynn was unsure; she asked for another homemade milkshake, just to make the right scientific decision. After she finished munching on her second cherry, Krynn proclaimed, "By the slimmest of margins, I vote the homemade one the best, but you guys have to up your game before you do another taste-test."

After that it was story time.

Dawn said to Sarah, "Do you mind me telling our surprise?"

Dawn asked in such a romantic way Sarah said, "Sure darling."

The name of our colt will be 'Trusted guardian'. I think the whole farm considers 'Apache' their guardian.

Daisy said, "Well if we are going to talk about that, I talked to Miss April. We both think, if it is OK with Miss Zoe and Miss Dawn, the ideal name is 'Freedom'."

Joy said, "Gail, Jerry, can you tell me about that night?"

Gail said, "Are you sure Joy?"

"Yes," Joy sat in rapt attention.

Jerry started, "Well it was a horrendous night. The forecast was for forty miles per hour winds and it would just rain overnight."

"We filled Northfield stadium because it was the farthest from the river. The seventy-five miles per hour headwinds flipped the zodiacs as soon as they started. I am good at solving hard problems; we needed something that stayed in the water so the winds would not flip it. "SKULLS!" I told the police chief we could skim over the water. He conceded when a police cruiser floated into a telephone pole."

"I just asked for some latitude and a news blackout."

"I called Dennis from SHU to get his boats in the water and I called Gail. She got the JV squad as well. Gail and I searched the primary route because we were the eight's so we had more power. After three hours of searching we got lucky; we were right by the river and you were almost covered in water. We heard later when the dam gave way that the area was covered in water, twenty feet deep."

Gail continued, "Forgive us Joy, but with the extra weight and the rain and wind going against us, Jerry's boat was just too low in the water. Jerry ordered everyone to strip and you got stripped Joy. Us girls didn't like it but we had to make it to St. Luke's."

"Joy, as soon as the boats hit the water, you were Northfield. We had our sprinters and baton relay teams to get results to where they needed to go. We did everything for you until you got your blood warmed."

"They drafted from us. We are both state champs. With the winds, rain, distance and taking three hours before we found you, there is absolutely no way for us to be strong enough to get to St. Luke's or even to get to you, for that matter."

"I took you to the shower, Karen did the medical tests and you went to the OR to get warm blood."

"Mei, your turn, but let people get their props. I will get yours."

Fifteen minutes later there was a room full of bears, horses and dolls. Krynn gave Daisy 'Angel' with her tack, and Molly's friend gave Molly her dolly with pendant.

Many in the room were confused.

Mei started "Meet the 'Bear Family' or most of it anyway. I got 'Bear' when I was three, we were inseparable. While Joy was in the hospital, she reverted to being a ten-year-old. I gave her 'Bear', whom I since got back, Joy got 'Teddie' in return. As you can see, I am a genius at naming my bears. One 'Teddie' and another 'Bear'."

"The kids did not have anything after the flood so Joy made sure all the kids got a dolly or bear; that is how Molly got her dolly. As far as the town was concerned, every home was in the river. The only thing left in the town was our 'Beloved Christmas Tree'. Many took their hats off and bowed their heads."

"There are special rules one needs to follow to get a bear: Invitation only, you can't buy your bear, you adopt it. It must have a bear name."

"Who gets a bear? They are comforters. Joy and all the kids got one because of the flood. David, Anne, Faith, Zoe and Sarah got theirs because of a loss of a loved one. Daisy got hers because she did not have a friend, in fact, 'Angel' was her first friend. The Dean, Dawn and I got ours because we were Joy's Mistresses. And several Mom's got them."

"In Orlando, we had seamstresses work on full wardrobes for all bears. We just give them a short bio and let them fill in the blanks. It was odd at first, now each seamstress feels honored when she does a bear. They know it is a select group and it is meant to comfort that person in some way."

"And then there was 'Beauty', she has special status. First, because she was Sarah's Mom's horse, Second, A shirt with Mom's scent are in some of the articles. The shop had to be shut down for a week; no one person could work on 'Beauty'. Sarah is too embarrassed to tell you, but for Christmas Eve she got a crate full of leather and metal work items. The gem of the collection is the 'Royal Carriage'; check it out when you go to church. I can't describe it. It has been described as, 'Compared to Cinderella's Royal Carriage, hers is still a pumpkin."

"Sorry Penny, we have not gotten around to you. We need some information first."

"There are some special exceptions like Noel because she is our pastor's wife. As you can see everyone needs comforting."

Krynn said, "Very interesting, but can I ask a question I have been dying to ask?"


Krynn said, "I get that Molly and Daisy are empaths to each other, that is obvious, but how did we get a houseful of people without one call or post, people from France even?"

"We don't know, but there is only one common thread . . . Joy."

"The kids, Orlando, France, nursing home, NFU, SHU, 'Image of God', Daisy and Molly were inspired by Joy and they infected their schools with the inspiration Joy gave them."

People were shaking their heads, there was just Miss Joy and Mr. David at the nursing home, but he had some holes elsewhere. He was not in Orlando and no one could inspire people like Joy did. It was her suggestion that started the chain reaction for all the girls to get prayer books. That inspiration was a tsunami of love.

Daisy asked, "Miss Sarah, tomorrow can Molly and I make that special Skype call?"

"Ah, the special call, I will make an appointment tomorrow."

As the two settled into their chairs, Daisy made the connection. "Hi Betsy, this is Molly, my best friend."

