tagNon-EroticFriendships Ch. 04

Friendships Ch. 04


Thank you Tigerssman for all the help.


The years passed by. Daisy had to go back to school to finish up some of her religion courses and one or two of her vet classes. Krynn never graduated because the music ministry would not let her preform with her scar, and she had to preform to graduate. She was devastated. Ceres and Molly were getting all excited. Molly and Daisy asked their friends to let them know if they had extra tickets.

Molly sent home ten tickets, Daisy six. Five tickets were reserved for Joy and family and for Molly's parents for Molly's graduation. Four tickets were reserved for Miss Anna, and Miss Dawn plus Daisy's parents for Daisy, as Anna and Dawn were Daisy's first contacts with the Ranch. Oddly the graduations were going on simultaneously.

Miss April and Miss Sarah filled out Daisy's as they had Spiritual and moral leadership roles for her. Molly was asked who her last five tickets should go to. Miss Noel, Mr. Jacob, Miss Mei, and my two friends she responded.

Molly's friends were so excited. They had never flown in a plane before, and they were going to see their best friend graduate.

Everyone wanted to share the experience so they had conference Skype calls every day. One of the girls and Miss Noel smuggled in tablets. Two big screen TV's were set up in the ranch house so you could just go room to room to see the big moments. iPhone conference Skypes were running on minimized mode.

The cowhands started arriving with the shut-ins; with the ADA fixtures it made the transfers much easier. Everyone was excited, the shut-ins didn't think they would get a chance to see them graduate, Miss Sarah would have nothing to do with that. It was considered a given they would be here. Many of them did not get an education. They were excited to see their friends achieve what they couldn't.

All eyes of the students in the stadiums of the schools were on Molly and Daisy. Many looked at their watches and then Molly. The Presidents knew what was going to happen so they were going to allow Molly and Daisy to break decorum to a certain extent.

Then it happened. Molly tried to hold the elation in as much as possible, then she started running in place for fifteen seconds before she could compose herself, then an unexpected shock appeared on her face. Before Daisy could leave the podium, the President asked her to stay a moment.

Everyone at the ranch summoned the others to see Daisy; something was up. "Daisy we all know that you and Molly are empaths with each other, something many of us would like to achieve. You both are graduating from very similar religious schools. We consider you and Molly our students and likewise at Molly's school. Here is your diploma and an honorary degree for Molly". Molly fainted.

Three jocks just picked her up and carried her outside to get some cool air. Everyone at the ranch was very concerned. The jocks were having more fun with Molly making sure she was OK than if they would have been inside, everyone liked Molly.

The President noted who the students were, so he set their degrees aside, as he walked outside he said "If I didn't know you better, I would say you just did that to avoid listening to my boring speech. Molly here is your degree, here is Daisy's honorary degree and here are the ones for you three."

"Thank you, Mr. President. Daisy got a degree?"

"Molly, for eight years we could never figure you two out. Then when your Dad got hurt she told you, and even told you it was your Dad. You both had severe, almost life-threatening fevers that went away as soon as you saw each other. Then you told the judge where she was.

"We had to treat you as equals, as you both went to religious schools that had a near identical curriculum we thought and honorary degree could be justified. You probably fainted when she got yours."

As everyone was going in all directions, they all had a Skype triple bash before they left.

As Daisy came back to work with Doc Brown something was off, Daisy just could not place it.

A client came up to Dr. Daisy and said, "This place was so cheerful before you left? Can you find out why it isn't now?"

Then everything clicked for Daisy, "Krynn, can you come here please?"

"Yes, Dr. Daisy,"

"Krynn, I have been getting complaints. Clients have been complaining that this place is not as cheerful as it used to be. Krynn, have you ever wondered why SHU has a concert hall? If I were you I would get your transcripts and march right over there."

Krynn had her transcripts and made an appointment for an audition. Krynn was nervous, but her dream had been bottled up for so long. With Daisy watching, Krynn just let loose. The three judges just shook their heads and took some other notes. Daisy did not like the looks of that. When Krynn was done, the judges consulted.

"Krynn, I first want to say, that whoever let you go should be fired on the spot. They did not let you graduate because you have a cut on your face? Bravo Krynn, how are you going to hide that cut when you are singing solos? You have the best voice all three of us have heard in years. It is pitch perfect.

