tagBDSMFriggin Dog Ch. 03

Friggin Dog Ch. 03


"Jill, I will do whatever you need me to do. What could you possibly need my opinion on?" I replied.

"Well the first favor is, I'm going to be here for the next two weeks. Ty and I are going to celebrate our fifth year anniversary in a week-and-half on Friday night. I wanted to ask if we might have the place to ourselves for that day and the rest of the weekend."

"No problem. My girlfriend, Gina, will be back in school, and I'll go see my parents that weekend. Will it be okay if I take the Jeep?

"I'm sure Ty will be happy to let you use his Jeep."

You said two favors, what is the other one?"

"It's a little embarrassing. Ty has been asking me to work on my tan."

"Okay, I'm guessing you're embarrassed about it because he wants you to get an all over tan?"

"Yes, I want to lie out on the deck quite a few times in the next few days au natural and I was hoping it wouldn't be a problem.

"It is definitely not a problem. Will it be okay if we join you?"

"Yes that would be fine. I just didn't want to cause a problem. I want to surprise Ty with a sexy tan all over. That's all of my favors.

"I want to show you something and ask if you think if I am doing something really stupid. I guess it doesn't really matter since I'm already committed to it."


"I'll be right back."

Jill stood up and disappeared into the house. I smirked at Gina as Jill walked out of sight.

I wondered what she'd bought to surprise Ty with. I wondered if it was going to be a revealing small swimsuit. Maybe Jill was going to dress up like a dominatrix. Jill walked back in a short white terrycloth robe belted at the waist. I was sure she must have a really revealing suit on.

Jill walked over so she was standing right in front of Gina and me.

"Okay, this is really embarrassing."

I watched her untie the belt of the robe. She shrugged her shoulders and the robe fell to her feet. Oh my God, Jill was totally naked—well almost totally naked. She had these shiny jewels like diamonds on her naked mound laid out with a J and T. She also had them circling her areolas.

"Let me explain a little and then tell me what you think. Ty and I usually have gotten along really well, but last year we had a huge argument. Ty wanted me to shave my lady bits bare, it bothered me to think about doing that. I felt he was trying to make me be a little girl. I've since found it is a lot more common nowadays than it was.

We were in New York last week on a layover. Brittany, my co-worker, told me she was going to get Bedazzled while we were in the Big Apple. Not having any idea what she was talking about, she explained that they glue jewels or beads on your body. She said the most common was done where your pubic hair use to be. After much thought about it, I decided to maybe eat crow and get it done. I hope TY likes that I used these jewels that are supposed to resemble diamonds. They do a full Brazilian waxing and I mean full. I think it took the gal about two hours to wax me and work with the jewels. I don't know why, but I decided to have my nipples Bedazzled also. I had to buy a bigger bra and put padding in it to cover them up so I could wear my uniform on the plane."

"It's beautiful, how do you keep the jewels from falling off."

"They gave me a bottle of glue to put them back if they fall off. The glue seems to work really well. They told me I could shower and even go skinny dipping and they should stay on. They gave me another bottle of stuff that you use to remove them. The esthetician told me that you usually remove them after a month as your pubes start growing back in. I thought it might be nice to show this to Ty, and after the novelty wears off I'd have him remove them. I then plan on letting him shave any stubble I have. I'll keep it bald if that's what he wants. I feel like such a bitch. Ty has only ever asked me to do this one thing and I refused. Now I plan on this being my costume for the next two weeks when I'm here at home. Ty isn't supposed to be home until the Friday morning of our anniversary."

I slipped my suit off and joined Jill relaxing on the deck. Her eyes went right to my very naked pussy. Of course being distracted and not paying attention, my pussy met the cold nose of the friggin' dog.

"REX YOU ASSHOLE," I screamed, grabbing my naked pussy with both hands. "That fucking dog strikes again," I grumbled with a laugh as I was embarrassed for screaming at Jill's dog.

"He can sure find the most inconvenient times to put that cold wet slobbery nose in your crotch. Wow, I see you already know about being bald down there."

Gina was a few steps behind me when she slipped her suit off also. Jill's eyes went to Gina's very naked pussy mound.

"How long have you both been going bare down there? I see you don't have tan lines either, Kit. Gina, doesn't that hurt? You've been out in the sun and got burned haven't you?"