"Hi Molly, I heard a lot about you."

"Betsy can you tell Molly how old you were when your doggie got hurt and how it got hurt?"

"I was eight Molly, and some meanie in a car broke his leg."

"So, Molly, what is the dog's name?"

"Dog!" Molly smiled, "It sure looks like he likes kisses."

"So, what do you do with 'Dog' Betsy?"

"When we are outside we run around, play fetch, I give him walks, and I just like to play with him."

"Betsy, do you want to show your parents how responsible you want to be?"

"Of course, I want my parents to be proud of me!"

"When I was your age I had Mommy get me a white board to write in everything for the day and week; I had a tough time to remember what to do when. Pick two things to start even if you are already doing them."

"For me, it was picking up my room so my dolly didn't sit on a messy bed and I said I would set the table for supper every night. Over time, you can add more. I had private time with Molly."

"Here is the thing Betsy, you are giving an oath. You are saying, you never want them to remind you to do one of the things you have pledged to do. You are going to be responsible about them."

"So, what is mommy going to think when she sees an unmade bed, toys and coloring books that have been there for two days?"

"She would be real disappointed in me because I didn't keep my word."

Daisy said, "Remember, if you keep your promises, your parents will be proud of you and you can then make bigger promises because you are more responsible. If you must get up earlier to do something, then do it. I think walking 'Dog' after school would be a fun one. Other people will start to notice. Molly and I get up at sunrise."

"We get up so early because we worked on a horse ranch and animals have to be fed and fences need to be checked, Miss Sarah has a main plot of 150 acres and you need a horse to get around. Not to mention schoolwork. You are exhausted by suppertime."

"You guys know how to ride horses, that is cool."

"Molly is a really good teacher. She saved my 'Angel' once, but that was before I knew her."

Molly said, "Betsy, you can test some out for a week without saying you will do it, and if you do not want to do it, no worries."

" I would teach you Betsy, if I wasn't away at school. Have your daddy take you to a stable for a one-hour ride."

Betsy said, "I think walking 'Dog' and setting the table would be good. I am not sure about getting up early to make my bed."

Daisy said, still somewhat emotional, "Betsy, make sure 'Dog' gets extra love for me please."

Betsy nodded.

After the call ended Daisy broke down into Molly's shoulder.

Molly said, "Daisy, our 'Dog' had internal bleeding. Doc Brown told you it was just a matter of time. You showed compassion when you went to get Miss Sarah. You asked why. God knows our entire life, even if it goes to eternity; we must look backwards, and even then, we are blind."

"God is preparing us for everything, even at the age of eight. You helped me with dad, and if you become a vet, you will have to make challenging decisions every day. God will pick you up if you fall. He is always there."

"By the way, I had had an ear to ear grin on my face lately. That was Betsy's 'Dog' wasn't it." Daisy nodded.

As dusk fell, the wood piled up outside for a campfire; bags of marshmallows appeared. Molly's two other best friends came upon 'Peaceful' and finally 'Courage'. Miss Dawn presented Molly with her old guitar.

Once the campfire started, Molly asked, "Are there any requests?"

Daisy's hand shot up,

"Daisy your song is always last."

'The Old Rugged Cross', 'Did You Survey', 'As a Deer', 'Amazing Grace' were sung, just to name a few. Now came the story.

Molly started, "When Miss Anna and Miss Elsa came up with Disney, Miss Anna got a close bond with 'Apache' and some healing of deep wounds started to heal. Miss Dawn started teaching her how to ride so she could continue to heal. Eventually she found a stable that had a twin of 'Apache' named 'Orlando'."

"Licensing is done state by state; we had to go to Orlando, six horses and eight people. We had just met Daisy. Molly was teaching her on the way down with my two friends. Miss Dawn kept on drilling Anna, even giving her some advanced stuff."

"Anna passed with honors; that required three victory laps, snaps and videos all around. Then we thought we might as well get licensed in two states. 'Spirit' and' 'Apache' were first. Then 'Peaceful' and 'Courage '. Then the tester came up to Daisy and asked if she wanted to show him she could ride. Remember, Daisy only had four partial days of lessons. It took a little longer because she had to understand what the tester wanted her to do."

As Miss Dawn said, "She found 'The Freedom'."

"Somehow, the musical conductor of Disney found out what happened that day and found out how well Molly could play. He planned a surprise Disney Ho-down. Bales of hay for the performers to sit on, washboards, jugs, banjo's and spoons. The Disney troupe, both performers and participants, were in country dress. Then I was to start the show, but could dedicate the song. My dedication was to my three best friends."

"I didn't know what to play, so I played the last one I was practicing. It was 'You Got a Friend in Me'; it is always the last song we play when we can get together. I asked the director if someone could sing 'O Holy Night', it is my favorite. And then when I was going to play 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' there was an entire orchestra behind me. They must have had holes in the floor to raise everything in place. It was a very special night."

On the morrow, everyone went on a ride, some using the workers' horses.

Zoe said, "Excuse us people, but 'Friend' and 'Companion' were deprived a run together when we saw the bird. We will be back in a few minutes." You could see the love all four had for each other. 'Beauty' was jealous.

The group had a formation, 'Apache' and 'Beauty' took the lead, 'Angel' and 'Spirit' were to the right, 'Friend' and 'Companion' took the left side, Anna and Elsa who had exercise horses were in the rear, and the high schoolers were in the middle.

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