Now, we will let the administration figure out all the credits, but I just want to welcome you to SHU with a full scholarship, that's how good you are. I have heard you have stopped singing at the vet clinic. I think that should stop, you will need the practice."

Daisy came up to the front and asked the judges, "Do you think Krynn would benefit with an acoustic guitar duo? I have a friend who is a card-carrying 'Musical Ambassador for Disney.'"

"Could you get her here quickly, she can use one of our guitars."

"Yes Sir, she is in town and 'Spirit' is a fast horse."

Daisy made the call, "Listen, you 'Disney Musical Ambassador', get your butt up to SHU concert hall pronto."

Molly was there in no time. Once she changed footwear she showed the judges her card.

Molly played with an inner peace. Krynn had to join in.

"Young lady, let us know what we need to do to keep your skills sharp."

"Thank you, Sir, Ceres and I are going to start up farms to try to reduce the cost of horse feed and people feed for Miss Sarah. It will be a huge undertaking."

Molly came to Miss Sarah, "Miss Sarah, I hope you realize in the first couple of years you will have to buy a high percentage of feed in case our crop gets wiped out."

Miss Sarah told Molly, "Thank you for coming to me and being honest with me. Even the best growers can get hit by drought or too much rain or cold. They just have alternate sources they turn to; I have it budgeted. Do you think fifteen percent would be good for the first year?"

"I think that would protect the horses. We will have to do some homework on what to feed our horses. We would have to use our feed first as ours will not last like the others. We can cut your grocery cost also."

"Take the two smallest parcels for people food; you can get them up and running in one year. You have to have four season gardens; winter could be on the ranch and don't forget flowers."

"Mr. Mayor, Sarah here. We have worked very hard to get the birds here, but who is going to watch them. Can we advertise to get young couples and young couple with children to move here? I want to see our club overrun by kids again, otherwise all your schools will sit dormant."

Once the word got out about ideas to bring young couples here to live, businesses would come here as well. The senior spokeswoman was a wily one. She was not long for this world, but the town needed new life. She tended to always get her way. Time for research, she wheeled her wheelchair up to a customized computer table that let her get much closer to the screen. She had two screens so she could drag her mouse from one screen to the other.

The whole town knew what happens when kids don't play together. Miss Sarah informed the realtor that if they could get two families with kids that wanted to move in then those families living there were to relocate to some of her extra homes, if they kept a food garden on the land.

The realtor went to all potential families and they agreed readily.

The spokeswoman came up with a great strategy; the council members were impressed and implemented the strategy.

Soon three families with four two-year old's moved in. They did not understand why people were relocating until they realized they all lived next door to each other and it was some pre-planned idea. Now all the children could play with each other, a great idea.

Mr. Mayor was the first to welcome the families to Northfield; some housing had started up in the scenic area of South Hill.

The church was apportioned a cemetery that could hold seventy-five people. Soon the spokeswoman passed and was the first to be buried at the church. The service was simple, many attended. She gave of herself, so the town could finish the healing from the flood, so many years before.

The first Sunday the new parents went to church, it was wall to wall bears and dolly's. Jacob led off his service by saying, "We feel that the bears and dollies are comforters for our children. We consider them God's gift.

As you see some of our citizens got their bear or dolly young and some when they were older. We have an odd tradition we would like to pass down to our new generation, please see Miss Sarah if you are interested."

After the service, all the parents were talking to Sarah about the 'Bear family' when Molly ran over with her Dolly. Molly explained, "I got my dolly when I was four just after the whole town got washed into the river," Molly opened the pendant, "You see here is my pony named 'Spirit' after 'The Holy Spirit' and here is 'Apache', he is the Sire at the ranch, no one can disappoint him, not even goats."

"Real subtle Molly, we will see. You see we have been getting a lot of foals and 'Spirit' missed out on her chance with 'Apache'. She wants 'Apache' to impregnate 'Spirit' and for them to have a colt. Then the colt in a year or so he will impregnate 'Angel', her best friend's horse hopefully to get a filly to build up our stock of females. Having the genes of 'Apache', "Spirit' and 'Angel' in the foal would be ideal."