"I haven't had any hair on my pussy for more over than two months now. I'm still trying to get used to it."

"I got mine shaved off yesterday," Gina acknowledged.

"Wait, you mean you didn't shave it off yourself?

"No, I didn't shave it off myself," Gina answered back with a teasing voice.

"Who shaved it off for you then?" Jill questioned.

"My bestest bud in the whole world," Gina added with a sparkle in her eye.

"Why did your bud do that?"

"Because it seemed to be the thing to do," Gina replied.

"You'd better grab the lotion and I'll apply it to your body before you burn again," I told Gina.

"Wait, Kit, you shaved her pussy didn't you?"



"Because she saw mine and wanted to know what it felt like?"

"So did someone else shave yours off then?"

"Yes and No."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean someone else did it, but we aren't sure how they did it or with what they did it."

"I don't understand, what are you telling me?"

"You have to promise not to tell Ty. I went to a party and got rather inebriated. I woke up in a strange house on the dining room table. I was rather indecent, as in naked. I looked for my clothes but couldn't find them. I found a swim suit cover-up in the bathroom closet and borrowed it, well I guess stole instead of borrowed. I also found a cell phone on the counter and took it. I walked to the shopping mall a few blocks away and hid out. I called Gina to come save me. While I was waiting I slipped my hand down there because it hurt pretty bad. I discovered my bush was AWOL. Why, I don't know. Gina picked me up in her car and took me back to the dorm."

"Oh my, Kit you were taken advantage of. Did you tell anyone?"

"No, I figured I drank too much and I had already had sex with one of the guys at the party."

"Do you think he shaved your bush off?"

"No, Gina thinks there is a girl that goes to these parties who probably did that. She thinks she did more than shave it. It doesn't seem to grow back. It's been more than two months, and I have absolutely no stubble or anything where my bush used to be. I've decided I probably will just have to accept that hair is not going to be present there ever again."

"Can I look at it closer?" Jill asked as she bent over and looked closely at my naked pussy. Rex took the inappropriate time to check out Jill's naked crack with a big slurp right up the middle. Jill jumped forward and grabbed my legs as her face went right into my pussy. Jill caught herself quickly, then moved backwards and stood up.

"God damn it Rex, go lay down, you fucking dog.

"Sorry about that, Kit, are you all right?" Jill remarked while blushing from the embarrassment of what had just happened.

"Yes, are you?"

She reached out and touched my naked mound and traced her fingers on my mound. "Your mound is so smooth and so soft. I wonder if mine is that soft? I haven't touched mine without hair on it since I was twelve. Now it has these jewels on it so it's hard to tell. You have a gorgeous pussy, Kit."

"You think so?"

"Yes, your whole body is a work of art. Your stomach is really toned and you have gorgeous skin that turns such a fantastic color with your tan. You have perfect tits, I mean Gina is pretty, but Kit you're beautiful. So, one more question, why did she do it and what else happened to you?" she asked as she removed her hand from my mound.

"I think I might have been gang banged, I'm not sure, but my pussy had cum in it and was sore. My throat felt like it had been stretched and was also sore. My ears felt like someone tried to pull them off. I'm guessing that whoever stretched my throat used my ears to pull my mouth tight on their cock. My asshole felt like someone put a log in it."

"You think they did it all at once?"

"I kind of do, I think I probably was totally stuffed and it pisses me off. I mean if I'm going to be so full of cock, I wish I could have been alert enough to have enjoyed it. Maybe I'm better off not knowing. I might have liked it and wanted to do it again."

"Oh my God, Kit, you think they all did you everywhere at once, at the same time? Holy shit, that's too much. Have you had sex in all three places? I've never had anal sex. I've had a cock in my mouth, but not my throat, and definitely in my pussy. I've never even had two at the same time. Gina have you had more than one at a time?"

"No Jill, I've never had my butt done either. I've done the other two, but not at the same time. I've only ever had one other person in the room when I had sex once, and I don't remember it. My throat is like yours, still a virgin like my asshole."

"You mean there was a second person there when you had sex as in three of you there?"

"Yes, and it was another girl,"

"Was it Kit?"