Molly said, "Not to mention they would be related to 'Chief' and 'Beauty'".

"That is the plan, not sure if 'Angel' can have another, the last one was a breech."

One of the parents said, "You have a ranch around here?"

Sarah said, "Sir, I am the proud owner of 'Image of God' ranch, the premier horse ranch in the area. I could have never done it without the help of people like Molly. You can come up anytime, just make sure you wear appropriate footwear. You can bring two pair of sneakers.

"Just so you know, you will see far more horse traffic than car traffic around here. Molly got 'Spirit' when she was six. Even the church has a hitching rail. Almost everyone around here can ride, many can teach. Molly here got honors in expert teaching."

It was a little too much to absorb at one time. It was going to be an interesting town to live in.

On Saturday, the families took a walking tour of their town. The Mayor waved as he rushed to get to a meeting. Daisy and Molly just got back from a ride. Daisy said, "Hi, I am Daisy, one of the town's vets. This is 'Angel'. 'Angel' was my first friend ever."

"Molly wasn't your first friend?"

"Well, I was invited to go to Northfield by Miss Anna, as in 'Princess Anna of Frozen'. She even had her Disney card. So, the next day, I met 'Angel' at the ranch and I fell in love with her. She was just one-year old and just my height. I met Molly a couple of hours later, right before the Disney parade."

Molly said, "I hope your kids would want to stay around when they grow up. This town has been working so hard to recover from the flood; first the kids worked to get the birds back, now we need to pack the clubhouse full of kids again."

"Would you like to pet them?"

Daisy said, "Work calls Molly, nice to meet you all."

Molly looked at her phone horrified, "Sirs, can both of you come with me? There has been an accident at the ranch; we can use 'Peaceful' and 'Courage' here," soon both were off with Molly, the men trying to copy her.

'Peaceful' and 'Courage' just followed 'Spirit', actually the two men learned the basics fairly rapidly.

Larry had gotten himself into trouble. He knew Molly was his best bet for help.

Molly started tracking Larry's phone. 'Courage' waited behind to bring anything that may be needed. Larry had fallen into a mine pit. Molly got out some rope and tied it around Larry and threw it up to her friend, "Tie that around 'Peaceful's' saddle horn, he is stronger than 'Spirit' is."

Molly called their other friend, "Find all the digging equipment you can find, Larry is chest high in mud."

Dawn saw her two new neighbors on 'Peaceful' and 'Courage'. 'Apache' was off and running, jumping everything he saw. Dawn grabbed more rope and digging supplies. They were off. Molly and her neighbor were in the muck and mire.

Dawn made lassoes and soon three were under Larry's armpits.

"Molly, put the ropes around their saddle horn."" While Dawn slowly guided the horses away from the pit, the others were digging, it could cave in at any time.

Finally, Larry was freed. Molly said, "See Larry, even you can't disappoint 'Apache'."

Larry was driven to St. Luke's, severe bruising with possibly a cracked rib or two. Dawn said, "My friend, as of now, you are on IR, cracked ribs are no fun."

Larry was put in an ice bath to stop the swelling.

The two men were given clothing and were told to shower followed by dinner.

At dinner, there was 'Miss Anne's Killer Lasagna' that Sarah got the recipe for, well not the secret ingredients. I am sorry guys, I can't figure out what ingredients she didn't tell me about."

"Oh, Miss Sarah, I can hardly eat this, but I will be polite and eat it. I will need future taste tests to see if you can learn how to make it better."

"Gentlemen thank you for helping us today."

"Miss Sarah, if we are going to live here I think we need to get the right clothing. Where can we pick up the boots and clothes? I work at home and transmit my work to home office."

"I must say, riding horses was thrilling."

"Down on South Street. You can store a pair of boots and sneakers up here if you want."

Molly's phone rang, "Hi Daisy, what, Oh, Mr. Larry fell in a hole, buried chest deep in mud. Our neighbors stole 'Peaceful' and 'Courage' and later 'Apache' came. They are just much stronger than 'Spirit'. We dragged him out and Miss Dawn took him to St. Luke's."

Miss Sarah said, "You have a 'You have a friend in me' ringtone?"

"Of course, so does Daisy, what other ringtone would we use? She was calling to find out what was stressing me out so much."

One neighbor asked, "How did she know you were stressed out about Larry? You didn't call her."

Molly looked at Sarah, "Well you see Sir, we are empaths with each other and it was too strong of an emotion for her to block. We have learned to block most of our emotions from the other. Strong emotions can't be blocked.

"I still can't figure out how Miss Marie does it. She hardly knows us and she lives near Paris, but she is the first one to respond. She seems to be a strong-willed woman, if she wants church bells rung, then they ring even at 4:00 AM, if she wants the family to fly here, they do."

Miss Sarah said, "She was in charge for the planning for Joy's two-week honeymoon. They went all over France. Two weeks with Joy would mess anyone up. Then the first bell ringing was for 'Baby Joshua', by then the whole area had us on Facebook, then it was you accepting Christ and then Daisy."

Molly giggled, "I was in an all church prayer service when I knew Daisy became a Christian, not the best time or place to stand up and shout."

"So, who is this Miss Joy person? All I hear around town is Miss Joy this and Miss Joy that."

Molly said, "Only the best friend you could ever meet. She was rescued from the flood; she had regressed to a ten-year-old to find her safety spot. Miss Mei gave her 'Bear' so she could have something to hug, that is how the 'Bear family' continued. From her hospital bed, she realized the kids had nothing so she got us a dolly or a bear to help us. I was four when I got mine. I was the first, because my mommy and daddy said, 'I could always trust a policeman'.

"She then mobilized both schools to come and do the cleanup, not just fifty to one hundred, but close to 25,000. They razed the town for the trucks to come in and built the town. The material was either donated or the kids paid for it. You could say, she built the town. The only thing left standing in our town was our 'Beloved Christmas Tree'."

Dorms were being remade into large apartment suites and housing was going up, all with the aim to grow the town and merge all three areas into one. Small businesses were popping up, some eateries. The three-room apartments were well received; they proved more popular with the students than the dorms and people could stay after they graduate.

Daisy's Dad's business was taking off, in fact, they were swamped. They farmed some of it off to the neighbor's company. Soon the two companies merged. The town was being healed.

Mayor Jones realized there may be a problem with the colleges, so he put it on the council agenda.

The president of the council gave the floor to the Mayor. "Councilmen, we have converted dorms into apartments so we have less room for students. I wanted to find out what you thought about what the 'Pro's and Con's' about having a Greek row. They are much larger houses as they house more people. It would take people out of the dorms. You would have to set a maximum number for each house and parking will somehow need to be managed."

"Mr. Mayor, what if they have hazing parties?"

"Well, in your application, you have already set some hard lines such as no underage drinking, drug abuse, or sex before the junior year. If their members seem to violate above what you may consider a norm then you can give out warning to the house after you expel the student.

"Parking will be the hard part. Perhaps, you could ask opinions from all the commissions as per their purview and report back in two months."

Daisy was going up to the ranch, this time in a truck as she had the sonogram equipment with her. Dawn, Molly and Ceres were waiting. Daisy said, "Dawn, Ceres, I am not sure what will happen to Molly and I when we get the results."

"Good 'Spirit', let Daisy check your belly," By now many others from the ranch had come to see the results.

"Molly come here, any idea what that is?"

Molly shook her head, Dawn came over to look.

Dawn told Molly, "Sorry to break the news to you Molly, but that is a penis, we have a colt!" Cheers broke out in the stable.

Molly broke down in tears in Daisy's arms.

Daisy texted Krynn and Dad, "IT'S A COLT!"

Dad finished his sales meeting, "I just wanted to thank all of you for all of your demanding work.

"I just wanted to add one more thing before we leave, the sonogram results are in, it's a colt!"

One of the neighbors said, "So does that mean in four or five years 'Angel' will foal?"

"Yes, and she should be OK this time."

When Sarah was getting supplies, she thought a celebration was in order. She saw some new, promotional items and grabbed three bags. She ran back and got some other special surprise items.

She called all the new families to come up and celebrate, kids are more than welcome.

Now for the big surprises; they had to be constructed perfectly so they can be perfectly disguised.

All the families accepted. Just as everyone sat down, a car came into the drive. The driver came up to ring the doorbell while the others waited in the car.

"Hello, is there any food left for some weary travelers?"

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