"No, it was Sally and her boyfriend Tom. My problem with it though is I am like Kit, I don't remember it or anything. I know it happened because I had a lot of his juices still in me and they flowed out later."

"Did she touch you during it, or was she just watching?"

"I don't know, I was inebriated at the time."

"Have you ever had sex with another woman before?"

"Before the time with Tom and Sally, No, I had never had sex with another woman."

"Let me rephrase that, have you ever had sex with another woman?"

"Yes, and it was unbelievable. I hope to do it again."

"It wouldn't have happened to be with your best bud, would it?"


"Your best bud wouldn't happen to be setting right beside you right now would she?"

"She would."

"After all this, now I know Kit shaved your pussy and made love too you. Why did she shave your pussy?"

"We decided to sit in the hot tub in the altogether. When we had our clothes off I mentioned that I might like to see what it was like to be as naked as Kit."

"So she shaved it off right then for you. Did she do it in the bathroom, or out by the hot tub, or my dining room table?" The last part of that comment was kind of done with a sarcastic tone.

"No, she did it the next day."



"No, where?"

"In the garage."

"Why in the garage?"

"I asked her if she would tie me up. It's been a fantasy of mine to be tied up. She tied me to the reclining camp chair that she set up in the garage where you park your VW. She tied me in such a way that I could watch but not move. I didn't know she was going to shave me out there when she did."

"So, Kit, you used Ty's camp chair and did it in the garage. What else of Ty's did you use?'

"Don't get pissed. I used his razor and that menthol shave foam from your bathroom."

"Oh my, now every time I see Ty shave his face I'll think about where that razor has been." Jill was laughing as she shared this information with us.

"You're not going to tell him, are you?"

"No, I'll keep your secret. Anything else you used out of our bedroom?"

Oh shit, did she know I used her fake dick? I couldn't tell her I used it on Gina. My dad always told me that if you're on the spot it's better to admit you did something rather than try and hide it. If I remember correctly, he said it will always come back to bite you on the ass if you lie.

"I don't know how you know, but I used your toy from the drawer near your bedside. I've actually bought one just like it for myself."

"Thank you, I knew it had been moved. I make sure I lay it in the drawer a certain way and I cover it with a scarf. The scarf was under it and it was opposite of the way I leave it. The other thing was I checked on it when I went to take my shower thinking I might use it and it wasn't there."

"I used it on Gina while I used mine on myself on the way home from the grocery store."

"I take it was a little shocking to see I was here when you got home?"

"Yes, it was. It was hard for me to sneak your toy back in your drawer also."

"So what other toys do you have now?"

"You really want to know?"

"Yes, spill."

"Okay, one like yours. Only it is brown instead of flesh colored. A double-ended dildo with ribs on it twelve inches long and another one with a cock head on each end twenty inches long. Two set of nipple clamps and two sets of hand cuffs and three bottles of love lotion—the kind that gets warmer if you blow on it."

"You've been a busy little beaver."

"I don't think there's a beaver between the three of us."

I broke up laughing at my own joke. Jill was smiling and giggling just as much as I was and Gina was very tickled.

"I hope to get half the tan at least you have, I'm jealous, because you have the most perfect tan."

We spent the rest of the afternoon letting the sun caress our bodies. Jill had me rub tanning oil on her body. She returned the favor of rubbing it on Gina and me. My pussy remembered every little feel as she rubbed the lotion into my mound. I rubbed oil on her mound but was very careful of the jewels.

As the sun was setting, Jill said, "I'm going to go shower off. What do you two want for dinner?" as she stood up and started to walk away. "How about a cheese burger and a salad we can cook them on the barbeque grill and not heat up the kitchen."

"Sounds fine to me," I replied as I watched her walk to the house.

"You think she'd mind if we just stay naked?" Gina asked in a wicked way.

"I don't see any reason to get dressed if you don't."

"Can I ask a favor?"

"Yes, what is it?"

"Can we go take a shower and would it be okay if we played a little, real quick? I am so horny right now I need to cum really bad."

"Okay, let's do it. What you have in mind?"

"I so need you to suck my clit and finger my pussy, but I want to also do the same to yours at the same time."

We walked into the house and went to the guest bathroom and showered together. Gina pulled me to her room where we were soon on her bed in a sixty nine. I was learning to love the taste of her pussy. She was not having any trouble tasting mine either. Jill's fingers on my mound and body had turned me on so I was already tense when Gina's mouth touched my clit. I was more than ready. I slipped two fingers in her pussy searching for her G-spot and sucking her clit at the same time. We weren't very quiet in our love making and we both added a lot of extra juice to the scene. Once our breathing returned to normal Gina raced me to the shower again.

Somewhat later we joined Jill back out on the deck for the evening. Gina and I didn't wear a stitch as we walked out on the deck. Jill was wearing some warm-ups when we got there.

"Oops, we couldn't decide what to wear. Gina wanted to stay naked so I agreed. Should we go get dressed?'"

"No, I got dressed because I didn't know which to do. If you want I'll strip off and join you in our natural state."

Jill was already sliding her pants to the warm-ups down her legs as she answered my question. The sweat shirt went next and the briefs soon followed.

"I like this very much, if you don't mind. Let's just be naked here whenever we are by ourselves. We will have to be dressed when Ty is here, but other times let's enjoy this."

"Thank you, I agree with the new dress code around here. We will have to keep better track of Rex though. That friggin' dog can surprise you with that wet nose. His humping your leg can be rather bad also."

"Yes, and you definitely don't want him coming up behind you if you are on the floor on your knees. I'm afraid he might have his cock in you before you could even move out of the way. I can't even imagine that. Yuck! Forget I said that. Let's make a pact, we all watch out for each other with Rex."

The three of us reached forward and wrapped our right hand together. Jill opened a bottle of wine and we all just mellowed out in the beautiful evening light breeze. Gina and I slept together that night.

I was awakened the next morning with fingers in my pussy massaging my G-spot. The other hand holding the hood of my clit back so she could capture my whole clit as she sucked it and then tormented it with the tip of her tongue.

When another person has control of your clit, you have no concept of reality. My breathing went from relaxed to hyperventilating. It was unbelievable, one minute I was begging her not to stop. I couldn't get enough—I wanted more and more—and then the next moment I was trying to pull it away from her. I tried crossing my legs to protect my sensitive pussy.

Being awakened with an orgasm immediately coming on is very exciting. It seems to drain the body of any energy it might have. I've heard the term "basket case" used before. This morning I was just that. Gina had started early on my body and totally destroyed me. Today Gina would be leaving to go back to school. I was going to miss her.

Before I recovered from my first intense orgasm, Gina was working on me again. I felt her put the fake cock in my pussy, but it felt a little different. Opening my eyes I moved so I could see my pussy. Gina had the twenty inch double-ended dildo in my pussy. I grabbed her legs and motioned for her to move so the other end was in her pussy. We were soon sitting with our legs around each other working our pelvic muscles to make the dildo slide in and out of our pussies. We were kissing each other and hugging as that wonderful toy worked on us. In this position playing with each other breasts was a lot of fun. We tried to take as much as we could, trying to get ten inches in each of us, but it didn't happen. Not sure how much either of us took, but I was soon cumming and not caring in the least. I'm sure Jill must have heard us because we weren't very quiet.

Showering together after the morning exercise was very relaxing. We walked to the kitchen together and found Jill fixing fruit and making French toast. We hadn't bothered to dress, and Jill was just as naked as we were.

After breakfast Gina had me walk with her to her room where we had one more, quick bout before she got dressed to leave. I was going to miss her. She promised to come back soon. I waved goodbye to her as she drove out of the yard. I had a tear in my eye as I watched her drive away. Gina was my best friend in the world. My lover now—was I a lesbian? No. Was I bi? Probably. Maybe I was just 'Ginabian.'

I joined Jill on the deck and enjoyed another day of sun worshipping. Jill and I were just sisters-in-law and we enjoyed being naked.

Four days after Gina left, Jill was sun bathing on the back porch. It was mid-morning and I just finished feeding the animals. I didn't get dressed anymore to feed the animals, but today I stepped in a cow pie so I was headed for the shower when I got back to the house. I was in the shower and I had brought my fake cock with me. I was enjoying a very relaxing orgasm as the water pelted my skin in the shower.

Jill came into the bathroom in a dither. She told me I had visitors on the deck. She handed me a poster and I looked at it. On the poster were the following words:

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